Sci-Fi Saturday: Superman, Hulk, Dark Knight, Potter, Fringe, Terminator, BSG, and more

A big week in Sci Fi news. Superman is returning again, the Hulk is getting big fight, Harvey Dent is hitting the road, Potter gets an extra movie, Ant-man is crawling to the big screen. Plus new movie posters, images and trailers. In TV news we got sci-fi bubble shows, Fringe wrapping, a Battlestar Top 10, Details on Star Wars on TV and more.


Singer Talks "Superman Returns" Sequel
In an interview with Empire, director Bryan Singer confirmed he is making sequel to "Superman Returns" and fired back at critics saying ‘Returns’ was a flop noting it made $400 mil.  Singer did say that he was planning on doing some things differently for number two: “The first one was a romantic film and a nostalgic film…now that the characters are established, there’s really an opportunity to up the threat levels…Clearly there’ll be a body count." 

‘Incredible Hulk’ gets a big fight
"The Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier tells Empire (who also have new photos) the fight sequence between Hulk and Abomination seen in the newly released trailer (below) will be long…very long

you get 26 minutes of two monsters pummeling each other through New York City, jumping up and down, ripping helicopters from the sky and stuff. You know, lots of green blood on the street, splashed all around.

Paramount bringing monster and robot books to big screen
Paramount isn’t wasting any time in the post strike world, putting two unpublished books into film development just this week. The first is "Monster Zoo" a graphic novel by Douglas TenNapel, about "a boy who discovers his local zoo contains critters much more frightening than the ordinary collection. Sam Raimi (Spider-man) is set to produce [Variety]. Paramount  have also picked up a sci-fi comedy script based on Daniel H. Wilson’s "How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion"[Variety]

"Dentmobiles" Set Out To Promote "The Dark Knight", Plus Set Report
As reported in last week’s edition of Sci-Fi Saturday, the viral marketing campaign for "The Dark Knight" has kicked into high gear (they’re even sending out press kits).  Warner Bros. began dispatching "Dentmobiles" to cities across the nation this past week.  Supporting Gotham City’s Harvey Dent for district attorney, the campaign busses will move through various cities throughout March. Hollywood Chicago has pictures. In other ‘Dark Knight’ news, the NY Times has a set visit feature on the film.

Warner Bros. To Split "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
WB has announced that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," final book in Potter series, will be released in two parts. Series author J.K Rowling signed off on the idea and the two movies will be filmed concurrently with "Part I" opening holiday 2010 and "Part II" opening in summer 2011.  You can check out a brand new interview with the producer over at Empire.  In other Potter news, the ‘Half-Blood Prince’ will get a simultaneous IMAX release on November 21st 2008 []

Edgar Wright Talks "Ant Man"
Edgar Wright told Empire that he’s ready to get started with his adaptation of "Ant Man": “It’s written and we’re doing a second draft of it,” said Wright. “It’s going to be less overtly comedic than anything else I’ve ever done. It’s more of a full-on action adventure sci-fi film but with a comedic element."  Wright hasn’t got anyone in mind just yet to play the superhero, and teased about the style the character will be portrayed in: “Ah well, it could be Scott Lang, it could be Hank Pym, it could be both – okay it is both, now there’s an exclusive for you.”

Matthew Vaughn Determined to do "Thor" Movie
Director Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Stardust) tells Empire he’s still on board to direct the proposed "Thor" film, but that the next move is up to Marvel. If the film goes forward, Vaughn is confident he’d be able to achieve a correct balance: "I think you have to respect that it is comic book and silly to be frank, so you have to combine that with a modern style and hopefully come up with something fresh. I think we can come up with something special."

"Lost Boys" The Trilogy?
"Lost Boys: The Tribe", the direct-to-DVD sequel to the cult ’80s vampire flick hasn’t even hit store shelves yet, but Corey Feldman told MTV that he’s already thinking about expanding the franchise into a trilogy: “The stage is set,” he said of the ending to “The Tribe.” “So it’s really up to you, the viewer, and you, the audience, to see that final chapter comes into fruition.”  Though no story details have been discussed, Feldman has an idea about what he’d like to see: "Personally the way I would like to see it go, I would like to see Edgar finally become a vampire himself and have to battle his own inner demons” Check out the trailer for "The Tribe" below.

Shooting resumes on ‘Parnassus’ without Ledger
Shooting has restarted on director Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law all replacing the late Heath Ledger in the cast, according to Variety.  Producers William Vince, Amy Gilliam and Samuel Hadida insist the late Hedger’s performance will remain intact: "Since the format of the story allows for the preservation of his entire performance, at no point will Heath’s work be modified or altered through the use of digital technology. Each of the parts played by Johnny, Colin and Jude is representative of the many aspects of the character that Heath was playing."


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (final poster)

The Wolf Man (set photo of Benicio Del Toro)

Monsters vs. Aliens

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (poster)


Speed Racer



  • THR has confirmed that Paramount is in negotiations with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes to remake the classic horror film "Rosemary’s Baby".
  • Producer M. Dal Walton III has closed a deal to produce a remake of the ’78 cult horror spoof film "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!".  Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine ("Ask a Ninja") are writing the adaptation, Nichols will make his directorial debut. THR
  • Wolfgang Peterson has signed on to direct the SF thriller "Uprising" for Columbia Pictures. Variety
  • The website to "Punisher: War Zone" has launched.  Check it out here.
  • "RoboCop" is included in a list of new projects from MGM.  No details have been revealed.
  • Steven Spielberg will direct the first film in the "TinTin" 3D trilogy, according to actor Andy Serkis [ IndieLondon].
  • Shock Till You Drop is reporting that they’ve received a tip from a reliable source at 20th Century Fox that a sequel to "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" is a "certainty".
  • Here’s the voice cast for "Monsters vs. Aliens": Reese Witherspoon, Rainn Wilson, Hugh Laurie, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Kiefer Sutherland and Stephen Colbert.  The film hits theaters on March 27, 2009.  USA Today 
  • Maria Bello tells MTV that she is already signed on for two more "Mummy" films: "I don’t know when, but it’s going," she said. "[There will] absolutely be ‘The Mummy 4.’"
  • Jorme Taccone has been added to the cast of "Land of the Lost".  The actor will play Cha-ka. JoBlo
  • The McG directed installment in the "Terminator" franchise is going through a name change. is reporting that the film is currently being referred to simply as "Terminator IV".
  • Disney has tapped Jason Segal and Nick Stoller, the writing-directing duo of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", to create a new "Muppets" movie.  The two will co-write, and Stoller is set to direct. Variety
  • Filming for the "X-Files" sequel has wrapped.  The National Post has an article up about the press conference.  Oh, and those leaked photos and video?  "We staged that," David Duchovny told reporters.
  • Carla Gugino ("Watchmen", "Threshold") has joined the cast of Disney’s reimagining of its 1975 thriller "Escape to Witch Mountain". THR
  • David Fincher (Se7en, Zodiac) is heading a new R-rated animated feature inspired by the ’80s cult classic "Heavy Metal". Variety

I’m back


"Fringe" Is Almost Done
Star Joshua Jackson told SCI FI Wire that filming will wrap next week the 2-hour sci-fi pilot for the JJ Abrams show "Fringe" (for Fox).  Comparisons to "X-Files" are sure to be forthcoming, but Jackson would prefer that not to be the case:

The X-Files are slightly outside the rest of our experience. Fringe takes the world that we all live in and says, ‘All right, so what you know about this cup you don’t actually know, because if you look at it from over here, it’s something entirely different.’ And that will be the thrust of the show: that the physical world that we live in, without the addition of any magic or any supernatural, is far more than we all see it as being.

Jackson also had good things to say about Kurtzman and Orci’s writing: "It’s an incredibly, incredibly dense two-hour pilot, the likes of which you don’t [see in TV]," he said. "It’s really, really layered to give you the possibility for just about anything to happen from here on out. So that got me into it."

Letterman To Host ‘Battlestar’ Cast
10 stars from the cast of the SCI FI Channel original series "Battlestar Galactica" will make an appearance on CBS’ "Late Show With David Letterman" on March 19th (11:35 p.m. ET/PT) to present the top 10 list.  Actors include Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Michael Hogan, Aaron Douglas and Lucy Lawless.  Season four of "Battlestar Galactica" premieres April 4th. Is Dave the 12th Cylon?

Browder Eager For Web "Farscape"
Remember that "Farscape" web-series announced a few weeks back?  Ben Browder told SCI FI Wire that he looks forward to reprising his role of astronaut John Crichton in the Web revival.  Executive producer Brian Henson and creator Rockne O’Bannon are talking about how to revive the series through the proposed 10 webisodes.  Browder hopes to be as involved in the Web series as he was on the TV show: "I had the freedom on Farscape, [and] I was in the writing room on a regular basis, virtually all the time when I wasn’t on set," Browder said.

"Stargate Atlantis" May Be Returning Earlier Than Expected
The fifth season of "Stargate Atlantis" was originally scheduled to debut in the fall, but the new season may be pushed up a couple months. "The decision on the Season Five premiere date rests with SCI FI," executive producer Joseph Mallozzi writes in his blog, "However, I’m hopeful that fans won’t have to wait until the fall to see the resolution of our Season Four cliffhanger."

Sci-Fi Series On The Bubble for the Fall
Several shows in the Sci-Fi genre are on the bubble for the fall.  THR has an article up discussing those shows.  Here are the highlights:

  • "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" will be back for another season.
  • Thanks to the strong performance by the movie in February, "Knight Rider" looks headed to a regular series order from NBC.
  • CBS is playing wait-and-see with "Moonlight".  It fits well  into its Friday night lineup, so an enventual pickup is probable.
  • "Jericho" looks finished.  Despite an increase once DVR viewership and online viewing is added, it still remains lowly rated.
  • Still no word on "Reaper".  The network is waiting to see how it performs on its new night (first episode in the new time slot drew similar retention numbers to "Supernatural" out of "Smallville").

We’ll be back too

George Lucas and the ‘Clone Wars’
George Lucas was at ShoWest to debut a five minute segment of the animated feature "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and he assured fans that all the original characters will be represented (however, they will be voiced by different actors): "It’s got everyone. Yoda, The Emperor … everybody that’s in the features is in the animated series. It’s just as if we took the feature and just continued it in an animation style."[Empire] Collider also has details on the future Star Wars live-action series which takes place between Eps. III and IV, highlights:

  • The live action and animated shows will be considered official canon
  • The live-action show is going to end up on whatever network pays the most (possibly HBO or even Showtime)
  • Show is ‘dark’ and targeted at adults "think Deadwood meets The Sopranos."
  • might be as short as 12 episodes
  • The Skywalker story "is finished." Show will focus on new (with some familiar drop ins)


  • There is no podcast scheduled for this week’s episode of "Lost" ("Ji Yeon"), but we did get a special podcast this past week.  Click here to listen to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse rehash "The Other Woman", prehash "Ji Yeon" and answer fan questions.
  • "Battlestar Galactica" composer Bear McCreary is performing a concert on April 13th at the Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles that will feature music from the past three seasons of the hit show. James Callis (Baltar) will host. SyFyPortal
  • "Doctor Who" executive producer Russell T. Davies told SFX Magazine that the plan at BBC is to keep the franchise "on air for 20 years." Outpost Gallifrey
  • Sam Raimi is developing an unscripted horror-themed reality show for The CW titled "13".  The show will pit players against each other in horror-related challenges until there is only one contestant left.  Variety



Top 10 SF&F Broadcast Shows   HH Rating/Share
1) Lost   7.7/12
2) Medium   5.7/10
3) ‘Terminator’   4.9/7
4) Eli Stone 4.3/7
5) Ghost Whisperer (R)   4.2/7
6) Moonlight (R)   3.6/6
7) Jericho   3.8/6
8) Lost ("Enhanced" Repeat)    3.6/6
9) Supernatural   2.0/3
10) Supernatural (R)  1.7/3

2/18/2008 to 2/24/2008 – Source: Nielsen Media Research

Top 10 SF&F Syndicated Shows   Rating
1) Stargate SG-1   1.0  
2) Star Trek   1.0  
3) Dead Zone   0.9  
4) Stargate Atlantis   0.7  

2/18/2008 to 2/24/2008 – Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire

Top 10 SCI FI CHANNEL Shows   Rating  
1) ECW   1.4  
2) Ghost Hunters International   1.3  
3) Stargate Atlantis 1.2  
4) Living Hell   1.2  
5) Alone in the Dark   1.0
6) Asteroid Part 1    1.0
7) Firefly   1.0
8) Asteroid Part 2   1.0
9) Ghost Hunters   1.0
10) Meteor    0.9

2/18/2008 to 2/24/2008 – Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire

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Boy, sci-fi and superheroes are BIG these days…..suh-weet!!!

Bryan Singer had that cameo in Nemesis

I’m surprised there’s been no mention on the site of Roberto Orci and the other guy being attached to write the next Superman for Singer. Or did I just miss it?

Hm. With every new tidbit about the new Hulk movie, I become more likely to give it a miss in the theaters and mark it as a rental.

A third Heavy Metal movie? Yikes. The first one had its inconsistent charms; I never bothered to see the (unrelated; straight to video?) second one. Can’t much see how a new film could have any relation to the original anthology movie, unless they just continue with the same framing sequence (the Lok Nar now bookends a half-dozen new, unrelated short films of varying quality) …

Wall-E still has me stoked, just on general principle. Eager, eager, eager.

New Mummy movie: i still keep meaning to see the first two. They look fun, I … just never got around to it :/

I’m so hooked on Jerricho! Don’t want to see it go!

Thank God Terminator SCC is coming back. Nuff Said!

You rock, Mr. Calabria, and Wall-E looks like excellence.

As all Pixar is.

It really something after being canceled 40 years ago Star Trek is in the top SF&F Syndicated Shows. Classics never die.

Matthew Vaughn thinks Thor is a silly comic book, huh?

Doctor Who for 20 yrs!?!

Hurray the original and best Sci-Fi Super-Franchise lives on!!! :D

They’d better make the Knight Rider series. I’m a total original-KR junkie but the new TV movie was wicked too.

Not so sure how well a Terminator IV will work without Schwarzenegger, but Christian Bale is good enough to pull it off, I think. And hey, the series is awesome so maybe the movie will reflect that.

If CBS doesn’t bring back Moonlight, I’m going to be very sad…

Wall-E looks completely and utterly adorable. ^.^

Wall-E from all the footage I have seen looks great! It would be ironic if the FARSCAPE web-series did well. What would they do pick it up as a series?;) That would too funny. But hey BSG will be ending and hmmmm what more do they have FLASH BOREDOM?

As for a SUPERMAN sequel I hope in the end they think fun and interesting as RETURNS in the end while it had some cool scenes here and there did not hang together well in my book. The whole kid with Lois was a bit much. Bring on fun stuff like giant robots, other super powered villains like Brainiac, etc.

Jericho deserves more network support…dammit.

#12. I agree with you as far bringing back the villains. But they really need to work at original concepts instead of recycling old story lines. Superman Returns was nothing more than an update of original content provided by the Superman movies made in the late 70’s. They have successfully done that in the new Spiderman movies, with three blockbuster hits. I hope that Mr. Singer hits the drawing board with better ideas, and does not go back to looking at old scripts.

Suh-weet indeed! Shame about Weisz (however thats spelled) not doing the Mummy film! I’m sick of waiting for BSG! I need to know whats going on NOW! I d like to see that Thor film, just for the hilarity of trying to make his costume look cool! Also I’ve heard rumor of a Heroes spin-off, Villans. Anyone got any word on that?

With the Hulk, the more information I get the less I really care to watch the. I like Ed Norton, but that trailer is so underwhelming and almost Razzie territory …

Wall-E on the other hand has been playing on my laptop since it came out …

This has been mentioned on other film forums, but does anyone know what that music is that plays as Wall-E approached the space ship? Goddamn epic stuff but wondering if it’s orginal or snuck of another soundtrack?

@#13: I second that. Jericho is a very good show.

Where’s Torchwood?

Rosario The Movie Heavy Metal came out in 1981 not in the 70’s. But in any even I look forward to seeing what David Fincher can do with it.

Would someone care to explain exactly why they rebooted the Incredible Hulk franchise so soon after the first reboot? What was wrong with The Hulk?

I’m so torn. Should my snide remark read:

One thing I could never stomach about Hollywood: all the damn vampires.


One thing I could never stomach about Hollywood: all the damn Coreys.

The first half of that trailer looks almost shot-for-shot like the original. Same music, Keifer Sutherland clone, Corey back in his 80’s garb (and as non-believable as ever.)

On the Hulk, it also looks like it’s heading down the same road. Yo, Hollywood: I don’t care what happens to CGI monsters fighting each other! I really, really, really don’t care.

Speed Racer could be fun, as long as the characters and fun don’t get lost in the CGI. I’m more hopeful about it than Hulk. Wall-E is a family night out. Can’t wait to see Letterman. I wonder if he watches BSG and whether he’ll get his own jokes. Farscape had such a great ending. It was amazing too, considering the production headaches at the end. I’ll keep my mind open for the webisodes, but I’d like to see Browder move on. And bring Claudia Black with him. rrrrRRRRROOOWWWWWrrrr!

Oh and, where are my manners? — Thanks Rosario. Clearly, you put some serious time into these reports. Nicely done!

REAPER’s new timslot is against LOST for crying ot loud. Does anyone relly believe its gonna be renewed in that NEW slot?

Terminator is a fun series but renewal is not based on the strong ratings of a final episode. To state the series will be back based on THR’s report is not good reporting. Base it on something a little more solid like a press release from FOX.

Thank goodness for Carol Barbee. She had the good taste to produce two endings for JERICHO in case the network bailed on the series. One ending lead into a third season storyline, the other is a wrap-up of sorts. And don’t be so quick to count JERICHO out. CBS was shocked at what kind of numbers the show was pulling when figuring in DVR and streaming episode views at They had indicated last year, if they had figiured those numbers in, the series would not have been cancelled. So far DVR and streaming views are still pushing the series into better numbers then expected. Carol Barbee expected a decision to be made after episode three aired. The fact that nothing has ben announcd yet could actually be called encouraging as opposed to the death rattle described here.

In other words, the intrepretations of the THR article on sci-fi shows on the bubble sucked.

Cardiff Modern art gallery lol!
It’s an American list so I dunno if it’s out over there!

On Jericho: I’ve heard some good things about it, but never felt compelled to view it.

On the new Superman movie: Which website will be the first to speculate on the fate of Superman’s kid? Yes, he’ll probably be too young to be interesting for this movie, but the sequel after that?

And what happened to that Superfriends (though not so named) live-action movie? Superman bailed, didn’t he? (I think it’s actually called “Justice League.”) Last I heard, Justice League, the movie, was in trouble.

I watched a few episodes of Jericho on Sci Fi. What a depressing show.

Jericho the one with the post appocalyptic town?

Yes, I think so, 27. Someone who watched it for half an hour told me that it made no sense to him and was, in his words, “absurd.”

However, if I’m not mistaken, JMS of B5 fame is associated with it, so based on that, Jericho still has promise for me.

I do remember seeing one episode! It’s a good concept, I suppose you need to see it from the begining!

The green eyes of Bruce Banner during the hulk out gave me chills. That reminded me of the beautiful TV series.

I guess Journeyman is definitely finished then?


I hate to point this out but I think it needs to be done… Medium is not a SciFi show. The series is based on the very real Allison Dubois, her life, work and gifts. So, with that being said, I don’t think the show belongs on your ratings list… unless we are making the statement that Ms. Dubois is a fraud or a robot. ;)

And I am VERY excited about Wall-E! Thanks for the info.

Oops — sorry — that was Jeremiah. The guy I mentioned watched Jeremiah, with which JMS was associated.

Wow, as short as 12 episodes? I remember hearing Steve Sansweet say they were planning on making 400. Quite the difference.

I’d love to see Darkseid in the new Superman movie. He was the first thing that came to mind when I heard the body count statement.

Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man, Thor, they NEED to make a Captain America movie. What kind of Avengers team doesn’t have Captain America on it’s roster? Even if he doesn’t get his own film, Cap better be in the Avengers movie. Perhaps he’ll get defrosted in it…

As a side note, these Sci-Fi saturday columns are frakin awesome.

The Lost Boys is a staple of my 80’s youth. I was very skeptical of a sequel, especially with the “straight to DVD” phrase in there. But the trailer does look pretty good! Of course, trailers for some of the worst movies also looked pretty good….

Superman Returns might not have been a ‘flop’ financially, but as a movie it was. Completely forgettable.
As for the Hulk, who needs half hour action sequences?

The Dark Knight is probably the only thing listed above that I might give a look to.

They don’t make ’em like they used to. And yes, that IS a bad thing.

If someone proposed a ban on using concepts and ideas that have already been made into a series or a film, Hollywood would be in real trouble.

Ant Man? I guess all of the relly cool superheroes were taken up. Maybe they should make a movie about Slap stick. Can anyone tell me who that guy is?

Whoa, when did this Harry Potter VIII business happen? They must have had that contingency built into the actors’ contracts or everybody would have to get a lot more money. Every since the Marlon Brando was cut from Superman II you can’t just split a movie into two parts without paying everybody twice.

#19 – Garovorkin
Thanks, got my decades mixed up. We’ll get that fixed.

#23 – biodredd
It’ll be hard that’s for sure. The series actually took a big drop when the finals were released. Retention went from over 70% to under 70%. It can’t afford to drop any further.

#34 – boJac
That’s as short as 12 episodes/season. Which would jive with what most HBO/Showtime shows run for per year. I’ve heard that the plan was for 100 episodes of the live-action series. At 12 a year, that could run for a long time.

Thanks for the comments and complements everyone.

Does anyone know if there is an online petition to save “Reaper”? I love that show!!

Just kill me now please. I don’t want to live in a world where Michael Bay remakes “Rosemary’s Baby”.


“He’s got his father’s eyes!”


“They don’t make ‘em like they used to. And yes, that IS a bad thing.”

In some cases, it’s a very GOOD thing – in terms of Batman & Bond, anyway.

I have to say, I’m glad Moonlight is likely to come back. Sure, it’s a nearly transparent copy of Angel, but I miss Angel! ;) Honestly though, I actually found myself enjoying it pretty well. The actors are fairly engaging, so it’s easier to get passed the recycled storylines.

SCC coming back seems like a given, but man, why would they turn that awful Knight Rider movie into a show? I know Ron Moore really managed quite a feat by turning BSG into something that could be taken seriously, but I believe it had the unfortunate side-effect of ‘inspiring’ less-talented people to raid our 70’s lunchboxes for shows that weren’t that good to begin with. Not that I didn’t enjoy some Knight Rider or A-Team or Bionic Woman as a kid, but they weren’t exactly high caliber entertainment. Even back then I could recognize kitsch as kitsch.

The new Bionic Woman was good for a few episodes, but they seemed to lose all direction after that. Speaking of that, it was definitely cancelled, right?

“Superman Returns” was a beautiful film. I’m glad Singer’s making another one.

And why can’t they make a Hulk movie with a real live body-building human being in make-up playing the Hulk? They can use software to embiggen him to 7 or 8 feet tall and have the benefit of a genuine performance instead of relying on a rubbery, squishy-looking CG “actor” to sell half their movie. More realer is more better.

For some odd reason, when reading about the 30 minute Hulk CGI monster battle, I think of Peter Griffin vs. The Chicken

The more I read about Fringe, the more intriguing it sounds – cannot wait to see it. Wonder how Mr. Bob and Mr. K juggle so many projects at the same time. Somebody get those poor fellows some coffee…

I think it would be nice to see Superman face off against Abomination. It would be a short played at the end of the main feature.

How long would Abomination last against a man who could lift an entire undersea city into orbit?

#20 The Ang Lee hulk film was an absolute Travesty and having today seen a movie preview for the new hulk film with Ed Norton, this film looks like its going to be history repeating itself. I was not impressed with what I saw.

Micheal Bay is doing Rosemary’s Baby? why are they remaking this classic and why are they letting Bay anywhere near it? Hey, Ive got the perfect title they should call it Rosemary’s Armageddon Baby, I hope this one goes to development hell where it belongs.

i am still angry why Sc-Fi has canceled The Dresden files i liked the humor and the stories! And u?