Cho Injured On Trek Set [UPDATED w/ Pics]

John Cho has already revealed that he did ‘fight training’ to prepare for his work on Star Trek and that his Sulu is ‘a badass’ (Paparazzi even caught him in the act practicing last month) [spoilers]. But now it appears that ‘action Sulu’ may have taken its toll on the actor, as Cho showed up over the weekend at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival with an arm/wrist injury.

Cho was at the Festival screening his new movie, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Dino-Ray Ramos, the fashion reporter for the Contra Costa Times reported on the event on his personal blog. From the report

Yesterday [Saturday] after the Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay screening, actor John Cho was nice enough to do a Q&A with the audience….

Anyways, Cho was sporting some sort of ace bandage or cast on his right arm and he admitted to the audience that he got an injury on the set of Star Trek.

The Globality Film Blog is also reporting on the event. In their review of Harold and Kumar 2, there was this:

The sold-out showing in the massive House 1 of the Sundance Kabuki was quite a party, especially with co-star John Cho appearing afterwards for Q&A. He apologized for missing the festival so many times, explaining that he had schedule conflicts, and sported a bandaged right wrist from an injury on the Star Trek set.

It appears the injury happened last week as Cho wasn’t sporting any bandages when he screened Harold and Kumar at the South By Southwest Festival the previous weekend.

UPDATE: No affect on the schedule
According to a representative for John Cho the injury is “no big deal.” Cho still has a more scenes to shoot this month and the injury isn’t affecting the schedule.

UPDATE 2: Pictures of Cho with bandage

Cho talks a little Trek
Aint It Cool News was also at SXSW and interviewed Cho along with his Harold and Kumar co-stars. Of course the conversation did get around to Trek, but as usual Cho couldn’t say much.

On Secrecy:

The reason JJ [Abrams] wants to keep that under wraps is he just thinks that the surprise… He really is looking out for the audience. He feels like it’s a good move, so that the audience really experiences it in a fresh way, but what I can say about it is the spirit of it feels like it’s honoring what has come before it, just visually and the script and all of the actors he has chosen and it just feels like it is honoring what has come before and I feel like, fingers crossed, we will garner some new fans as well.

On if he deepened his voice to match Takei’s:

I couldn’t do that. [He lowers his voice] This is about as low as I can go. This is pretty uncomfortable and he’s like three octaves below that.

Harold and Kumar 2 co-star Neil Patrick Harris asked Cho if he thought Paramount was “anticipating a franchise?” with the new Trek, and Cho replied:

I’m not really sure how I can answer that without giving something away. I think there’s a possibility of them making more of these, yeah.

…but we know from previous interviews other actors that they are all signed up for sequels ‘options’ and that they hope there will be a few. So it appears Paramount are thinking franchise again. Let’s hope next time Cho can get through the shoot without a scratch.

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay opens April 25th.

(photos via Flickr users: bwswift and lizclink)

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Is it May of 2009 yet?

Could I actually be first??
Hope Cho’s okay. I wonder how he hurt himself…

God, each and every one of these interviews makes me less less patient for the film to come out. Damn you Paramount for the delay!!!!! :-P

You could say his performance as Sulu proved disarming!

Awesome news on the sequels! Hope he heals quickly.

he cant say with out givin anythin away about more !! maybe its a tie in sequal

He shouldn’t have been drunk, shirtless, and “foiling” around on set… no wonder he got whacked….

Oh, and don’t be buggery-boo about me being insensitive! If ya wanna good Eggs Benedict Butty, ya gotta break some shells…


Cho doesn’t appear to be filming today, although Chris Pine and Zack Quinto appear to be (in an elaborate location shoot at CSUN, as I mentioned in another posting). I wonder if it’s because of his arm injury.

Poor Cho – taking off all those Klingon heads with his sword proved to be
quite the task. Before the next film, he can practice with a big stick and some melons ala. The Apple.

Decloaking . . .

Injuries on set, that is actually a wery good sign of an intense action film in the making. Maybe the Klingon Jennifer Garner got the best of him. That would be fun!


I hope this injury does not affect the rest of the shoot.

Seems badass Sulu wasn’t meant to be…

By the way – I preferred the blue background for the comments section, as in some threads that tone was the sole soothing element.

I really can’t wait for May 2009! #10: Is Jennifer Garner really going to be playing a Klingon???

British Naval Dude…..always good for a chuckel!

I still can’t wait for this movie! Sure he got injured on the set. But, maybe it was on the way to craft services during a break.

Seeme#13- She gave several interviews in which she said she would love to be in Trek and especially playing the role of a Klingon. However, there’s no evidence so far to prove that JJ took her up on it.

#9 ….some melons ala. The Apple.

aye, there were some lovelies in that episode. ;-)

oh, wait, you meant something else!

Get well Mr. Cho!

Will this injury hinder the filming of the movie at all? Is it bad enough that they will have to change scene to accommodate him?

It certainly wasn’t a spolier ta see a piece of batleth sticking out from tha bandage. Oh, and final warnin’- me posted me St Patty ditty no. 285 in chat. Hey- Is thar an OSHA fur the wee Hollywood folks? I mean if Mr Pine fly-kicks ya and ya get a boo-boo, is that all boondoggeled? Guess if ya make tha money then ya are not so funny about gettin a bit bloody. Me safety at work is ta try not to get swept out to sea… so I guess I be screwed…

Jorg#16- LOL!

#4, hahaha! Don’t you wish Cho could tell us the ‘wrist’ of the story? After all, forewarned is ‘forearmed.’ Not to ‘point fingers’ or anything….

ok, I’ll take ‘el-bow’ and stop now…..

Sulu’s boo-boo….

Perhaps he had a run-in with a sword………

itt’ll be cool to see some sword action with sulu, we havn’t seen that since the ’60s episode “naked time”

Naw, Quinto gave him the Vulcan Neck Pinch when he tried to steal his ears and left him with a pinched nerve in his arm!!!



Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s no real new news on the movie?

Here a sighting of an actor, there a short interview. No trailers. One teaser. Few/no spoilers, photos, etc. No deathmatch flamewar over whether the Shat will be in it….

Yawn …

Well, I did say that they were shooting at CSUN, that Pine and Quinto were both on location, and that there was a cast of thousands. That was this morning.

There were numerous retakes of Pine and Quinto walking down the main exterior staircase of Oviatt Library (standing in for Starfleet Academy). During one of these takes, Kirk took not just one, but two looks at two beautiful brunettes crossing his path.

When Kirk and Spock reached the bottom of the staircase, they engaged in a vigorous conversation; it looked like Kirk stopped Spock in midstep.

The acting appeared naturalistic.

(Sorry — I meant a cast of over a hundred extra, not of thousands. Also, a crane shot.)

How much filming do they have left, and more importantly, will Cho be able to do it?

Uhh…since its still over a year away, I’m sure Cho and his lil ace bandage will heal in time if more shooting is needed. jeez

Pansy ,.. Tape it up kid and get back in the game!!!!! Besides anyone knows that a cast makes for a magnificent weapon in a good old fashioned street fight!!!! Sigh,,,, those were the days…..

Just kidding about the Pansy crack though

a wonderful Scotty- sentric (and Spock) episode. That scenes of Scotty in the access tube were just briliant. He really delivered the tension and good humor Mr. Doohan was known for!!! Besides that the nice byplay with Spock was just terrific!!! I always loved this episode, very spooky and a great creepy clausterphopic Twighlight Zone feel to it. Scoty saves the day again!!! Uber hot Lee Meriweather in purple little almost nothing outfit !!! Spock in command fondling his Spock’s brain Rubiks Cube devise throughout the whole episode. And the old effects still hold up, that crackling energy in the tube still looks very cool, The Lee Meriweather blinking out into a thin black line still looks effective and quite creepy. Good stuff. I hope The Pegg checks this one out !!!

My anticipation swells with each non-revealing comment uttered by the cast members.

“Swells” and “member” in the same posting, Stanky?

Interesting how even talk of sequels has them holding close to vest. I’m just wondering how quickly they’d start shooting such a thing. With principal photography done for this film by next month, how long would JJ want to wait to start with filming the next? Waiting to see how this does in May 2009 could be a bit long…

Perhaps JJ can get Orci & Kurtzman writing “2” sooner, rather than later. If they’re all right and there’s not a raz to be heard anywhere… everyone involved seems to be speaking as if from Nirvana–the higher plane, not the band: something I don’t recall seeing since the production of ST IV.

Heal fast, JoCho

I think Mr. Cho will be just fine in the role. Just don’t call him, “Tiny.”

Stanky, you just ought to cut and paste your comments, bud. At least on articles like this. It seems to be all you have to say.

I just want to take this opportunity to say that I am so excited over what will surely prove to be the greatest motion picture in the history of storytelling. Each and every new castmember should recieve Oscar nominations and this is certainly a best picture contender.

That’s for you, Stanklin.

re:35. THX-1138
“I just want to take this opportunity to say that I am so excited over what will surely prove to be the greatest motion picture in the history of storytelling. Each and every new castmember should recieve Oscar nominations and this is certainly a best picture contender. That’s for you, Stanklin.”

Very nice. Brings a tear to old, tired eye.

You don’t take a knife to a Phaser fight. :)

#26 Hat Rick, thanks for the eyewitness report! Was Pine wearing the same maroon uniform that we saw in the pics from the alleged Academy scenes shot awhile back?

No deep voiced “Oooh my”? Dammit!! Maybe they can have Cho’s Sulu’s voice break right at the end of the film and then he says it.

Each and every piece on the movie that is released just makes the anticipation grow and grow. It truly seems that Abrams has a true gem on his hands and that Star Trek, especially this new incarnation will be around for many years to come and continue to bring the spirit we have all grown up loving.

#40: I’m with you on that … every new thing I learn about this film increases my hopes and improves my odds of seeing it. My lingering concerns are still looming, but I hold out high hopes that when light is finally shed in those areas, they’ll be just as encouraging as the stuff we’ve seen so far.

And I’m glad Cho’s injury was minor. I mean, yeah, suffer for your art and all, but … :)