Star Trek’s Top ‘O The Irish

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, traditionally a day to celebrate that inner Irish person in every one of us…often with a drink in your hand. The staff at got to wondering, who in the world of Star Trek would we want with us as we hop down to the pub on St. Patty’s day. See below for’s ‘Top O’ The Irish.’

Seamus (VOY: “Fair Haven”)
As St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday it is always nice to show a bit of charity. And Fair Haven’s Seamus is the ultimate charity case. But once you buy him a pint he is an affable best friend, until he needs a refill at least.

Kevin Riley (TOS: “The Naked Time”)
When you are out drinking on St. Patrick’s Day you know there is going to be some singing. Who better to get the group going than Kevin Thomas Riley? Sure he can’t carry a tune but it is all about the effort.

Finnegan (TOS: “Shore Leave”)
Yes Finnegan may be a bit of a jerk, but he can certainly entertain the group with stories of ‘plebe’ Kirk all day long. Plus things can always turn ugly with lots of drinking and so it is good to have someone around you know is good for a dust up.

Brenna Odell (TNG: “Up The Long Ladder”)
One might think that Danilo Odell is the obvious imbibing companion choice from the Odell clan. However, you always need someone along to keep you grounded. Plus as designated drivers go, Brenna ain’t too hard on the eyes either.

Miles O’Brien (TNG, DS9)
There can be no doubt who is the top St. Patrick’s day pub crawling companion — Star Trek’s ultimate everyman, Miles Edward O’Brien . Sure marriage has slowed him a bit, but the man can drink like the rest of them and (when in the zone) play darts like the best of them.




Bonus Video:
Miles O’Brien (and Julian Bashir) drunk and singing

St. Patrick’s Day video from Rico at the TreksInSciFi podcast, featuring Finnegan (with the Irish musical theme by Gerald Fried).


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why are so many Irish portrayed as drunken fools? Oh wait…

To heck with the rest o’ them, gimme Finnegan and Riley (only one Y in the name, just to help out…double-check the Memory-Alpha page) any day!!

Me and Miles O’Brien
Went out a’beer a buyin’….

Ok children, the closest thing to us, down the pub, in full swing, with enough drink on board to kill a Gorn;

breena odell yum yum

While I would rather hoist a pint at the pub with Kevin Riley, I would much rather go home from that pub with Brenna Odell.

Meant to say, based on that logic the ideal drinking partner would probably be Worf or even better, Martock

I trust I am not alone when I say to Trek: May the luck o’ th’ Irish be wi’ you!

Thanks, trekmovie staff! Everyone wanted a St. Patrick’s Day article and you delivered. Great group of people!!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


Ooh, ooh, Anthony – – how about a Poll on which of the above was your fav Star Trek Irish character?



Seamus from Fair Haven’s and Brenna Odell , are all fine , but can we see some real Irish characters please , not stereotypical joke characters ,

As an antidote to today, I must watch “Gangs of New York” again.
Go Bill, go!


are you saying this isn’t a fair representation of the Irish? Good heavens!

But if they did that then there’d only be Miles O’Brian



Even I ahve to admit though Fair Haven just anoyed me! Hate to tell you this but Ireland never looked like that!

yes i agree . alot of fair haven annoyed me too , hmm i liked the bit with the harp backwards and where janeway reference as trinity college education , but the rest of the fair haven was just so fake and cheap

Brenna Odell is gorgeous and she had fire.

sure i remember reading somewhere Colm Meaney would not let them put leprechaun in TNG esp , as it would be offensive , kinda wish he was there in the voy for the fair haven esp , as i think the writers strange tourist view of Ireland

Re: #19. Irishtrekkie

Well, in their defence, maybe it was supposed to be that way. It was, after all, a holodeck creation by Tom who was a history buff. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t Irish and he didn’t live in that era.

Really gotta go make that irish Stew…


Damn straight he wouldn’t! Although that episode with Rumplstiltskin came way too close! Most people seem to think Ireland looked like that. Did Janeway go to Trinners?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Star Trek fans! :-)

Live Long and Prosper.

Hey ya- Katie… I be posting St Patty Day stuff (guess whar) for days now… but glad ya be enjoyin A’s column here…

arrrr… me favorite Irish character be not in tha poll… it’s obviously one of those greeny girls from the ENT episode…. ENT only cuz they still be about me own age…

dare ta dream…oh and as far as leprechauns bein’ offesnive… just remember that I don’t take a goodly dander ta Popeye…
what about poor Finny who got allegedly kilt by Kirk? And that thar Andorian with jaundice… what a shade of green he be!

arrrr… just kiddin ’bout Popeye… me luvs tha green,green Spinach…

Ah, yes, BND…you remind me of that old film classic, How Green Was My Spinach!

Hey, I just googled Bruce Mars who played Finnegan and, apparently, his last acting role was in a Then Came Bronson episode back in 1969. Whatever happened to this guy? Is he still alive?

Re: #25. BNDude

“Hey ya- Katie… I be posting St Patty Day stuff (guess whar) for days now… but glad ya be enjoyin A’s column here…”

Sorry, Dude. (Hah! Love the name.) Guess I love Star Trek so much I spend all my free time on the computer at this site. Have also really enjoyed meeting all you guys.

Now I really must go make dinner while the caffeine and sugar in the ton of chocolate I’ve consumed is still energizing me.

Ta, Dude.


Old Irish (allegedly) Toast: “May you be in Heaven a half an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead!”

Cheers, dears! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcan O’Nista }:-|

Yup that’s one of ours!

#2 — “Why are so many Irish portrayed as drunken fools? Oh wait….”

My pal Dennis Farrell (cousin of Colin Farrell) once told me an Irish joke that started REALLY fast—and took me a couple of seconds to catch on. It began:
“Two Irishmen walk out of a bar………….”

(–a beat–)

And then Dennis just looked over at me waiting for a reply, which quickly became a smirk and a laugh………. with the punch line being, simply, “NOT!” So you see, it ain’t just US telling those Irish drinking jokes! Here’s to ya’—CHEERS!

Miles… by miles.

Vulcanista — they have Limeade at Publix. It won’t get ya brawlin’ crazy, but… It’s green.

lol #31 – sad, but true.

Harry#26- “How green was my Spinich” – LMAO!

I never realized there were so many good Irishmen in Trek – I always wondered if Riley thought he was being punished for The Naked Time when he was sent down to Engineering in Conscience.

What about Captain Janeway??? She’s all Irish!! Kate Mulgrew is Irish-American!

……………………..hmm right as jokes go its not too bad, lol
but lets keep that stuff to a minimum lol

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Colm Meaney deserves major kudos for getting the word “bollocks” into an episode of DS9.

Captain Janeway isn’t all Irish, thank you very much.

An excuse to bring this oldie back again…

: )

#27 Harry – did the same thing. Got a few hits for eBay – he was apparently doing the sci-fi con circuit at one poiint – but it’s like the guy went into a federal witness protection program for crash-and-burn supporting actors……..

Oh god, spare us the plastic paddy stuff please! The only half-decent Trek ‘Irish’ character was Chief O’Brien. And as for ‘Up The Long Ladder’, what a pile of manure. Hope everyone enjoyed their silly green coloured pints today…

scroll down to Bruce Hyde and click on part 9.

O’Brien wasn’t a drunken fool. In “Honor Among Thieves” it was shown that the character was the only person keeping cardassian and federation tech on the base working.

Will we be celebrating St George’s day here too? Doubt it

Kevin Riley………… NOT one of ours!!!!
Oh and #41
the reason he was such a successful Irish Character was because he actually was Irish! He did not once sing some god awful ballad (Kathleen someting or other). THERE IS ALOT OF STUFF WE DO NOT DO!!!!

Maybe we should Not Irish, and have a list celebrating Mr Kyle, Dr Bashir and Lt Reed! At least St George’s and St David’s days aren’t the sham that St Patrick’s Day is and that the Scots want to turn St Andrews day into!

Star Trek has never dealt well with anything relating to ‘Ireland’ and I’ve always tried to stop that from tainting my enjoyment of Trek.

Irish Trekkie…Duh! Of course I know that Colm Meaney is from the Republic, I didn’t think I needed to spell that out!

I think some people are taking this article too seriously.

Em, Barney I was agreeing with you.

I’m Irish! Kiss me! :)