CSUN Transformed Into Academy? [UPDATED]

It is Spring Break and the campus of Cal State Northridge should be deserted, but instead it is full of people with sci-fi looking uniforms and banners bearing a very familiar emblem. Reports have been coming in to TrekMovie.com today about “Corporate Headquarters” aka “Untitled Paramount Feature” aka….shooting at CSUN. And tonight AICN has put up some pictures.

Here is one of the reports sent in to TrekMovie.com from a student at CSUN

The CSUN Library is standing in as part of the Academy. There are dozens of extras in red cadet uniforms, along with officer types in more military style dress. I noticed that the cadets were spaced throughout the area in front of the library – no doubt to facilitate multiplying them digitally.

Not much has been done to modify the area. There are bluescreens on the sides of the lawn areas and some of the lighting fixtures have been modified. Also, banners on the streetlights have been replaced with clear green panels with Starfleet “spinnaker” cutouts. A futuristic kiosk sits on the lawn.

TrekMovie.com hasn’t confirmed that it is actually a scene at the Academy, but according to another source, work on “futurizing” the CSUN Oviatt Library began last week. Right now it isn’t clear if this is first unit (meaning Abrams + principal cast shooting scenes with dialog) or second unit (usually just background actors and no dialog). It is known that Zachary Quinto (Spock) was not there as he is currently in Pennsylvania.

AICN has got a few high res images of the crowd and some wacky car.

UPDATE: Another Report [still spoilers]

There was quite a diversity of uniforms. Most were dressed as in red uniforms with gold delta shield emblems where Next Gen crew members wore their pips. Women (including aliens) wore skirts and the men’s were a cross between a bellboy’s uniform and Picard’s dress uniform. Other people wore grey uniforms that somewhat resembled uniforms for imperial officers in Star Wars. There were others who wore uniforms that appeared to be futuristic versions of today’s military officer uniforms.

For the shot they were mostly just milling about. There was an overhead crane shot of the cadets seeing and reacting to something in the sky off screen. Everyone on the lawn pointed in the same direction and ran towards a blue screen at the edge of the area.

As for today, shootings done! Everything is almost down. I never saw Pine or Abrams or any other main cast.

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