Shatner Live Chat March 31st + Recent Shatner Q&A

A couple of weeks ago we reported that William Shatner will taking his ‘Shatnvervision’ live with an online chat with fans, but it was postponed. Now The Shat’s team have set a firm date of Monday March 31 at 3:00PM Pacific. The chat will be on (for more info check out this announcement). In the mean time Bill has been taking fan questions the old fashioned way via his regular Shatnervision Blog, some recent answers below.

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I have slow dial-up. What’s the best way to get this?


Unfortunately, I currently have no speakers on this computer at work, so I can’t listen to audio. I wish there was a transcript.

I like the bike story. I was recently reminded of it when I made the chance discovery of a copy of “The Making of Star Trek” in my college library. Incidentally, they also have David Gerrold’s two books “The Trouble with Tribbles” and “The World of Star Trek” (I’m reading through that one right now).

This is 2008 not 1968.

Who cares about Shatner? He means nothing to Star Trek and never did. The new stars of the franchise will outshine him in every measurable sense.

The world as we know it will end if Shatner (he’s old you know) shows up in ST XI. His appearance would be such a distraction I don’t think my limited mindI could handle it.

Shatner on geopolitical trends
Shatner on processed cheese
Shatner on theoretical mathematics of dynamical systems
Shatner on pudding
Shatner on kitty cats…

sorry… not meanin’ ta be rude, it’s just kind o’ humourous to see all those bytes above yon…
I’m sure many will indeed appreciate tha updated Shatner news here… arrrr

I indeed appreciate tha updated Shatner news here.

I’m never sure whether I care WHAT Shatner is saying, but he has an inescapable appeal, so I watch him say it. If he’s not in XI I won’t dampen my kittens in my tears (though they’d like that) but I will usually tune in when the Shat makes an appearance.

Re: #5. BND


Don’f forget

Shatner on fiber
Shatner on selling body parts

Anthony, we’re teasing you. I never get sick of hearing anything about anyone who was/is in Trek, especially Bill.

BTW Anthony, could you change the poll to reflect 3 choices?

1, Film
2. TV
3. Both

I’ll take Trek any way, anywhere.


Poopy face: On TOS question (the only one that I found relevant), Shatner basically said there was no money available and all the talent on the show did the best that was possible in those constraints. He doesn’t think he could have improved on anything (if he had creative control).

HA! he said Leonard’s got a lot of money and keeps it close to his chest! I dont doubt it! LOL!

Shatner on cats?

He has always been pro-pussy…cat.

White, black, green…makes no difference.

Ivory, either you’re joking or Rick Berman.

In my book Shat is the heart & soul of Star Trek!!!

#1 with slow dial-up ya need much, much patience fur it ta load up…

However I could crop up a few transcripts fur ya… they may not be entirely factual….

by the by… dampen your kittens?
wuld that be like dryin’ out your doggies? The picture of cryin’ upon tha pussycat will now pierce me like Pagliacci…


9. Leonard (Nimoy) and his wife, Susan, donated $1 million to the Griffith Observatory in 2001 and a part of it was named after them accordingly. Donating a cool million means that you have plenty of money, indeed.

The Observatory has since re-opened after a massive renovation to rave reviews. (See donation story at )

Given that the Observatory has played such a prominent part in Trek lore (particularly in VOY), this is truly a case of life imitating art.

By the way, I’ve been a member of the Friends of the Observatory, and I think it’s a very worthwhile cause.

Ivory#4- Have you ever watched TOS Ivory? It doesn’t matter how old William Shatner is now. He played a character 40 years ago that is still respected and admired the world over. You must be eighteen – when I was eighteen I thought I knew everything and anyone over the age of thirty was “old”. One of these days you’ll be Shatner’s age and you’ll be lucky if you’re still as active and loving of life as he is. And just because you don’t particularly care for him does not mean the rest of the world feels the same way. You’ll find that’s true about most things as you get older.

#14—Denise, I think you missed the sarcasm…

Does Bill look thinner?

Poopey#15- You think he was joking? I hope he was, although it doesn’t seem to be a very good joke…

Waiting to see Denise do a aerial body kick, drop n roll followed by a karate chop.
Lovin’ it.

CmdrR#18- LOL – you want to see any woman do anything right about now… When is your wife “fully recovered” from the baby-making? We all feel your pain…

Leonard donated a million? Awwwk be!
Good fur him… guess it wuz that Go-Go’s video…(sic)…
Good fur him though

Now, before anyone be giving Shatner tha V (that be the bird for ye Yanks… limeys just like two fingers instead o’ one) let’s sit back in our anonymous world of computin’ and reflect like so:
“Will this post I just wrote make me look like a jerkass?”

OK- enough of all that. Best not ta suffer fools… ‘sides it be amazin’ how serious threads get around here… like a prior BSG and even a bit o’ tha art one… ya be thinkin we are in tha midst of curing cancer or makin’ a certain sailor some nice chip buttys…
(that be buttered french fries for ye Yanks thar…)

…on body parts (continuing)
Shatner on chip buttys
Shatner on screwing airlines and hotel chains
Shatner on the portratuire of Titian
Shatner on the Cincinnati Art Museum
Shatner on mud

ooo… can’t stop meself… does that make me look like a jerkass?



Brit Dude#20- There you go again, being too funny and making sense at the same time.

Re: #12 BND

Naw, don’t worry about it. I’ll make my friend come with me to one of those computer corner cafes and check it out. Thanks!!!

Re: #15 Poopey face

Sorry, guys. I gotta side with Denise in the sense that it didn’t sound like joking or sarcasm to me. Rather than tongue-in-cheek it sounded like tongue-sticking-out-of-mouth. However, this line

“I don’t think my limited mind could handle it.”

sounded like a stab at humour but if he’s joking, we obviously didn’t get it.


Trip#25- Are the actresses all going to be wearing super-mini skirts and super-pushup bras, running from the alien, falling down alot and getting eaten up in the end? Sounds like fun!

next year on shatnervision:

‘Shatner on filming new star trek cameo role..’

‘Shatner on filming with Nimoy once again’

‘Shatner on duping the press’

Hmmm, I’d rather see a Star Trek Alien crossover. A Reliant class ship with its disaster beacon sending a signal warning al ships way when a starship pulls up along side and throwing caution to the wind beams over when no signs of life register. As they beam over the eggs begin to open up and major chaos ensues.

And yes, I have a script written.

Geez,Shatner this,Shatner that,Shatner the other,man,we know that you are out there,you don’t have to prove anything,calm down.
Very soon there will be Shatner TV.
Gawd help us.

Shatner for President!

Denise — AdmiralR went to see Dr. Crusher (or whomever) today, so we’ll see what we see. I sure hope the money I slipped the doc wasn’t wasted. Otherwise, I might as well don my reddest shirt, walk into Manuel’s Tavern and confront the local Klingon bowling league with a hearty “How’re ya doin, you sons of targs!”

25, I think that a Trek crossover with the current BSG would be great. Ron Moore, with his background, would be the ideal writer-producer!

For one thing, just imagine the space battles there could be.

Of course, it’s the characxter that would really matter. Baltar meeting Sisko, for example. Six meeting Seven of Nine. (Isn’t that an equation…?) The possibilities would be endless.

I’d venture that Baltar wouldn’t last too long under Sisko’s questioning.


I always saw De Kelley as the heart and soul of Star Trek Nimoy as the head/brain(and brain). And Shatner, well he’s the fists and pelvis. In my book.

#2 “I wish there was a transcript.”

At one point he said, “Does anyone happen to know if Closet’s real initials are KNS? I haven’t had anyone come after me like that since I was in the Mutara Nebula!”


30, my view is that Shatner-as-Kirk was a great combination. Kirk was commanding when he needed to be, and he was courageous without being foolhardy. A great hero of Starfleet. I’ll always respect Shatner’s portrayal of our great captain.

Let’s hope Chris Pine follows in his tradition.

And you’re right — Dr. McCoy did seem to be the most humanistic and the most generous of spirit; Kirk’s role as man of action doesn’t take away from that in the least.

As for Spock, need we say more? The celebrated cerebrating center of the Enterprise, as always.

(‘”Brain’ and ‘brain’…. What is ‘brain’?” Spock, that’s what.)

#31—-“To the last, I will grapple with thee…”

“From Hell’s heart….I stab at thee…”

“For hate’s sake, I spit…my last breath…at thee…”


I agree 100%. Kirk was the best and my favorite- and all the Trek captains were great. Still I don’t understand why so many people feel he needs to be it the new film. I kinda think he will be, one way or another, but I’ll be royally ticked off if his appearence isn’t integral to the story and breaks the flow of the film.

And I trust Pine will be fine.

i wish that Bill had a better handle on his weight/appearance
(mostly it’s his health that concerns me).

One thing I have noted is that he is far more generous to his
coworkers and fan-base than he used to be (say, 20 years ago).

Other than that, I think he’s transitioned
magnificently to and from:
leading man
character actor
guest appearance
hawker (commercials)

I find him endlessly entertaining. Bill, please live forever!

#35 thomoz, I just checked Bill’s entry at IMDB this afternoon (now, god help me, why did I do that???) there was a photo of him from the 5th March 2008 with Jason Alexander, and he looks GREAT in it. I am convinced that he’s (or someone is) looking after his appearance.

The man is 76 years old — 77 this month, God willing — and he doesn’t look at day over 50. You’re right — he looks good in those photos.

Here’s a link to the photo TK was talking about:

#35 “Bill….is far more generous to his coworkers and fan-base than he used to be (say, 20 years ago)”

Well, let’s see….in the early 1970’s he was, by his own admission, dead broke….

Now, after all the Trek films and commercial endorsements, he’s a rich man…

Yeah, it’s funny how having $40 million in the bank and being in your late 70’s can soften the edge on someone!

What’s there to prove, or be competetive about, at THIS point?

I think he’s pretty open and honest about his post-TOS days, living in a car and doing the rubber-chicken circuit. Little did he dream, one speculates, that he’d be writing well-received Trek novels and playing a funny-annoying partner at a quirky Boston law firm four decades later.

# 11 I Love My Moogie + # 14 Denise De Arman

I think Ivory punked you guys. He/she is one of the bigger Shatner/BBK people on this board.


Shoulda known!

The Bring Back Kirk crowd is strong, indeed. Nothing wrong with a little passion, methinks.

VOODOO#40- I hope you’re right about that. However, methinks, if it was indeed a “punk”, that we need to teach Ivory how to go about pulling off a good punk – that was too close to some of the real stuff we’ve seen here.

Denise- you’re saying you can’t tell when someone is faking it??

Harry- Actually, Harry, I was just about to send you a message asking you to teach me – I haven’t had much experience in that department!

Re: Ivory, I think that s/he was taking a jab at people who don’t want Shatner in the movie and are perceived by the people who do as wanting to throw away Trek’s entire history because they support this movie with or without The Shat. Implying that they don’t care about ‘old’ Star Trek because of the shiny new movie that caught their attention. That’s what I thought.

Anyway, I can’t watch the vids right no since I haven’t got my headphones, but I will definitely catch them later. Was he answering questions posted on his site, or here? I didn’t know about this before now, but that’s cool he’s taking the time out to talk to us fans. Shatner’s one nifty dude.

His birthday is next Saturday, right? I oughta send him a birthday card or something. :D

Gotta watch the sarcasm in here. No smilies to let folks know you’re joshing.

It’s a tactic best left to the professionals, kids.

Now eat your veggies.

Aye, aye…Captain April!

43. Denise de Arman – March 20, 2008
Believe me, Ivory loves Shatner.

Ivory’s post was almost venomously sarastic based on past comments.

Re: #49. Xai

I think that’s called “trolling”, isn’t it?