TOS Remastered Season 2 Coming On DVD (ONLY)

A few weeks ago we reported that Paramount had cancelled all HD DVD titles, effectively killing off the planned (but never announced) Star Trek Remastered Season Two on HD DVD / DVD combo (Season One was released last November). Now TV Shows On DVD is reporting that CBS and Paramount are going ahead with TOS Remastered Season Two, but for DVD only.

According to the TVSODVD report, the Season 2 TOS-R set will have a street date of August 5th. had previously reported that work was close to completion on the HD DVD / DVD combo version for Season 2 when Toshiba threw in the towel on HD DVD. That was supposed to be out in summer, so it looks like they are going forward, but without the HD DVD side of the disk. No pricing, or other details are available, including any information about a Blu-ray version. In fact, Paramount is the only studio that has not announced a single title on Blu-ray.

By the way, Season One of TOS-R (DVD / HD DVD Hybrid) is now now discounted at Amazon to $96.95. The non-remastered Star Trek DVD sets (Seasons: One, Two, and Three) are now selling for $37.99. will follow-up on this story as more details become available.


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so then… what’s the point?

stupid if u ask me


I got the HD DVD plus the Toshiba player based just to watch the first season in HD remastered. To quote Scotty, fool me once, shame on you. . .

Considering Paramount is typically known as the one major studio that has it’s head up it’s ass more than the others, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Isn’t releasing these HD masters on SD DVD only sort of defeating the purpose? Not a very smart move.

better to wait for blue ray and the new re remastering that they are probably going to need to do in another 3 years. note hint of subtle sarcasm. I bet the new case will be a real collector item .

Daren, not everybody has bought into high definition media. I agree with your comment though! I’d like it on HD.

The market for standard def DVD’s is still a huge one.

What else are they going to do? Paramount, stupidly, put all of their weight behind HD-DVD and it failed. It makes no sense to release an HD product on SD, but Paramount probably doesn’t have a lot of options. Typically happens when you make pour decisions. They better hope that Star Trek succeeds in theatres next year. They need something to bank on, and it hasn’t been their recent business decisions.

I’m waiting for the Blu Ray. I’m not going anywhere near this.

I satisfied myself with specific episodes of Season One from iTunes for Remastered, so I never really cared about the Star Trek HD Season One. I had been waiting for Season 2, and Since it’s not on itunes (yet), I’ll have to settle with the DVD’s. Besides, It’s the same quality of iTunes, but Season 2 is IMO the best Season out there. I await the release on August 5th with eager patience. Season 1, ok, Season 2, the best TOS episodes, Season 3, only one or two good ones.

Wow, this seems incredibly stupid.

Has the feel of “strike his name from every pillar” to it. If TPTB get burned, anything associated with their humiliation pays the price.

Once again, my interest would soar if only CBS-D would take one more pass at even some of the most glaring boo-boos. Make the E model consistent. Fix more of the lesser quality phaser shots. And make the blue flame come out of the temple BLUE.


Good. Fine. Just get the DVD versions out of the way this year so that we can be sure the Blu-ray’s next year will NOT be combo discs and they will NOT charge us a ridiculous premium for owning both in the same set.

Wait. Who am I kidding? They will charge us a premium anyway. So CBS Paramount — you better seamlessly branch the unmolested original versions on the Blu-ray’s too. We know you telecined and remastered the ENTIRE, original 35mm episodes in HD, then just cut in the CGI… so just give us the originals too.

You might as well, as they are just sitting there. It would be an incentive for those that bought the Season One HD-DVD.

Whatever. I won’t be getting this. I’ll wait until they do the HD version.

Someone at Paramount just needs to take its head either out of the sand or out of thier own ass, and produce them in BlueRay. It is now the STANDARD format, get use to it.

Even more Lame than 10 minutes ago

I am waiting until the remastered episodes are re-remastered for VHS.

Agreed with number 10; picking up a few favorites on iTunes is about my speed. Any word on Season 2 availability there?

Lord Garth, your vitriolic entreaties have become so tame. What happened, dude?

Seems like a good time to get genuine TOS for an unbeatable price. You know, the real stuff without CBS-D kiddie CGI.

And if Paramount is reading and wondering whether I’d be buying the whole kit and kaboodle if I couldn’t pick and choose on iTunes, I wouldn’t. I’m good for about $10 toward this, ah, this enterprise, not $100, so by participating with iTunes, Paramount gets a little money where they would otherwise get none.

That’s my sad little plea to hurry up and make the episodes available.

By the way, all three seasons of the original series (not remastered) are available for viewing for free at CBS…

DVD is good enough for an old series which didn’t have sets which were built to HD standards. HD for TOS is unnecessary overkill.

Lame indeed Lord Garth, but not unexpected.

These, like almost everything else filmed in HD, will come out on Bluray once the suits think the market is ready.

The trouble is, the TOS disks forced a few people into HD-DVD that may otherwise have sat on the fence. Not all that many people will have bought them purely for the DVD flipper side.

So, many of the hard core Trek consumers have already committed to the HD format. These people will probably not be the Bluray market this year.

This is the main thing.

THIS YEAR, most HD Trek fans are on the losing HD-DVD side. They’ve just been burned and don’t feel like buying HD in another format right now.

So, the suits think we’ll be compelled to buy whatever slops they throw at us this year. Next year, once we’ve forgotten about their strategy, we’ll buy the Bluray, ‘better’ option.

No point bringing it out this year, the market isn’t there.

I would suggest that the market isn’t there for SD TOS-R either.

I’m certainly avoiding it like the plague it is.

@14 – Justin. They ARE just sitting there. But they are slops. I don’t do slops.

Please guys, this is an intelligent crowd on this forum. Only buy this if you are NOT holding out for the HD versions. Otherwise we’re being suckers. If you bought the HD DVD version just for the DVD version, then this will be a more sensible option for you anyway.

Sorry if I’m ranting but I hate being played. And this feels like someone is doing cynical releases. Again.

No thanks, Paramount.

What is the point of re-mastering the episodes for Hi-Def if they do not release the episodes in Hi-Def?

I understand that HD-DVD just died, and season 2 was already in the works, but their is plenty of time to release in Blu-Ray by August as well.

@me “The trouble is, the TOS disks forced a few people into HD-DVD that may otherwise have sat on the fence. Not all that many people will have bought them purely for the DVD flipper side.”

Tha’t not what I meant. What I mean is…

If you were a hardcore trek fan likely to buy HD… you’ve already gone for HD DVD (maybe especially for Trek, I know I did).

So, the hard core HD buying trek crowd isn’t on Bluray this year. We went with the other guy, the $1,000,000,000 losing side.

Sorry if my ranting lacked clarity and precision, but I was whacking the keyboard like it was spiders….

Gosh… but this item vexes me…

I’m fine with it. This is what I wanted in the first place because I didn’t own or care about anything regarding HD and Blue-ray. I just wish that the Organians had put a stop to this insane war long ago.

cmdrR – I love my work

Why would anyone purchase this in standard DVD? It won’t look all that much better than the SD DVD versions that I already own. The only way I would purchase the series is if it was in a HD format. I have no reason to buy this rehashed on SD DVDs. Two words…Paramount sucks!!!! They are almost as bad as George Lucas who has released Star Wars in so many different versions that Ive lost count

Yooohoooo…..Paramount Home Video(or CBS, or whatever you guys call yourselves at the moment)….are you reading these posts?

I’m just laughing my ass off.

As the production budget went down in seasons 2 and 3, there were probably more things you wouldn’t want to see in HD.

I’m sure Paramount will bring out the HD versions, whether it’s on iTunes, Xbox Live, or even Blu-ray eventually.

All I want is the freakin’ Billy Blackburn home movies on a stand alone disc…is that too much to ask for??

Actually, if they re-released Season 1 Remastered (DVD Only), and accompanied it with a Season 3 (DVD Only) for a low enough price, it might be worth it.

Either that, or Paramount could convert the episode masters to Blu-RAY for the Hight Def market (may be coming).

@31 – 75
@32 – No, they have people do that for them. Those people then only report the happy news. (“There were FIVE positive posts about the news on too my liege”.. “Excellent Smithers, fire up the presseses”.)
@34 – You have NO idea how bad Leonard Nimoy’s pores are until you’ve seen TOS-R in HD. (It isn’t the tagline that’ll sell the format is it?)
@35 – Yes, far too much. Consumer choice means buying the things that the suits choose for you.

I bought into the toshiba hd DVD player mainly for ST TOS,(and the phaser remote) but my player will upscale ST TOS season 2 to a pretty good picture quality, so dont be suprised if season 2 sells pretty well, not as well as season 1, but as long as the price is not crazy high (doubtfull) it looks like I will be the only one to ADMIT purchasing season 2 remastered DVD and if it is ever released in hi def format, I will buy that also, call me crazy, but season 2 has some pretty good remastered episodes, and as much as they have been chopped up in syndication, it will be nice to see the entire remastered episodes.

I just love my Star Trek….even if I am allowing myself to get raped.

I’m just glad the format war is over, but couldn’t Paramount just wait a little longer and release the Blu-Ray and SD DVD versions simultaneously (not on the same disc or any silly thing like that, I mean independent media formats), to avoid confusion among the consumers.

Oh, but wait, confusion among consumers tends to give rise to impulse buying, so it’s all just gravy for Paramount — even though clearly they must be hurting at the demise of HD-DVD.

And I’ve given up on iTunes doing anything expediently or sensibly.

It all just seems so… inelegant.

23. Frank – March 21, 2008

By the way, all three seasons of the original series (not remastered) are available for viewing for free at CBS…

Yeah, I was going to post that somewhere.

I’ll be using the $50 gift certificate that Best Buy is sending out to HD owners to buy the remastered 2nd season and enjoy it on my $99 HD player that not only upconverts standard DVD’s beautifully, but also plays the $10 HD-DVDs from the bargain bin at georgeous 1080p.

Call me crazy, but I’m even going to buy yet another HD player from SAMS this weekend for $69 as a backup and keep it in the closet for a rainy day. So, I will have gotten 2 players, a library full of HD movies and season one of Trek remastered all for the price of one stand alone blu- ray player.

Being the owner of a dead format does have it’s benefits!

yeah i may buy another HD DVD player too in case the one I have now fails it is a good idea

#33 Sean Paramount picked a strange time to go to blue ray before they were done with this remastering. What do you think the chances of them doing an enhanced version of the remastering Maybe with Eden involved this time. If they are going blue ray a new remastering couldn’t hurt, and i suspect they will get plenty of buyers for the new upgrade.

12. CmdrR

I agree with you, my interest would increase greatly if only CBS-D would take at least one more pass at the effects but then release it on Blu-ray.
This is the perfect chance to improve on the missed chances and uneven work CBS has produced.I hope they take the chance to do it but I know they probably will not.

Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit…

43, the Word is …zero. The moment the CG animators finish “Turnabout Intruder” Paramount will begin milking this newly created hybrid until the udders fall off.

Now that Paramounts stupidity knows no bounds, they will release the Star Trek movies that they are cleaning up now on DVD only and not Blu Ray.

You heard it here first.

After all, aren’t they releasing Indiana Jones on DVD only as well???


I think this sort of logical. I’d like to see it in BR but a lot of people have been waiting on this for a long time and then they got the rug pulled out from under them. I think that maybe they should have released them on reg. DVD all along and waited to see what happened with the format war for later release in HD. I for one am looking forward to this and will buy it the second it comes out. I mean we’re talking ” The Doomsday Machine ” !

I’ve got the HD DVD of season 1 and it looks great in HD but I’d just be happy to have a copy without commercials and uncut!

paramount will never get another dime from me for dvd in any format. blu-ray digital downloads will be available in a few years (see itv), and priced to that market .

and besides. they look just fine on my powerbook when i download them from itunes. at least they’re uncut, and the computer screen rez keeps things pretty level as far as the remaster goes. at $1.99 an episode, i consider this a deal.

I hope that Paramount sells the seasons 2 & 3 DVD’s for about $50 at the most. The 1st season is only worth $96, & it’s already in HD, plus the TOS season sets are about $40 now , so I think for a non HD product w/ incomplete, & occasionally cartoonish effects, $50 seems fair.