Contest: Create A Star Trek Movie Fake

Last weekend the latest in the line of leaked Star Trek movie footage hoaxes showed up at io9, bringing out Senator Vreenak once again to pass judgment. The folks at io9 decided to turn this lemon into lemonade and due to the lack of real footage, start a contest for fake footage. They have asked to joined in as well. So are you a faker?

So for all those people who said they could make a better fake, it is time to put your keyboards where your mouth is. Can you make something that would really fool us?

We are looking for entries of things that could be ‘leaked’ footage from the new Star Trek movie (like the previous fakes). Submissions have to be video but can be very short. Submissions should be sent to (either send video file and/or link to your clip on YouTube). Deadline is midnight Saturday April 5th (PST). Entries will be judged by io9 and TrekMovie judges (including Vreenak of course). Winner will be announced Monday April 7th and get a cool box of swag.

MORE @ io9 Contest: Make the Best Fake Footage from New “Star Trek” Movie

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Sounds like fun.

I have something that’s fake that I consider real in my heart.

Sounds cool! May try to enter something….

Oh,….guess I should have read that more closely. Mine is not involved with the new movie.

I *never* fake *anything,* ever!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Decloaking . . . Staff do you understand what pure insanity ya’ll are about to unleash unto yourselves. Good luck. “Sounds like fun.”


You realise that some of these wil get picked up by the internet as real and then passed around?

Oh, man, dudes, you guys cannot possibly know what you are in for… with the creativity and brains of this crowd? You’ll get everything from King Kong on top of the Empire State building shaking the new Enterprise to Chris Pine and Zach Quinto doing a funny dance with leaves on their heads in front of the Platonions.

Oh, man! What an opening! I shall now plow through it.

The “real thing” will be the fake.

Thank you very muuuuch.

Reminds me of the old “You Can’t Do That On Star Trek” website… One of the funniest pix they ever had was the same scene as shown above, but with the Gorn replaced with the purple dinosaur Barney… Now that would be even more hilarious as a video, with Barney singing his trademark song while pursuing Captain Kirk! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this contest!

Decloaking . . .
Gorn: “Hoon-da-Han-da-Helly-ssssshhhh.”
Bigfoot: “You’re like so obvious in your fake rubber suit Gorn dude.”

#5. Vulcanista

I agree with you. I never “fake” anything either, except sick time from work. That is always fun.

My heart just skipped a beat seeing that my favorite trek lady is online at #8!!!
I am not faking that! I think I just…..picked myself up off the floor….Whew! That was close. Ha HA! LOL!

I’m on it!

I need help with mine. Anyone know how to make Thunderbirds-style puppets?

This is amazing! I might not have something to contribute in time, but it will be a blast to see all of the contest entries!!

Does it have to be a video or could it be a still photo?

:) Here we go…

I heard that the production was going to release the first real pic of the Enterprise (where you can actually see it clearly) on April 1st, just to be fun.

But with this contest, I bet they’ll wait another month or two. A real picture released on April 1st while a fake-contest is going on? Too confusing.

Oh well.

@ 11

hon da han da helly shhhhhh? Never heard them actually speak a language, just heard a bunch of ssssssss and GRRRRRRR! lol

If only we could submit a picture. Then I might be able to fool someone.

As we all know, the key to life is sincerity.

Once you can fake that…

Def tor heh smoosma


Ah Vulcanista, you naughty, Incorrigible girl. How delightful.

Yes, Vulcanista. We never fake it either. And that’s why we can never return to Wyoming. But, that’s another story.

I’d give real quatloos if someone would rework the movie trailer and stick an itty bitty Shat inside the E’s corridors, somewhere up near the bridge. heheehee. I am already basking in the warmth of the fans in these threads.

ok.. this is part of what is so great about Trek coming back to the big screen… there are some fans out there that want to make Trek fun again and this is a fantastic example of that.. It looks like the wait for this movie is going to be quite rewarding actually..

Sounds very Interesting. Can’t wait to see all the clips people come up with!

Just a quick shout to AP to say every time I see that Senator Vreenak clip referenced, I laugh! Absolutely brilliant. (And it just happens to be part of the best hour of Trek anyone could ever hope to view.)

As our resident Denise might say,

“Women might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake entire relationships”

…………this is where Denise joins in with a fake protest!

Fasten your seatbelts, all. We’re in for a bumpy ride…


Heee heee heee >:-)… this is going to rock.

TrekMovie, thanks for this opportunity. lets hope I can find time to seize it!

I can’t help but feel like this is just something They thought up last minute to give us something to do in the mean time, so we won’t get Sooo bored waiting for any “Real” NEW tid bits of the Movie to be thrown our way. they’re not gonna convince me other wise. That’s Not to say that the entries won’t be Great and all, But I can see this for what it really is.

Damn, I guess I am Negative.

Harry#27- LOL! You better watch it with the “O” word, H. Remember, Anthony has his favorite implement of destruction poised over your keyboard…

I’m all for any chance to see Senator Vreenak. I’d even like to hear him say that about something I made.

After that I’ll design a trap to hear Admiral Ackbar utter his famous phrase!

#9 Stanky McFibberich

Lol, thankyou…I was waiting for that!

Ever notice in that old footage that Bigfoot has boobies? You can even see ’em shake and wobble realistically as she(?) lumbers along. There was even a show on Discovery a few years back that analyzed that aspect.


Brilliant idea, and Abrams will owe you one. There will be so much fake goodness out there that no one will believe a real leak even if they see it.

bahaha oh man, this is gonna be good. Zip up your sleeping bags, kids, it’s going to be a bumpy night :D

36 – I agree with you, Abrams & company will likely dig this. Awesome.

create “fake” Spock death in which, as he lay dying, old Spock gives his Katra to young Spock
“Remember? I am you!”

Decloaking . . .

#31 Everyday Denise.

“Anthony has his favorite implement of destruction poised over your keyboard…”


Pascale Phaser Banks ( PPD ).


Wish we could submit still images.

I can’t produce video but I sure can do photos.

I protest this contest on the basis that it asks me to do something. I am completely against this way of thinking. Plus, too, I have no ability to do such things. So I say, have at ‘er. I shall enjoy the fruits of your labors.

And I don’t believe that was the real Stanklin. It was a FAAAAAAAKKKEEE!

Anyone remember Button Moon?

Star Trek V used ALL the special effects from that, so there is a precedent here of Trek movies using washing up liquid bottles and string as effects…

I’m off to strap some sticky backed plastic to a fire extinguisher…..

Perhaps a serious scene of what we expect out of a film whose plot we barely know…

Kirk: “You say you’re from the future…Spock?… That has to violate the temporal Prime Directive… not to change the future. Eevn if it is me, (smiles, pauses) why would you go back and cahnge everything for one man?”

Young Spock (looking at old self suspicuously): “It is illogical to create temporal paradoxes. I would not be so… drastic and emotional to go back to save one man, even a friend.”

Old Spock: “He has done far more for me. And the future has already been altered. A timeline that should never have been has progressed. I am only here to rectify that which has been wronged.”

Kirk: “You say you’re my dearest friend… you say that my life, my career has a profound impact upon the future? Why tell me this? Why tell any man this? Won’t such knowledge itself effect the timeline… and one other thing…”

Old Spock: “Yes?”

Kirk: “Whythedevil are you wearing a bathrobe? For goodness sakes, close it!”

Old Spock: “That does not matter. You have to come back with me, Captain… back with me to the future…. Jim- it’s our kids!”

Pegg: “Auken leedarr mukke!”

And end scene. What buzz that would create; a serious attempt to interpret the sparse clues we have gotten about production of the film.


#43-“Old Spock: “That does not matter. You have to come back with me, Captain… back with me to the future….”

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Are you saying Michael J. Fox is going to be in this movie???

I just loved Family Ties!!!

I think we’ll see real footage of the new Trek leak out before summer of 2009.We’ll probably know the whole movie before it comes out ,just by piecing together leaks.

this should be funny

46 – Galaxy Quest 2
nice name :)

If only I knew how to use photo shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wants to speculate that this years April 1st post will be real?