The Great Links: Trek Saves The World, Talks Smack + Inspires Image Challenges

New Feature: The latest column to evolve out of the old ‘This Week In Trek’ column is one for ‘Trek Links on the web’ that aren’t related to Trek Celebs, merchandise or other areas covered in our regular columns. For this week’s ‘Great Links’ we have a magazine honoring the importance of Trek in TV history and another honor for ‘space smack talk’ plus some lighthearted ‘photo challenges.’

Star Trek…one of the ‘most important TV shows’
Mental Floss Magazine (the ‘Magazine where knowledge junkies get their fix’) has named the ’10 shows that saved the world’ and Star Trek The Original Series comes in at number 5 because it was “The show that designed the future (of society).” However the mag wasn’t citing Trek’s supposed influence on technology, but on on its influence on shaping the future by “Defying all stereotypes” of the time and going on to influence race and gender roles. See the full list and more on Trek at Mental Floss.

Trek talks some space smack
Trek is making another, albeit less serious list. Our friends at io9 have a new article on ‘Best Space Battle Smack Talk‘ and of course Trek makes the grade. According to io9, “Star Trek pretty much perfected the art of hailing-frequencies bravado.” The classic exchange between Kirk and Khan in Star Trek II being cited as one of the top moments of space taunting.

Kirk laugh at Khan’s superiority garners him top smack talk honors

Star Trek image contest
In honor of William Shatner’s birthday the folks at the British humor site b3ta have started an ‘Image Challenge’ (aka Photoshop thread) for Star Trek. No rules, no prizes, but lots of funny stuff (although much of it is not safe for work)…below are just a three of the dozens of entries. There are both static images and animated gifs as well. For them all check out

Just a tiny sampling of what is at b3ta

Vreenak honored
Speaking of Photoshop challenges, we have an oldie but a goodie. Long ago the humor site Something Awful had a animation contest specifically around our resident expert and fake-sniffer-outer, Senator Vreenak. Someone then put all the submissions together into one video. Again (not all images are safe for work).

Help The Great Links
Have you spotted someone talking Trek somewhere? If so send the link into tips [at] trekmovie [dot] com. with the subject ‘great link’ and we will put it in our next column.

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garfield survives rad..iation!!

Is that a U.S. Bong I spy the The Keeper holding??

Great image, A!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#2—If my memory serves, it is indeed…

I love that video. It was awesome.

….and Ron Moore shouldn’t be talking about bloated continuity considering what he did during his time at TNg…… er … wait a minute.

oh, Sorry everyone. Wrong thread… it just spilled over. guess I got a little over-zealous there… whoops.

The only thing I miss in the video is the secondary mouth from the Xenomorphs :P


5 Ha.

Decloaking. . .
Vulcanista !!! I’m shocked you know what such a thing is.
Mr. Poopy face I expected as much.
Wait, umm, like what, oh Wow! I can catch my hand . . . like what were we talking about . . . oh yea, don’t bogart . . . like . . . whose got the munchies?

#9—-Mr. Poopey face is all grown up now. Please don’t tell anyone that twenty years ago I was Mr. Happy face.

What is the link of that video clip please?

Decloaking . . .
io9 has their eps mixed. The cite “Balance of Terror” but list dialog from “The Enterprise Incident”. Great video clips though. Vreenak was awesome.

I think it would have been cool to see Vreenak holding a Sonic Screwdriver….”It’s a DALEK!!” :)

Decloaking . . .
By the by Staff. Thanks for doing all the web surfing, so I don’t have toooooooooooooooooo . . .
You guys are the best. No really, I mean it.

Hey Trekmovie people, the tips e-mail listed in this article is different than the one on the right-hand side of the page. Is that E-mail still valid? I’ve used it several times and while I don’t expect to hear back on normal tips, offers for volunteering have gone unanswered. I just want to make sure my stuff is getting through.

This is possibly the greatest 5 min film of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anybody actually gone through all 30+ pages of those FARK images OMG…those are hilarious!!!

“It’s ok to cheat…if you just Really don’t like to lose…”-Kobayashi Maru

My throat hurts!

hmm i kinda wish Senator Vreenak will be in the new movie now , or maybe his great great great………grand daddy lol

@ 16 and wow another Irish star trek fan , we are bout 1 member away from an Offical Fan club Yay!

I wonder….could someone provide a much bigger (desktop computer size) picture of the Keeper (above) with those purple shades? They look so great
and cool – very funny. Looks like he’s trying to blend in at a Hippie Love Fest.
Thank you very much and have a good week!

LMAO Vreenak… I wonder if that actor even has the slightest clue of his popularity here.

Vreenak as a raver…BEST THING EVER.


Maybe The Keeper’s gearing up for Bonnaroo this year! All he needs is the knitted Rasta cap, and he’ll be good to go!


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Lovely, the hippie losers have hijacked Trek now and wow, gee, that’s so cool and so funny with the peacenik symbol, a bong, and purple shades. Am totaly disguested. Is that all we are gonna strive for, a future where we sit around all day smoking dope? I thought Trek’s message was different, we all supposed to grow up and explore our humanity and our universe, not sit around the aparment all day giggling and giving the finger to authority. “Hey man, the Federation is polluting the universe man, lets go firebomb all their dilithium guzzling shuttle crafts!” Is this how you people see Trek? Who slipped some pot in Cap’n Kirk’s brownies? Where does Mr Spock hide his bong water? McCoy’s been writing himself special prescriptions again…


Well, bless your heart. You do take things just a *little* too seriously, don’t you?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Yes I did get a little riled up, as I don’t think drug use is funny, at least not for my beloved heroes. That’s why Harlin Ellison’s version never got aired, in my opinion. Can’t have Enterprise crew members being all cracked out now can we? We are supposed to be better than that in the future. At least I hope we are better than that in the future. The more we contribute to society, the more society can contribute back. That’s they way I see it, and drug use doesn’t do anyone, or society, any good. It’s a waste of precious life. Sorry if the dope fiends are offended by my view, but that’s a real sore point with me: People that sit around inebiated and high just wasting their lives, and the lives of the people that love them. “eh, nuff said. Stay sober people. Please. I don’t want another child lost to a drunk and high driver.

#25, 27– I understand intense emotions about substance abuse (I was struck and nearly killed by a drunk driver 14 yrs ago..and alcohol is legal). But I don’t think stoners are co-opting Trek. I feel for you, truly. And I am sorry for your loss, but I truly doubt the intent of the photo was hurt or offense. Sometimes in parody, when one sheds a comic light on something, it exposes it for what it is. A lot of humor is born of pain and human frailty (which, I for one, believe will be with us LONG after the 23rd century…if we make it that far!). But let’s just keep it in context; it is a silly photo, NOT a recruitment poster. Take care.

I need someone to turn off the picture of Paul and Ringo phasering Heather Mills. I cannot stop watching it.

#27—I’m sorry, but the picture is funny. After all, he’s not standing (or slumping over) with a crackpipe or with a needle in his arm. He’s not snorting lines of powder, either. The Vulcanista is correct. You are taking this way too seriously.

Whether you like it or not, many of us HAVE experienced the relatively harmless act he IS depicted as engaging in, and still managed to grow up and become productive citizens, even extremely successful people who are good parents and community leaders. I experimented with it as a teenager, and since then have graduated from a University, become a combat veteran U.S. Marine, married, begun a successful business, and raised and provided for my children. Save your judgement for someone else.

I could understand your concern if he were drinking a bottle of scotch and driving a car, but he is not. He is smoking marijuana in a bong.

I seriously doubt there are any “dope fiends” (who probably have alot more pressing issues on their mind than Star Trek) on this thread, and it is inappropriate for you to characterize those of us who got a laugh out of that picture as such.

As far as “hijacking” Trek, are you kidding? Those of us who thought it was humorous have as much right to enjoy Star Trek as you do. Get a grip, please.

#25 lighten up eh? Its just photoshop fun, it’s not an endorsement

AJ#29- LOL!

Those photos were so funny I had to torch a pinner! Where’s my clip?


And calling this article “the great links something something” gives me the munchies for sausages.

Apparently, someone needs Nimoy’s help to go ‘In Search Of’ their sense of humor.

Of course, there was always the “Tribble Bong”, which seemed to have a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system…Fortunately, I was not immune to its effect…

We MUST have a star trek image contest!! I love the M5 Blue Screen of Death image and crave more!

Decloaking . . .

Mr. Poopey Face Closettrekker # 30.

From an ex-Army Grunt I say “Siemper Fi” unto you my brother.

Does anyone else get the feeling Mr. “Just Say No” just might be Mr. “US Taxpayer Dude ” in drag, maybe???


#30 “and still managed”. Sounds like you mean it isn’t as productive as NOT doing it. Would you want your kids doing it? Thank you for your service by the way. Alas, I debated whether even speaking my mind. I had to though. I just don’t like drug use. It’s a waste. But it’s a free country. What I don’t like is the mix of Trek and drugs. Sorry, I don’t thing those two go together very well. It’s the first time I’ve seen Trek and drug use. I was appalled. Is this normal for some of you folks? Mixing those images like that? When I went to my first convention in the mid 90’s I picked up a book at one of the booths and was thumbing through it, and stopped at some passage on a page, where Kirk was blowing Spock. Ooookay.. I just stumbled into the gay fan fiction section. No biggie, I put it down and moved on. But here we are mixing drug use and Trek and I steadfastly refuse to “lighten up”. All of you continue to make excuses, but stay off the roads, and keep it away from the kids. You know it’s wrong, but you are too self centered to admit it. I’ve heard all the arguements, and what it comes down to is you don’t like people telling you what is right and wrong, and no one likes to be looked down on. But I don’t think that makes it right. Thank you folks, and do it in private if you must but please keep it away from kids and innocent people in public. Peace.

Decloaking . . .

#39 Holy Bong Hits Batman, enough already !!!!!!!!!!

We got you the first 37 times.

Isn’t there a monestary you can go euthanize tonight, sorry, eulogize tonight, sorry, evangelize tonight?

I guess you never saw the huge hooka pipe in the background at the bar in “Wolf in Fold”? What do you think they were smoking with the big cheesy grins on their faces?

I guess you never saw Scotty slug down a bottle of green whiskey, or Saurian Brandy, or Romulan Ale either, or Wodka!

I guess you never saw Kirk “womanize” a few dozen women or accept the pleasure of a “Slave girl” in “Bread and Circus”.

No, Trek was a pure pristine vision of sanctimonious piety blessed by all who are Holier-than-thou.

I sincerely hope and Pray that you develop a sense of humor, eventually.


#39, I think you have the right to speak your mind. And so do the other opinions expressed here. The double-edged sword of free speech. But looking at the photo for what it is, and not any further and I think it is meant to be harmless and silly. And I agree with you about drugs/alcohol and public roads do NOT mix. But perhaps this is not the proper venue for a deep examination of the personal liability of using drugs. I’m not saying you should not have your beliefs (you are entitled), but I merely suggest that this may not be the best place to condemn others for laughing at a joke which you personally found offensive. I can’t speak for others here, but drugs are not “normal” for me. Drugs have hurt people in my life. Yet I see the photo not as an affront to my values; it was just trying to generate a laugh. With “infinite diversity”, you sometimes run the risk of unintentional offense to others. I agree with you on many points. But TrekMovieReport is probably not the best forum for this.

Thank you 41. And I’ll let it rest here. It’s just I’m so tired of Hollywoods’ mantra of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll”. Why can’t they strive for better? I so want to live in Trek’s time, where white and black and yellow and whatever else and male and female and ‘it” can all get along. I know the picture is supposed to be funny, but I don’t find drug use funny. I find it sick. But that’s just me. And no #40, I am not a religous zealot as you infer. Just more true to life than most people. I’m not “taxpayer” whoever, if that was some pain in your butt at other posts, well I’m sorry, but I’m not him or her. I try to live life to it’s fullest, to learn something new everyday, to help a stranger every day, whether it’s with directions or holding the door open at the mall, letting someone in ahead of me on the freeway when they turn their blinker on and waving “your welcome” when they wave “thank you”, or even just smiling and saying good morning to someone I don’t know. I even pick up other peoples trash and other dog’s poo when I’m walking my dog and picking up her poo. Geez, hey I have a small plastic baggy so why not? My wife is a driver for meals on wheels. She started volunteering when she got laid off. Would go to an interview, then go volunteer. If we all were more responsible and got out into our communities to help out in some small way it would be such a better world. Sadly to many people are self centered and can’t think beyond themselves, all they wanna do is party, and get drunk and have fun getting wasted. And those that don’t waste their lives like that just don’t do much else. I’m sure I’ll be mocked for what I’ve said just above, but I live proud. And when I saw the Keeper all dolled out like that, well, it was just a shame. The last thing I wanna see is the that kind of mindset applied to Trek. That’s all. I won’t come back ever again. I don’t like the fact that this has turned on me. I knew deep down it would happen though, as so many people just look down on us non drinkers and non smokers. But I had to say my piece. Stay safe folks. Enjoy the movie when it comes out.

Poopey#36- LOL!


My God, man! You didn’t actually smoke cute, fuzzy *tribbles*, did you?? Why, that’s…that’s…inhuman!!

Someone call PETA! Now!!!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

OH wait, one last visit. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought something. Now, I do have a sense of humor even though some of you don’t think I do and have been known at work and with my family to mock myself at times…So when I woke up, it hit me: No body here called me Herbert… ;-)

Herbert, I believe that you may be looking at the world from only one perspective. You must allow yourself the luxury of trying to view the world from differing points of view. I’m not saying you should go out and start smoking pot or “partying” as you put it, but that you should not be so judgemental of how others choose to spend their lives. Or maybe you should be less condemning when you come to an online forum. Star Trek was in the sixties, and I don’t know if you were present for that time period, but it was pretty crazy. People experimented not out of a sense of wanting to do evil upon the world, but out of a sense of self-exploration, however misguided or not. That, again, is dependent upon your perspective. Do I think the picture is funny? I do. Do I find all sorts of sordid topics humorous? Yes, I do. Do I have many less problems with my world as a result of keeping an open mind and not trying to cast myself in a superior light to the people I share my community with. Again, yes.

And I hate to break it to you, but I’ll bet that many of the actors in Star Trek during that time frame probably experimented a bit too. That might cast a different light on Star Trek for you.

#39—-Actually, I was using the term “managed” in a sarcastic manner, inferring that my teenage experimentation did not inhibit my growth as a human being. No, of course I would prefer my children to stay away from such things, as they are indeed not productive. The image was funny, not because it involved a marijuana smoking device, but because of who was holding it. The irony of the Talosian Keeper holding a bong was, to me, a harmless gag, and nothing more.
I don’t think anyone is “mixing” Trek with drugs, although given the time period of the production of TOS, I’m sure such a thing was done more than a time or two.
With that said, I do respect your opinion, and welcome Trek fans of all kinds with open arms (IDIC). That, however, does not mean I will not disagree with you from time to time.

#44—Only once. I was in college, my stash was empty, and the smell was awful, so it was a one-time thing…I swear…

Two things for you Poopey face:

#1–I think the poster in question does not have a grasp of irony. The picture of the bong-toting Talosian is ironic. That, in turn, is funny.

#2–You don’t smoke the whole tribble, man. Just the fur. But yeah, it does smell bad. And it’s harsh.