Leonard Nimoy – in black and white

Today is Leonard Nimoy’s 77th birthday. Words cannot express the admiration and respect that we have for the the man and the artist. So instead we offer only this tribute…in black and white





Photos collected primarily by John Tenuto from TrekCore, books and other sources.


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Happy birthday, Leonard. What an opportunity we have to see Nimoy return to his most iconic role. We all have quite a year ahead of us.

Happy birthday, Mr. Nimoy and thanks for all. Best wishes from Switzerland

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy! From Camp Virginia, Kuwait, I wish you the old adage ‘may you live long and prosper!’

Wow! Look at all these great photos; what a wonderful filmic history both he and Mr. Shatner have! I am in awe!

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy! What a lovely photo tribute to such a wonderful actor. Thank you for putting this together Trekmove.com

These are great pictures from the archives, thanks so much for sharing!!

Now i am really ready for a photo of him as Spock in the new film!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy.

Thank you.

All the best from germany!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy, may you live long and prosper!!!!

Mazal Tov from Israel.

A couple of great pics I saw a few years ago, I’m not sure, I think TrekCore. You might want to add those too:

beavis: Hey there’s a naked chick!
butt-head: yeah, make that old dude move. fartknocker!

Mr. Nimoy, live long and…………………..well, you know!

Happy 77th Leonard. Thanks for the wonderful years and many more to come.

Happy Birthday Mr Nimoy! You have been an inspiration and personal hero!

May your life clock hold many more revolutions!

The adventure continues…

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy. Thank you for all the wonderful entertainment you have provided us through out the years.

Happy Birthday.

Live longer and prosper :)

Best birthday wishes, with many thanks, to Mr. Nimoy.

(Does anyone else think he looks a bit like David Schwimmer in that second picture?)

Happy birthday, Mr. Nimoy!


Happy Birthday!

Direct from the Boston area, “happy birthday, Leonard!”

Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy

Some incredibly cool photos of the most incredibly cool guy on the planet – particularly liked the pics of Mr. N and the Shat perusing Mad’s “We Don’t Try Very Hard” issue, hanging with Carol Burnett and playing the guitar with the hot chick. Love the pic with Grace Lee Whitney. Mazal Tov Mr. Nimoy – you are an inspiration.

Happy Birthday Leonard,Love you,and that last photo too. Peace.

Many Happy returns Mr Nimoy.

Something occurred to me last night… it’s a slight tangent, but in the new Star Trek film, who is the “star”? You would have to assume that Kirk is the main character but from everything we’ve heard, it seems that the story is about Spock.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy, and all the best wishes from Germany.

From the deep of my heart do I wish you all the best I can give, to your 77th Birthday. I wish you health, love and all good luck on earth, Leonard.

You are the inspiration and power in person. You are a part of my life since I saw you the first time (I think I was 2 years) and I hope you still keep a part of my life till I will turn 77…

Happy Birthday, my grand old man…

And best wishes Mr. Nimoy from a Cleveland, Ohio photographer!
(Great photo tribute! Love the second from the bottom.)

Leonard, may you continue to “live long and prosper”

Happy birthday, Mr Nimoy!

Best wishes for a happy birthday, Leonard!

BTW, what’s Spock doing in a young Carol Burnette’s apartment? Shouldn’t romancing the babes be Kirk’s department? ;)

I am honored to have the same birthday, March 26. Happy birthday. Peace and long life.

from manila, philippines: happy birthday mr. nimoy! may you live longer and prosper. you are such an inspiration.


Happy birthday, Nimoy-sama! Mad love from my family and I, and we hope you have an awesome day! Dif-tor heh smusma!

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy. You have been an inspiration to me more than you will ever know.

Have an emotionallyHappy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you, Leonard! Today is your day, so I hope it’ll be wonderful and blessed birthday in every way it can be, and that somebody throws a party for you. God bless.

There was once a segment from him about how he uses time wisely and he does not want to waste a minute. You got to love this guy!! What we have if we did not have Mr. Spock!!! I cant wait!….

For me, he’s still the single greatest element about the upcoming film.

Happy Birthday, you green blooded hobgoblin!

leo you’re the best, many, many more.

God’s Blessings to Mr. Nimoy for a Happy 77th Birthday!

Ah, Nimoy. You continue to inspire me. You have lived long and prospered.


Alot of really cool memories of Nimoy, Happy 77th

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy, and thank you for all the years of wonderful memories you have given us. You are truly one of a kind.

happy birthday from Turkey, sir! You are my hero since i was four. Live long and prosper.

Happy Birthday, Leonard and best wishes! From Ukraine with love.

I didn’t know he was on Carol Burnett.

I like him as the heavy at the top.

Great tribute.

Bon anniversaire, M. Nimoy!

The pic of him in Spock costume, rubbing his eye and grinning from ear to ear is priceless. Great tribute guys!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy! Here’s to many, many more!

There is only one Paris.

Happy B-day Leonoard Nimoy!!