Shatner Met Quinto and Pine

It has already been reported that members of the new Star Trek crew have had a chance to meet their predecessors (Quinto and Nimoy, Saldana and Nichols, Yelchin and Koenig, plus Pegg has met James Doohan’s son, Chris). Now, finally, William Shatner reveals on a new ShatnerVision video that he has met the new Kirk, Chris Pine (and Quinto as well).

In the following ShatnerVision clip he revealed that he has met the new Kirk and Spock, but doesn’t say much more about the film except that he ‘feels badly’ that he doesn’t know anything about the film. Although it is not in the clip, apparently Shatner met Quinto and Pine at the March 5th Sardi’s Alzheimer Benefit (reported on Celeb Watch two weeks ago). Bill also notes that Lisabeth’s husband Andy Clement is doing make-up for the film.

More new Shatnervision
Three more Shat clips shot last week are also online.

More info on the charity horse show can be found at

Live Shat Chat Delayed Again
Last bit of Shatner news is that previously announced live chat with Bill has been delayed again due to scheduling conflicts with shooting Boston Legal. A new date has not been set, but when it is we will report on that.

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Cool Lego Kirk!

Poor Bill, I think it really bugs him to be out of the mix – can’t say as I blame him. I wonder if this will turn into another BBK thread.

The bust of his head in Legos is hilarious. NIce too that he has, indeed, met a few of the castmembers (and his daughter’s husband is even working on the production).

I thought we already knew this (that Pine met Shatner). When James Cawley (sp?) was interviewed by TrekMovie about visiting the movie set, he said that Pine felt fortunate (or something along those lines) to meet both of the other Kirks.
We hadn’t heard it from Shatner yet, though, or that Shatner also met with Quinto.

I just cant help but think Shatners alienating himself from it all..he doesn’t seem open and is harboring his own selfishness for not being in the movie

ooo – Star Trek Legos…

movie will be just fine without Shatner.


I was one of those that felt that Shatner should get over it. But now I genuinely feel badly that he is not involved at all. His son-in-law is doing make up for the film and that probably really gets him in the heart. I guess we all made decisions at one point that we felt was the best one at that time and later on come to learn that maybe I should have waited.

He probably REGRETS that Generations put Kirk down in the way they did and wishes that he can go back and fix that. Who knows?? Is’nt that what sci-fi is all about, possibilities?? Back in 1994, he thought that he was passing the torch and got burned!!

I read somewhere that if Roddenberry was still alive, he would never have consented for “Kirk” to be killed off. I wonder if this movie will affect him and Nimoy’s friendship, since the cast is sworn to secrecy??

¬°Viva Shatner!

Pine. That is the biggest X factor of this film.

How could they not have the Shat on the new movie…grrr

Some kind of involvement was warranted.. perhaps even playing another role…

Whats with paramount? Behind the scene grudges?

I know Bill has feelings about this whole situation, but the sheer number of times he’s asked to comment only makes things worse.

We ALL wish it had been different. Now, since it’s the way it is, I think we should all just ‘get along’ and wish for a great STXI. (And maybe a Bill cameo in XII.)

Anyway — exactly how many Lego’s does it take to make the Big Giant Head?

WHAT? People are talking about Shatner and STAR TREK XI???

Stop derailing this thread! :)

(That’s a little joke…)

Shatner just isn’t necessary for this movie. I feel bad that he can’t be involved, but his character is dead and it wouldn’t exactly be prudent of them to simply bring him back. He didn’t want a simple cameo in the film, we all know that and I just don’t see how he could’ve been an integral part of the movie. Hopefully he’ll be a part of the release come next year, but until then, I’m afraid he’s in the dark with the rest of us.

I refuse to comment on any more Shatner threads.

Awww crap!!!

It’s too bad Mr. Shatner didn’t want to do a cameo, he could have showed up on a view screen or some other way that could have fit into the story.

I wish for Mr. Shatner to live a long life but he is 77 years old so who is to say how much time we’ll have to see him in another movie before either he retires or his health gets in the way.

They know better than to tell Bill anything about the new movie because he couldn’t keep it a secret. He should stop acting hurt because he doesn’t know anything, which he couldn’t tell anyway, and just act like he knows and is keeping a secret.

Sounds like he’s about done with Boston Legal. If so, I’m actually glad, because I never got the show, and if his Raw Nerve show is anything like Mind Meld, I’ll definitely watch.

Lego + Captain Kirk = Awesome!

Two really cool things mixed in one! It rocks…
I’m glad he got to meet Chris Pine, and Quinto! That really is good news.

Shatners ego is to big for a cameo and the new production team might have asked him to play a role but unless he’s Kirk then no way! It just make sense for him NOT to be in the film. People who want him to be Shoe-horned into the movie are not understanding that if they did then it would be a bigger risk to the future of Trek. Let it go people and enjoy the movie!!!!

Darth “Shatastic” Ballz

I wish the best for Bill. Trek and Shatner have been like two peas in pod, and each has been extremely important for the other. Even today, Bill writes a neat part of the larger Trek universe, with his fine books of fiction. Long may they both live and prosper.

Does makeup mean prosthetics in this case? Is Westmore not involved?

If the new movie’s a success, I think they ought to bring back Shatner as Emperor Tiberius from the alternate Universe.

That way he can ham it up, crush the ‘new’ Kirk a little and still have fun and get paid.

won’t call till his book is coming out? i love the shat but thats a bit greedy

23, what do you mean “if”? :-) I certainly have every confidence that it WILL be a success. (Knocking wood and crossing fingers.)

Mirror Universe – hadn’t thought of that – In Star Trek XII (or will it be Star Trek II?) Mr. Pine can run afoul of Mirror or alternate Universe Kirk – still kicking at (by then) 80.

I’m down.

But I’m down either way.

The other thing is that because time has no meaning in the Nexus, James T. Kirk — the original — is still there, tending to his wood-chopping, wife, and horses — not necessarily in that order.

I think that this idea was even raised some time ago as a way for Kirk to return.

I’m curious why so many comment on Shatner turning down a cameo. Nimoy and Kelley both turned down the cameos offered to them in Generations. The Kirk character deserves more than a cameo as does the actor playing him.

I do wish they could have incorporated a live Kirk in one of the alternate timelines that apparently make up the movie. That could have made it interesting for the Spock character. Going back to save Kirk could have saved him in more ways than one…..

“Lego my Ego” (If you will pardon a pun on two 1970’s commerical favorites!!!)

I said it before, and I will say it again. Shatner should be the voice that opens the movie. “Space [dramatic Shat Pause] The final [pasue] frontier….”

It’s a disgrace that Shatner isn’t in this film.

aww… I feel bad for the Shatman… I still want him to be in the movie!! :(

I like Shatner and i liked him as Kirk, but he’s not going to be in the movie and that is that. Look, if its the whole passing the torch issue, Nimoy will be ther to do that, they don’t need him nd Shatner both.

I have to say, looks like he’s in really good shape…………. I LOVE the way they dress him in Boston Legal.

The real disgrace is that some people can’t let it go. This is not an all-important thing to the world… it’s a movie. Lives will go on if Shatner isn’t in the cast… and that’s what’s been reported.

Maybe we all need to step back and realize that our favorite is coming back… with some changes. The alternative is NO Trek.

I’ll take the former.

Considering the number of people who want to see William Shatner in the film, considering the fact that this is science-fiction, considering this, considering that, I see no reason at all (other than politics) why Mr. Shatner is not being allowed to assume the role of Capt. Kirk once again. I think he should produce his own “indie” feature and make it available via “ShatnerVision.” If “New Voyages” and “Gods And Men” can do it, why shouldn’t he? That being said, I realize what a pain in the ass it would probably be for a guy who seems to work 24/7/365…

I love Shatner, hate his sycophants.

#36 can you give me one good reason other then a nostalgia why we need kirk in the movie? They killed him off in generations and that is how it should be left. Time to movie on old jim Kirk has left the building.

correction typo I ment to say Shatner. I don’t think Politics has anything to do with Him not being in the film.

36. MikeG – March 26, 2008
While many people want him back in the chair, you are likely overestimating the number.
Based on what’s been reported he’s not in… because he wanted a big part and the story written does not include an older Kirk. It’s not politics or hate toward the actor or character.

Personally I think we all are overestimating the number of people — beyond us Trek fans — who even care about this movie.

TNG moved beyond the core fandom for a bit but it didn’t sustain the momentum as people lost interest and moved on to something else. DS9, Voyager and Enterprise never got beyond core fandom. Classic Trek did well with the movies but I think that was because of the rabid fandom it enjoyed AND the nostalgic feeling it engendered in people who wouldn’t classify themselves as Trek fans. But even those films were spotty success-wise.

I will always feel that this movie would have been better if Shatner/older Kirk made an appearance simply because the Kirk & SPock characters are iconic and beyond our core fandom. And the fact that Shatner is so very visible now could only help. I’ve encountered so many people who only know him as Denny Crane or for his Priceline commercials. They have absolutely NO interest in Trek..

Oh, I don’t know, 41. It’s hardly beyond the realm of possiblity that young people will find Trek “cool” again. Just need to make those excellent toys that helped make Star Wars so much of a franchise, and that require the planning and money necessary to coordinate a marketing campaign.

Besides, there’s really little harm in being optimistic, particularly when there’s so much to be optimistic and hopeful about.

That Lego thing looks more like Data than Kirk.

They could have found a way to put him in, If they wanted to though. Bill not wanting to do a cameo probably didn’t help. He should have done it- as an apology for allowing them to kill Kirk off!

one other observation- Pine is a good looking guy. In a bland sort of way. But classic Bill was properly handsome. Plus of course that on-screen magnetism that he has. It was a killer combo.
Wonder if Chris can up his game to that level. It will be, er, fascinating to see if he can.

oh, and another observation (sorry!) the top rated breakfast show radio presenter here in the UK, Sir Terry Wogan on BBC Radio2 recently described Shatner as ‘the greatest TV actor we have’ for his Boston Legal work. Now Tel isn’t easily impressed as a rule, so that was a real compliment.
Damned right he is Sir Terry!

You Americans and your “feeling badly”! :D Presumably, it’s “feeling good” that you do badly? Then again, you probably “could care less” what English people think of your phrases :)

well there seems to be a lot of kinda buzz around the movie that there will be more on the way , so maybe JJ and team will get shatner in the next one

#38, #40
With all due respect, I don’t think I’m overestimating the numbers of fans who who wanted to see Mr. Shatner in the film… in fact, I think there was a Trekmovie poll which showed an overwhelming percentage of fans in these very forums in favor of Mr. Shatner’s appearing in the film. And yes, I already know he won’t be in the film. (This doesn’t mean I am being negative about the film, itself, and have stated in other posts that I am looking forward to it, and I think very highly of Mr. Abrams and Co.) I also feel that Star Trek has ALWAYS been made primarily for Trek fans, with hopes that something about it might appeal to a wider audience. So, I am not presuming that a non-Trek fan has any preference about Mr, Shatner’s appearance one way or the other. We, here, are Trek fans, and that is who we are all talking to, isn’t it?
Yes, Capt. Kirk was killed off in “Generations.” My response is: so what? For example, Spock was killed off in TWOK, Scotty was killed off in the TOS episode “The Changeling.” Both were restored to life. In science-fiction, ANYTHING is possible, and can even be made to seem plausible. Mr. Shatner did a terrific job of bringing Kirk back to life in his Trek novel. What’s behind the attitude that “Kirk is dead, just leave him there?”
And since anything is possible in sci-fi, I think one can logically conclude there are reasons other than story why Mr. Shatner won’t be in the film, reasons I think would fall under the category of politics. I’m not saying he isn’t in the film because anyone hates him. If Mr. Shatner wanted a “meaty” part, who can blame him? He’s an Emmy-winning actor who has survived the Hollywood grinder for 50-ish years, and I, personally, think he deserves it. When we consider the fact that Paramount refused to let Mr. Shatner “re-visit” STV – even after he offered to foot half the bill – I think one could question Paramount’s attitude toward him. I would call this “politics.” As for the new film’s storyline (which I only know from what I’ve read here) not allowing for “older Kirk,” even I, with limited imagination, could conjure up a number of scenarios which would have allowed for it, at least for the film in my head…
William Shatner has taken a lot of criticism over the years about his career as Capt. Kirk. The fact was (and is) Gene Roddenberry wrote Capt. Kirk as THE central character of Star Trek. Mr. Shatner took his role seriously, and, considering that Capt. Kirk became one of tv/film’s most iconic figures, I’d say he did a fabulous job (and, yes, the entire cast was awesome because you simply cannot think of Star Trek without any of them). Now, neither Mr. Roddenberry nor Mr. Shatner ever said, “No one else can ever portray Capt. Kirk,” and the fact that Mr. Shatner met with Chris Pine indicates a level of support. But William Shatner will go down in history as the man who played Capt. Kirk. Sure, there are non-Trek, non-sci-fi people who may not be familiar with this, but what does that matter to Star Trek fans? As much as Star Trek has always been about great storytelling, vast ideas, etc., it has also been about the fans, and Gene Roddenberry knew this… which is why he fought Paramount over allowing fans to make their own Treks.
So, I think if we keep things in perspective – that Star Trek is primarily aimed at Star Trek fans, and that most people who post here are Star Trek fans, and that most Star Trek fans are also Shatner/Kirk fans -, it seems reasonable to want to see Mr. Shatner as Capt, Kirk again.
Whew, have I left anything out???


I think you hit the nail pretty much right on the head with your post. I agree with most of your points. Maybe they should have put Shatner in it, just for the sake of the fans and the fact that it was probably Shatner’s last chance to play Kirk.

With that said, I don’t think that anyone should feel bad for Shatner. Not only has he has a pretty decent career outside of Trek, he’s also part of a very successful and relevant series right now, not to mention and Emmy winner twice over.

The idea that Shatner could have done the opening monologue/voiceover for the movie is something I hadn’t considered. This would have been even more fitting than having him resume his role as Kirk. It never sat right with me that it was Nimoy’s voice on the teaser. I’m willing to bet that Shatner would be willing to do this if they approached him.

So listen up, JJ and company. Give Shatner $1,000,000 and have him do the voiceover, got it????