Star Trek Wraps

141 days after he declared ‘action’ for the first time, JJ Abrams has wrapped principal photography for his Star Trek movie. This comes in pretty much on the original schedule (although a couple of weeks earlier than the revised schedule). The 20-week shoot is long, but actually comes in 2nd place for the franchise behind the 24 week shoot of the last ‘epic’ scale Trek film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

In his recent interview with, produer Damon Lindelof stated that shooting would go until mid April. asked co-writer and executive producer Bob Orci how it is already finished and he replied

Well we always add a few weeks for the studio, just in case. This is a lesson we learned from Scotty…this way we can appear like miracle workers.

At closing of shooting today on the Paramount lot JJ Abrams gave out gifts to the cast and crew and made speech thanking everyone.

Although ‘wrapped’ there is still some shooting going on. There are some 2nd unit shots (scenes without Abrams and principal cast) to go. Next week JJ Abrams is off to Tokyo for the Japanese premiere of Cloverfield and when he comes back there will be some ‘pick-up shots’ with some of the actors (stuff they missed, different angles, etc).

On to post production
Of course due to the move of the release date to May 2009, Star Trek’s 407 days will be the longest post-production period for any Trek film. The next big step for the film is in the hands of the two editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey. ILM are already at work on the visual effects, but they will now be increasing their efforts. Even though the film’s release was moved back 4 1/2 months, plans are for the film to stick with the original schedule for the most part, with some ‘padding.’ This means the film could be completed months before the release…so Paramount better lock up that vault tight.

“Star Trek” time line
Believe it or not, it has been 23 months since the first word that there would be a Star Trek film made by JJ Abrams. Here is a time line of the major events.

April 20, 2006   Variety reports JJ Abrams in talks to produce Star Trek film (stating film to be about Kirk & Spock at academy)
July 15, 2006   Paramount announce multi-pic production deal with JJ Abrams / Bad Robot
July 22, 2006   Comic Con: Paramount release first teaser poster (showing blue & gold uniforms, hinting TOS era), indicated ‘2008’ release
January 2006   Script completed / Paramount give green light, begin discussions on director
February 27, 2007   Paramount announce green light, Abrams as director, Christmas ’08 release date
April 2007   Abrams first confirms Kirk storyline for Star Trek
July 27, 2007   Comic Con: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy announced as ‘two Spocks’, release new teaser poster showing "Star Trek" as title
Aug-Oct 2007   Casting rest of main ‘crew’ and cast
November 11, 2007   Principal photography begins
January 18, 2008   First teaser trailer released (w/ Cloverfield) + official movie site & ‘viral’ site go online same week
February 13, 2008   Release date changed to May 8th, 2009
March 27, 2008   Principal photography wraps


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Congrats on the film!!!

Now the wait continues….

over a year of post….jeez

Brilliant. Now the wait!

lonely. Need trek.

Woot! Wonder what kind of gifts JJ handed out? Mystery boxes perhaps!

The adventure continues…

why do we have to wait so long?

Knowing that shooting has finished only makes me wish that Trek was still opening Christmas Day.

Great! That leaves them plenty of time to film all of Shatner’s scenes now!


Brlliant. Now the prolonged marketing!

No more spy pics. I’m sure that makes someone happy.

And there won’t be “over a year of post.” They’ve already said the film will still be finished in time for December. If they were taking extra time (that they needed) that would be cool, but the movie is going to be done and just sit in a can for six months until release.

Any chance that we might see something new, in honor of the film wrapping-up?

They finished principle photography already? wow that was quick, maybe they will start showing us a clip or two of film, that would be nice

So, it wrapped 2 weeks early. That means it comes out this Christmas, afterall, right?/////


They’re finished? Already? Really? What happened to an April wrap date?

This may be the longest year in Trek history coming up.

Scott B. out.

I was excited when I read this, and then I was very, very sad.
The wait, oh the endless wait… *croak*

Heh this time next year we’ll still be waiting..

Lol. there is no excuse for any green spill or ADR mess ups in this film!

Good luck to the editors. I wish I could join them.

they better have a GOOD ship battle on the lines of TWOK thats the last decent one we saw…its been wayyy too long..

Great! Now we can wait another year and hope it is a great film as some of the actors have said.

My prediction for box office:
$250 million to $275.1 million in the United States.
$145 million to $165 million overseas.

now the loooooooooooooong wait, what r we going to talk about when it comes to trek 11?

More than a freaking year to wait now. Times like this I wish more than ever that the visual effects career I dream of was underway already. To work on Trek’s VFX would be the ultimate dream come true.

#20 Think of this way its only 407 days till premier, t I seem to recall that a 365 day year has 500,000 plus minutes in it. if you think about that way its not quite so bad really.

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already, but I think the movie will be worth the wait!

They’re finished with principal photography; if they rushed post just a little bit, they could easily meet the original December schedule! Damn shame. Oh well, the sneaked photos looked great and it’s exciting to have a new Trek in the pipeline! And I agree with #17; with ALL the post production time, there best not be any sub-par visuals on this one. The only times (to me, anyway) that Trek visuals were really disappointing were Trek V and Insurrection (V looked cheap and amateurish; while Insurrection looked too “digital” and unreal). Well, use the time wisely, guys, and best of luck on this one. Now, start sneaking out more shots of the big ‘E’ !

A Bad Robot Production
In Association with Red Shirt Films


A light-hearted dramedy about a group of lifelong Star Trek fans who agree to have one last adventure before their cancer-stricken friend passes into the final frontier. Join the fellas as they trek to 5555 Melrose, Los Angeles, California, and attempt to break into the AVID suite of Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey to see J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK feature film, before their companion’s passing.

There are always possibilities…

They have been, and always shall be friends…But they will forever be…


Coming soon to a theater near you.
(Unless Darth Weinstein stops me also!!!)

Red Shirt out!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the cast and crew of 2009’s Star Trek, this is for you.


I want everyone who was on this production, whether it’d be a set decorator, an actor or the person who just sits outside the studio watching the door to know that no matter how small you may think your role in the making of this movie might be, your efforts made everything work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how your work turned out!

To the Miracle Workers all across the world working on the post-production stage of this film, I can’t wait to see and hear what you have in store for us in 2009.

And I would also like to extend a very warm welcome back to Industrial Light & Magic, who after more then 12 years of absence from the Star Trek family has now returned to deliver what I can only predict will be the most perfect looking Star Trek project ever created. Your magic has been sorely missed and “homecoming” doesn’t even begin to describe how satisfied I am with your return.

Didn’t ILM do the effects for Nemesis? That hasn’t been 12 years, has it?

I had the both The Honor and Pleasure of being on the Set at Paramount today to witness the last day of principle photography. J.J. continues to amaze me!! This movie is going to absolutely rock!!!!!
Star Trek Lives and next Summer we all go back to the Final Frontier!
James Cawley

“they better have a GOOD ship battle” Whooo, Star Trek is not about good or bad ship battles. Its about character driven stories with brain power resolutions not bullets or lasers. Or at least it used to be about those things. Rest assured # 18, you’ll get your GOOD ship battle.

Hat’s off to JJ, cast and crew!!! I can’t think of another film that has been so highly anticipated, nor one that has so much riding on it. I think there’s enough evidence to bear out that Mr. Abrams is a talented, clever film-maker, and has surrounded himself with equally talented people. It seems like ages since Trek fans have had something to really get excited about. Congrats to all!

I WANT PICTURES. NOT SPY, UNDERGROUND PICTURES, BUT ACTUAL PICTURES RELEASED BY JJ. PLEASE!!!!! but still congrats on the finish, even though it scares me when I look at the countdown and there are more than 400 days until release.

27 Red Shirt:

ILM was NOT the company responsible for the fabulous FX in Nemesis, Digital Domain was.

The film was released in 2002

Oh no! Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Paramount has delayed Star Trek until CHRISTMAS 2008!!!

Hey Paramount honchos, how about adding the Star Trek sets to your VIP studio tour. I’d even be willing to pay an extra buck or two. No cameras or cell phones of course. How about it?

My prediction , this movie is going to top all the trek movies that came before it at the box office and will reignite the franchise in a way never seen before, and this one will reach a far greater audience then all of the previous movies combined. #19 Wes 250to 275 million? far more , were talking Lord of the Rings Box office all the way $400 million domestic and god knows how much more world wide. This film might even crack the top ten box office, anything possible because Abrams and Paramount are shooting for the moon with this thing.

Just kidding! Hope no one wet themselves!

Too late Red Shirt.


You are correct! And yes, those FX were great. Did DD do that establishing shot of the Romulan Senate exterior, or was that one of the subcontracting FX houses?

If a Trek movie finishes on time and under budget is it canon?


Do what I do, wear Depends while surfing this site. Like last night, when I got to see the spy pix. Soak-a-rama. After that, my pants were removed at the request of Paramount…

#4, I so totally understand… Congrats on the finish J.J. and company. Give us the best trek we’ve ever seen!

That shot was the only one subcontracted out. It was completed by EdenFX, the company I am plan on working for after my graduate studies.

IMDB lists these for Nemesis:

Digital Domain (special visual effects and digital animation)
CIS Hollywood (special visual effects)
Digiscope (additional optical effects)
EFilm (additional optical effects) (as E-Film)
Howard Anderson Company, The (additional optical effects)
Illusion Arts (special visual effects)
Pacific Title Digital (additional optical effects)
RAG Inc. (title design: opening titles)
Steve Johnson’s XFX Inc. (Animatronix data effects) (as Steve Johnson’s XFX Group)
Tigar Hare Studios (title design: opening titles)

Decloaking . . .

Captain Cawley we are honored by your presence here among the legions of mere mortal Trekkers — oh great spirit of Trek’s New Voyages and Phase II. And thank you for all you’ve done to keep Trek alive.


Eden FX lists the shot on their website. Strange. It was in their demo reel. I’ll investigate this further.

it sucks the anouncement of moving the film back till may happened on my birthday thanx paramount

Reverend Cawley!

I would love to see you go the Phase II route, only really using some of concepts of Roddenberry’s Phase II. I do like what you are currently doing, but wish the whole dang webhosting/video thing would be easier to view.

Two cents…



Not saying they didn’t do it, just wonder why no credit for such an amazing shot. For me, it might be the most photo-realistic FX in any Trek feature.

I hope that Michael Giacchino can now take quite a bit of time with the music. As a composer I know what a big help a 4 month deadline delay can be, because there’s always some pesky little bit that can be improved…

#19+35: You aren’t being serious, are you? There is NO freakin’ WAY this movie will make more than 200 million domestically and another 50 million internationally. If that would take a major miracle!

Of course it’ll do far better than any of the NextGen installments (43-92 million domestically). It has to gross at least 120 million to be taken seriously but more than 150 million is almost impossible.

Internationally, there’s even a bigger problem. TOS movies have never been popular outside the inner fandom circle! In contrast to the US, the NG movies did far better than most TOS installments! The numbers are far worse: 18 million for TWOK, 23 million for TVH, 20 million for TUC against 65 million for GEN, 54 million for FC and 43 million for INS!!!

So you can virtually neglect the international market for any TOS reincarnation. Like the Chipmunks, TOS-Trek is an American icon with almost no international appeal outside its hardcore fanbase.

That said, the movie can still become a success. 150 – 180 million dom. plus an extra 45 million int. and we’ll break even!

BTW: None of the LOTR movies made 400 million domestically (377 million for ROTK is still the record).