The Collective: New Master Replica Pre-Orders

The latest museum quality prop replicas from Master Replicas (which were announced at last month’s ToyFair) are now available for pre-order. This year MR are offering the Starfleet Assault Phaser (from Star Trek V and Star Trek VI) and the Mark IX Science Tricorder (from DS9, VOY and TNG feature films). Both ship in October, but often MR products sell out with pre-orders. More info below.

The Master Replicas’ prop replicas are based on original molds or digital scans of original screen used props and are made from die-cast metal and plastic. These new prop replicas feature lights and sounds, and include a acrylic display plus certificate. These are not toys, yet are meant for display, and are both limited to 2,000.

Both items are available to reserve for pre-order at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Starfleet Assault Phaser Replica
features removable clip and Type-I phaser, as well as realistic lights and sounds digitally recorded direct from the films.

Star Trek Mark IX Science Tricorder Replica
Features lights and sounds from VOY, DS9 and the TNG-era films.

NOTE: EE ship on a first-come, first served basis (shipped in the order they receive pre-orders), but they do not charge until the items is in stock.


Previous MR items have been very high quality
Previous Master Replicas prop items included a TOS era communicator and tricorder. Their most famous previous item is the sold out, studio scale, incredibly detailed, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 which measured 32.7" x 16" released to celebrate Star Trek’s 40th Anniversary.

Here are videos of those items in action:


Corgi mini statues
If you are not from the 24th Century and utilize currency based economics, then you may be on a budget. Perfect for these fans, Corgi/Master Replicas also offers smaller, yet detailed, metallic styled statues of the Enterprise 1701, Enterprise D, and The Klingon Bird of Prey with lighted displays and limited to 3,000 editions. There is also a regular version of the Klingon Bird of Prey that is very detailed. These are available now at Entertainment Earth.

Corgi U.S.S. Enterprise Die-Cast LE with Light Corgi U.S.S. Enterprise D with Light (8.5"x5.5"x8.5")
$30.99 $39.99
Corgi Klingon Bird of Prey with Light (3"x5"x5") Corgi Klingon Bird of Prey Die-Cast Replica Ship (4" x 5")
$34.99 $25.99


Corgi/MR and Trek to the future
Corgi/Master Replicas signed a deal this year to continue their license for Star Trek props and studio scale ships until 2010. It is likely fans can look forward to more props in the next year, and perhaps some based on the new movie.



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More cool stuff!


might have to save up my allowance a little bit.

Does anyone have any opinions on the prop replicas at I purchased a TOS tricorder and it looks exactly like the MR TOS tricorder.

I petition to bring back Santa Clause so I can get a MR 1701.

I was interested in buying a STV/VI Assault Phaser until I saw the $450 price tag.

#5 – I just had the same ‘holy shit!’ moment – and I had my debit card out, too! I think the missus would notice if $450 suddenly dematerialized from the bank account. LOL “You just spent a car payment on WHAT?!?” LMAO :-)

Mr. Kirk, you can always talk to the tooth ferry.

Uh-oh… looked too closely at the tricorder’s moire wheel. Now I’m hypmotized! Must buy ST junk! Must buy…

uggggghhh. Want/need NOW.

The wife just let me blow $129 on a new cell phone, $70 for a Black and Decker GrassHog, $150 on a stainless smoker grill, and said I could buy a better boat if I get rid of the old money pit. I ain’t askin’ for shit until June. LOL

too much for my meager economic status lol

Best thing MR ever made was the phaser. Can’t be beat.

Just preordered the tricorder…already own the First Contact phaser, now the tricorder to go with it. Awesome work. Now all they need to do sometime is make the First Contact Phaser rifle, although I can see it now…$800 or something. Hope to get that phaser sometime…like other MR items, once they sell out, they’ll be on eBay for much higher

Now they need to make a servo. (Jobim wasn’t the only person to write a one note samba)

Already have both a med and science tricorder from ebay. I used to have the playmate phaser but lost it to youth. So I will be getting a new one. I mean it was one of the best phaser’s to be used on the big screen. Thank god it won’t ship till oct. Gives me time to save up the money : p

The description for the “Assault Phaser” says it has a removable “Type-1” phaser….where?!? It looks like it’s one piece, I don’t see any smaller, removable Type-1 like the TOS Phaser.

449 for a phaser is a bit steep!!!! These guys must be Ferengi.

When I get mine I will let you know :)

$450 for a phaser!?! It better be fully functional!!

Give me a break… just got my communicator and for roughly 30 bucks it will do just fine with my phaser. No way getting my 300 plus buckaroos. : P

Beautiful replicas. Love ’em.

The Corgi replicas do look beautiful and $30 should be within firing range.

Behold mortals… it is I, the price of darkness.

I am here to offer you the bargain of your lifetime. It used to be that I would exchange human souls for the earthy fulfillment of their base desires. Unfortunately, the market for second hand souls is a little… flooded… and I’m offering a new deal that I think you will be interested in.

Here it is:

In exchange for all your Star Trek “replicas”, now and forever, I will grant you the opportunity to have sex at least once in your lifetime (not with me or anything… yucky).

Replies can be sent to

Hey Lucifer… “Go to the Devil.”

..well well well….looks like I may have to buy an assault phaser with W’s gift certificate. It’s the least I can do to help stimulate that sluggish economy.

That’s just too much for a tricorder. That’s what I’d get, though. If I had the money, I’d do it, but right now? No. I mean, I’d love to get it, especially if it has all the sounds (even the ratcheting sound when it opens?). Although, I think all 2000 pre-orders have been registered now, so I don’t think I’ll be in with a chance.

Just pre-ordered the Assault Phaser from Master Replicas this morning, which is interesting since this is last day of their Star Wars existence. Some might think MR is gone, but hopefully they’ll fulfill this one last request if it is to be so.

me grandpappy always told me, “Ya don’t bring a plastic raygun to a hook fight.”

wit’ these two items, ya do what? Shoot someone and then see how badly you’ve hurt ’em?
I suppose, would be fun ta play wit’… Tricorder shows that me monitor has diminshed me eyesight… need some lazor surgery ta correct vison so grab me phazor…


MR stuff is gorgeous. It is also ridiculously expensive. I don’t plan on filming any Trek movies, so my AA stuff will do just fine.

AA/DST = $30 to $50
MR = $300 and up

It’s a matter of economics, you see.

This is cool but a bit over priced for the tri =corder and phaser. I have a tri from a while back and it certainly didn’t cost 350

Who made it, Terran?

I have the TOS phaser, communicator and tricorder and love them all–but the new Art Asylum communicator is actually on a par with the $300 MR version–truly a beautiful piece of work. Their phaser is very nice too but with the very visible screw sinkholes on the side it’s just short of being perfect and the MR version looks better and does quite a bit more. I can’t wait to see what they do with the TOS tricorder–the MR version is beautiful and I doubt AA can put as much metal in theirs, but I’ll bet it will have a lot more features.

Do you guys know what their classic phaser is going for now? Big bucks.
These pieces are worthwhile investments, actually.
Hope they get them more accurate this time, nevertheless, there goes a paycheck!

Not for me, Doc. If you love something so much that you are willing to pay big bucks for it, how could you bring yourself to sell it one day? I don’t collect things for investment value. Right now, you should have been investing in gold, not phasers.

#35- Gold? Who said I don’t! ;)
Besides, I have so much Trek sht I love, yeah, parting would be such sweet sorrow.