OMG…Not More Pegg

Just when you thought it was safe…there is even more Trek talk from Simon Pegg’s Run Fatboy Run publicity tour. Believe it or not there have been many interviews we haven’t reported on due to repetition, but there are a couple of new interesting ones. First there is a video clip from MTV with Star Trek’s new Scotty talking about how everyone is ‘a fan.’ Plus Pegg talks to Moviehole about Comic-con.

Pegg on how Trek is fan made

more at MTV


Pegg talks about future promotion and Comic-Con
While talking to Moviehole about his reverence for Trek past, Pegg also revealed a bit about what we can expect for future promotion of the film.

In his interview I went to the studios the other day to do my EPK interviews and we went off to a corner of the Paramount lot to do them, and was told halfway through the shoot, and the interview, that we were actually on the sound stage where the original show Enterprise had stood. That was amazing and also to find myself in familiar environments on the new film was always enormously exciting, to sort of look around, and go ‘How did I get here?’ It’s incredible.

…and ‘EPK’ an Electronic Press Kit, which are given out to the media closer to release to allow people to create their own interviews…often used for local TV stations. Pegg also tells Moviehole he plans to go to this summer’s Comic-Con for the Star Trek panel. No word yet on what other cast members will be there, but at last summer’s Comic-Con director JJ Abrams promised ‘much more next year.’ However, it is likely going to be not the same as it would have been if the film were still a Christmas release.

Like all the actors, Pegg is signed on for options for possible sequels, and he is optimistic we will see it.

I’m sure it will happen, because I think this film’s going to be massive, but the basic ritual is that you sign on folks for that.


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Pegg’s great but when do we get some Zoe?


pegg will not only do doohan proud but also become as iconic in the role as the man himself! Well i think so…maybe not? lol hes awesome anyway

I, too, am wondering why we haven’t heard from Zoe. We’ve heard from everyone else (even Pine), but no Zoe!

Pegg, Pegg, Pegg. Where’s Zoe?

why is pine being so quiet!!!

Maybe…he’s…..trying to…..get…..his speech pattern………….sorted…..and if he ……gives ……..and interview it will……give….the game…………away.

but seriously, if he’s the lead, we havent heard much, compered to spock, and especially pegg, but pegg is great so i don’t mind.

Hey, the man is always fun to listen to

Pegg is visible right now because he has a production being released that he is promoting. Just like Anthony has said repeatedly.

I like Pegg’s look. Seems familiar. Can’t quite place it.

#7. Amen. I wish people would get he’s visible since he’s promoting a movie. And he reminds of David Morse in how he looks, but with the darker hair and general “scotty” look they obviously went for, he’s a bit harder to place.

It’s great to see actors this enthused without someone paying them extra to do so.

Pegg sounds so calm when he says it’s being run by Star Trek fans, and that does help me feel optimistic about this movie. I’m not the religious type, but I’d pray for this movie to be the start of something amazing!

That’s a rather ‘high’ English accent, almost Bond-like.

We shouldn’t underestimate Pegg for his comedy. It’s the hardest kind of acting. And Scotty’s humor [best seen in TRIBBLES: the love of the E, the wee nip, a willingness to fistfight] is the most capable of slouching towards parody.

Since it’s rumored that Scotty is shown to be the inventor of the transporter in this movie, it will be essential that he’s a credible scientist and engineer. I think Doohan’s Scotty was credible as a guy running a ship’s boiler room, reading his technical manuals, but I never really saw him as an engineer in our modern sense of the word.

I always like the strict side of Scotty, also a kind of Scottish characteristic. And that seems to be well within Pegg’s persona.

Pegg may be the most natural casting aside from Quinto’s Spock.

Can we get a thread going on Scotty’s essential character?

#11 Scotty invented the Transporter?!! Whaaat?!! Good Grief That could start this whole canon thing all over again . I seem to recall that the transporter existed in archer time so no Scotty did not invent the transporter. i hope this one stays a rumor

11-12 The transporter definitely was in Enterprise, it had just been invented and there were some plot points related to the fact that not everyone trusted it.

Anyway it’s interesting Pegg says the actors are mostly Trek fans, that contradicts Yelchin having earlier said none of them were. I think it’s safe to say that Pegg is one at least.


There was even an episode of Enterprise, “Daedalus,” where they introduced the inventor of the transporter.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Anybody else remember the old Star Trek VI: The First Adventure draft script where they were going to have young Scotty invent warp drive? Good times.

No? I must be getting old…

Point is… well, yeah, having Scotty invent the transporter would pretty well shoot a good part of the canon to hell. I honestly can’t explain that one away, if the rumor is true.

On the plus side, it would be a perfect opportunity for a Cyrus Ramsey cameo!

Fantastic. Incredible. More, more, more.

#12,13&14- I know Scotty didn’t invent the transporter in current Trek lore. But if this movie has a great plot and if the characters and their inter-personal dynamics recapture that TOS magic, I won’t care if they let Scotty invent the Transporter, the wheel, and sliced bread.

Screw the details- give me drama, action, fascinating relationships, and above all a sense of hope. That’s Star Trek- not this “cannon” stuff.

I want so much to post about how enthused I am about Pegg … but the site won’t let me :(

Oh, hey :) Groovy. Thanks, Anthony!

And there is no such thing as too much Pegg.

#17 Captain Im not complaining about this little revision of trek history, Im not a cannon Fanatic, its just that this whole thing in going snowball into a new and exasperating edition of the Cannon follies. titled Transporting


Gotcha. But if it’s true, there’s going to be rioting and anarchy, possibly pillaging, amongst the hard-core Trek fans. :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I am frankly tired of these meaningless interviews. This movie now does not come out for well over a year and Paramount has no idea how they are going to stretch the publicity over a year. I am sick to death of these nothing interviews. We know they can’t give out any specifics and ultimately they dont say anything. How many times can do we get to hear JJ is just great..the set is great..the set is and so is great………I THINK WE HAVE IT NOW–YES YOU CANT TELL US ANYTHING ABOUT THE MOVIE AND EVERYONE YOU WORKED WITH IS GREAT OR COOL OR THE SET IS COOL….for April it will be the man who drove Chris Pine to the set and JJ is just great, the sets are so cool…..ARGH!! ENOUGH

Right now the only thing I really want is a few photos from the movie, mainly something with Nimoy in it . Other than that lose the stupid interviews for at least a few months.

The “Star Wa…” slip up was a little lame, until we see how devastated he is about it. Ends up being quite charming.

Right. Scotty invented the transporter.

and if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon!

(snickering myself out the door on that one)

Just watching this video is reassuring. I think Pegg’s gonna knock this role out of the park, I can really see Doohan’s character in him. He’s got the right manner, and I think the right looks to play a slightly younger Scotty. Great casting.

so when do think the beans are going to be spilled on the goings on in the movie?

#27: Hopefully? Not until May 2009.

Citizens for a Spoiler-Free Tomorrow, unite!

Thats great, man… Star Wars…. they kill him ;) I love him!!!

#22 Well, bless your heart. Just don’t read them.

That was simple enough, wasn’t it?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Great interveiws Anthony , keep em coming , and if there is anyway in the whole wide world you can get us some pictures of the Enterprise, exterior , intereior , and the cast in their uniforms that would just be excellent , it would at least give us something for some of the people to argue over , and for the rest of us to to savor like a fine wine until May 2009 when the Five Year Mission Begins Again ! *Cue Alexander Courage’s Enterprise theme*
Da da daaaaaaa Da Da Da DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops , I seem to have left out a Da , sorry folks! LOL

Wish Karl Urban has as much to say as Simon here does.

Not that I mind. I keep waiting for some little plot detail to slip. ;)

@ 11

SCOTTY DIDNT INVENT THE TRANSPORTER!!! God Mr. Orci, i hope you guys didnt write THAT down, because that would probably be one of the most biggest flubs in this Franchises’ history.

If it turns out that in the new movie Scotty invented the transporter, the excuse that Shatner can’t be in the movie because Kirk was killed makes no sense and not that anyone would care but I definitly will boycot the movie

#1″Pegg’s great but when do we get some Zoe?”

When she has a movie coming out and he is making the rounds in the media to promote it.

I thought about the whole transporter issue last night and upon further reflection I find that story element a little troubling, Its not by any means the end of the world , but still it makes me wonder a bit about script and story line of the movie, what other innovations have they introduced and is this one many reasons why they are keeping this under wraps as long as possible? I don’t know maybe my concern here is unwarranted.

#1, #7, #8, #36. Could we just go ahead and say that this crush of interviews is “pegged” to his “Fatboy” publicity? Commence collective groan. . .

Also, his head is shaped like Anthony Hopkins. I mean it. Look.

I seriously doubt that JJ and company would be so foolish as to have Scotty be the inventor of the Transporter.

There was an entire Enterprise episode that depicted the inventor of the transporter, he was that guy in the wheelchair that showed up with his daughter, to find his dead son who was “transformed” in a transporter accident.

I doubt that they would ignore such a blatantly obvious canon point. Scotty is an interesting enough character that they don’t need to add anything else to his story.

It’s just a rumor.

I’ve seen tha future! I gerry-rigged a time machine outta me microwave and some whale bile and sent meself to tha year 2059…

Pegg was at a BSG Convention and remarked, as he had thousands o’ times in tha past forty years, that he wished he “hadn’t snapped in an interview back in 2008 and blurted out ‘Look, we find out Kirk and Spock are really brothers!’ because no one went to the film then. Lucky I got the role as Moffit in the re-remake of BSG back in 2024. Someone wanna take me for walkies?”

arrrr… could be that me time machine is just a lot o’ rum…

Pegg be a good man…


#40 British Navel Dude. its hard to fault Peg for being a little impatient with interviewers, because think of all the dumb and otherwise repetitive questions and other hoops that he’s had to jump through. It would annoy me after a while.

Well, that explains it all, then. No wonder McCoy is scared of the contraption, since he knows the man who invented it is a hard drinkin’ Scotsman!

Crewman: Mr. Scott, what do those sliders on the console do?

Scotty: They’re manual adjusters for the transporter beam pattern buffer. Ah like to do it by hand, as any good engineer would.

Crewman: Really? That’s amazing! You can feel the right pattern frequency?

Scotty: No, laddie. It gives me something to hang onto while th’ machine does th’ work. I’m so sotted raht now, I canna e’en see the materialization chamber from here!

Can we get an interview with the Production Designers and Effects people instead?…

If they wanted scotty to invent something what about something mundane which might not create any cannon controversy, like a new dilithium matrix or a improved mater antimatter injection system or if they were going transporter concept enhancements to the beaming technology, no one would question things like these.

Can’t believe it was this time last year you guys had that fake “Battleship Enterprise” thing going all over the web on April Fools…

And we STILL know very little more about the Enterprise now!! They’ve GOTTA give us something, surely…!

45. I agree. I remember that, and I’ve been lurking here all day waiting for it!

Maybe it’ll be “New Photos Leaked,” and an official new pic of Enterprise.

#34—-Relax. #11 saw a rumor, that’s all. Mr. Orci has assured us that anything which appears to violate canon will have a canon explanation. Given that assurance, I don’t see how there could be such an explanation that would cover the existence of the transporter in ENT, or the previous introduction of the transporter’s inventor in TOS (indeed, it was not Mr. Scott). With that said, I have never been a fan of drowning Star Trek in canon (and judging from the numerous canon vioplations throughout the original series and films, neither were its writers prior to the TNG-era), and as #17 pointed out, canon should always take a far rear seat when riding with more important Star Trek elements.

It’s all Pegg and no Pine.

And please don’t give us Scotty as inventor of the matter transporter!

Thats interesting that Pegg has done a significant number of reviews and Pine and Quinto and the others by comparison have been kind of on the low key side.

Forget the transporter rumor. It’s just made up.

And , it seems like Pegg is becoming the new George Takei in that he is one that you are seeing all over the place and really plays to the fans.