Phase II Premieres 1969 Edition – Report + Pics [UPDATED]

On Saturday in Beverly Hills, the team behind the fan series Star Trek Phase II (formerly New Voyages) premiered the ‘Night in 1969 Edition’ for “To Serve All My Days” featuring Walter Koenig. The original Chekov was there, along with PII star/exec producer James Cawley and much of his cast and crew. was there as well…see below for a report along with pictures from the event.

The evening started off with James Cawley thanking the many of the volunteers who helped put the special edition together and those who organized the event. He also talked about how the event was to highlight the campaign to get Koenig a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame (he remains the only TOS cast member without one). They then showed two short comedy films. The first being from the early 90s was a mock trailer for “Home Alone” with Koenig cut into it scaring a young Macaulay Culkin with the line “did you know William Shatner is going to direct Star Trek VII.” The second was a clever video put together by the Koenig’s children that was an ‘expose’ of Koenig revealing he was truly a Soviet spy, using video clips from his various TV and film appearances along with testimonials from family and friends.

Cawley also showed the trailer for JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie and thanked Paramount, Abrams and Bad Robot for providing the trailer and Star Trek posters which were given out to the crowd (the trailer was the same one as the one on the official site and the posters were the ones given out at WonderCon last month). There was also a treat for the Phase II fans as they got to see a preview from the next episode, “Blood and Fire.” The emotional scene featured Denise Crosby (TNG: Tasha Yar) and showed off Ben Tolpin (the new Spock) and Bobby Rice (Ens. Peter Kirk).

The 1969 Edition
After all the prelims the new “night in 1969” edition of “To Serve All My Days” was shown. [ will provide a full review shortly before it is released on the Internet, but here are some early impressions.] The first thing you notice is that they really mean what they say with the ‘1969’ thing. You start off watching clips of 1969 TV shows as if you were changing channels, including Get Smart, Batman and Laugh In. The episode itself also puts original ’69 commercials in between the act breaks to keep that 60s feeling.

As for the new cut it is certainly improved. The editing is tighter and the new visual effects by Daren Dochterman are much more fitting for a 60s TV show. Although Daren does branch away from what could be done in the 60s with some of the ship movements. (after the show I talked to Daren and justified his deviations from the traditional ‘space lake’ as what they would have done if they weren’t restricted to the limited effects stands at the time). Another enhancement was the use of Original Series music, mostly from the 3rd season (which was never released but the Phase II got their hands on).

Lastly there was a new ending added (after the full credits) which explains why Chekov is alive in future episodes. Interestingly, Trek vet writer D.C. Fontana pointed out during the Q&A that followed that she did not write the new ending and that in her mind “Chekov is dead” and that future sightings of Chekov were actually his cousin Sergei. There was also another interesting item in the closing ‘stills’ shown during the credits…a shot of Cawley as Kirk on the transporter wearing a uniform from Star Trek Enterprise.

Exclusive shots from ‘1969 edition’ of "To Serve All My Days"

As mentioned before the evening ended with a Q&A session with Koenig, Cawley, Fontana, Dochterman and other members of the cast and crew. [will try and put up video later]. Before the Q&A, Cawley pointed some of the Trek celebs who were in attendance such as Ronald B. Moore, Alan Ruck, George Clayton Johnson, and David Gerrold and others.

All in all it was a fun Trek-filled evening.


Walter Koenig; Ben Tolpin & James Cawley; D.C. Fontana; Bill Blair

Daren Dochterman; Group shot( James, Judy Levitt and her husband Walter Koenig, Barbara Luna, Michael Forrest, Malachi Throne); James, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, John Lim; Christopher Doohan and James Cawley.

Fan “Cousin Louis; Chris Doohan, Ron Moore, James; J.T. Tepnapa; Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice

Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice; Courtney Peldon; Marc Scott Zicree; Patricia Tallman

Andrew Koenig; Alan Ruck; Jeff Quinn; Evan Fowler.

John Carrigan; Kurt Carley; James Cawley; Walter Koenig.

D.C. Fontana; Malachai Throne; The Q&A panel (L to R: Walter, Daren, Joel Belucci, James, Jeff, Dorothy, John, Andy); cast and crew group shot (Kurt Carley, Carlos Pedraza, Andy Bray, John Carrigan, John Lim, Bill Blair, Linda Cleveland, Howard Brown, Evan Fowler, Leslie Hoffman, Bobby Rice, James Cawley, Robert Mauro, John Kelley, Marc Scott Zicree, Jonathan Zungre, Erik Goodrich Kneeling: Joel Belluci, Julienne Irons, JT Tepnapa, Jeff Quinn, Patrick Bell)

[thanks to Patty Wright for the captions]

Photos by Albert L. Ortega (visits Al’s Blog)

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is that explanation by D.C. Fontana for real? Or is it a joke?

The ENT uniform is not new.

Keonig, Gerrold, Fontana, Throne, are all awesome. God bless.

Bah, Phase II is and will always be a 1970’s project.


I’m intrigued to see what the original Phase II scripts have to offer. I wonder if it could still make a splash with the 21st century audience.

Is That Chris Doohan with the glasses on?

Seems like a good time was had by all.

Looking forward to this one! :)

I find this all a bit silly.
Fine as a home made bit of fun…but putting it out on the net as a product along side “REAL” Trek….pleeaseee!

#11 good comment :-)

by the way…real TREK in the making is here..

just found it, eventhough it seems to be a month old.

Dan and Mark, just like at DisneyLand, you don’t have to get on board every ride.

Looking forward to downloading the revamped episode… World Enough and Time was a a far better production to showcase Takei and I felt that Walter Koenig got the short straw coming in too early.

Has D.C. Fontana lost it? I mean seriously? What was she thinking by killing of Chekov in the first place?

That whole episode was lame anyway (IMHO).

I saw the pictures. What did Cawley Do to his hair? It is going to be pretty hard to impersonate Elvis like that. I saw the picture of Cawley wearing the “Enterprise” uniform. I was always wondering what that meant.

Didn’t you see that episode, where they went back in time and… oh wait. It hasn’t happened yet. Ignore this post…

#15 “Has D.C. Fontana lost it? I mean seriously? What was she thinking by killing of Chekov in the first place?”

From what I understood, it was a “one-off” that is meant to stand alone and is something both Walter and DC wanted to do. New Voyages isn’t part of Trek in an “official” capacity” anyway, so whhat better platform for those types of experimantal storylines and “what-ifs”?

I never much cared for New Voyages but I liked this episode and find it unfortunate if the people at New Voyages felt the need to re-do the ending in order to “explain” it away to fans who were upset over it.

The hair you see Cawley with IS his natural color. He dyes it to play Elvis. Altho if u look close u might be able to see some black that is only because of all of the dye soaked up by the roots.

It happens after years of dying hair.

Who is the girl in the picture DSC_0237 above?

I figured there was some sort of explanation of Chekov’s miraculous recovery by the next episode, be it the transporter or McCoy finding an antidote in the nick of time. I still greatly enjoyed the original episode, and can’t wait to see what sort of changes were made. I wonder if Kirk’s ENT uniform will play a part in a future episode.

Good pics. Labels would be nice. I see Cawley, Keonig, Barbara Luna, Malachi Throne (one of my favorites and one of the best villains Batman ever had) and Michael Forest but who is the woman next to Keonig? Is that his wife? I can’t quite make her out.

the phase two scripts became tng episodes… are they (fontana and gerrold) writing new stories for this project?

Not all Phase II scripts became TNG #23

The Child and Devil’s Due did.

In Thy Image became The Motion Picture.

World Enough and Time was a Phase II concept which never came into fruition and theres about

Theres about 10 other Phase II stories that never happened.

As i’ve read I believe Gerrold, with the exception of Blood and Fire which was an abandoned TNG script, and Fontana are writing new stories for Phase II (fka. New Voyages)

Nice report. I too would enjoy some captions for the photos above. Thanks!

Scott B. out.

In the pictures i can make out…

JT Tepnapa(The New Sulu for P2)
James Cawley
Daren Dochterman
Walter Koenig
Alan Ruck
Ronald B. Moore
Doug Drexler
Bobby Quinn Rice (Peter Kirk in Blood and Fire)
Marc Scott Zicree
Jeff Quinn (Spock for P2 – In Harms Way thru World Enough and Time)
BarBara Luna
Malachi Throne
Chris Doohan
DC Fontana
Andy Bray (Chekov for P2 – In Harms Way thru Blood and Fire)
John Kelley
Julienne Irons (Uhura – In Harms Way thru World Enough and Time)
Jonathan Zungre (The New Chekov for P2)
John Lim (Sulu – In Harms Way thru Blood and Fire)
Evan Fowler (Freeman in Blood and Fire)
Leslie Hoffman (Stunt Co-Ordinator)

oops and not to mention i missed John Carrigan who plays Klingon Commander Kargh

Um…unreleased and unused music from TOS Season 3???!!!

Now THAT is news! I simply must have it! ALL of it!!!

Some of my favorite Trek music is from TOS season 3.


re: 15. StarTrekkie – March 31, 2008
“Has D.C. Fontana lost it? I mean seriously? What was she thinking by killing of Chekov in the first place?”

Chekov should have been killed off before he ever appeared.

If Koenig gets on the walk of fame, then the criteria for such is severely watered-down.


I think that’s a bit extreme. Have you seen some of the people that have stars on the walk of fame? I always thought Keonig, along with Doohan, was way under used and had way more potential than he was allowed to show.

That dude in the second photo, with JC, does not look as happy to be in the picture…

that dude is Ben Tolpin (Spock – Blood and Fire onwards)

Hate to say it, but death is overdone in Trek. Especially where death and coming back from death is concerned. TOS did it to a fare-thee-well, then TWOK did it BIG TIME. Then of course, there was that unpleasantness involving a certain bald Shakespearean actor (and I’m not talking about Stewart.)
Parts of To Serve… were fine. The ending was painful. It felt grafted on.

Anyway — I’ll watch it again and see what’s what. I thought the two Chekovs were worth the price of admission. (OK, worth my cheek flattening time in front a puter.)

arrrr… yeah… all them dead tribbles… Sisko may or may not gone… Yar gettin’ all gooey… Trip getting cut short for the heck o’ it… not to mention so many dispatched baddies… and Chekov?….

So, I beg ya, why all the kids and families and civvies on TNG’s ship?

If space were a safe place, they’d just have a shipful of Care Bears cruising the galaxy spreadin’ love to all the little Klingons they encounter…



You hit it right on the money – I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. From any standard these productions fail to impress besides the amount of effort / co-ordination into creating something that is sub par.

To clarify, though invited, Doug Drexler was not able to make it to the event, and is in none of these pictures. John Kelley and Leslie Hoffman were at the event, but they are also not in any of these shots.

Let’s see if I can help with the photos. Going left to right and top to bottom:
Walter Koenig.
James Cawley and Ben Tolpin.
D.C. Fontana.
Bill Blair.
Daren Dochterman.
James, Judy Levitt and her husband Walter Koenig, BarBara Luna, Malachi Throne and Michael Forrest.
James, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, and John Lim.
Christopher Doohan and James Cawley.
A distant cousin of Mr. Spock (fan costume).
Chris Doohan, Ron Moore, and James Cawley.
J.T. Tepnapa.
James with (unknown) on the left and Bobby Rice on the right (help, someone?).
An unknown woman with a great smile.
Marc Scott Zicree.
Danielle Koenig.
Jonathan Zungre.
Alan Ruck.
Jeff Quinn.
Evan Fowler.
John Carrigan.
Kurt Carley.
James Cawley.
Walter Koenig.
D.C. Fontana.
Malachai Throne.
The Q&A panel, L to R: Walter, Daren, Joel Belucci, James, Jeff, Dorothy, John, Andy.
A round-up of the cast and crew who showed up early and stayed late. Not going to try to list all their names.

#35 & 11 That is because you just do not get it, Trek fandom is supposed to be Extremely Fun and Creative. The constant need for some sort of bashing by other fans is extremely unneccessary and really rather sad.
Maybe, just maybe if some would turn that negativity into something positive in their lives we might someday actually achieve the lofty goals Mr. Roddenberry envisioned for all of us.
James Cawley

Not to sound like a kiss ass here… but James is absolutly right.

Everytime a Phase II post is made it disheartens me by the comments.

There is “Constructive Criticism” which the best reviewers could give and as Anthony so diligently delivers. But when it comes to the comments there seems to be always a constant need to bash. And having read a lot of the Phase II related news on it seems to be all familiar names.

James might not be making something which is brandished with the CBS logo. But he does just as good out of love, out of fun and out of creativity.

And for the moment… why the need to bash?? its free. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want too. Thats your own call. They’re not forcing it down your throat. Its your choice whether you wanna watch it or not.

John Kelly and Leslie Hoffman are in the cast and crew photo. The last shot on the list.

Thats why i pointed them out.

Yep. I noticed that as well. For those who want to know, Leslie and “Doc” John are on either side of James in the large group pic. Thanks for the heads up, Ripper.


All of you folks who are so negative need to understand something. James Cawley and friends, along with all the other fan productions of Trek are doing this because they love Trek. They are fan productions, and may not meet your expectations of professional works of art. These folks who work so hard to put on these fan productions are doing it for the love and adoration of Trek.

You may or may not enjoy their productions, but why sit there and put their efforts down. You guys who sit and complain about this and that…when you do things you enjoy (maybe painting, sports or music), do you expect a bunch of grumpy and negative onlookers to constantly critique you?

No, New Voyages/Phase II is not something that came out of Paramount with their relatively big effects budgets. These people who put out these fan productions simply enjoy and love Trek, and are sharing this love with us through their fan-films.

James Cawley, and all of you who have worked so hard on these productions, I want to say “Thank you!”. While some may not appreciate the finished product, I know for certain I appreciate your efforts and the efforts of all who have worked with you.

Anthony, thanks for this site and thanks for all of your hard work. I have enjoyed visiting this site for many months now, and I’m grateful for the time and energy you put into it.

– Will B.

#37: You are absolutely right Mr. Cawley, or is it okay if I call you James? I try to tell people about bashing a lot. If they don’t like it they don’t have to watch it. I love What you are doing and I hope to see it continue. Even though your series is not officially canon, I would put it in. Just out of curiosity, when is this episode scheduled to go on the internet? And when do you plan on premiering “Blood and Fire?”

Just to be clear: I’m not knocking the effort or the overall result of PII. I just felt that the Kill Off Chekov moment in “To Serve…” did not work. PII is praise-worthy on many levels. I offer my 2 quatloos for what they’re worth, but hope for many more eps.

Besides, one of us on this thread got to be in the new movie. (And it wasn’t me, dammit!)

Agree with the positive comments. New Voyages/Phase II has been a labor of love and thoroughly enjoyable to the vast majority of fans. (When I hold the fan film I did back in 1990 up to what James and Co. have done … yeesh, I’m thoroughly embarrassed.) Keep on keepin’ on, James, well done!

(p.s. Somebody *please* tell me who that beautiful blonde woman in the black & white outfit is!)

Here’s the correct captions for the pictures, left to right:
Row 1:
Walter Koenig; Ben Tolpin & James Cawley; D.C. Fontana; Bill Blair.
Row 2:
Daren Dochterman, James, Judy Levitt and her husband Walter Koenig, Barbara Luna, Michael Forrest, Malachi Throne.
Row 3:
James, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, John Lim; Christopher Doohan and James Cawley.
Row 4:
Fan “Cousin Louis; Chris Doohan, Ron Moore, James; J.T. Tepnapa; Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice.
Row 5:
Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice; actress Courtney Peldon (star of InAlienable); Marc Scott Zicree; actress Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5).
Row 6:
Andrew Koenig; Alan Ruck; Jeff Quinn; Evan Fowler.
Row 7:
John Carrigan; Kurt Carley; James Cawley; Walter Koenig.
Row 8:
D.C. Fontana; Malachai Throne; The Q&A panel, L to R: Walter, Daren, Joel Belucci, James, Jeff, Dorothy, John, Andy; cast and crew posing for photographer Albert Ortega at end of evening (not the event volunteers–although many of these people also helped)– Andrew Grieb, Carlos Pedraza, John Carrigan, John Lim, Bill Blair, Linda Cleveland, Howard Brown, Evan Fowler, Leslie Hoffman, Bobby Rice, James Cawley, Robert Mauro, John Kelley, Marc Scott Zicree, Jonathan Zungre, Erik Goodrich
Kneeling: Joel Belluci, Julienne Irons, JT Tepnapa, Jeff Quinn, Patrick Bell

Hey, youse grousers, if yah kin do bettah shut your big mouths and get out thair and doo it! Udderwize it seams youse are jest a bunch o’ mouthy dweebz.
Deeze fann produkshuns are gonna bee da wayve of da comin yearz for entertaynmunt. Thair are sew menny of deeze produckshuns sproutin up thet itt shud bee eezy fer awl youse two get intwo wun of deze Star Trek fann groupz Sew AH sez thet gettin invawlved izz da best way two show evrywun how two prodooze grate Star Trek epysodz.
Cungradulashuns two all deeze peepul thet creaytud dis produckshun wid Walter Koenig!
Walter Koenig duzz nott dezerv a starr in the Hullywud sydewalk butt Donald Trump duzz? Muy vowt izz fer Walter sted uvv Donald enny day!
W’all, it izz beck two da mountins end hillz fer mee! Hee-Haw-Hee-Haw UU

Patty, the guy u claim to be John Carrigan in that last group photo is actually Andy Bray.

Patricia Tallman is lookin’ gor-gee-us. (Although, now she’ll think I’m a stalker, her eyes will go solid black and something horrible will happen to me.)

I have two AND ONLY two things that really bugs me about New Voy….er, Phase II
and thats the poor acting of the button presses
and when i DL the episodes, the quality of transfer seems to be, weird
idk how to explain it
but one example is in “In Harm’s Way”, when they deploy the antimatter and shuttles, all the shots seem to “collide” during that sequence
and thats it
those minor things are the only things that bug me about it
I will admit, theres a lot in this world that i complain about
but if these are the only flaws i can find in phase II, that says something

great job to every one working on Phase II, keep up the good work

Since Ripper and I have now worked it out via email, and since these folks all worked so hard and deserve to be recognized, the people in the cast and crew photo are:
Back row: Curt Carley, Tasha Hardy (hidden behind Bray), Bill Blair, Evan Fowler, Bobby Rice, Rob (who I just met last night), Marc Scott Zicree, Erik Goodrich.
Middle row: Carlos Pedraza, Andy Bray, John Lim, Linda Cleveland, Howard (the on-stage pyro guy), Leslie Hoffman, James Cawley, John Kelley, Jonathan Zungre
Kneeling: Joel Belucci, Julienne Irons, JT Tepnapa, Jeff “What’s Up With My Face” Quinn, Patrick Bell.

Anthony, next time ask me and I’ll take names while you’re taking pictures. ;-) (Great write-up, btw. Thank you.) -E.K.