Captain April’s April’s Fool’s Day Article [UPDATED]

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
– Scotty, Friday’s Child

Practical jokes are a serious concern for the crew of the Enterprise in the animated episode “The Practical Joker.” Luckily, practical jokes involving Star Trek on the internet are much less worrisome. Here are the Star Trek April Fool’s Day virtual pranks for April 1, 2008.

Picard is back?….played by who?
IF Magazine tells us that Paramount has approved reimagined prequels to every version of Star Trek, with the interesting casting choices revealed.

brilliant recasting

TOS is back too?
Firefox (not the Clint Eastwood movie) reports that Desilu is bringing Star Trek: The Original Series back to television…with the original looking actors in new episodes. Apparently they have solved the issue with the original actors being either in their 70s or deceased, Firefox quoting a Desilu exec

We feel that digital actors can at least match the talent of most of the original cast, if not exceed it. Anyway, Star Trek fans have shown a remarkable tolerance for bad acting over the years. We doubt anyone will notice that the actors are fake after the first few minutes. They’ll be too busy enjoying the stories.

Lucas Trek
According to Starpulse George Lucas is headed to the final frontier…and is bringing Jar Jar with him!

more brilliant recasting!

Virgin going to Mars
Want to visit the future site of the Enterprise D’s construction? Want to travel to Mars? Google and Virgin Galactic team up to make it so!

That isn’t the only Trekkish Google prank, Google Australia allows you to time travel by doing searches into the future.

UPDATE: more Trek pranking

Planet Fraggle?
Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki, have discovered little known Demon Class planet.

New Star Trek Trailer
A trailer from a new Fan film, just uploaded in time for April Fool’s

Shatner in ‘Star Trek’ has been ‘scooped’ with the news that William Shatner will appear in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek…or at least that is what TrekToday and TrekUnited are both reporting.


And no… decided not to prank you all like we did last year.

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No Shatnet is / isn’t in the movie joke?



I hear Shatner might be in this movie,,,,

I heard Shatner is playing Picard in the new movie!

I loved this animated trek adventure, its funny but they had a holodeck like in the next generation. It was fun watching the computer do the psyco practical joker thing.

#6—I hate holodecks, ship’s counselors, and children on starships…and that is no April Fools joke!

I haven’t seen the animated series in decades…I do remember that episode though. Hmmmmmm, guess I might have to invest in the DVDs.

At we can get our April Fools joke fix here since does not do it anymore.

BTW, what is the deal with trying to be first to post? What are we, 10yrs old?

#7 Hm I do believe those elements you so disdain can be found in Next generation. yeah next gen probably could have done better with out those distractions on board the ship. A friend of mine refers to next gen as the Love Boat in federation space. i think Picard could have use an eye patch , a peg legg and a parrot on his shoulderand a beard and an occasional “arg Shiver me timbers ” pirate phrase would have made him a more interesting character, y

Love Majel as the Enterprise voice in “The Practical Joker”
She does hilarious laughter and banter with Kirk and crew. Really funny.

“You tricked me Kirk!”

One thing that truly is a joke is Branson and Virgin Mobile. Their phones and their service both blow. I switched to BoostMobile last week, and won’t look back. I hope to hell SpaceShip Two is more reliable, or it’ll be a one-way trip for quite a few people.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for an April Fools joke all day. :)

… And for some reason that ‘Kirk is a Jerk’ picture cracks me up every time. (I really need to see that episode sometime.)

The latest word is Beetlejuice from The Howard Stern Show is playing Balok.

Sean Hannity as Petri?

Thanks for not doing the prank thing, Anthony – although Vektor’s drawing last year was really, really well done.

Adam West as James T kirk and Burt Ward as Spock, hm now that cast had real possibilities


Last year, I finally watched all the Animated episodes on DVD over the course of a few weeks…

I remember the “Kirk Is a Jerk” gag made me laugh out loud!!! Probably the only time I burst out laughing while watching TAS! Great gag!

I’ll have to check out the TAS episode when my DVD set comes in. It really looks good.

How about re-doing the animated series with CGI. Using the same scipts and voice recordings to photo realistic animations of the original.
I hate the cheap look of the animated series, so I never realy got into it. Since, though, I read that the stories do hold up to the quality of the original, so I thing a CGI version would find an audience. How about it Paramount / CBS honchos?

Spell Check Version :

How about re-doing the animated series with CGI. Using the same scipts and voice recordings to photo realistic animations of the original.
I hate the cheap look of the animated series, so I never really got into it. Since, though, I read that the stories do hold up to the quality of the original, so I think a CGI version would find an audience. How about it Paramount / CBS honchos?



surprisingly most of the animated episodes are better then many of the live action episode from the original series. Its too bad this version of trek had such a brief run , They could have done lots of incredible stories here. The episode that i like most was the one written by scif great Larry Niven, in which he brought his Kizinti into the trek universe, The concept of the stasis box and slavers and their weapons was quite impressive. this one episode stands out in particular because of the quality of the writing and the writer. But Im not knocking the rest, not at all.

I heard Betty White is playing an Orion slave girl in STXI, woohoo!!

A Golden Girl, turned green? Brilliant, Moogie!

Tom Cruise as Alexander.

Nice. I think we all got Rick Roll’d when we bought the HD DVD Season 1 discs. ;-) made a “Shatner’s In The Movie” news story.

My own made and released a fake episode.

But, overall, I was kind of disappointed by the low output of 4/1 jokes made in the TrekSphere this year. Seems to me there were a lot more last year–but, then, was always the leader in them, and they are now kaput.

I heard Nana Visitor is going to be in the final season of Battlestar Galactica.
Well, that opens up immense possibilities…that the fleet led by Galatica could “jump” into Earth orbit during the time of DS9, and that Nana Visitor’s BG character turns out to be Colonel Kira and..Battlestar Galactica meets DS9. That would satisfy a lot of fans out there.
Happy April Fools Day Everyone!

The Valdez video was a RIOT!

“I believe that Human being….and fish can coexist peacefully”

Fraggle Rock joke … just awesome.

#31 S. John Ross — Thanks! :D

For everyone else, if you haven’t seen it yet, the Fraggle Rock article will be deleted in one hour, so better check it out soon. It’ll be up again next year, of course.

btw… LOVE that Valdez video. That was awesome :)

And it’s gone… :)

Did anybody else hear that Paramount have changed the opening date of Star Trek again to Christmas……………2009!

Happy April Fools Day (for yesterday) everyone! :)

Paramount Pictures Moves STAR TREK to May 2008.

Now there’s a headline.

Unlike Mr: Bailey, I think some of us were looking for a good April scare.

It’s quite a shame that the idea of colonizing Mars is ONLY a joke. Back in the ’60s and ’70s many people believed it would happen by the end of the century! Now, public apathy for space exploration has reached such an all-time high that even robotic missions to Mars are threatened by budget cuts. All this is proof we need a real vision for the future of space travel….and THAT is no joke!

#37 nice idea but there is no money left for space exploration or colonization of mars. The real April fools joke is that fact that our country is ceeding the lead in space to others. As to us being on Mars by the 2000 a lot of engineering visionaries and sci writers missed the mark on that one.

Iraq is, apparently, more important than Mars.

Garovorkin: To whom is our country “ceding” the lead?

China makes noise about a mission to the moon. Russia doesn’t seem interested. No EU efforts (they can’t even make their new airplanes fly).

Space has to be jointly targeted. We no longer have a cold war that breeds the sort of one-upsmanship we had in the 1950’s and 1960’s. And it’s expensive, as you mentioned, so sharing resources is key.

Maybe you could decorate the ship with corporate logos like an F1 car to defray cost (I worked for Pepsi when they had a direct link with the guys in the Mir space station, with logos, etc. Ecch. But it helped to finance the project).

I think colonization is a bit far-fetched for mars at this point. I’m still awaiting Moonbase Alpha.

“I know that human being and fish can coexist peacefully.” That’s awesome. Thanks for a great laugh.

#40 A J In all honesty we are becoming a bit complacent and i think that ultimately we will conceed the lead in spce these countries. Look at the fact that as a country we no longer manufacture the things we need,we out source manufacturing it the trend follows we we be out sourcing our lead in technology as well. unless things change drastically, don’t under estimate China< Russia or the EU or Japan for that matter. Probably corporations might be the once to take the lead in space but i m seeing any of that right now.

Corporations will take the lead if it adds to the bottom line from a long term strategy standpoint.

It would be a slam-dunk for any new President to say that space is a priority again. But why bother when healthcare isn’t fixed and people are losing their homes, and we’re in two expensive wars?

I suppose it would be a sign of of hope for the USA and the world that we’re still capable of greatness.

Do you know what projects are currently in the works?

#43 With regard to corporations I ment to say I am not seeing that right now, TYPO sorry, There was that man who took that plan way up to the edge of space But I agree corporations are the next once into space.

I just checked out that sketch from last year and it’s actually a pretty cool design. Looks like a good modernization of the Enterprise, with the exception of those pointy things on the front of the nacelles :)

There are corporations which can develop high-tech materials, AI and propulsion systems for space exploration, which will eventually filter down into more commercial uses like defense, and then into your living room, office or car.

There is also corporate sponsorship, where instead of calling, for example, a NASA ship “the Enterprise,” you call it the “Miller-Lite Enterprise,” (groan), and that loads money into the coffers of NASA, and gets Miller a heap of publicity.

Branson’s space tourism is not relevant.

45: Points are canon. Don’t mess with ’em ;-)

#46 yeah the thought of the Bud Light shuttle launching into space sets my teeth on edge as well.

bahaha that episode from TAS was awesome, I remember watching it in the 70’s as a kid and thinking it was quite funny that the Enterprise would inflate a HUGE, fake version of itself to scare the Romulans off, then laugh maniacally. Spock’s eye rings were also classic.

I found the end of the Valdez video especially funny:
“Opening 2009 ish”
Too bad it’s true – opening date subject to change……..
Excellent faux trailer.