Shatner Live Chat Now April 4th + Recent Shatner Q&A

The twice postponed Live chat with William Shatner has now been set for this Friday. Bill (and his daughter) will be taking fan questions at April 4th at 5PM (Pacific). Instructions on participating below. Plus we have some recent ‘ShatnerVisions’ videoblogs about Boston Legal season 5, his new autobio and Shat discussing some of his favorite things.

Instructions on participating in live chat
1. Go to and register for a free account
2. On Friday go to the homepage, log in with your account, and find the ShatnerVision Live room.
3. At 5PM Bill and his daughter will appear on the video monitor and we’ll begin taking your questions and watch Bill answer your questions live.

Come armed with the questions you always wanted to get answered.
Remember to sign up for your account BEFORE Friday if you haven’t done so already.

Shat talks new Auto bio, Boston Legal Season 5, plus some of his favorites
Here are the latest ‘Shatnervisions’ including a few questions submitted by TrekMovie’s resident Shatnologist, John Tenuto.


“Up Till Now” is available for pre-order at Amazon (Hardcover and CD Audio)


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Very interesting. It is cool that he is up and on the Internet the way he is. One of the first to pioneer the kind contact with fans and to really ge down and dirty with it.

Bill rocks. I hope I’m still breathing at his age let alone working 16 hour days.

Huge. And interesting. I’m sure whatever I am thinking to ask will be thought of by many others. Have at it.
Third! Or… 7th..

I’ll check it out.
Doubt I’ll sign up for anything. My ID is like a honey-covered cupcake at an ant convention already, so I begin to be shy.
But, sure, I’d love to hear Bill go on about — really anything.


Quite true. We all have been using your ID to get phony credit cards. We did buy you something nice, though.

I hope we can be informed how this all turns out.

Slow news week…………need new MOVIE INFO! Pretty please.

you cant supress the truth !! :-/


Scott – agreed, especially coming from a man who admitted not too long ago (I think it was during the writing of ‘I’m Working On That’) that he can’t even program the clock on his VCR. LOL

Anthony — Day 400 in the countdown is Thursday. So… that’s when we get good clear shots of the E or some uniforms, right?

I’m dyin’ here. Toss me a bone….

#12—Anthony, I am thoroughly impressed at what you manage to come up with as it is. I love this site!

#12 What?!? You *don’t* have a closetful of spy pix that you’re hoarding all to yourself???

Seriously, Anthony, ANYTHING at all is greatly appreciated! :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

wow Anthony, tough crowd!

I was reading a similar book. The book I read was called “The man that Listens to Horses” by Monty Roberts. I wonder if that was what Mr. Shatner read?

Anthony, just a heads up that you missed a “<” in instruction #1 (the link to is missing it before the “a”)

This is still a Star Trek site, covering all things ST, and not only a new movie site. Anthony himself said this a few weeks ago. So, if you are not interested in ST news other than XI, or in news about people closely connected with ST, just be patient and try to respect that there are people who are still interested in Our Daddy’s Trek. I’m sure there will be more XI news soon.

I for one appreciate Shatner doing a Live Chat and I am very interested in its scheduling, the Q&A, as well as its outcome. Thanks for the videos.

What could you ask Shatner that hasn’t been asked?
Bill just how big is your ego?

For Boston Legal the Shat says they will have to negotiate his contract……uh, oh………….this is where things usually break down…….isn’t David Kelley renowned for not wanting to pay a fortune to ANY actor?

#12 Anthony Why are being so tight lipped about this whole project, they withdraw the photos of the shuttle, what harm was it doing having these posted on line?

The photos of the shuttle were withdrawn and then appeared on hundreds of sites around the world…sites that do not not have the kind of inside access TrekMovie has.

Anthony allowed the links to be posted once the photos were removed. He also “crossed out” the headline too get us all in like ants to a picnic.

Juggling act, to be sure.

Sounds like Anthony is our best hope to nudge them into getting a bone to us earlier than 9 May 2008.