Preview Images From “The Enterprise Incident” Remastered

CBS has sent us two shots from weekend’s remastered "The Enterprise Incident"

CBS chose to mix it up a bit and replace one of the original Romulan D7 ships with a Bird of Prey (seen before in “Balance of Terror” and “The Deadly Years”). Also the Romulan D7s are given a distinctive Romulan ‘bird’ paint job.

Shot 1: “Swoop”

Remastered (click to enlarge)


Shot 2: “Surrounded”

Remastered (click to enlarge)


The Remastered "The Enterprise Incident" airs this weekend in syndication, check local listings. See for a list of stations

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If only last week’s Klingon cruiser had looked this good!

Yay they fixed the paint scheme!

agreed. the ships seem to have way more texture and feel more realistic. looking forward to seeing the movement.

This is also an instance where the new shots DEFINITELY look better than the originals. The new cruisers have some weight to them, whereas the originals look like plastic toy kits (which I’m sure they were, but still).

Cool! They included an original BoP!

Oh, man. Kick Ass ;-)


Now THIS is what I want to see in the TOS-R effects! I love the paint job on the D7(?) cruiser, and the BoP is a nice touch.

I’ve had mixed reactions to the TOS-R stuff so far, but to be honest, both of these images gave me a grin and a chill/thrill. I feel like a 9-year-old kid again!

finally! a little bit of remastering! kind of.

Decloaking . . . (how aprapos)
Very, very cool! This is the kind of stuff TOSRemastered was meant to do. One of my fav Trek eps of all 756. The original stood up wery well Cap’tin, but I like this better.
Recloaking (even more aprapos).

That’s ingenious!!! Painting the Klingon hulls!!! Very Nice!!!!

Makes me want to paint Old Glory on some British tank (top) models…

Keeley Hazell
Billie Piper
Kate Moss
Kayleigh Pearson

(you get the idea)

This is good news! Hopefully my local affiliate will run it on time!!

I like them!!!

Man, this TOTALLY messes up the classic ERTL “The Enterprise Incident” model kit with 3 D7’s and the Enterprise…

But it sure looks good!!!!

Most impresive. On the Klingon homeworld, we do not have Maaco or Earl Scheib.

Okay. I think this proves that there is an “A” team and a “B” team that does the CBS-D effects. Last week was “B” team. This week it’s “A” team.

In my mind, this explains the inconsistency of the remastering. As much as I love the remastering effort overall, this has been something that’s been bothering me for a while. One week the effects border on spectacular, and the next week they’re middling to awful.

Almost as if the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. I mean… couldn’t they have used this week’s CGI model for last week? We’re only talking seven days difference here.

I don’t understand this.

Twenty points to CBS-D!

The angle on the Enterprise in shot 2 “Surrounded” is so boring. Say what you will about the original effects, but the original angle of the Enterprise in that shot is much more dynamic and interesting.

Yes, the new paint job is neat, but the composition of the shot is dull.

#16, couldn’t agree with you more!!!

Will CBS-D be revisting these episodes to re-re-master the poor episodes before any kind of DVD release, or is this it??

I have to say, that the inconsistency certainly puts me off from any kind of future DVD purchase, unless they improve some of the poorer re-mastering efforts……………


Having seen this episode all my life, I remember becoming aware of it in a new light about 20 yrs ago. This was around the time of the 20th anniversary specials in one form or other and it was at this time that I first heard the words or even the concept “dated effects”. This concept hadn’t even entered my mind until I read such articles. I still take umbrage with all that, but this episode in particular stood out to me because I suddenly noticed how good the original effects were. As if the original show really outdid itself with this one. I remember every musical cue to this episode as the credits continued to roll at the start of the show. (A feature I think only happened with 3rd season episodes. Am I wrong?) I hope the re-dubba dub job is just as good.

I think the original effects already were good. With those new shots they’ve done an excellent job for an excellent episode. The “Surrounded” shot looks particularly impressive.

#19 Kirk’s Toupee

I am afraid the answer is no, they will not be revisiting the any of the work to re-re-master the poor episodes before any kind of DVD release as they have released Series one on DVD already and that had about 5 episodes using the older less impressive digital model they made of the Enterprise. Plus episodes that haven’t worked as well with the newer Enterprise model with shots that have looked odd or not quite right etc probably will not be changed either.

I would love them to review the work before any potential Blu-ray DVD releases. They could go back over it with all they have learnt this time around. Maybe take on board at least some of the other suggestions the fans have made for other improvements and change or add to things where time hasn’t allowed for this first attempt.

Its funny CBS Digital is normally so conservative about what they change effects wise. It drives me up the wall when they don’t change certain effects to make them look better or when they don’t show a ship close up because they say it ties in with the original intent but then show another shot of a ship far off when originally it was a close up. Some of their decisions seem questionable a lot of the time.

So I am surprised they have changed one of the D7’s to the Romulan Bird of of Prey. I am all for change the majority of the time but I am not sure what to make of that change. The shots look ok from what I can see but I thought Spock made a comment along the lines of 3 Ships of Klingon design surrounding them. Obviously he must say just three ships have surround us to give them the loop hole to make one of them the Romulan Bird of Prey.

I do like the fact they have given the Klingon ships a paint Job to make them look Romulan owned though. I was hoping the would at least put a Romulan symbol on the ships somewhere to make it clear it wasn’t the klingons That where in the driving seat so to speak. So that is a nice touch.


From the very beginning of the TOS-R effort, the one change I’ve wanted is to see Romulan markings on the Klingon-designed ships in this episode.

I’m happy now.

The previews for the unreleased “Secret of Vulcan Fury” PC game had a D7 with Romulan markings.

After moans last week, its kudos this week!

couldnt they have handed off all the balls episodes ( im thinking alternate factor, lights of zatar here!) to the B team and let the A team take all the space battle eps. (i was well annoyed with last weeks and Day of the Dove)

18… but of course.

Jeez, I can’t help but wonder if they where trying to squelch all the negative comments from last weeks show…

well the shot looks good. i think this will have some good cgi. i agree with you number 16 this must be an A team cgi week.i think that the bop and the d7s look good.i like the desgins as they look kool and heavy. i hope they at least show the romulans firing on the enterprise as she cloakes but missing of corse. if they did that that would be kool as well.i have high hopes for this episode.

The first episode I ever recorded on cassette tape. Played it over and over and over. Apparently I only had one tape. Probably still have it memorized once I get going.
Good to have some Remastered news among all the other crap of late.

This is one episode where CBS-D’s fixation on putting the ships almost on top of each other irrespective of actual stated or implied ranges in the episodes actually works, because we already knew they were on top of each other this time.

YES!! Just what I was hoping for. A mixture of BoPs and D-7s. Plus a raptor paint-job on the D-7s. Very well done, CBS-D!

I always thought that the old Romulan design was very cool and got short shrift during the original show, so I really like its inclusion here. The painted warbird on the bottom of the Klingon hulls is an interesting touch as well.

My only question is if the FX team chose to to mix things up a bit for this episode, why couldn’t they also do it for Ultimate Computer? :(

Looks great. Love how they tied it more to original Romulan bird of prey. I hope this makes it to blu-ray. Otherwise, not much point in remastering, other than to fill a web site designated for a Star Trek movie with no real news about the movie since the studio moved it back to forever from now.

DUN-DUN de-DUN! (repeat every 4 minutes or as needed)

Very very nice!

Not to beat a dead horse but “Elaan of Troyuis” deserved this kind good attention to detail as it too, was one of those rare and great Treks, as well and comin from the supposedly lameThird season,.

Actually I like Spectre of the Gun , cuz its kinda a Twilight Zoneish thingie. by the way I also like the uniforms for the third season, they “looked” more cool somehow, better shimery fabric futuristic like..dude.

Freiburger was pretty slick in making do for the last years shows at times as a producer called in at the last second cuz Roddenberry wouldnt back down to NBC because of going back on the time period they promised him , but then THEY lied to him and gave it to “Laugh- In”… instead!



#16 and #19:
Must have hit the nail on the head, there might even be three or four teams of “generic” CGI people taking direction, then presumably carrying out the detailed final work. That’s the only way to explain the inconsistency and the “quickie” digital work from last week. Wouldn’t it be nice if CBS-D had ONE quality control person to finalize all new digital shots before finalization? Hmmm…. me thinks they would already have something like that in place, but…

I’m with 38- I hope they remaster the remaster and fix Elaan of Troyus

That Klingon ship was horrible. Can you imagine in ‘late ’08 or ’09 after buying your HD blue ray version & watching this ep and “Elaan” back to back-

I for one would feel robbed. The Elaan ep Klingon looked like it was made on a home pc/mac. (CBS Digital’s “b” team”)

Anyhow it’s great that they finally fixed the d7’s- and allow me one final gripe-

We should be calling the Romulan ship a “WARBIRD” as the “Bird of Prey” came into the vernacular as the name for small Klingon Ships after Star Trek III didn’t it?

You know, moving about in outer space is a three-dimensional affair. Where are the cruisers that should be “above” and “below” the Enterprise? Seems to me that the Big E could simply rotate on its axis or “descend” (“z minus 10,000 meters” anyone?) and leave….

39. John Gill – April 4, 2008
Wouldn’t it be nice if CBS-D had ONE quality control person to finalize all new digital shots before finalization? Hmmm…. me thinks they would already have something like that in place, but…

I had hoped they would have hired Daren Dochterman to oversee quality control… it stands…people are not getting a quality product. They’re getting ‘improved’ visuals, but certainly not consistent work.

Well done. They fixed two things that always bothered me:

1) that the Romulans did not appear with one, not with two but even with three Klingon ships.
2) that these ships did not have anything specifically Romulan on them.

Looks very promising! Hopefully there won’t be any cheesy video-gamish movement going on. I do agree with one poster here who said they preferred the original layout of the “We are surrounded” effects.

But, I really like seeing the Bird of Prey and the new paint jobs on the D7s.

Nice work…err…nice PREVIEW, CBS-D!

However, really hope they go back and tweak these episodes. It would be a cruel injustice to TOS to leave these episodes unfinished and in a haphazard and inconsistent condition.

Looks cool–my only issue is that I liked in the original the recognition that space is three dimensional, and I’m a little sad to see the Romulans are now planar…

#44 Redjac

I wait to see how ships MOVE with trepidation now too, as WELL as composition of shots…

However, nice to see the effort of adding a ‘paint-job’ to the hull has been done by CBS-Digital.

Haven’t read all the comments, but it’s clear the guys in the 60s knew something about composition that the CBS-D guys have never learned. What a shame.

I do sort of like the inclusion of the Bird of Prey. Nice touch. I so wish the back of it had some more non-canonical detailing, like a shuttle bay hatch.

Scott B. out.

Just a thought – These remastered photos above look nicely cinematic due to their proportions. They are 6:9 ‘WIDESCREEN’ in look, compared to the usual 4:3 looking proportions of the original photo comparisons.

So the actual effect on the eventual regular 4:3 t.v. showings / dvd releases will NOT look as good as the above, as things will be ‘cropped’ in some way surely…



Think it looks AWESOME, can’t wait to see this episode. Come out with the DVD’s already! I’m ready for a marathon!!!!

#34 – TonyD

You’re right….the Romulan Bird of Prey’s life was cut short during the prouction of TOS. This was due to a warehouse fire that destroyed the only production model of that ship. The producers came up with the idea to use the Klingon design to save money…they couldn’t afford to build another studio model. It was some time later that AMT came out with a plastic model, so, unlike using an AMT model of the Enterprise to pose as The Constellation in “The Doomsday Machine”, it was not an option for replacing the Bird of Prey. It is nice to see it’s return in this episode.