Takei Dishes On Shatner

George Takei appeared on Conan O’Brien last night and immediately Conan asked George about his ‘hate’ for William Shatner and how he got a chance to roast bill on Comedy Central. Takei talked about how Shatner never got his name right and how he thought Bill’s acting “sucked.” The original Sulu also talked about the Stern show, dubbing Godzilla, and appearing on a new talent show…check out video below.

Shat Roast
Takei started off talking about the Shatner Roast, below are clips from Takei’s segment…and my favorite part…the drinking of the Tranya.

More clips at Comedy Central.

The uncensored DVD is available at Amazon

Takei Country
George was on Conan to promote his upcoming appearance on the CBS show Secret Talents of the Stars…and if you missed it in last week’s Celeb Watch…here is the promo for that…watch Takei sing if you dare.

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