Friday Reminders: Live Shat Chat + BSG Season 4 Premiere

5PM Pacific (8 PM Eastern):Chat live with William Shatner (along with his daughter Lisabeth) today on Live Video. The room is open now.

10 PM (9 Central): Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica kicks off its 4th and final season. More info at SciFi.

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All I want is a funny story about the original cast, where everyone is happy.

I want the TRUUUTHHHH!!!

you know what i mean :D

You know, I’ll say what I said when Swarzenegger was running for office and they were slinging the mud during the campaign against him with supposed allegations. Real or not. They could have shown me footage from TMZ of Arnold violating the old Queen Mother in the most horrible of ways and I wouldn’t believe it or care. Because I love Arnold. Same with Shatner. I know he may have his faults, same as everyone, but I love him still.

That’s not a question but that’s what I’d tell him if I get on there.

Galactica hoooray

Sign up quick, Closet!

oh God… what the hell time is that fur me… time when I be sick from drink … Dear Mr. Shatner, think ya’ll do another gig on another tv show? Will nudity be involved? I’ve been carving yer image on me crowns (coins) o’er tha queen… will ya sign one fur me… blarrrrrgh(chat 1216)

arrrr… I said I’d be wit’ drink by whenever then is….

Ta- hope he do answer ya well. Have ye fun.

From what i have been seeing and reading BSG 4 season is likely to have a very grim ending, I could be wrong on this. I think they may arive at earth but it maybe in the past, certainly, not the present and not the future . It difficult to guess where they are heading with the series because you never know for sure which thread will lead to something and which will turn out to be a red herring.

I told myself I wouldn’t watch BSG, but a couple of weeks ago I watched a few episodes and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can’t wait for the premiere tonight!

Ah, Pacific time. Okay, that’s why it doesn’t seem like I’m an hour late. :P

Now if my connection would just stop sucking and I find a time-zone chart, I’d be good to go.

Even though potentially I might not be happy with the resolution of the show, Im going to stick to right to the end. I only hope that Ron Moore doesn’t pull a Sopranos type ending on us that would the ultimate let down.

The colonists will find Earth. It’s canon.
Flying mopeds, rayguns v. Nazi’s, 80’s hair.
It’s canon.
It cannot happen any other way.

Oh wait, this thread is about getting a new Shattitude.

Sir, if you’re short on TOS stories (or just plain tired) I’d be happy to hear a good horse tale. I saw you with one of your horses once years ago, at The Jack Daniels Stakes (and boy did it smell like it) at Keeneland in Kentucky.

So, BSG rocked my socks! I was not let down in the slightest. And next week looks even better!

Of BSG, now that was an impressive opening, this season is going ot damned unhealthy. and this episode was just the first salvo.

Ron Moore’s BSG may very well go down in history as the single greatest program ever made.

BSG isn’t out in ireland yet but when it arrives (15april) I’ll watch it and possibly my brain will hemrage from the glory of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow what an opening for BSG. Can’t wait to see how this tale unfolds to the end. I am bummed it is ending, but I guess it is better to go now than drag it on too long and lose the quality.

Starbuck may or may not be lying about finding Earth, Baltar finds a cult of believers down in the basement of the Battlestar, and the 4 revealed cylons are having to come to terms with their lives. Plus an epic space battle to start things off. What a great night of television-and its only the opening. Thanks Ron Moore and Co.!!

The new BSG- not only the best sci-fi currently on TV, but the best TV on TV. If it is ignored in next year’s Emmy Awards, it’ll be a travesty.

My guess on the final episode— Purely spec, but I’ll put a spoiler space in place….



We humans on earth today are the descendants of the Cylons & the BSG crew & the humans who were already here 10,000 years ago.

Dang, that worked well.


Hear Hear. You got that 1000% right

BSG’s season opener was truly spectacular. Man I’m going to miss that show when it’s over. But it’s going to be a heckuva ride getting to the end!


Four words:

Planet of the Apes. (And no, I’m not talking about the simians.)

That was a great season opener. I think there is something going on with Gaeta.

And for the people who didn’t watch BSG and aren’t interested, I’m sorry you missed out on something special.

Star Trek will always hold a very special place in my heart and I will continue to be a devout Trekkie (or whatever happens to be fashionably acceptable in the parlance). But BSG has been on a completely different level.

What was disturbing was the fact that Starbuck’s ship was shinny new as #24 THX- 1138 Chief Tyrol pointed out, that the ship that Kara was in was shinny new and not her original ship so if she is not a Cylon, what is she? Kara claims to have been to Earth has Photo but there is nothing on her navigation computer. Claims that by following the sign posts in the Book of Sythia, they are going the wrong way, but she knows the way, I keep think also of hat scene in Razor when the late Pegasus XO went over to the old Cylon ship and meet that unknown Cylon model who prophesized, that Thrace would lead them to destruction. Also another point of interest ,Laura Roslyn’s converstion with Caprica , in which 6 claimed that she could sense the presence of the final five among them, yest Athena who is a Cylon, standing next to Anders and Tyrol gave no indication that she knew that they were Cylons.

So how did the Shat Chat go? I’ve seen very little, if any, feedback on it.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

It actually didn’t go too well, Vulcanista. There were so many people on their channel that it slowed the video down like crazy, and a lot of people were having a hard time keeping up because the chat was flying so fast. So getting questions in was hard, but the worst problem was definitely the sound. They seemed to be having some problems with the microphone, and the sound was either warbly (to the point we couldn’t understand anything but the odd word) or there would be a huge burst of static. (And then we REALLY couldn’t hear anything.)

It was frustrating, especially because at least twice we heard them read questions and mention the names of people in the chatbox, but the sound would go out as soon as the Shat started to answer. We were all hoping that a transcript was taken so we’d have any idea of what was said. It was a good effort, really, but the technical difficulties seriously messed things up. :(

And I’m a little confused why no one’s said anything so far, too. There were over one-hundred and fifty people on the channel, and I haven’t seen any response at all.


Bummer! Sounds like they need that do-over button for which I’ve been begging Anthony forever.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

> And I’m a little confused why no one’s said anything so far, too. There
> were over one-hundred and fifty people on the channel, and I haven’t
> seen any response at all.

Actually, over 200 people. Most disappointing! I stayed on for the 45-minute chat, and there was so much dead silence, static, and unintelligible garble that it was quite a waste of a good opportunity. At the very end, it cleared up ever so slightly but it was too late. :-(

Some of the comments from the frustrated chat members were over-the-top funny, though! ;-)

Well, at least I’ll be able to see Bill Shatner at the William Shatner Weekend coming up at the end of April.

On Shatner’s site it now says that they did film all of the Chat with perfect audio, and that it will go up this weekend.

I’m confident they’ll do better next time.;-)

How many of you saw BSG Season 4 Premier?


Me Me Me

#31 so what did you think of it?

#30: That’s great! I’ll be looking out for it. :D

I LOVED the season premiere but I have to say that I also loved the BSG in 8 min. “Bad Boomer!”