Fake Trek Contest Entries + Winner

The TrekMovie.com and io9 ‘Make a Fake’ Contest is now over. We have received a number of entries, some of which were attempts at fooling Vreenak, and others were just a bit of fun foolishness. Although fakes, it is likely some of the entries could have spurred some internet rumors if they weren’t labeled as such. See below for all of the entries and the winner.

Entry 1 by William Y

Entry 2 by Tanks D

Entry 3 by Joshua D

Entry 4 by Douglas F

Entry 5 by Matthew G

Entry 6 by Daniel Broadway

Entry 7 by Poroto P

Entry 8 by Hoserlu

Entry 9 by Andrew H

Entry 10 by Kelvington and Spockboy Paul

And the Winner is…

And the winner of the first ever Star Trek Fake Award (aka ‘the Vreenie’) is Entry #6 by Daniel Broadway. His ‘Tractoring Saucer’ is probably the only one that could really keep some people guessing due to both the quality and how it ties into the teaser trailer which showed the Enterprise saucer being built on land (for a possible future tractoring into space?). It may not fool Vreenak or look like final footage, but it could pass as a draft or animatic. Some Trekkies may notice that this isn’t Daniel’s first foray into fakery. Daniel was behind the ‘leaked’ trailer hoax back in January. Daniel has more info and an HD version of his fake footage at his blog.

io9 and TrekMovie want to thank all of the contestants, and Senator Vreenak wanted to be sure that both Poroto’s ‘Falling Nacelle’ (#6) and the Kelvington/Spockboy ‘Enterprise Attack’ (#10) garnered honorable mentions. Falling Nacelle was almost the winner, and is extremely well made, but was edged out by Tractoring Saucer because that one was better linked to the Star Trek feature film (by mimicking the Enterprise design of the teaser trailer). The ‘Enterprise Attack’ is truly ‘the worst fake ever,’ which made it absolutely hilarious. And although it makes no sense for the contest, the ‘Secret Shatner’ entry #8  from our friends at Huserlu (creators of Star Trek: The Mego Picture) was quite the impressive musical interlude.

And, of course, Vreenak leaves you all with these kind words:

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