Fake Trek Contest Entries + Winner

The TrekMovie.com and io9 ‘Make a Fake’ Contest is now over. We have received a number of entries, some of which were attempts at fooling Vreenak, and others were just a bit of fun foolishness. Although fakes, it is likely some of the entries could have spurred some internet rumors if they weren’t labeled as such. See below for all of the entries and the winner.

Entry 1 by William Y

Entry 2 by Tanks D

Entry 3 by Joshua D

Entry 4 by Douglas F

Entry 5 by Matthew G

Entry 6 by Daniel Broadway

Entry 7 by Poroto P

Entry 8 by Hoserlu

Entry 9 by Andrew H

Entry 10 by Kelvington and Spockboy Paul

And the Winner is…

And the winner of the first ever Star Trek Fake Award (aka ‘the Vreenie’) is Entry #6 by Daniel Broadway. His ‘Tractoring Saucer’ is probably the only one that could really keep some people guessing due to both the quality and how it ties into the teaser trailer which showed the Enterprise saucer being built on land (for a possible future tractoring into space?). It may not fool Vreenak or look like final footage, but it could pass as a draft or animatic. Some Trekkies may notice that this isn’t Daniel’s first foray into fakery. Daniel was behind the ‘leaked’ trailer hoax back in January. Daniel has more info and an HD version of his fake footage at his blog.

io9 and TrekMovie want to thank all of the contestants, and Senator Vreenak wanted to be sure that both Poroto’s ‘Falling Nacelle’ (#6) and the Kelvington/Spockboy ‘Enterprise Attack’ (#10) garnered honorable mentions. Falling Nacelle was almost the winner, and is extremely well made, but was edged out by Tractoring Saucer because that one was better linked to the Star Trek feature film (by mimicking the Enterprise design of the teaser trailer). The ‘Enterprise Attack’ is truly ‘the worst fake ever,’ which made it absolutely hilarious. And although it makes no sense for the contest, the ‘Secret Shatner’ entry #8  from our friends at Huserlu (creators of Star Trek: The Mego Picture) was quite the impressive musical interlude.

And, of course, Vreenak leaves you all with these kind words:

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Interesing stuff, but Vreenak rules ’em all!

Hoserlu has seen too many episodes of Robot Chicken!

Daniels’ work is very impressive (as was the last one). That short clip makes me wish he’ll get a job at ILM.

Good work, man. Go on with that!

The saucer looks like the Space Patrol Orion with the little bees on it :D

Entry 4 and 6 are the only ones that could be even remotely considered as a possible “leak”

The rest just plain suck

None of these is the least bit convincing as being leaked footage.

Sorry, Daniel.

That bridge video would have fooled me as a few blurry photos, though.

I’m sorry but #7 is badass!!!!!!! Somebody just said “Whoops”—Those Space Cranes have hair trigger release buttons!

Congrats, Daniel!

Though I like the one with the nacelle falling from the sky, too!

I don’t think any of these would fool anyone, but I love #8 for obvious reasons! :)

well done daniel really good and works with the film info well

I guess the point was plausible fakes. Otherwise, Hoserlu knocks it out of the park.

The saucer is a cool idea, and maybe not a bad one. But, we saw the nacelles in the trailer. Why would they assemble the E in one piece, chainsaw her, tractor her up, then reassemble her? Unless Bush is in charge… (Oops. That just slipped out, Anthony.)

Also love how the nacelles don’t quite line up on Spockboy’s E — just like every attempt I ever made at building her.

11. CmdrR, that’s pretty much how they built the Statue of Liberty, so it’s plausible.

number 7 is the best, most professionaly made and realistic.

its also the most original one.

Now why would it fall from the sky we dont know..

but before startrek 2 (wrath of khan) if you saw an image of a photon torpedo with spocks dead body in it, would you believe it?

Ahhhhhh! #10 was so bad it was just freakin hilarious.

Well, thank you guys. I’m honored. As I mentioned in my blog, I didn’t have enough time to do what I wanted to do with the entry. I spent most of the two weeks modeling the shuttles and saucer. In fact, I had made a much more detailed shuttle than what can be seen in this shot. I originally planned to have the shuttle closer. The full detail version can be seen here…


Also, I want to say also, that Entry # 7 rocks. The nacelle falling is very cool, and the compositing is nice, as well as the sound.

“The rest just plain suck”

C’mon…number 7 rocked! I actually laughed when it hit. Yeah, I liked 4 and 6 as well, but if I had voted….7 would’ve gotten my vote. Even though it wasn’t “fake leaked footage”.

Wow! Great stuff. And I love io9.com, it’s the next site I click after Trekmovie.com! :D

DmdrR.. the secret is to build it upside down… that’s the only way I could make sure they were evenly aligned.

Daniel… You ROCK! The best looking of the bunch… if I had been searching for a leak and found this, I would totally believe it.
The falling nacelle was also kool.

#10 was thoughtfully planned, a masterful attempt.

What are you kidding me? The rest of them sucked? Entry Number 7 had my vote.

Six was a close second.

I acknowledge the quality of the winning clip… definitely… but for me it was No. 7. (^o^)

7 Wouldnt have been so bad had it not floated like a feather at the start before falling then when it hits the ground looks like its 20 feet long

Argh and to ammend me previosu post it should be #3 and 6 that were good, not 4

I saw the early years of Kirk, I want an apology for that one. There are some things that no one meant to see and ive just seen it. Unspeakable!

entry number 7 ….brilliant idea well done! well done to all in fact!
where do you get the time to do these?

The thing with the falling nacelle is that it isn’t just brilliantly executed technically (though that part blew me away as well, and I’m REALLY hard to please on vfx), but that the timing on the thing is magnificent. Created genuine suspense, then a tremendous payoff. Probably the hardest I’ve laughed (intentionally) at any trek-related thing since “get a life’ back at the end of ’86 (well, maybe ‘no tears for caesar’ in FE.)

THIS is the guy who should have a career in filmmaking.

Congrats quite beautifully done should be doing the CBS remastered stuff especially after this weeks laughable mid 90’s videogame looking outing!!! I would love to see Dan do a remastered episode similar to Dirty Daren.

And Spockboy as always f-ing rules!!

The nacelle from the sky was genius. Not only hilarious, but it also did what few movies and effects do, which is to use the fact that what isn’t shown is as interesting as what is. Who can watch that and not suddenly be invested in the question of what’s going on up there?

Some of the things that can be done are amazing now. The “tractored” shot is awesome. Below are some more non fake related effects shots from You Tube which just goes to show what you can do with CGI or Model Kits…



The shaky camera in the nacelle in the sky reminds me of Cloverfield by JJ Abrams.

The crashing nacelle #7 was brilliant!
That should win hands down IMO.
The saucer one was very well executed but extremely predictable.


I’d vote #6 as “Most likely to be bandied about as leaked footage”, though I agree that #7 had the best camera build-up.

Given the addition of Hoserlu and Spockboy (love his stuff – his spoofs of TOS-R are a riot), I thought I’d add this to the list. Nicely done and with a twist –


Can’t stop laughing at #8.

I loved Poroto P’s entry, it was really funny. And a real blooper for Starfleet.

Number 6’s is great! I’m glad you chose that as the winner; it’s definitely my favorite too. I also really liked entry # 4 with the bridge.

Must be a Trekmovie.com thread because someone has to complain that the FX weren’t real enough on a fake leaked teaser contest.

Everyone’s a critic.

Great efforts all.

I love 4 and 6.

Entry 8 was brilliant! Loved all the homages. Shatner recorded some interesting (in the Chinese-curse sense of the word) things in the 60s and 70s. If someone out there actually LIKES (or likes to laugh at) Shatner’s vocalizations, try to ebay a copy of the first Golden Throats album (which also includes Leonard Nimoy’s “Proud Mary” and “If I Had a Hammer”), or better yet, the Transformed Man. They are, as they advertise, music to clear a room by! His last CD, “Has Been”, is actually quite good. My wife and I bought it, expecting a laugh fest, and wound up liking it! He put a lot of heart in that one. And the title track is a hoot, incidentally. Anyway, of the “faaaakes”, entry 10 was just wild, though. It had to win! That girly scream alone did the trick!

i want to thank all the entrants again. It was a tough call for the winner and a bit of a debate. In the end it went to Daniel because of the link to the Trek trailer, but Falling Nacelle was brilliant. so it was really a tie. Of course the spockboy and hoserlu parodies were also very creative and funny.

we will have to hold another ‘Vreenie’ awards in the future.

Man! *Nothing* gets past that Senator! He’s gooood.

Kudos to everyone who entered, and of course to Daniel Broadway, who probably feels pretty awkward that he’s -still- getting shout-outs for his roommate’s attempted fakery in January. :P

Clear runner-up was the falling nacelle, which wasn’t as pretty, but did manage to get me say, “Oh, FRAK!” when I realized what it was. (You’ve seen too much Cloverfield, Poroto P.

Double post, sorry.

Would it be ethically wrong of me to start leaking these to other Trek sites and see what kind of a stir they cause? Or would that give you too much of a headache, Anthony?

IMO, none look like anything that could be mistaken for real footage. I did think #10 was very good, as it had great entertainment value. #4 and #6 look better than the rest, but i did not think they were any more believable. It wont let me see #7 though, no longer available… Too bad.

re: 43
are there other trek sites that do not check TrekMovie.com regularly? plus the titles are all ‘fake entry 3, etc’

I would never have been able to choose between #6 and #7, so I’m glad someone else chose for us :)

Numer 7 is SOOO AWESOME!!! Why didn’t it win???

Falling warp nacelles is now my favorite new thing ever.

If the final bridge looks like the version in Fake #4, I will be a very happy fan.

#7 was fantastic. It was easily the most realistic looking, and I could see them having issues building a ship where parts aren’t on right. That one should have won.

Kudos, Hoserlu! Some very creative scenes there. I love “Boobies” floating across the screen….