Shatner Claims To Know About Life On Mars…Really

The live chat with William Shatner last Friday was rife with tech issues, but it is now available online (and totally audible). The whole vid (below) is about 40 minutes long. Due to the various tangents, he ended up taking only eight questions, none of which were related to Star Trek. The most interesting part was regarding Shatner’s beliefs on ET and his claim to have inside info.

Shat believes in ET, claims to know about life on Mars
The seventh question in the chat (at time mark 5:27) was “Do you believe in Extra-terrestrial life?” Shatner replied in the affirmative saying “of course, it is beyond a certainty that there is life out there.” Shat then went on to say (in complete seriousness) that he had insider info on Martians:

I will let you in on a little secret, that I have been told not to reveal. So I wont reveal who told me, but there is going to be new information about Mars. It wont be too long away.

Full video recording of live chat

Complete list of questions and timing
41:05 Intro/ Bill and Liz talk about technology
33:10 Q1: What kind of art do you like?
28:43 Q2: Have any of your horses been in the Kentucky Derby?
25:10 Q3: What is Shiva Club? [new comedy film Shat is directing]
15:55 Q4: Is there anything you have a burning desire to do that you haven’t done yet?
12:55 Q5: Why did you go back to series television with Boston Legal?
11:52 Q6: Any follow-up to album Has Been?
5:27 Q7: Do you believe in Extra-terrestrial life?
3:01 Q8: Is “Invasion Iowa” going to be rebroadcast or on DVD?



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