The Collective: First Look At Big Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk is bigger than life and now, his action figure is too. Diamond Select Toys today provided the first image of their new Ultimate Quarter Scale line Kirk action figure, first reported by from Toy Fair in February. See below for details and full size image


The 19″ figure will feature a deluxe display stand, electronic sound effects, phrases from the show, cloth costume, and articulation.

(click to super size)

The Kirk figure will be released sometime this Autumn, followed by a Spock version. No details yet on pricing.

Not the first 1/4 Trek
While Kirk represents the first DST 1/4 scale figure, the previous licensee, Sideshow Collectibles, released four 18-19” Trek figures from 2004-2006. Sideshow’s versions of Kirk, Spock, and two Seven of Nines featured excellent detailing. However, these limited editions figures ranged in price from $200 to $275. While perhaps not as detailed, the DST version is probably going to significantly less expensive.

Sideshow Kirk


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looks nothin like him lol

Soon we’ll be “pining” for a whole new version. [ducks]

Yes. Seems they are doing a generic Kirk so you could see the figure either way, Shatner or Pine ;-)

When will the life size one be available?

Wow. Awful. lol but at least it’s the right color of shirt.

The action figure has no shoulders, fat calves, and giant rank insignias on his sleeves. He looks like he’s wearing farmers’ rainboots. Diamond Select artists should study some human bone structure and the episodes to perfect JTK’s proportions.

Perhaps it’s a 21st century stylization of 1960’s Kirk. Checking his Blackberry while he warms up his phaser. Needs work.

19 inches? Now he can hit on Barbie!

That’s horrible. I would never buy this.

# 7 Only if Barbie is playing the part of a midget. Barbies are about 12 inches tall.

Not nice at all. Judging by the collar of the uniform, his neck must be about 17 inches long…..
Looks nothing like Kirk
All in all a bit of a shame. But maybe this is just a prototype and not the finished product.

The hair’s right, and the uniform’s right – but I agree; whereas DST usually provides rather high quality, they imperatively must improve that figure.

After the improvements have been implemented, I also want a life-size version.

Looks like a cross between Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever, and Martin Milner from 1-Adam-12. Also the feet and boots are too fat. Everyone knows Shatner has skinny legs. Didn’t you see Boston Legal last night?

19″ — so, now there’s no place to hide the fact that you’re a geek whose girlfriend headed for the hills long ago.

Nice idea, but…

… maybe they only looked at pictures of Shat’s stunt double during fight scenes of TOS…

Man, those boots are made for walkin’.

No disrespect to either party, but this Kirk looks strangely like an older Wesley Crusher.

The Spock figure can use my cat as a sehlat. The scale would work. Could use a grapefruit spoon for a lirpa, too.

looking at that close up, it looks like his boots are on the wrong feet.

As far as the scale goes, 1/4 scale figures are becoming popular with collectors. I do like that his insignia appears to be on leatherette, and not a sticker like on the Megos.

For me? nah. Now, if they make a 1/4 scale Enterprise to go with him, …maybe!!

Kinda looks like the Animated Trek Kirk. Perhaps the person who molded this Kirk like Anime too much too.

#9 – Maybe, but we all know that wouldn’t stop Kirk…

that is pretty goofy looking

I like the original 1/4 scale Sideshow version better, but neither of them look like Kirk to me. None of the statues they produce look much like the characters either, and the action figures haven’t been dead-on like they were the Enterprise days either. Is it really hard to capture Trek actor likenesses? Lucas doesn’t seem to have this problem. Maybe Trek should have had more outfits with full faced helmets!

… the sideshow Kirk looks like Quark disguised as Kirk…

those darn Ferengi!

Thanks again, John, for the news. I get more collectible news here than I do on the Art Asylum board I lurk (they won’t let me sign up for some reason). From the looks of this sculpt, I’m glad I collect ships and tech and not figures. It really looks like a Kirk bust I saw. And I didn’t like that one either.

OK DST, let’s get with the new BSG ships. I got money burning a hole in my pocket. (hint, hint)

Please remember

this pic is of a PROTOTYPE – the actual figure could look MUCH different for better or worse.

In toys, often the prototype is improved upon before the actual shipping, so make your judgements on whether or not to purchase said figure on the ACTUAL figure, not the prototype.

25 – where does it say this is a prototype?

Here’s what I wonder – is the concern that the figure doesn’t look like KIRK or that it doesn’t look like SHATNER? I think we’re beginning to enter into a period where the artists are trying to create a look for the character but not necessarily a likeness of the actor, pointing to the fact that the characters have a life and presence beyond the actors who played them. I think this rings true given that we are about to have a second generation of ordained actors stepping into the parts. I also don’t believe the goal is necessarily to make a figure that looks like it could get up and walk around the room. It looks to me like there is a bit of artistic license being taken to generate something unique, and not just another Shatner/Kir figure like all the others.

27 – ease up on the Tranya… :)

More like “Big average looking dude in a yellow shirt holding a phaser.”

Doesn’t look like him at all. and it creeps me out.

Actually, on second look it’s…


27 Mike:

And what kind of business decision would have led to that? At these potential prices, the clientele is us.

Why not just wait until May 2009, and make Kirk look like Chris Pine?

Also, his body is out of proportion and lacks shoulders. Perhaps it’s artistic license, but it ain’t my cup of tea.

Will, if this is a prototype, then DST did themselves a disservice in releasing a picture of something they planned to improve on. I remember a prototype picture they released of the WNMHGB 1701 that had bent nacelle pylons and a sagging deflector dish. It looked horrible and the collectors were up in arms.

Mike, making a “action figure” or “statue” that doesn’t resemble the actor who played the character is also a bad business move. If they’re trying to make a sculpt that could pass for both Pine and Shatner, they could get into a licensing dispute.

Looks like a BIG Captain Action dressed like Kirk… Sheeeeesh!

I hope Shatner is getting money for this ’cause we know Paramount/CBS is!

lets hope they brush up on human anatomy before the final one is done

first of all let me say,that im sure it will be way overpriced,what all these toy and collectable makers need to realize,is these things should be cheap now, in 20 or 30 years they may be worth what they are charging.second,this kirk figure doesnt look like kirk,its too skinny,and it looks like george bush sr.

I don’t know if anyone noticed this…. but in the top image, when you blow it up… it looks distinctly as though the figure’s boots are on the wrong feet.

Not real dignified, that.

Looks like some of the enesco star trek crap from the 80’s when any trek merchandise would do.


The XI figures will resemble the XI actors. All TOS figures and original films figures continue to resemble the original actors, as they are the only ones to have portrayed the characters during that era, and the actors do have likeness rights, as John Tenuto pointed out a couple of threads ago. Having said that, there is no limitation to your personal imagination – you are free to imagine the characters as whoever you want to imagine them.

I am getting one of these as a Garden Gnome!

Nineteen Inches?? Quarter scale??? There’s no way William Shatner is 6’4″!!! :)

What would be the pricing on this? I would say by the look of it, it should be under $30, and then significantly discounted after inventory buildup.

I mean, the message is: put out either a wonderful, perfect product or none at all.

The Sideshow Kirk looks better, but seems emaciated and angry. And I pity the fools who paid those prices for a depiction of some unknown guy in a Kirk uniform.

I collected Trek and Marvel dolls when I was in gradeschool in the 1970’s. I was happy with the Mego dolls of the time, and do not think either Diamond Select or Sideshow hold a candle to those figures.


Pitiful. Simply pitiful…

It seems more generic than the 9″ playmates line back in the 90s. They should’ve consulted with DC Direct; there 1/4 scale line rocks!

Man… if one thing remains constant in the universe, it’s the fact that Shat is one hard likeness to capture. Good sculpts of Kirk are far and few between. I’m torn between the cloth uniform and a sculpted uniform in a more realistic pose. Cloth is great if you do it right. Sideshow’s uniform was great, but sadly, they used oversized heads that were out of proportion to the body and it looked goofy. Sideshow’s Spock sculpt was particularly good….but like Kirk, the head was too big for the body.

Oh well. If these are affordable, I’m there. If they ‘re anywhere close to the cost of the Sideshow figures I’ll have to pass.

Wow. That looks exactly like Charlie Sheen.

That Sideshow figure looks like about anyone EXCEPT Shatner!



: (

Captain Adam West, maybe?