CelebWatch: Takei, Shatner, Cho, Stewart, Sirtis, and Mulgrew

Chuck is taking the week off so Tony has a truncated Celeb Watch with George Takei singing country and killing a TV show, Patrick Stewart getting rave reviews and talking the end of TNG, Harold and Kumar 2 clips with John Cho, William Shatner giving Boston Legal spoilers, and new acting gigs for Kate Mulgrew and Marina Sirtis.

Takei Shows Hidden Talent – Show Gets Canceled
On Tuesday the latest CBS reality show, Secret Talents of the Stars, premiered on CBS to low ratings and even worse reviews. Things went so badly that CBS cancelled the show after just one episode. The ‘highlight’ of the show was George Takei singing a country song. Judge for yourself:

Stewart: Done with Trek, getting Broadway Raves
As reported earlier, Patrick Stewart opened on Broadway this week in Macbeth. In an interview promoting the show, Stewart told Time Out New York “I think everything to do with The Next Generation is now in the past.” But the actor readily admitted to the USA Today that his time with genre acting has helped bring people to the theater, saying “I like to think that Star Trek and X-Men have been partly responsible for helping to create a new audience.” The new play had previously got rave reviews and this latest run continues the trend. The New York Times calls his performance “thrilling,” the USA Today: “witty” and “nuanced,” Reuters: “fascinatingly complex,” and the LA Times: “mesmerizing.”

There is blood, but does he drink your milkshake?

Cho’s Harold & Kumar 2 is coming
John Cho’s Harold and Kumar Go To Guantanamo Bay comes out in two weeks. New Line held their press junket this week so expect Cho interviews (probably with requisite Trek questions) to pop up between now and then. E! filed a quick report from the junket saying that when Cho was asked if he got his (previously reported) wrist injury on Star Trek set, he joked “I was strangling Zachary Quinto.” Meanwhile New Line has set up a YouTube channel for clips and other promotional videos for the movie. Here is just one example:

Shatner’s Boston Legal is Back
Episodes for Boston Legal returned this week. There will be five more ‘post WGA strike’ episodes to finish out the 4th season. No word yet on if the show will be picked up for a 5th. Shatner will be promoting the return on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this Friday. And in a new ShatnerVision from his BL dressing room The Shat talks a bit about upcoming episodes:

Phillips Talks Turkey
Stewart isn’t the only Trek vet on Broadway these days. Voyager’s Ethan Phillips is co-starring in the David Mamet political comedy November. The play focuses on a political scandal at the White House related to the annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey and Phillips plays ‘the Turkey Guy. The actor tells Playbill that there are usually Trekkies at the stage door and “it’s fun to chat with them for a second.” More on the play at the official site.

What do you mean you prefer Tuvix?

Mulgrew Goes Off Broadway
Kate Mulgrew is also headed to the New York stage in the off-Broadway production of Edward Albee’s The American Dream and The Sandbox. The show had been extended to May 17th and Mulgrew is stepping into the role of “Mommy” for the original actress who had another play to do. Kate’s first show is April 22nd, more info cherrylanetheatre.org. The day before opening night, on April 21st, Kate will be participating in ‘Project Shaw’, reading obscure plays from George Bernard Shaw. More info and tickets at projectshaw.com.

Just call me Mommy?

Sirtis admitted to Holby City
Marina Sirtis (TNG: Troi) has landed a gig on the BBC medical soap, Holby City. According to a release, Sirtis will appear as a shallow TV presenter. The plot has her refusing surgery because “it might ruin her good looks.”

Think she can she play vain?


  • Duncan Regehr (DS9’s Shakaar Edon) has a new exhibition of his oil paintings in Vancouver .More info at the Petley Jones Gallery
  • Academy Award-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit (Visual effects photographer on TMP) is profiled in a new article at CNN
  • Inspirational Professor Randy Pausch (who landed a Star Trek cameo) was profiled on ABC’s Dateline on Wednesday. More info and vid clips at ABC
  • Michael Giacchino’s (composer on JJ Abrams Star Trek) recent talk at LACMA will be broadcast on Sunday, April 13, at 9 p.m. on 89.3 KPCC-FM (and available as a podcast afterwards). Video will broadcast on L.A. cable channel 36 at 10 p.m. Tuesday April 15th.
  • Brent Spiner spoke to the Reality Check podcast about his new album “Dreamland”. Listen to it at Sci-Fi London

In Memoriam: Stanley Kamel
Actor Stanley Kamel (Kosinski, TNG “Where No One Has Gone Before”) passed away Tuesday, at the age of 65. Variety reports that Kamel was found dead in his Hollywood home and the cause of death has not been released. Kamel had a prolific career, most recently appearing as a regular on the show Monk.

Kamel as Kosinski


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First! Marina Sirtis Is lookin good.

The paintings have kind of a Goreylike quality.

agreed… Also may i say.. Takie can officially no longer call Shatner a ham. Are you kidding me with that? I seriously almost fell out of my chair.

Bleeh, That CBS show was not very good.

I think they should have started with stronger stars.

And George was… well, best he not quit his day job.

First of all, I love George Takei; I think he’s awesome. Second, I’d love for George Takei never to sing again if there’s any chance a recording device (or innocent bystander) is nearby … Harold & Kumar 2 looks like a hoot … and Patrick Stewart getting raves for fine acting is just the kind of thing that happens in a rational universe. By a happy coincidence, it also happens in this one.

“you should try to de-suckify your voice.” classic! Also did I read that right, is Chuck back on the Air??

I am so very sorry to hear about Stanley Kamel. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends… He was an absolute delight as part of the Monk cast and will be greatly missed!

I saw “November” on Broadway last month. It was hilarious. If you can go see it, do so! I even got my Playbill autographed by 4 of the 5 cast members.

#3 – exactly. That was ridiculous. Don’t say a word about Shatner’s acting, you embarrassed yourself. What a joke,,,

Oh oh… Takei… really bad… both voice and rhythm

Well, George Takei managed to do the impossible: he made Shatner sound like a GOOD singer by comparison! Even Nimoy’s “Bilbo Baggins” was better! (BTW, if you haven’t heard Shatner’s cover of “Common People,” check it out. It’s actually–gulp!–better than the original song, IMHO.)

Very sad about Stanley Kamel. He was awesome on “Monk” and memorable in every other role. My sympathies to his family and friends; these days, even 65 is “too young” to die.

George’s singing really, really sucked.

Marina my dear, you are looking just fine!!!!

If george tries some classical stuff, kind of like shatner did. there might be something there..yes no more country for george..although i think his version of “On the road a again” will end up as a classic like ed wood.

I think Mr. Takei did exactly what the show’s title suggested. He kept any shred of talent completely hidden. Bravo.

It is very evident now where his vociferous hatred of Shatner stems from. The green eyed monster. …and I’m not speaking of the Gorn.

Enough, Takei, enough. Take a vacation. A long one.
The more I hear about Trek celebrities, the less I want to.
This would be true about celebrities in general.
And don’t get me started on the so-called “spoilers.”

Since I already know that I don’t have to read these parts…save it!

Oh God!!! Make him shut up!! George got nuthin on Bill.

Patrick Stewart could do a dramatic reading from the Yellow Pages and make an audience weep.

Would you believe that Sirtis is pushing 50? She still looks damn fine

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Stanley Kamel. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Lolocaust, Sirtis is OVER 50 already.

BTW, after reading some recent comments, am I one of only about 3 or 4 trekkies in the world who despises William Shatner as a person? (In response to all these “George Takei can’t dog on WIlliam Shater now” posts)

That tie definitely indicates a 5th season. :)

Anyone else have to look twice at that picture of Ethan Phillips?

He looks more like Picardo’s EMH with a tache.

Takei was nothing as a singer. The guy is making himself into a joke. And that smoking hot chick who did the tap dance didn’t even make the cut. Bad show, good riddance to it.

George Takei has made so much of a fool of himself on Howard Stern that I can’t watch him anymore no matter what he does. I listened to him on Sirius last week and he was singing a song about someones male genitalia and what he wanted to do to Robin Quivers boyfriend. He has really turned the clock back for homosexuals with this garbage.

Damn, Marina Sirtis is getting prettier as the years go by :-)

I didn’t even find the guts to check Takei’s singing ability…

It’s true, I had to look twice at that pic of Ethan Phillips.. he looks more like Picardo…

RIP Stanley Kamel

I’ve never been so afraid of touching a triangle in a circle in my whole life. George, stick to what you’re good at. Acting. Lay off the self-parody or reinvention or whatever. You’re undercutting your earlier career.

Of course, if someone handed me buckets o cash to talk about my sex-life, publicly diss my former co-worker, and sing in the gayest cowboy suit on either side of the Pecos, I’d do it.

Marina appears to be headin’ off to cougar country. rrrrrrrrrrrrooowww

Oh… I soooo want to see “November.” David Mamet makes me laugh, and so does Ethan Phillips. Together they will rule Broadway, as father and son.

hey george. As a actor you are great.As a announcer you are great.As a singer. well. what is the oppisite of great.we love you george. but just don’t sing.unless you are all alone in the shower and no one can hear you.


What’s the deal with Marina Sirtis getting prettier with age? Wow!

She is now officially voluptuous.


…managed to embarrass himself, STAR TREK fans, country & western fans, Japanese-Americans AND the gay community all in one god-awful performance. Quite a feat!

At least he was able to laugh about it. I, however, will never be able to listen to “On the Road Again” the same way after that.

Takei keeps on humiliating himself. His ancestors would be committing hari-kari from the shame he is bringing on his honorable family, if they weren’t already dead.

George, stop making yourself look bad! The remaining fans you have are being made to look bad too!

“What’s the deal with Marina Sirtis getting prettier with age? Wow!
She is now officially voluptuous.”

Sadly, the most recent film I saw her in was “Crash” where she wore a burka.

I’m sorted till the release of the film now, I can keep watching the clip of George singing for ever – its so bad its great!!!!!

Marina Sirtis is indeed looking rather yummy despite her advancing years, unlike the aged Gates McFogie.

It’s really pathetic when someone is so desperate for attention that they’re willing to make an absolute fool of themselves (over and over and over… ad finitum, ad nausem).

George, please stop. Can’t you hear the laughter? They’re not laughing with you, they’re laugh at you. Please don’t do this to yourself.


“Sadly, the most recent film I saw her in was “Crash” where she wore a burka.”

Are you saying a woman can look “hot” in a burka?

Careful, Captain Pike, there are a few imams in Tehran who say YOU can’t say a woman looks hot in a burka.

Come to think of it, George would ‘sound’ better in a burka.

There are those who should just keep singing in the shower. OMG! At least Brent Spiner has been trained to sing, but George? Thank God that the show was cancelled. And why do these “celebrity” shows put people on doing things that they really can’t do?
At least Takei took the shot, too bad he missed.

I would have liked to hear Takei sing “Folsom Prison Blues” or some other Johnny Cash number. I think with his voice he probably could have pulled it off.

For the record, Kamel died of a heart attack, according to The Associated Press (http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/TV/04/10/obit.kamel.ap/index.html). RIP, Mr. Kamel.

Great job with Celeb, Tony! I should take a “break” more often. :)

I don’t think Takei was the “make or break” for the show. Hope not, anyway.

At least Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy could stay in tune when “singing!” That was painful to watch, although the show itself looked interesting. I would have liked to have seen more of it…and I never watch reality shows!

Is it just me, or has The Shat lost weight? He’s lookin’ pretty good!! Not much different than he looked back in “Generations.”

This play Patrick Stewart is in raised a question in my mind – why is it that when The Shat delivered an impassioned Kirk speech or expressed powerful emotions, it’s “overacting,” but when Stewart does the same thing (in TNG) it’s suddenly “Shakespherian” and “masterful?” How come he doesn’t have a reputation for “overacting,” a reputation that Bill Shatner has but does NOT deserve?

Katie, at least when The Shat used to sing on the Priceline commercials he KNEW it was for laughs, ol’ George is actually serious when croaking out these mistuned offenses!!!

God NO!!! DON’T make me watch Holby City!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I can record it, and skip to the Marina Sirtis parts… she’ll be back in full cockney twang then I’d presume, rather than the weird (though endearing) pseudogreek she used to use.

As for George….. oh my!

@44 – Stewart is a ham when he wants to be, but it’s probably the amount of hammery that swings the vote. They both do restrained and measured when they want to, but I prefer watching a good Shatner ham than Stewart’s ham. Not saying one is better than the other overall, as I forgot to put on my flameproof underwear.

Wow! I’m a big Willie fan. I don’t classify Willie as country or any certain category of music. He’s a musician- song writer. I appreciate a song writer. And I love Takei…..but, uh….that was painful. And Brian…no he didn’t stay in “key the whole time”…. or tempo.

As for Marina I don’t care what she’s in……I probably won’t watch it….but I like the picture.

#44–“How come he doesn’t have a reputation for “overacting,” a reputation that Bill Shatner has but does NOT deserve?”

You would have to be more specific with regard to Stewart. However, Bill has that reputation because, at times, he HAS overacted. Remember his performance in TOS, “The Enterprise Incident” (I’LL….KILL YOU!!!”, LOL)? Or his infamous unnecessary pauses during his monologues? We have also heard from Trek film directors and co-stars who stated that the director would often have to “wear Bill out” with numerous takes before getting a scene out of him in which he was not “over the top”.

There are many instances where my love, for TOS in particular, exists “despite” Bill’s acting….not because of it. In all fairness though, some of the fondness which the public has for him (and mine)is DUE to that sometimes comical overacting. It has made for some great satire over the years. He is a one-of-a-kind.

I’m no particular TNG fan (I’m definitely a TOS guy), but I cannot recall ever feeling as though Stewart was overacting. I just thought his character (Picard) was boring.


Takei should never sing again, that was awful.

Damn! What will Monk do without his shrink? Very sad news, great actor!