Fuller: Gay Characters Considered For Voyager

In an interview with Logo networks After Elton blog, Star Trek Voyager writer/producer revealed that two gay characters were considered for the series, which would have been a Trek first. However Fuller, who is openly gay, actually didn’t support the idea because he felt the characters were ‘two dimensional.’

From the blog interview:

There was a pregnant ensign – Ensign Wildman – and she was going to have gay godparents to her child,” said Fuller, explaining the show’s potential plotline – that never got made. But Fuller found the characters so two-dimensional that he wasn’t disappointed it didn’t air: “It sounds weird to say – but I was kind of glad they didn’t do it the way it was written. Because it became really cliché.”

In the end Naomi ended up with Neelix as godfather

Gay Trek?
The subject of homosexuality in the Trek universe has been hotly debated for decades. While Trek is often credited for embracing diversity, it has never had an openly gay character. In the last two decades gay characters have become commonplace in both TV and film and there have been rumors that some Trek characters were considered as possible candidates (including Enterprise’s Malcolm Reed and First Contact’s Lt. Hawk), but those plotlines never materialized.

One of the more famous attempts at bringing a gay character into Trek was during the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation. With the apparent support of Gene Roddenberry, David Gerrold (writer of the classic TOS episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”) wrote a script titled “Blood and Fire” which was an AIDS allegory that featured a gay subplot with two male crewmembers. However, it met with resistance from the studio and was never produced. The script recently got a new life, adapted for the 23rd century by fan series Star Trek Phase II. (PII’s version of “Blood and Fire” should be released this summer). There have been other non-canon gay characters in fan films and some of the recent Trek novels as well.

Publicity still for Phase II’s “Blood and Fire”

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