More From Bakersfield Star Trek Shoot [UPDATED]

The Star Trek location shooting in Kern County continues to be big news for the local media. A new article in the Bakersfield Californian reports Paramount was trying to keep the filming a secret, but the cover was blown when the TV crews ‘found’ the film crew while covering a traffic accident (reported here on Monday). Another report has more video and a better spoiler picture from Monday’s filming.

Secret Iowa
The Bakersfield Californian also notes that the rural settings in Kern County (100 miles north of Hollywood) is being used to stand in for Iowa, quoting an unnamed Paramount official “Iowa usually looks pretty green, so that’s what we were looking for.” The crew had set up camp at a private farm and has now moved their activity away from the road (and from prying eyes). A Kern county official summed up Paramount’s desire for secrecy and need for using code names (the permit was for ‘Corporate Headquarters’):

Paramount doesn’t release to locals the movie they’re shooting. They shoot it in confidential mode, so this was no exception to that.

The official was also pleased to report that Paramount is pumping an estimated $2 million in revenue for the local economy benefiting restaurants, hotels and gas stations, but also including the hiring of ’10 to 15′ local craftsmen.

Guard keeps watch on Trek location shoot

More at

Google Earth view of ‘Iowa’ farm for Star Trek






Better shot of the vette + mystery tarp
Yesterday we showed video (from local station KERO) of a red corvette being used for the filming. Now in a new blog post (which quotes yours truly), Nick Belardes of KERO has put up a new higher res cap from the Corvette video.

Who is behind the wheel? (click to enlarge)

could it be either Jimmy Bennett (L- young James Kirk) or Spencer Daniels (R – young George Kirk, Jr.)

What is under the tarp?
Nick also has uploaded more video from Monday. It shows crew people peeking at some large thing under a tarp. They then put a security guy (and then a bus) between the camera crew and the object of interest. What could it be?


UPDATE: on the news!
Nick just sent in this video of his segment on tonight’s broadcast where he talks about how big the Trek news has been for ABC23 website…and how is fueling the mysteries of the Corvette.


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