Galactica Preview: Six of One

[NEW FEATURE] There may be no new Star Trek episodes these days (excecpt TOS-R), but Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica is keeping it real for ‘space based’ TV series. A Trek fan favorite, the show features many Trek vets behind (and in front) of the camera and so for it’s fourth and final season will run a special preview for each Friday’s episode and also BSG news.

Airing tonight, April 11th at 10 PM (9 Central)

“Six of One” [Season 4 Ep. 2]
Synopsis: The Cylons learn that the Final Five are in the Colonial fleet. Some of the Cylons want the Cavil model to stop lobotomizing the Raider ships. Starbuck desperately tries to convince the others that the fleet is going the wrong way in their search for Earth.


Battlestar News of the week (some spoilers):

Moore on final cylon and DVD movies
Ron Moore revealed the final Cylon will be revealed “late in the season” and that it is “possible” there will be more direct-to-DVD movies (like Razor), but there are no current plans. More at Total Scifi

DS9 gave birth to BSG?
BSG supervising producer (and former DS9 writer/producer) David Weddle, talked to SyFy Portal about DS9 and BSG

I think ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ will be seen as a ground-breaking series that made ‘Battlestar Galactica’ possible. Ira Behr saw how ‘Deep Space Nine’ could be an unfolding, epic story. He kicked open a door for all of us and gave us a glimpse of what was possible. Ron Moore embraced this concept [and] applied it brilliantly in ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ Fans could easily look at BSG and DS9 like how fans of westerns of John Ford and Sam Peckinpah are viewed today.

Episode List
GalacticSiteRep has a spoilery list of upcoming episode titles.

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After the fourth season’s over, then what will be new?

It’s good to see someone giving Deep Space Nine some respect. I would really like to see direct to DVD’s of any of the modern Trek series like Stargate has done.

they showed tonights episode early on which I didn’t watch. I wanted to wait to watch it on the big screen in hi def

The Caprica series? I do hope that this series is not going to end everybody dying that would be a real let down of an ending and it would dampen my desire to see the Capraca prequel series, What would be the point?

A synopsis of a trailer? huh? For people who find TV clips too challenging?

Anyway — glad to see BSG getting attention here. There are strong links with Trek. Plus, it’s just a well written show.

Wgen I get onto a site about Star Trek that’s what I want to see. I don’t need updates on non-Trek garbage…especially this! You may as well change the name of the sit to SciFi part 2…

OriginalFan — with respect, is lightyears better than, despite limiting its scope. I don’t mind the addition. No one’s putting a frakkin’ phaser to your head to make you click. (There. How’s that for crossover?)

One of the problems that i have is people are saying this show is better then Babylon 5 and that is just not the case.Galactica is an execellant series but from a story telling standpoint It its not better then b5. It alos lacks the heart that Ds9 had.

there are all kind of side stories they could tell, I just hope RDM does not soprano us at the end of the 4th season which he referred to as brilliant, I thought the end of sopranos stunk, but my guess on the 5th and final cylon will be starbuck, even though RDM said starbuck is not a cylon, but I bet he was referring to the first and dead starbuck, not the new one that came back from the dead, its a crappy way out, but that’s my guess.

OriginalFan, this site is dedicated to Star Trek, but part of its attraction for many readers is that it knows there is a world of other science fiction and fantasy out there that is watched by many Star Trek fans.

Indeed to be a Star Trek fan doesn’t mean it has to be your favourite series. You might like it, but be more interested in other stuff.

The day devotes itself to myopic geek scum is the day the majority of its readership will go elsewhere!!

#8 – I don’t know what show you’re watching.

B5 was amateurish on many levels that distracted from the generally excellent story arcs.

DS9 was fantastic and certainly had great drama and heart, but I would in no way say that BSG lacks it.

#9 When Isee a rerun of Sopranos on I change the channel, the ending of that series was letdown of epic proportions ,there was nothing brilliant about that . I do hope Galactica avoids from that kind of Artsy ending.

i just sneezed up something that was a better show than babylon 5

Garovorkin — B5 and DS9 were (are?) truly great. Both were also largely optimistic (although DS9 may certainly seem dark when compared to TNG.) BSG is dark chocolate baby. This is the gal you know you shouldn’t date, but you do and it goes all to hell just like you knew it would, but you wouldn’t change a thing and you’ll hurt forever.

As for endings, I think the predictions are hilarious, since RDM hasn’t held any straight lines since day one. My personal prediction: Galactica will reach Earth with the Cylons close on its aft. There’ll be a chance for reconciliation, then a final battle that totally destroys both sides. Cut to a small group of scientists in Roswell, NM in the 1950’s, watching a fireball hurtle to Earth. They follow the trail to a crater. There, at the bottom is a single perfect boob that once belonged to Six. One scientist turns to another and says, “We can rebuild this. What could go wrong?” Fade to black.

an onion ring :-(

in a poll we did last week 62% of TrekMovie readers said they watched (or were going to watch) the premiere of BSG season 4. That told me there is a lot of cross over. BSG is the best scifi show on TV today and is made by veterans of Star Trek. This site will run one story per week for the remainder of the season…that is 18 more stories mixed in with the hundreds of Trek stories we will run over the same period. Maybe we can get that number up to 80% and increase interest in this show.

Certainly if you are a fan of DS9, you should be watching BSG

While the weekly “sci-fi media universe” round-up is fine, a concentration on BSG at this site just seems wrong. Like there isn’t anything to report on Trek, so we’ll talk about another show that some people like. Why not any of the other dozen or so shows that have a science fiction aspect to them?

If this site it going to shift its focus from *almost exclusively* Star Trek to *mostly* Star Trek, I will probably also shift my focus from checking it out at least daily, and instead wander in now and again to see if it has anything on Trek. Just like any other general SF site.

#11 Babylon 5 was well produced and well told. BSg has a number of problems. first off if you create something as dangerous as a Cylon, how is it that you dont put in shutdown codes or safety protocols to prevent the possibility of rebellion, second where did the Cylons get their ships from? and third off your fight a war with tactical nukes,what do nukes do to electronics? answer electro magnetic pulse would fry them. Also why would an technophbic societynetwork link their fighter with their mane computers< so that the cylons could easily disable them? Also how is it that the coloniels seem to have no anti virus protocals or software to deal with cylon virus attacks

deep snore nine has nothing on bsg, or bab5

if it wasnt for bab5, ds9 would have been even more of a snoozefest, thank god for competition, it brings out the best

now, when is the starlost remake going to happen?

Garovorkin — the answer to most of your above questions is: Because Baltar was such a dang evil genius. He got around ALL of those protocols. As for “where did they get their ships,” there was an armistice (sp?) after the First Cylon War. The Cylons disappeared to a never-revealed homeworld and came up with… “a plan.” And ships. And a super-cute Sharon model.

BSG has fewer gaping holes in its logic than TOS ever did. Regardless, if you will ONLY accept perfectly logical stories, you’re limiting yourself to history, not sci-fi.

Babylon 5 seasons 1-4 were great, but they had to wrap the storyline up quickly because of cancellation, season 5 was added because of fan reaction, I just wish MJS had time to tell his 5 year story in 5 years, not 4 and then a fifth season slapped on. Babylon 5 was a great show because of the arc, like BSG has, they are both great shows, with the exception of Bab 5 season 5. Its rare that sci fi fans are treated to shows of this caliber.

Done right, The Starlost would be awesome! (Wiki all the things done wrong for a good laugh-cry.)

I like ‘some’ of Bab-5’s season 5. Wasn’t “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars” a fifth season deal? Or was that the end of 4? “Sleeping in Daylight” was nearly as good. And the spooky one, “Day of the Dead” was worth the pain of some of the turkey eps.

From Day One, was the “go to” site for Trek, easily surpassing my previous “go to” site, The baton passed early in the trekmovie life when started quoting scoops from

I still enjoy the retro reviews of, but the blog approach, the all points attack on all things Trek, and the general glee and sense of community that this site engenders, far outpaces anything else out there.

When says, “we’re gonna start providing some BSG content because 1) there’s Trek in its DNA and 2) you really should be watching this , then I say, bring it on. I trust, trust, trust you,

I also say, continue the continuation of brand extension and beam in more frackin’ sci-fi you think we’d be fools to miss. Because Gods know, there are plenty of we fools out here.

By the way, Ellen is the final Cylon; she’s not really dead; and she’s been fracking with Saul the whole time.

And my evil brother believes that humans and Cylons return to Earth in time to place the latest human/Cylon hybrid in a certain manger about 2008 years ago.

#13. Very funny; I was going to say it came from another orifice, but ‘sneeze’ worked! Tried to get into B5, but the sterility and car-commercial acting (at least in the early years; re-watch the pilot sometime) put me off….just my opinion; please put your weapons down, any B5 fans out there! And #16, Anthony Pascale; thank you for the democratization of this Trek site! I love Trek (esp. TOS and DS9) and I very much love BSG. It’s like DS9, but without some of the limits of the Trek universe (ships stay damaged; wars inflict very real casualties; not some poor red-shirt). And it’s wonderful that opinions EVERYWHERE can be heard (agreed with or not). And I look very forward to tonight’s BSG (even my non-sci fi friends get into it! Makes for great viewing parties!).

You guys are WRONG. President Roslin is totally the final Cylon – remember the Three’s line, “My forgiveness – I had no idea”, I think only Roslin would have produced that reaction from her.

I’ve always been a Trek fan, but BSG is of a more consistent higher quality than Trek ever was.

Flame on!

re: 6. OriginalFan – April 11, 2008
“Wgen I get onto a site about Star Trek that’s what I want to see. I don’t need updates on non-Trek garbage…especially this! You may as well change the name of the sit to SciFi part 2…”

I agree. Stick to Star Trek…even that movie thing.

Anthony! (and staff)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

BSG is my favorite TV show. With all due respect to Garo, in my opinion it is at least the best science fiction show ever. Another answer about the ships, Garo, is that the ships ARE Cylons. Like in all sci-fi shows involving machines becoming self-aware, the Cylons probably over-rode their safety protocols as they understood and took over their own programming. The natural progression of events could lead one to presume that they also began to question their place in the universe and their relationship to the Great Architect of the Universe.

For the people who don’t get it, if you’ve seen it and don’t like it, that’s one thing. But to dismiss it out of hand without seeing it is really doing yourself a disservice. I think time will show that this series was a very special thing indeed.

And you are all wrong. Adama is the final Cylon. That one Cylon, Leonov (was that his name?) told Roslin in season one.

I would love to see a big-budget BSG movie in the theaters.

THX: Leoban was his name – Leonov was the USSR ship in 2010 :)

And no, totally Roslin!

Thank you THX-1138… totally agreed.


#11: “B5 was amateurish on many levels that distracted from the generally excellent story arcs.”


The story arcs themselves were rather a bit of a snooze. “Get out of our galaxy!” LOL

dunno why, but my posts havent been, posting…


#22 yeah, it should have been done right in the first place, it would have ranked up there with ufo, space 1999 and star trek

there was one excellent episode with john calicos AND barry morse… the contrast between the two actors couldnt have been more apparent

john far out-hammed anything shatner could have done, and barry was impeccable

for historic interests (i cant resist vintage sci-fi) the episodes are worth adding to any collection, i got them (what was available) on vhs, i bet they’re on dvd now…

heres a good starlost page for any youngsters unfamiliar with it, to learn more:

friday trivia time!

anyone remember ‘space academy’ with john harris? can anyone name the star trek connection to that show?

I really don’t get the attraction of this show. It has one of the most un-likable, un-appealing, depressing cast of characters I’ve seen in awhile. The acting is top notch, as is the production… but these characters are the last bunch of humanoids I want to spend an hour with. It gets a D, for D-pressing.

And the soap pera style story telling is just that. Some think that because it uses story arcs and has them hooked that it is the best thing since sliced bread. But really, that style of storytelling that has been used to get people involved in TV and radio shows since the sands poured down the hourglass… and, admittedly, it can be, and often is, very habit forming. But that doesn’t make it great storytelling.

Oh well. A lot of folks enjoy it. I don’t get it but more power to em.

Here’s how it’s going to end:

The cylons are gonna get wiped out a jump away from Earth, then, when the fleet enters orbit and everyone celebrates, it just explodes. Like Krypton. Then they all get lost in space. That would be hillarious.

ooooh, I know…I know!
Jonathan Harris was in Space Academy, and if you look closely at the shuttles from that show you see the exterior is borrowed from the front exterior of the land vehicle in “Ark II” which also had Jonathan Harris as a guest star several times. Ark II also had an episode with a very very young Helen Hunt, who later starred with Bill Paxton in “Twister”. Bill co-starred with Sigourney Weaver on “Aliens”, who we all know was also in the first two “Ghostbusters”. “Ghostbusters” starred Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray, both Saturday Night Live alumni…which is also where William Shatner did his infamous “get a life” sketch. That connection?


Thank you for being an intelligent person who can put into words their reason for not liking BSG. I may be a bit on the fanatical side for the show, but I can appreciate a differing point of view. If only more people could express themselves as well when they don’t like something.

This Trek fan is not a fan of this show.

re: Space Academy, I was gonna say its was back-to-back with ST TAS on Saturday mornings, when I was a lad.


close… wow! might be time to switch to decaf!


nah, its the actress pamelyn ferdin, who was in the episode ‘and the children shall lead’

who was that red headed kid? he really creeped me out…

and i am certain i read that harve bennet himself actually provided voice talent as some sort of computer on that show as well!

I’m a huge Star Trek fan and I just started watching the new BSG last week. I recorded a marathon they had the SciFi a couple of weeks ago. All the episodes were from season one. I started checking out BSG because of this site.

The show is starting to grow on me. Much like DS9. I did not like it at first but after about 6 or 7 episodes it is getting fun to watch. Better the Stargate and Stargate Atlantis. I did not like the new Flash Gordon Sci Fi had on. Seemed too low budget.

Any other suggestions for good “New” Sci Fi. My DVR is waiting.

#25 Sabastian Admitably the acting did have a few dead spots but overall i think in terms od story telling with its 5 year B5 Tops.BSG Look no scif is perfect but I thin k Strazininski overall did better job laying out his series then Ron moore.

DS9 is definitely the father of BSG. Not to mention what RDM wanted to do with Voyager. Lets see…

Enemy hidden among humans that look human? Check.
Special test to find enemy hidden among humans? Check.
Constant wondering who’s human and who’s an enemy. Check.
Major focus on religion? Check.

Grungy ship running out of resources trying to find Earth? Check.
Battle between military and non-military. Check.
Really bad acting? Oh wait, that was just Voyager.

BSG has definitely evolved beyond where it was, but in the beginning I thought it was just a Trek retread disguised in a different package.

OK, if we’re on this road…

BSG gets points for speechifying.
The writing is there, plus Olmos can really deliver the goods.
Contrast that with the gawdawful “baby gizelle” speech from Enterprise… or the level of “pecked to death by ducks” writing in Voyager.
I give DS9 high marks, as well, in this department. And eps of TNG AFTER the gawdawful first season.

#31. You are right; and the fictional spacecraft Leonov was named after the very real, first man to walk in space, cosmonaut Alexei Leonov! A real hero. As for the folks on this thread who don’t like BSG; you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I just know that people in my life who HATE sci-fi wind up LOVING BSG. So, if nothing else, it has (in my experience) brought a lot of non-geeks into the fold. And that’s always a good thing! Yes, BSG is dark and potentially depressing (on one level). But it holds our world to a dark mirror and asks a lot of probing, burning questions. For those who DO take the time and warm up to it, it is often the most rewarding hour of the week as far as entertainment goes; and that includes a LOT of movies I’ve seen lately, too! Whether it’s all planned in advance or not (like B5 was/is) I couldn’t care less (B5 always felt a little “over-starched” to me). Bottom line is; all my friends and myself enjoy it very much and it will be much missed after 2009!

Well, tastes can certainly differ. For mine, “Babylon 5” was an admirable attempt at long-form SF storytelling for television. Few, if any, other shows bear so strongly the mark of their creators’ vision. It certainly has its place in SF and TV history. But I also often found the dialogue excessively cheeky, the production values chintzy, the storytelling muddled. And while Stryzinski’s long-range planning for the series was admirable, bear in mind that external realities still forced many changes upon him, including the replacement of his first-season lead and much of the show’s direction in its final year. The structure of BSG has been much looser, but in many ways that’s turned out to be one of its greatest strengths.

(You might be interested to know, Garovorkin, that in addition to his brief cameos on the show Harlan Ellison had agreed to write a script for B5 that would have also served as a sequel to his famous “Outer Limits” episode “Demon With a Glass Hand.” They had even gotten Robert Culp to agree to guest-star; unfortunately, Ellison never came through with the script.)

When BSG is on its game, it’s simply one of the best shows in TV history, period. And even when it’s not, it’s still mostly worth an hour of your time.

And as for #43; Gary the Gorn (love the name!), if you liked BSG; have you ever seen “Firefly”? They are so similar in production design they could almost be in the same universe; in fact a Firefly ship makes a cameo in the BSG pilot mini-series (in a window in the doctor’s office on Caprica). A short lived, but brilliant show! Another sci-fi show for non sci-fi fans! The movie sequel, “Serenity”, is a nice wrap up, but the series is more involving! Just a recommendation. Hope you like it.

#34 you really haven’t seen much science fiction have you to make that statement ? LOL