Grand Slam XVI: Behind the scenes Star Trek photos from Roberto Orci

The sponsored Grand Slam XVI: Q&A with Bob Orci has just started (Alex couldn’t make it due to a last minute thing). Bob sent over three exclusive fun little pictures from behind the scenes of the new Star Trek movie (with maybe a little spoiler). This article is timed so you folks in land can see a bit of what they are seeing in Burbank at the same time.

Here they are…click to enlarge:

Note: Bob pointed out to me that this photo does not confirm any specific plot points related to the movie. However, Zach Quinto has said before that when he was preparing to play Spock he was learning ‘a lot about Vulcans and Romulans’…so you do the math.

We are also showing the pics Bob took during the live chat with JJ Abrams and crew from the Star Trek set back in January…and here they are again in case you missed them:


Check back later tonight for a full report on the panel with Bob and also a report on the appearances for the two Spocks (Quinto and Nimoy).


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Most excellent. You are our eyes and ears!

Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see more! (I remember the ones there) First maybe?!

romulans only? intruiging…

Thanks for the pics, Anthony.

One question, though — while the “Romulans Only” sign is amusing, why in the world is this one food item limited to Romulans only? And what kind of food is it?

I can’t wait to hear what they have to say. Always great to hear from the Supreme Court

Almost like being there….

Have fun at the Con guys. I used to go to those alot back in the 80s and 90s. After Trek became mainstream entertainment there wasn’t as much to get excited about so I stopped going.

Intriguing, yes. Indicative only, most likely, of what was being shot at that period of the production and little more, I’d wager.

Such a tease…that’s a lot of candy for Mr. Nimoy in pic 2

Anthony nice job ! keep the photos coming.

Trully Excellent!!!!

I want to see Nimoy in full costume & makeup!!!

PS: Anyone know how Nimoy’s nose is doing? I hope he sues!

One of those little candy boxes better have a toothbrush and some flouride gel, or we’re likely to see Old Spock killed by the cavity creeps.

#11, ???

What happened? A link, if you please.

Cheers for the Report !!


Thanks Anthony!

This is truly awesome!

The adventure continues…

I just want to join the chorus of gratitude for all of your hard work. It’s been years since my convention-going days, and I miss it. Thanks to you and your crew, we get a glimpse of the fun.

Thanks for a great site and for letting us have a place to chat about Trek. (We need to start a petition to get you a role in the next Trek film or something!)

Many thanks!

I see Coldstone aprons. Did Leonard spring for ice cream for everyone?

(FYI: Coldstone is an ice cream franchize that specializes in ice cream as you like it–with any kind of fruit, nut, candy, cookie, cake, etc. folded into your desired flavor of ice cream on a cold marble slab, hence the name Coldstone.)

I wonder what flavor Romulans prefer?

I take it Nimoy is the candy fairy, indulging everone’s sweet tooth?

Anythony — still hoping for a shot of Denise in her slave girl outfit.

Sweet literally and figuratively

In the 23rd century, they still had segregation. Romulans can’t use the Federation only water fountains

yea so the Klingons where right , the Federation is Homo sapiens only club, no wonder the Klingons and Romulans hate them so much ………….maybe this was the course of the Earth – Romulan war !!!!

Thanks Anthony!:)

Oh and for number 13, re number 11:

about Nimoy possibly being hurt on set.

Kigs :)

I’d be interested to know what that Romulan food is.

Or maybe I wouldn’t………

Racist mother funkers. Showing favoritism to the Romulans…

17, probably mint chocolate chip, or mint anything, since it’s green. :-)


One of those little candy boxes better have a toothbrush and some flouride gel, or we’re likely to see Old Spock killed by the cavity creeps.

I don’t believe Nimoy has any of his real teeth anymore. All the HD on the new episodes and nightly episodes of Mission Impossible have made me aware of that lately.

it’s gonna take more than this to re-interest me still 13 months before the movie…..nevertheless great job in obtaining these

hey no. 10…great name. I’m guessing it’s a reference to neuman microphones and Gary Numan???


Romulans Only!
My guess is the veggie dish is “Vulcans Only”, Bloodworms were for the Klingons, and the Humans got cold cuts and/or sushi.

#25: Or maybe ramekins of wasabi :)

WHERE’S DENISE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????????????????



Those pics – – Bob, you’re such a tease!

Can’t wait for more info. Thanks so much for this, Anthony. It is SO greatly appreciated.


I want to see more pics!

More video!

More, more, more!

The article on Nimoy’s hurting his nose (#22 above), states that Nimoy plays a “spirit” in the movie. A “spirit Spock?” Does anybody know anything about this? I thought it was just “old” Spock.

I’m eagerly awaiting the full report! :)

I imagine the Romulan food has something to do with make-up perhaps and it would be easier to eat with said make-up. That is only a guess though. I remember seeing a photo from behind the scenes on DS9 a few years ago and everyone was eating lunch in full make-up and there was a line about certain foods being for certain actors because of costume and make-up limitations.

I wouldn’t count on Nimoy being a Ghost. Watch any episode of Alias and you will see Jabrams is all about jumping around. MI3 does the same thing too. He is famous for jumping into the middle of a story at the beginning and then the classic “72 hours earlier.” It’s a staple.

Bring on Spock in pleural form!!!

#35 – Don’t take that report seriously. It goes on to say some kinda silly things… I.E.

“There was some talk about using a double and how they were making a wig for the double, so that the guy would look more like Leonard Nimoy,” said the original source. “But then they ended up using Leonard Nimoy.”

#28 Gary Numans awesome!
Anthony thanks for the cool pictures.
Can’t wait to see more!!!! has more info on the convention. Check it.

What appears to be candy in the picture is in reality toppings for ice cream, as, according to Mr. Bob, the big N loves his ice cream and JJ wanted to go all out to make our man happy – JJ rocks.


Apologies first, as I’m not one to go around correcting others’ grammar, but I had to LOL at that one! That would require turning themselves inside out, as “pleural” refers to the lining of the lungs.

Come to think of it, that’d be an interesting sight indeed!! :-) <—– wish I could make *that* one bolder and bigger too!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|