Grand Slam XVI: Two Spocks Rock The House

The ultimate event of the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit was the appearances  of the two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. The pair each had a solo portion followed by a joint appearance (in the same way they often do it when Shatner and Nimoy appear at cons). Of course the actors were not there to reveal big details about the ultra-secret Trek feature film, but their enthusiasm and chemistry was undeniable. Highlights + pics below.

Quinto plays it safe and humble
During Quinto’s solo portion he actually took a lot of questions about his pre-Trek work, mostly Heroes. For Heroes he recounted funny stories and fielded all sorts of questions, even if he actually like to eat brains. He did say that season 3 of Heroes will be back into production soon and (due to the strike falling during the Trek production) he won’t miss any episodes, but he didn’t know anything about plotlines.

For Trek, Quinto played it safe and mostly covered areas he has talked about before, such as how ‘honored’ he is to be involved, how impressed he was with Abrams and the script and that sort of thing. He did crack some good jokes about how recently renting a car at Enterprise "had a whole new meaning" and that saying certain things like ‘logical’ for him will never be the same. The crowd seem very impressed with the new Spock and he got a lot of applause. Quinto did talk about some of his thoughts on the optimism of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and how it fits into his view of the character of Spock

One of the things that drew me to this character is that he is constantly exploring that notion of how to evolve in a responsible way and how to evolve in a respectful way. I think those are all things that we as a society, and certainly the world could implement. To be of part of something that puts that forth is really gratifying. I think that, like with Heroes, it is a show about people’s potential and people’s power to change the world for the better. And I think we could all agree that we live in a world that needs to be changed for the better.

The Spocks salute the fans (click to enlarge)

Nimoy on the film, scale and Shatner
Nimoy spent much of his time talking up the new Star Trek, for example:

This is really a fantastic film and a reinvigoration of the franchise…This is big, in fifty-eight years in motion pictures I have never been involved with anything this size and scope. And at the same time, great performances by wonderful, wonderful people. So great script, great director, great cast. You have every reason to be excited.

On why he took the role, he said it was all about the script:

When I read the script I was very impressed. I thought they captured the characters wonderfully. It had great size, great scale. And at the same time really done some wonderful work on developing the origins of Spock and Kirk and Scotty and Uhura and Sulu and I was excited. Very genuinely excited.

Regarding Shatner and why he isn’t in the film Nimoy said it was an important question and again pointed out that, although he felt Kirk’s death in Generations was ‘gratuitous’ it was the main reason behind it:

It would have been very very difficult and maybe damaging to this movie, for them to try and inject Bill into this movie, just for the sake of having him in it. I feel bad about it, everybody feels it is a loss. It would have been wonderful, it just was not working. And would hope you could understand that and accept that. I have come to accept it and I believe Bill has. I spoke to him a couple weeks ago and he is comfortable with it.

These two clearly like each other (click to enlarge)

Passing the torch…and the shirt
During their joint appearance there was great chemistry between Quinto and Nimoy and you can really see that they have bonded in the time between last summer’s Comic Con (when the met for the first time). Nimoy spoke a couple of times how he was happy to ‘pass the torch’ to Quinto, but it was still emotional for him. Nimoy believed that ‘there is a very good Spock for the future.’ And at the end of the evening, Nimoy literally passed the torch, or more specifically his #1 Vulcan T-Shirt. He noted that he had worn it to previous conventions and said "I think it is time for me to pass it on." Quinto seemed genuinely surprised. He took the shirt but demurred saying that he should have one that said ‘#2 Vulcan’

Nimoy passes the ShirTorch (click to enlarge)







Both Nimoy and Quinto were very careful not to divulge anything, but Quinto may have revealed some spoilers when he was talking about how fun it was on the set and how every got along. He cited examples such as "when Leonard was there" and "working with Ben Cross and Winona Ryder" which indicates that there may be scenes with his Spock and the older Spock and also scenes with his Spock and his parents (Sarek and Amanda).


Photos by Tina Gill


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The spoiler is interesting. The movie definitely seems to have a lot going on.

This is going to be sweet.

Nimoy will always be the #1 Vulcan.

I’m glad to hear Leonard addressing the Shatner issue more directly. A lot of people were grasping onto his previous statements about the film being ‘better’ with Shatner, and this makes it clear that even though a lot of people would have liked him there, it just would have hurt the story to try and explain his presence. But hey, maybe that’ll be fodder for Star Trek XII! I’m for it.

What about the most important question — Has Quinto learned how to do the Vulcan salute with his right hand yet? :)

Thank you for this story, Anthony!

Leonard’s enthusiasm for this project is very nice to hear (read). It’s definitely going to be a good/weird experience seeing two Spocks in one Trek movie come next May!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Wish I could have been there. Hope Denise gives us more info!!


Nice write up! I am actually hopping that the plot contrives to put Quinto and Nimoy together in a scene, because it sounds like they have great chemistry, and I think having an older Spock interact with his younger self would be a treat.

Heh should be hoping not “hopping” actually. Not quite THAT excited. :)

Great story.

but please Zach, get some new glasses….

Getting THE t-shirt passed, woah – what a gesture. Great article, thanks. I wish I had been there *dreams*

Every time I hear any of the actors or associated production staff talk about the “scale of it” I get all antsy.

If all there comments regarding the scale and scope of this film, and how it “shows trek on a level we have never seen before” then we are really in for a treat.

Seeing unexplored parts of the Trek universe is going to be the biggest treat.. Personally that’s what most excites me about this film.

The two seemed to really have a great respect for one another! :)

– I feel bad about it, everybody feels it is a loss. –

Seems you’ve meanwhile become acquainted with feelings, #1 Vulcan…

Well, if they think it would have damaged the story to have His Shatnerness in it, then to be honest that is the dealbreaker surely?

I’d have loved him in it, but I do keep thinking back to Starsky and Hutch where for no reason whatsoever other than a sop to the old cast, they had them appear at the end.

This was a silly pointless film that wasn’t taking itself remotely seriously yet it STILL managed to make it ten times worse with that one scene.

Meanwhile, the rest of the interview does seem to reinforce all the harmony on the set, which after Nemisis, should be reassuring.

Great report!

I really can’t wait to see this, it sounds so exciting!!!!

And the passing of the shirt, wow…that’s really cool to see.

#3 yes indeed, Leonard is, has been, and always shall be Vulcan #1 !

Videos of the event shot by my driend Julie here…

Saying that someone “was there” or that he worked with someone doesn’t mean they’ll be together in a scene.

Zachary Quinto looks more like Leonard Nimoy’s son than Adam Nimoy! Incredible physical casting.

On another note, my main fear is that they will ignore the events in ENTERPRISE.
That would be sad as although the show suffered under the weight of having to be a Trek prequel and also having to be different from Trek to get an audience…the show is still considered (By Me alone, perhaps) as part of the Trek cannon.

#21 IMO, forcing Enterprise events in the new movie would be as bad as ignoring it. Some simple, harmless reference to Enterprise will suffice.

Quinto is doing the Vulcan peace sign wrong, his pinky is is overlapping his ring finger, I’m more discouraged than ever.

Glad to see Nimoy’s nose is okay.


Ignoring the events of Enterprise would actually be a blessing for me personally since I despised the show above all the other shows. Seriously, they named the ship and the show Enterprise! If the ship had a different name I wouldn’t have minded that much. And while I did give some of the episodes a chance, it just felt too much like Berman and Bragga were using it to exercise their creative control over the whole series by sandwiching the original series to fit THEIR vision of the saga. If anything, Enterprise acted more as a prequel to The Next Generation rather then the original series. And that last episode that actually took place in TNG era was the single most stupidest idea for an ending to any show I’ve ever seen.

If this new movie can bring Leonard Nimoy out of retirement from Trek in more then a decade and a half thanks to a great story and crew, this has got to be more “Star Trek” then Enterprise was.

Some people’s brains are are not wired to do that hand gesture and if Quinto was one of those people and had to train, I’d cut him some slack for getting it basically right.

If he had the thumb over the palm (The Vulcan Boy Scout Salute), I’d be worried.

#24 Agreed. Except for some episodes in season 4, I could more easily imagine Enterprise being set 100 yrs before the Next Generation era than TOS. The cinematography, warp drive effects, music cues, even the uniform rank pips and shoulder striping were far more evocative of Picard’s era than Kirk’s. Personally, I could care less if they reference it or not in the new movie. But, they (JJ Abrams and Co.) should use this opportunity for a fresh start.

Great stuff! I can’t wait to see how young Spock and old Spock interact on screen. Mat 2009 cannot come soon enough.

#23 So he did it wrong in a Public setting that doesn’t mean he did it wrong in the movie, You can’t seem to find something good with the movie. Don’t Judge the movie before you see it!

Oh, how wonderful.

I wish there would be a chance to watch these two live.

Thanks Anthony, it was nice to read your report. To see two actors striving to bring sooo much to a roll that uses no-verbal commincation (use of just a glare, raised eyebrow, raised hand, or a knowing nod, insert others). The only time we as fans can see them smile is at conventions. Thanks again

..oh I’m sure Leonard and Bill did talk about Bill’s absence…….while on the set….


They’re primo salesmen for this flick. That’s a great thing. I hope their enthusiasm doesn’t wane over the next 45 months until we all get to see the movie. When did you say? May of 2029?

Sounds like fun.

As much as I am looking forward to this film. William Shatner’s exclusion is a big negitive for me.

#34… me also. Too bad the character is dead, it would be a lot easier if he wasn’t. But this should show their concern for keeping it in continuity.

#23.. he speaks it with an accent.

And if you get THAT reference, you are on old school fan indeed.

@21_what is ENTERPRISE? Was’nt that just a holodeck trip?

Excellent coverage and Nimoy’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Bring on the movie!

The adventure continues…

@24_I am absolutely with you here. Dropping the franchise in JJ Abrams, Lindelofs and Orci/Kurtzmans laps was the best that could happen to Trek.

#34 umm get over it


Well said, I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks Anthony.

Leonard Nimoy will always be the no 1# Vulcan for me but it was real cool that he pasted in onto Zach. He really should have a t-shirt with 2# Vulcan.

Well May 2009 long time off, so I hope I get more excited when it gets nearer to that time.

I am so pumped about this movie.

Interesting sidebar: Has anyone noticed just how little is being said about Christopher Pine? Or how little press he seems to be getting in comparison to his co-stars on the flick?

I wonder what that is all about? (I hear Arsenio Hall) “Kinda makes you want to go hmmmm?”

#21—They have already stated that ENT will be acknowledged, and I am with you. It is “canon” to me. As much as I disliked TNG and VOY, I rather enjoyed ENT and most of DS9. Those who think it doesn’t fit, really mean that it doesn’t fit within their preconceptions of the era 100 years prior to TOS.

A Shatner cameo in this film would kill it for me. The character of Spock has continuity in the Trekverse, his character was around for the TNG era and possibly beyond.

It makes sense that Spock could be present throughout the movie as an “old Spock”, that’s a character we are familiar with and can deal with, the old mentor as it were. I just think a ten second glimpse of a “rolly polly” Kirk will just kill that character for me. Leave old Kirk out of it, he died, young(ish) and vibrant. Leave him that way.

I think that most people would just be waiting for that “oohhh, there he is” moment. It would just spoil the movie, sorry Bill!

They are gay couple. :D

They could have put William Shatner into a futuristic DVD Video iPod recorded in the past before he ‘died’ or have used his voice for narration at the very least. Could have made him look younger with CGI effects.

Katie#7- Anthony covered all the good stuff, K. I had even forgotten about the T-shirt and that was only two days ago! I do remember now that Quinto looked genuinely moved (I had a great seat!) when Leonardo pulled out the shirt and passed it to him. Anthony hit the nail on the head concerning their chemistry – mentor/protege, dare I say father/son. There is sincere affection there that will come through in the movie, I have no doubt. After seeing them together, it only fuels my regard for the whole production team and anticipation for the movie experience.

Amazing reporting job as usual, Anthony. Thank you for all the effort and work you put in on our behalf. I appreciate you and the site tenfold after seeing you in action at the con.

Oh noooooooooooooo! Run Spock! Sylar’s going to steal your abilities! He’s already got your hand sign (almost) down! Soon he’ll have your Vulcan Death Grip, only Sylar will make it real! Oh the humanity! Get Hiro’s father on the phone, stat!

Jim#49- LOL!