TOS-R Season 2 DVD Announced Officially + TOS Available On Adobe Media Player

Confirming previous reports, today CBS and Paramount officially announced that Season Two for the digitally remastered Star Trek The Original Series will be released on August 5th, 2008…on DVD only. In addition, a new media player from Adobe allows you to view all of the (classic) TOS episodes for free (with ads).

TOS-R Season Two
No details on special features or box art was supplied with the announcement (below), but it is expected the set will mimic the Season One release (pictured), except no longer on double-sided HD DVD / DVD combo disks.

Here is the full release:

Star Trek: The Original Series: Season Two Remastered Standard DVD Full Screen

Street Date: August 5, 2008

Actors: Bill Blackburn, James Doohan, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy, Eddie Paskey, William Shatner

Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, TV

Synopsis: ” Space…The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise. Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before !” The series is set in the 23rd century where Earth has survived World War III then moved on to explore the stars.

Runtime: 21 Hr. 51 Min. 42 Sec.
US Rating: N/R –

Billy Blackburn being listed for the ‘cast’ indicates that the set should include more of his behind-the-scenes home movies. It is unclear why background actor Eddie Paskey (Leslie) is listed and yet George Takei and Walter Koenig are not. The two big questions now are pricing (which should be significantly lower than Season One due to no HD DVD info) and Blu-ray. Paramount have yet to announce any new Blu-ray titles. will provide updates on DVDs as more information on the set comes to light.

UPDATE: Box Art and Pre-order

TOS-R Season Two is available for pre-order at DVD Empire for $68.90
set ships August 5th

More details HERE.

TOS (classic) available on Adobe Media player
The entire library for Star Trek: The Original Series is available for streaming on the new Adobe Media Player. Other CBS shows (as well as shows from MTV, Comedy Central and others) are also available. The player and episode views are free with ad support. Unlike previous releases of ad-supported streaming Trek, this one appears to work outside the US (It is confirmed for the UK…Int’l Trekkies, please send in tips on if you can or cannot watch Trek with the Adobe player in your country and we will add additional confirmed countries).

Adobe Media Player

Download the player for free at

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Waiting for a Blu-Ray version someday.

What a waste.


Yes, Season 2 coming soon. Let’s announce Season 3 soo I can put that on my list.


Well, this will be good for the rental business…

I’m sure we’ll see Blu-Ray someday…

Decloaking . . .
Hey, didn’t someone say there is going to be a new movie one of these years? Or is that just a rumor??

I think it’s odd that blackburn’s name appears at the top of the credits..over kelly, over nimoy, and even over shatner..seems CBS-D is running out of special features…

I officially proclaim this decision lame.

Season Two: coming to very soon….

Let’s see:
Season One: HD-DVD only
Season Two: DVD only
Season Three: Blu-Ray only

Nice marketing Paramount.
It’s no wonder you couldn’t keep UPN afloat.

If they charge over $50 for this, it will rest quietly on store shelves for years. I know I wouldn’t pay more than that for it. And I have the first season.

mutter mutter mutter ripoff merchants mutter…

why not release on blue ray too???

8. todd

just a thought. the acting credits are listed in alphbetical order by last name.

#10 Except that Season One was HD-DVD and DVD but I agree with the sentiment.

Season 3 will be relased on WC (Wax Cylinder :)

@10 – call me old and cynical but surely it’s:

Season One: HD-DVD only
Season Two: DVD only
Season Three: DVD only

(studio with their hands over their mouths trying not to laugh)

Season One 18 months later: BluRay shininess in a totally new box
Season Two 24 months later: BluRay shininess in a totally new box
Season Three 30 months later: BluRay shininess in a totally new box

a funny thing happened on the way to the moon…. yikes. what the EF happened to this entire remaster project?

yo, AP – are they even giving you inside skinny on the new shows anymore? did this whole thing turn into a non-event or what?

I can’t blame it all on the format war, either. They should have planned for that contingency either way.




I cannot believe they are releasing the Remastered in standard def only! CBS/Paramount has some set on ’em.

Why on earth would any one but them with the Hi-Def eye candy? Don’t get me wrong, if you wish to but them… well, it’s a free country (so to speak.) I’ve bought every incarnation of VHS/Laserdisc/DVD there is when it comes to Star Trek but… really?

I implore every one who visits this site NOT to buy any Remastered sets until it comes out on Blu-ray. Please!!! Send a message to CBS/Paramount and tell them the buck stops here!


…and here I thought management where I work is full of idiots. Paramount’s even worse.

#18 i agree
they should re-release season 1 in dvd and blue ray media
and season 2 in blue ray media also

The remasterd shots have very bad layout anyway.. if you compare the original layouts even though they had worse effects, they conveyed the story far better. Because they were done by good directors.. these new shots look like they were done by people who only know CGI.

PS. I am an animator so I know what Im saying… lol

I’m still waiting for season 1 on Viewmaster…

No HD? What’s the point? Paramount, please put these out on Blu-Ray.

20—:rolleyes:—everyone could do it better. Send your resume’ in to CBS-D with your review of their pitiful work. I’m sure they will snatch you up.

Will they give the effects another pass to clean up the inconsistent work?

As many others, no purchase from me until it’s ALL available Blu-Ray, no point.

no way in hell buying a non hd version.
Bought the first season and love it but I already
have tos DVD. Granted its not hd but hd is my final
purchases these days not sandard def.
Good going paramount or who ever makes these
Choices. Let go of your hddvd dreams and go
with the flow bluray.

just Tried the Adobe Media Player, i can CONFIRM it does work in Republic of Ireland.

I hope this new Season 2 DVD boxset will have a better, simple and user-friendly menu section. I hate the Season 1 DVD menu section that I think was poorly designed.

This is completely stupid, the remastered episodes on my Season One box look so much better in HD (ridiculously so in fact) that I’ll definitely have to wait until they release Season 2 on BluRay. Forget DVD when an HD transfer exists!

finally- i got the DVD/HD DVD for the DVD side alone- i just wanted to see the remastered episodes- will worry about HD quality later.
i just want to see the episodes themselves.
cant wait- even though the remastered episodes vary in quality n effort they still are better than the original prints n FX- watching them for the new FX is like watching them for the first time again.
wish everyone could enjoy them as much & yes i will buy the inevitable blue ray editions coming eventually.

If Paramount expects me to buy these, they better put them out on Blu Ray.

Adobe works in canada as well!

Star trek on player works fine in Sweden

There are days when I wish Paramount would just go belly up and sell their properties to other studios. Their slipshot support for next-gen DVD formats and their pricing for their Trek series to this point has just been ridiculous.

I really see no point in getting this either until they release a BluRay edition at a reasonable price.

BTW, what ever happened to the remastered shows on Xbox Live? After the first 20 or so, no more episodes have ever been put up.

Waiting for the Blu Ray….wasn’t the whole point of this project to make TOS look good in HD? Paramount continues to amaze me with their ineptitude.
Don’t forget, this is the same studio who had to be guilted into restoring The Godfather by Steven Spielberg. The negative was literally about to disintegrate and the studio wasn’t interested in preserving it. It took Spielberg getting involved to get it done after Coppola had pleaded with the studio to no avail. That gives you a good idea of what Paramount thinks of it’s own properties.

Adobe player confirmed in Mexico!!!!

thanks Anthony

Blu-Ray please, Paramount/CBS. Not buying until then…

Hi it also works very fine in Germany !!!

Why hi-def for a show that wasn’t made for high-def? The sets weren’t built to high-def standards. The uniforms weren’t made for high def. Anything more than standard DVD will look CHEESEY The current DVD’s have all the detail that is needed.!

YAY! I’ve been waiting patiently for season 2 to be announced since the format wars. The quality on the standard side of season 1 was good enough for me so I have no complaints about season 2 being “dvd-only”. My only hope is for the box set to match my season 1 remastered set. Please, Paramount, that’s all I aks for.

Calm down guys… Since there isn’t a DVD/Blu-ray combo format, Paramount is just announcing the DVD option first. Once they sort out their Blu-ray schedule, the TOS seasons will begin on Blu-ray too. Remember, at this point, Paramount hasn’t announced Blu-ray releases for ANY movie… they’re still getting the logistics worked out after the switch back from DVD-DVD.

Whoops: I mean from HD-DVD :-)

I live in germany!
There is no Trek available on CBS!
Only CSI, CSI-Miami, CSI-NY,JERICHO (i like it!), BigBrother (I hate it!) and SURVIVOR!!!!

Hm, deja-vu. This argument has been had on the original article related to this topic. I will by DVD until I can’t because I can’t afford to buy the state-of-the-art stuff. However, for those who wish to hold out for Blu-Ray then do so. I’m sure CBS Paramount will release it on Blu-Ray soon enough. As the old saying goes “patience is a virtue.”

I grant you CBS isn’t the best company in the world but they were so heavily invested in HD-DVD so maybe they’re taking their time and making the switch properly. I wouldn’t want a rushed product because people were screaming over Blu-Ray. I’d rather have a quality product over a rushed product to placate someone. So, give CBS some time. I’m sure they’ll get around to it.

By the way, I also agree that they should announce TOSR on Blu-Ray as soon as possible since many people have made the upgrade and would like to have it in HD. In the meantime, have some patience.

Trek is available on (not remastered) but not on the actual network CBS here in America. JERICHO is an interesting show. It’s not my favorite but it’s still interesting. I like NCIS, despite its inaccuracies on how law enforcement really works, but I think it’s a good show. I’m not a fan of CSI however.

I’m waiting for that release in HD-DVD!!! Love that Toshiba that I specifically purchased to get all three seasons in crystal clear HD-DVD! And it’ll be great, I can’t wait to see, uh, oh yeah, no more HD-DVD. I guess I’ll have to wait until the second and third seasons go Blu and then get a player.

I finally saw Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, thanks to the Adobe Player! :D

No Trek in the UK through Adobe…

My bad – it’s listed under CBS – Star Trek, so under C and not S.

So it works in Germany!! Hint for 44. it can be found under CBS Star Trek…
Great day for Germany!