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TV Guide has a new interview with the new Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy (conducted on Sunday at the Grand Slam). Much of it covers well known ground, but there are also some insights into the character of Spock in the film and some hidden talents of director JJ Abrams.

Nimoy and Quinto talked about the arc of Spock and dealing with his half human / half vulcan lineage

Nimoy: We have dealt with aspects of that storyline before but never with quite the overview that this script has of the entire history of the character, the growth of the character, the beginnings of the character and the arrival of the character into the Enterprise crew.

Quinto: That’s another thing J.J. brings to the table and it’s the way he re-imagined Mission Impossible III, by bringing in sides of the character you hadn’t necessarily seen before. [Screenwriters] Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman have really embraced that idea. Leonard was searching for the word to describe how it’s handled in this movie, the Vulcan/human interaction and the complexity of it. I thought there was a tremendous amount of grace that was used in that exploration, especially between [parents] Sarek and Amanda. They bring such a dignity to their perspectives, to their points of view of their characters.

Quinto also revealed just how multi-talented JJ Abrams is

He brings his ability to execute his vision — which is basically unparalleled — a really generous spirit, a lot of respect for the people he works with and the people who work with him, a sense of humor and some mad beat-boxing skills. In between takes, actually.

Nimoy also reflected on his life with Trek noting that it had its ups and downs…but he was ready for a transition

It’s a long and very, very interesting ride and now I really feel that I can let it go personally and watch it go off in a very good direction.

Nimoy and Quinto…apparently in character

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Photos by Albert L. Ortega (visit Al’s Blog)

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These guys are awesome.

Fascinating .

JJ Abrams– my personal hero and fellow MacBook Pro user…


Love that similar poses with eyebrow raised poster in the BG!

Decloaking . . .
Even though it has been talked about as a “Spock-centric” film, I wasn’t expecting so much exploration of the Spock backstory as is implied here. Intregingly fascinating.

<3 Zachary Quinto! And Leonard Nimoy is just awesome. Can’t wait to see them together on the big screen! :D

It´s a little creepy while being mega awesome that they acutally look like father and son.

That poster in the background looks coool,,

Please send one too meeeeeeee !

Awesome quotes! Nimoy sounds like Stallone with his release of the Rocky Balboa character.

The adventure continues…

There resemblence is uncanny.

Man, I want that poster.

If Quinto stays with Nimoy enough! I have no doubt that New Spock will be GREAT! He appears to be putting real effort into his part, I cant say the same for Pine and Shatner……….I wonder why????

I’m always wondering when I read one of these Quinto articles. Does he really understand the size of the role he’s stepping into? Does he know how many people will now look up to his character for logical input and guidance?

And if he does, how does that not scare him! Honestly, that seems like it would be a rather frightening prospect.

I guess he has to for Mr. Nimoy to so easily hand literally everything over to him… Wow. 0_0

Same here! That’s an awesome poster!

well, who would have guessed 1977 that Star Wars was about the adventures of Darth Vader…

OK, nice to read more from Quinto and NImoy…but what about more newer casting reports? If you have a look on, you can find new castings like Sabrina Morris as “Ensign Slater”, David Jean Thomas as “Vulcan Elder”. .. am I totally wrong or haven’t I heard anything about it on this page?

Actually, I would have been happier had that poster presented a more “Spocky” and less “Sylary” Quinto.

Something about Quinto’s smirk seems to resonate malicious intent that’s totally inappropriate for Spock.

There. I said it. I’ll go get a life now.

Where can I buy this poster – please :)

… *frightening*

signed it looks llike this…


OMG I want this poster! Please!!!


19, I officially hate you *G*

:P j/k

I like that poster a lot!! Tony, come through for us, man!! Give us a downloadable version, lol!!

I wish they’d release more spoilers, too…. :(

As Lt Valeris noted in TUC, no one can replace Nimoy’s Spock. Quinto can only succeed him.

I’d like to see the movie before I declare Mr. Abrams a hero :-)

looks great!
fascinating poster…

I’m not sure if the poster was being sold at the con (I’m sure it was), but everyone and their dog had the 8×10 size. I think it is safe to say it was the favorite autograph item.

“mad beat-boxing skills”?


” really feel that I can let it go personally and watch it go off in a very good direction.” That’s it then; old Spock dies in this film….?

this is awesome.

PS, does Quinto ever shave?

#13 – trekkie1415 wrote:

>>”he really understand the size of the role he’s stepping into?”

Oh, I think he does. He comes across as a thoughtful, articulate guy.

#28—Maybe. Perhaps he sacrifices himself for the younger Spock and his shipmates. But then again, perhaps he is speaking very generally of the entire project and its potential sequels, or just specifically in reference to the recasting of the original characters. Still, I think he (Nimoy)has the most fascinating perspective of anyone involved, given that he is the one actor who was involved with Star Trek as far back as “The Cage” (1964). I could not think of a better person to be there now, passing the torch.

lol, I like how Nimoys Spock is givging Quinto rabbit ears.

“I could not think of a better person to be there now, passing the torch.”

Sadly its not his torch to pass. Paramount owned the torch but sold it on eBay via A Wrap Hollywood. I believe it was purchased by a retired chiropractor from Yorba Linda, CA :-)


Nooooooooooooo ….

… not again. Please do not do this. Let him simply live on. Let it in the open, let it be mysterious or fuzzy but I could not stand this again, sitting in the theater, crying every time again and again.


It’s amazing how much these two look alike.

#33—“Sadly (it’s) not his torch to pass.”

Leonard Nimoy is, IMO, the strongest living symbol of the original series and its cast. He is also (again, IMO) the most universally respected (admittedy, Spock is my favorite ST character, so I am undoubtedly biased). I cannot think of anyone I would rather see as an integral part of the relaunch of 23rd Century Star Trek and its iconic characters. I once read a quote from D.C. Fontana which stated (paraphrasing) that of all the actors involved, Nimoy was the most active in the development of his character. Seeing Mr. Nimoy once again as Spock is the single most exciting and inticing element of this project to me. It is, by far, what I most look foward to seeing in this film. I am so pleased that he felt this script is worthy enough to “don the ears” for us older fans one more time.

And I sincerely hope that, for Quinto, the “Vulcan” adventure is just beginning…

Creation is probably selling the poster online. It was at the con at their table for autographing.

Wow, 36, you totally have no sense of humor.

What are the chances of finding another young actor with Nimoy’s nose??? That is the selling point. I don’t care if he can act ! Just Joking!

Again, I wonder how they can possibly fit all of this in a 2 hour-plus movie? How??? I predict that either a LOT will be cut or that ST will be a 3 hour movie.

I am betting that it will probably not have a lot cut….but they will try to keep it under 3 1/2 hours.

what I ment is that not too many secenes will have to be cut…..and that the movie will do just fine in money making!

Total newbie comment here… but has it been announced who’s playing Spock’s father yet? Or, more to the point, who Nimoy is playing?

I just had a brainstorm that Nimoy is secretly going to be playing Sarek. Which would be perfect, IMO.



I believe his name is Ben Cross,the actor playing Sarek. Nimoy is palying an Elder Spock. Welcome aboard.

Sorry for the typo “playing” is what I meant!

#17: To be fair, though, it was always part of the character concept that Spock looked to human eyes something like a “devil” figure, so a visual whiff of malice … while not a Nimoy element, might be a very faithful detail to the overall concept. On the other other hand, odds are that Quinto won’t be called on to smirk very often as Spock, anyway, so we may never see that when he’s in character.

And I totally want that poster.

And the beat-boxing … man o man. I think there may literally be nothing geekier possible than a grown man beatboxing in 2008 (well, unless he’s still doing it in 2009). That’s some hard-core, heavy-retro, pocket-protector ultra-geeking. That’s a good sign; I’m very happy about that.

did JJ take the new movie plot from TAS episode ‘Yesteryear’?

@47… while there is always the chance of Guardian of Forever being involved in the movies possible timetravel, and maybe even a sehlat, and people considering ‘Yesteryear’ canon, no, I don’t think so.

Quinto is a very, very intelligent, thoughtful and charismatic person in any interview I’ve read, so I can only imagine those qualities will translate well into his performance in Star Trek.

Quinto…..but there’s only Two of them.