FanMade: Farragut Gets Animated, Phase II Updates Schedule, Hidden Frontier Announces New Series

FanMade has lots of exclusive news and images from the world of fan films. Firstly,  the Starship Farragut team are announcing new animated episodes which will be very much like TAS and feature some celebrity voices. Also Phase II have announced a release date for their ‘To Serve All My Days’ special edition and updated their shooting schedule. Lastly the Hidden Frontier team have announced details on a new mini-series.  


Farragut goes to the second dimension

For the first time ever, Filmation’s Star Trek The Animated Series is getting the fan made treatment. The big difference is that it will be the crew of the TOS-era fan series Starship Farragut that will be getting the 2D make-over. NEO f/x, the company that does the CGI work for Farragut, are working with Farragut Films to produce the new animated show which they are calling "Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes." At the Grand Slam Con, Producer Michael Struck of NEO F/x told TrekMovie the team are going out of their way to emulate the style of the TAS "right down to the cheese." This was evident from the sample clips he showed which both looked and sounded like TAS.

Opening Screenshot for STF: TAE [click to enlarge]

STF: TAE features voice work for most of the original Farragut cast as well as some notable guest stars including Tim Russ (VOY: Tuvok), Chase Masterson (DS9: Leeta) and Chris Doohan (who has a role in the new Star Trek film and is the son of original Scotty, James Doohan). In a nod to the animated series, one of the characters Doohan voices is Thelin, the Andorian First Officer of the USS Enterprise in an alternative timeline ("Yesteryear"). The first episode "The Needs of the Many" was co-written by Struck and Jack Treviño (who wrote for DS9 and co-wrote the fan film Of Gods and Men). Kail Tescar  (creator of is on board as lead illustrator and associate producer. Tescar is also producing a downloadable comic book version. 

Shots of STF: TAE voice recording sessions with Tim Russ (L) and Chris Doohan and Chase Masterson (R)  [click to enlarge]

Right now most of the voice work is complete and the team are working on the animation. They hope to have the first episode out by the end of the year. So far they are only planning on doing two episodes, but are open to doing more. More information and a trailer are available at

click to see STF: TAE trailer [opens new window]


Phase II  ‘Night in 1969’ premiere date + reshuffle schedule

The Star Trek Phase II (formerly New Voyages) “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969”  special edition, featuring Walter Koenig, will hit the internet on May 1st and 500 lucky contest winners will also get a special ‘VIP’ premiere at To enter to be one of the first to see the episode CLICK HERE. On April 28th will send emails to the winners who will have a three day window to watch the episode before the rest of the world on May 1st.  Phase II provided with a couple more exclusive images of Daren Dochterman’s new effects work for the special edition.

Effects shots from "To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969" [click to enlarge]

Phase II have also been shuffling things around and are now planning a very aggressive schedule for the rest of 2008. The team are still in post-production on the two-part episode "Blood and Fire" written by David Gerrold. The first part of "Blood and Fire" is now planned for release in June, with part 2 later in the summer. Executive producer James Cawley tells TrekMovie he plans to shoot three episodes in June: "Pomp and Circumstance" written by Carlos Pedreza (which will be a ‘stunt casting’-free episode allowing a focus on the Phase II crew), "Bandi" written by David Gerrold (a light-hearted episode which Cawley dubs "the Phase II version of Trouble with Tribbles"), and "Enemy: Starfleet" written by Dave Galanter based on a story by Galanter and Greg Brodeur (described as a ‘classic TOS action/adventure’). For now, Cawley has shelved the previously announced "Rest and Retaliation" episode which was to shoot at Vasquez Rocks. "Kilkenny Cats," the CGI-heavy Kzinti episode, is also in pre-production and will shoot in the fall. Hopes are to release one of the three episodes shooting in June by the end of the year, which would be three episodes total for the year (four if you count the special edition of "To Serve All My Days").  

For more on Phase II visit their official site and also check out their latest eMagazine.


Hidden Frontier Announce new mini-series

The Hidden Frontier TNG-era fan film team are also busy on a number of projects. They just announced a 4-part mini-series called "Star Trek: Federation One." The series will continue the story of the film “Operation Beta Shield” (a joint project with the Scotland-based Starship Intrepid) which is filming now. Beta Shield should premiere in June with Federation One following later in the summer. Producer Rob Caves has sent in a couple of previews.

Images shots from "Operation Beta Shield" [click to enlarge]

The next episode for the Hidden Frontier spin-off, Odyssey (titled "Vile Gods") should be released by the end of the month or early May. A synopsis and a preview are now at the official site. In addition, "Obsessions," the second episode of their other spin-off, The Helena Chronicles, is available is available for download now. More information on all the Hidden Frontier series is available at the official site and in their latest e-newsletter.


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Hand-check on Scotty — uh, Chris!

Looks like fun. I’ll be very interested to see the quality of the animation.

Love the new cartoon!! Hi -freakin-larious!! especially the raising eyebrows…perfect!

I love all these fan-made things. It just goes to show you that Trek will not die, no matter who says what. By the way, does anyone know where I can get a GOOD uniform? I have one of the “First Contact” costumes, but it sucks pretty bad. The shoulders aren’t anything like I thought they would be… all nice and soft and what-not.

David Gerrold’s “Bandi” episode is documented within the “Making Of The Trouble with Tribbles” book from years ago. It may sound like a Tribbles episode knock-off… but it should stand well on its own merits. I’m very pleased to see this as a Phase II episode. (Thank you, Mr. Gerrold and co.!)

Same with the Farragut TAS production. WOW! This is wonderful news. A lot of time and effort in the making.

The animated series looks great. I hope the voice-work is good.

Chris’ father seemingly did half the male voices on TAS, those beyond the original cast roles. I never realized that until years later. Can still hear “Soooo… lonely.” and “Don’t do that again!” in my head.

Farragut getting a bit ahead of themselves aren’t they? They haven’t really built up the reputation or quality that NV/Phase II has yet.

Still, animated is a nice idea but I’d rather it were with Cawley and crew.


Thanks for the comments…We are working VERY hard (as Anthony said), to make this just like the Saturday morning cartoon. However, the stories will be more ‘modern’ in nature, and we are NOT going out of our way to emulate the ‘mistakes’ that appeared in the original. Ours will have consistent color from scene to scene, better lip syncing, and proper layering of the cels (i.e. the characters will appear behind the viewscreen instead of in front). The movements and scene setup, however, will scream Filmation.


Chase looks HOTT!!

We’re shooting three episodes in June… I better sleep now and pack my work boots.

That Guy#3- If you cannot find a better uniform, you could buy a pair of womens’ shoulder pads and pin them on the inside – that’s what the originals had to give them the broad-shoulder look. Of course, those were sewn in as part of the costume. Shoulder pads come in different sizes, and the appropriate size and texture would probably work for you.

Todd Rivers–

I suppose we should never have gone to the moon–we were definitely ahead of ourselves by about 50 years . . .

Go Farragut!



awwwwwwwYEEEEEAH, fo shizzle! I was looking to this installment of the fanmade, and it did not disappoint!

As the greatest enthusiast of the fanmade ventures, I volunteer myself, AP, for permanent editor of the fanmade column here at trek movies dot com dot org. Lettuce mull the possibilitahs, AP. You and me. Like my peanut butter in your chocolate, your chocolate on my peanut butter.

Not since the Van Halens got back with David Lee™ could such bittersweet acrimony, conflict, and belligerent enthusiasm be bottled and refined to funnel such a mashup of creativity and informative expressions, here on the interwebs right in front of the world’s naked steaming eyes!!!

Like a thunderbolt in your Cheerios®, the new fanmade columns by hitch1969© at trek movies dot com dot org will leave you feeling absolutely ashamed but positively ALIVE!!!

I think that Quinto said it best when he said, “the process of the journey”. That’s what I am talking about, AP. THE PROCESS OF THE JOURNEY.

What does hitch1969 bring to the table? Well, besides the standard knife, fork, spoon, and salad fork? How about a plate and a sweet chalice to fill with your tastiest grog, sir???? Consider:

– I really dig JC™ and he’s read my messages to him here. He also, along with you, is one of only a handful that have my secret, private, personal email address.

– Nick C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me. That dude and I had a back and forth and he schooled old h69 about the Irish cultures and accents dude.

– DRuss B-Flav®. Nuff said.

Dude, I’ve got the contacts and I’ve GOT the wherewithall and most importantly, I’ve GOT the love of the game goin on. THE LOVE OF THE GAME, man!!! THE PROCESS OF THE JOURNEY!!!!

is it clicking with you, yet, bro? I feel it. Can you feel it? Ahf courz U can!!!




I very much look forward to the new animated Trek adventures. Personally, I have only seen 2 fan-made episodes…both from Cawley’s company. I thoroughly enjoyed them…shortcomings and all. After all, our beloved TOS had its share of shortcomings…all of which added to the charm of the show. I will certainly be checking out more of Phase II, as well as all the other fan-made series. I applaud you all and your efforts. Wish I was involved.

As a little peek into my geekdom…at the age of 12, I remade “The Doomsday Machine” in my basement with my Brownie 8mm. It was a 12 minute condensed version, complete with cardboard sets, uniforms made by my sweet grandmother, and 3 AMT models…The Big E, The Shuttlecraft, and of course, The Constellation…complete with Bic lighter-induced battle damage. Oh, and the Machine itself was a crinkled aluminum foil cone with a sparkler inserted into it. LOL Good times.

i love TAS! i love all the characters – Kirk, Spock, Dr. M’benga… what a great 70s cartoon! They should do a live action movie… wait…

oops – M’Benga – sorry Jabilo!

Why must all fan fiction films have improper fitting uniforms that look ultra starched?

Wow! It the fans that will keep Star Trek alive! :)

far out. filmation farragut should do a “saturday morning in 1974” complete with hot wheels, g.i. joe-with-kung-fu-grip and quisp commercials.

I love the animation idea! (Not so excited about the name “Farragut” but oh well!)

Ro#15- Cool story.

Daren’s Enterprise at warp now graces my work PC desktop. Thanks!


Whoa dude, don’t inhale that deep next time.

Farragut is a very very very good fanmade film. I highly recommend the episode “For Want Of a Nail”.

Those dudes are Pennsylvania Dutch™, fer shur, you can EAR it in the accents. But dem kicks it hardcore, aiiiight? Trust me. Grab a six pack and download the thing.


Animated Farragut is going to very exciting. It’s good that the news is finally out and everyone can get a taste of what we’re doing. NEO f/x is doing a fantastic job on the project. You can be sure that it will be very entertaining.

JamesR.Kirk#24- LOL! You said what I was thinking…

Farragut animated is more appealing to me than live action. They could own the animated niche of fan series and end all the comparisons.

Daren Dochterman’s effects looks great. Getting back to the TMP look is a win. I just hope we get to download the episode in HD or at least DVD quality to do it justice.

#13…perhaps rather tha writting the column, you could just translate in into ebonics since that seems to be yout for’te. WWWWWWORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. PEACE out lmao

Dear Denise de Arman and James R. Kirk,

Welcome to the new fanmade™ column by hitch1969© here at trek movies slash net. What you’ve tasted while being very tasty indeed is, if I play my Fisbin® cards correctly, a taste of the future of this column. I appreciate your feedback in kind.

Like John Cougar Mellencamp tells us, “The simple man, baby, pays the bills with the pills and thrills that kill”. And ain’t that America? I think we’ve seen a little of that here today.

And THE DOC™…. oh my, how dare I forget THE DOC™. You want to spend a few hours having a slamtastic, mind-blowing, mama we’s free-wheelin’ old fashioned good time? Visit that dude’s site and check out his work. It makes alcohol feel like sobriety. It’s like total geek heroin. I love it, and I am an addict. God bless you Daren.



I don’t understand anything he’s talking about….

#’s 13, 24 & 27-

…exhaling…..ooooo! colors!!!!……

That is a cool idea! And a nice nod to the folks who worked on the animated series. TAS was, to me anyway, Trek’s first true resurrection after TOS’ cancellation. TMP was the second. And I like the emulation of TAS style. Only saw 2 Farragut live action fan films and they were OK. I like New Voyages a little better, but I admire ALL those dedicated Trekkie souls who truly live on the “final frontier” and put their money where their passion is (literally). And to any fan who wants to knock them at what they do (all the while sitting safe and anonymously at a computer)? Do it better! We Trek fans are a hyper-critical lot and I’d wish anyone brave enough to try a LOT of luck!

Some cable station should be playing TAS really late at night!

Were all those rumors of a new Trek series being an animated one just rumors?

Well, I guess, doing the animated episodes in the filmation style will save on the animating. Most of the time they were static shots with moving lips.

The trailer definitely shows that they captured the feel of TAS.

I’m really looking forward to A night in 1969 as well as Blood & Fire. That they are increasing their production schedule on Phase 2 to me is astounding, given that all of this is privately funded, both with money and time.

Hidden Frontier I never cared for, though I know they have their fans.

OK, Ensign Ro. This is the age of YouTube. I want to see that dang film!

What would be great is an Enterprise-era “Romulan-Earth Conflict” Mini-series… fan or canon would be fantastic.


the animated one looks dreadful..I mean firstly why try to copy the filmation style which in its day was cheap & it looks utter crap compared to even saturday morning stuff. They shoulda gone 3D at least it woulda looked better than the live action actors lol

It’s funny that they should be doing “Bandi” now. I am currently reading through Gerrold’s “The Trouble with Tribbles” book, a terrific read with ionsight into the process of writiing for television.

I am also a big fan of Fan-Made Trek because I totally relate to their love of the Trek-World, and the desire to play in it. The fact that all of these creative people are accomplishing this tremendous body of work simply out of love is a real testament that not everything has to be done to make a buck. These Trek-producing fans might be the progenitors of a race of humans that do things out of love rather than chasing after $$$$. I think that would be quite an evolutionary step.

What’s funny is that the guys over at Starship Exeter were planning on launching an animated series, but like everything else they do over there, it takes a hell of a long time.

give these guys a break, its not like they are loaded with money like a movie or tv studio! by the way, here’s my homemade version of star trek..Remember..General Blasto is Captain Kirk.

Great stuff, best fans in the world? I think so


Pennsylvania Dutchs are even trademarked?

As much as TAS has some nostalgic appeal, I believe any new animated series should have a more realistic animated style…perhaps 100% cgi like Final Fantasy…

Surely, I’m not the only one who thinks the ‘Animated’ idea is FANTASTIC, right? As in, way, WAY better than the other fanmade…uhh…stuff.

I mean, for the most part, the voice acting is okay, and the effects are certainly usually pretty darn decent.

But the SETS…and the COSTUMES…and the ACTING is…uggg! I’ve never been able to get through even part of any episode of any of the fan productions to date.

But this animated idea – I *LIKE* that! Basically, play to the strengths of the fanmade material – stories, effects, music, sounds and voices. While minimizing the weak areas (sets, acting, etc)

Anthony, if I weren’t serving in Afghanistan for the next year I’d be all over applying for a writing position with this site!

-sigh- maybe next year

I really envy and respect these fan produced TREK productions. They look great and I think help keep the franchise alive.

It’s like reading a fanzine… I’ve enjoyed all of them… as they used to say in the 70s…

Keep on trekkin!’