More Cho On Trek + New Baby Cho

John Cho is having a good week. He is out promoting his new movie, Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay (which looks hilarious) and he and his wife are expecting their first child. All the while he keeps getting Star Trek questions. The new Sulu isn’t giving plot details (beyond joking “the deathstar blows up at the end”), but talks about the shoot, the director and his approach to Sulu.

Latest Cho quotes on Trek

[From MTV] On the shoot:

The shoot went great; it was just a dream. It is really, explicitly living out a childhood fantasy. So, it was just about as good as it gets for me.

on Takei’s 6 pack

I was looking at those episodes and I was like, ‘This guy is fit!’,” That guy was gym-ready before there were gyms!

Cho would only ‘grin as if Kumar had handed him a water-based pipe’ when asked if he went shirtless

Takei’s abs impress Cho

[From MoviesOnline] On director JJ Abrams

He is, I think, maybe one of the few geniuses I know. He seems to know everything about filmmaking. He’s quite young and knows everyone’s department so well. It’s really freakish. He operates the camera a lot and he’s just everywhere. He knows everyone’s job to the point where, it’s nerve-wracking. You can’t misstep if you’re working for J.J. because his knowledge of his set is that complete. And, what’s unusual about that is he’s also very in tune to what actors are doing so he knows what he wants with a performance and I’m a take whore. I will do takes until the sun goes down and I will always ask for one more. I’m a little bit neurotic but I was always willing to let it go with him because he’s like ‘I got it. Trust me. I got it.’ I know he’s more of a perfectionist than me, so if he’s happy, then I guess I’m happy.

On if he was ’emulating’ Geroge Takei

I don’t mean to be vague but what I can say is honest which is that I think, myself and everyone else on the film, J.J. [Abrams] and the designers, I think we are trying to be respectful of the original series and we’re also trying to get some new fans, do things differently and put a younger, more vigorous spin on it.

Cho’s having a baby
In other Cho news, People Magazine reports the actor and his wife, actress Kerri Higuchi, are expecting their first child, a boy. Cho tells People:

I’m really excited … and scared. They’re just going to give you the baby, and then you have to take it home. There aren’t any doctors around telling you what to do. That thought is really scary to me.

People also reports Cho is moving into a new house to make room for the bigger Cho clan.

Congrats to John and Kerri from

Harold and Kumar Go To Guantanamo Bay, starring John Cho, opens Friday April 25th. More info at the official site.

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I wonder what he thins of his “MILF” line now that Mrs Cho is a mother – of his child.

Sounds like he’s maturing in spite of Hollywood’s best efforts. Congrats on the baby – it will change your life in the best way possible.

Mazel Tov!

‘The deathstar blows up at the end….’ LOL I like this kid’s sense of humor………

This guy gives good interview; his enthusiasm is contagious. I like him.

Kid? He is almost 34 years old.

It it probably a good think Star Trek was moved to 2009. That way people will have time to forget about his upcoming movie, which I will go watch, but others may not.

deathstar blows up at the end! Man I knew I shouldn’t have read this post. Crap :(

I think the remark on JJ is interesting, that he knows everyone’s department etc.. Reminds me a lot of what people have been saying about James Cameron. This could actually be an amazing film, not just a A+ Star Trek film, but in general.

…also trying to get some new fans, do things differently and put a younger, more vigorous spin on it.


Way to go, Cho!

He seems to be a very bright and insightful guy. I look forward to seeing his performance in ST (and I’ll probably check out his new movie as well).

I agree with what he said that he is not exactly trying to emulate but be respectful. I still think you have to fnd some common ground and make us feel that you are that person. For ex: Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeve, well Routh is not the greatest example, but hopefully the point is made. He is going to put a younger spin to these older characters and that’s great!! After all, he’s trying to establish his own identity.

Methinks Cho is going to breathe a new life into the Sulu character. Cannot wait to see him brandishing his sword at oncoming menacing aliens.

dude… I sparked a bowl with Sulu in the S.F. Academy dorms…

LL&P dude X-)

Herbert#13- LOL!

And, to be fair, the ‘supporting cast’ in the original series (before the movies) were ‘blank slates’ to some degree. There’s probably quite some room for new and fresh interpretations.

Congratulations to Chos!

Personally, I like the kind of babies that you return to the parents at the end of the visit! :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Methinks Cho puts a younger, more vigorous spin on the Sulu Character… nice touch. Cannot wait so see him hit Womp rats with his katana ;))


I tried to feed me infink White Castles once but he had none o’ that!
Wimpy liked them tho…

JJ sounded like Orson Welles now? arrrrr…

I have me new ep in chat683 an’ more latter this day … it’s gettin’ weird in there wit’ Ruskies and such… jolly good but stay oot

anyways… all shootin’ be done… all actors can do is write down thar anecdotes to use next year at tha junkets… If asked a tough question, at least Cho could chuck his baby at them and run…

arrrr… good for him, tho…

Take a look at a very interesting interview John Cho has up at Fancast where he talks about the difficulties – a glass ceiling – that Asian actors face in Hollywood. There’s not been a lot of homegrown talent in the Asian-Amer. community in the U.S. The interview is at

Excerpt from Cho: “There’s this lingering sense that there is a glass ceiling for you. More specifically, it’s tough because there isn’t a legacy of Asian-American stars. A lot of young actors get their break by playing the son or the daughter. That’s how you get in a big movie, you play De Niro’s son in a movie, like DiCaprio, and that’s a big break. I don’t have that luxury. Asian-American actors don’t have that luxury. We also can’t take part in certain – we’re American actors, but it’s hard to take part in historical dramas. You can’t be in The Patriot.”

#19 There is no legacy of Asian American stars because we Asian Americans are so provincially focused on SATs and GREs and CPAs and Actuarial Exams and MCATs and GMATs.

#13 Mentions of recreational drugs in Star Trek: I only recall Kirk talking about LSD in STIV and the coke-like “beetlesnuff” from DS9…oh yeah, and the quite dubious invention of “Trellium-D” in Enterprise lol.

Congrats John & Kerri!

Congratulations, John Cho. Now, if only he was having a girl, he could call her “Demora!” Best of luck to the Cho family.

“…I think we are trying to be respectful of the original series and we’re also trying to get some new fans, do things differently and put a younger, more vigorous spin on it.”

That remark scares me, especially since these days “younger” usually means “dumber” and “more brainless.”

Honestly, the youth-obsessed nature of our society is sickening, especially since it cuts out the richer aspects of having a society that is tolerant of older people and things.

RE: Sulu on drugs.

“With an arm full of this stuff, I wouldn’t be afraid of a sup-er-no-vaaaa.”

#23. Kirk’s Girdle



Every time I read about this movie, the respect for JJ really shines through, as a brit (and geek) i love hearing what Simon Pegg has to say and Mr Cho certainly makes me laugh.

Congrats on baby Cho… Live long and……

Cho will be appearing with his “Harold and Kumar” partner on Jay Leno tonight for those who are interested.

Peace. Live long and prosper
The Vulcanista }:-|