TOSR DVD Season 2 Details + Available For Pre-order

The recently announced 2nd Season DVD set of the digitally remastered Star Trek: The Original Series now has box art and more details. The set includes similar bonus features as Season One, plus 2 special ‘bonus episodes’ and has a retail price of $99.00. UPDATE: Amazon have it available Pre-Order for $58.99. More details below.

Lots of Tribbles + more Blackburn home movies
According to TV Shows on DVD, in addition to the 26 TOS-R episodes, the set includes two ‘Bonus Tribble’ episodes (TAS: “More Tribbles, More Troubles” and DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations”) For special features there will be the same episode previews seen on Season One, plus more behind-the-scenes movies from Billy Blackburn as well as nine ‘featurettes.’

The box art is in line with the first season for TOS-R (which was on HD DVD / DVD combo). The blue color is the same color used for the TOS 2nd season DVD set.

TOS-R Season Two is available for pre-order at Amazon for $58.99
set ships August 5th

The street price for Season Two is less than half of what the DVD / HD DVD hybrid was when it was first announced (Amazon originally sold it for $135).

Season Two full of big episodes for TOS-R
Star Trek’s second season is chock full of classics both for the series in general as well as for the new CGI effects work for Remastered. Below are just a sample of some of the great shots (that are sure to look better on the DVD).

“Doomsday Machine”

“Amok Time”

“Trouble With Tribbles”

“Mirror, Mirror”

“I, Mudd”


TOS-R Season Two is available for pre-order at Amazon for $58.99
set ships August 5th

Season One HD DVD / DVD discounted
It is still unknown if Season One will be re-issued on DVD only. The DVD / HD DVD combo disk is now discounted at Amazon to $96.95 (retail is $194.99). If you want to be sure to complete a DVD collection of TOS-R, then for now this is your only option.

TOS-R Season One available at Amazon for $96.95

Source: TV Shows on DVD

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no way

Where’s the blu-ray version! No HD disk, no buy!


decloaking . . .
Another genious move from CBS/Paramount Marketing Dept.. . . NOT!

Sorry guys, but I must buy… To me it is worth the bucks just for the remastered Amok Time.

the original season one
the remastered season one with HD DVDs
the remastered season one with Blu-Rays

the original season two
the remastered season two
the remastered season two with Blu-Rays

let’s hope by the time season three comes around there will only be two versions of the same thing. i’ll be watching on adobe and downloading the remastered episodes where i can find them.

I’m very curious….why (besides being cheap) won’t
CBS release the 2nd season in HD? What are they
waiting for? Is their a new technology thats waiting
on the horizon that they know is going to be released
and we (as consumers) don’t know about yet?
Or is CBS – Paramount behind a newer technology leap
thats in development that their keeping to themselves?

Blu-ray, please. No sale here.


at least they didn’t charge $150 for it… I want it but I want it in High Def!

Appologies if you have already my post in the previous thread but here are the main points why it isn’t coming on blu-ray for a while.… there are two main reasons…

1) The whole set needs to be redone. The previous set was on HD-DVD flippers which hold 25gb and can be played by regular DVD players on the B side. The content of which were usually 3 episodes with some extras on the HD side and the same again in standard def with older extras from the previous set on the DVD side. If CBS use BD50s with twice as much storage space, there is no need for a ludicrous 10 disc set. Also, all the old extras will either be ditched or put onto the BDs which will mean re-authoring the menus. They could also put more episodes on a single BD. But then what happens to the packaging? The inside fits a 10 disc folding case. If you put more episodes on BD50s then that obviously means less discs. Ths means entirely new menus AND labels for the discs plus new insertsalong with new boxes. And there is also the delicate matter that Toshiba paid towards the production of the discs. Will they really want to help fund Star Trek on Blu-ray, the format that killed off theirs?

I don’t know if the episodes themselves would have be re-incoded with a different codec to work properly with Blu-ray. At the moment I can see compression artefacts on my HD-DVD set and I can see no reason why there should be ANY when there should be enough space for uncompressed files on HD. This was probably due to having to be able to have a DVD playable B side. I hope the BD sets improve on that when they eventually come out.

So, as you can see there are a lot of production issues.

2) It is strongly rumoured that Paramount are CONTRACTUALLY obliged not to release ANYTHING on Blu-ray for period of time. They might NOT be able to put it out on BD because of their contractual agreement with the HD consortium. They haven’t announced ANY new BDs since the fall of HD, so there is definetely more going on then just working out how to release The Godfather on BD.

Putting TOS-R S2 out on DVD makes perfect sense to me. They have already made all the menus, the packaging exists and probably wont be able to be used on the BD set, it would probably be a huge slap in the face to CBS-D if they DONT release the episodes this year, and there are good many of us (including people on this board) who aren’t ready to upgrade to HD.

HD lost the war. Blu-Ray is the only High Def format studios are going to be producing now. That being said, there should be a blu-ray version of this.

Netflix to watch the remastered episodes,, then when BR is released I may purchase. If I remember correctly BB extras were shown just about everywhere w/o even purchasing the set and the treasure chest was kinda light, the price is way to high, even after amazon discounts it. There is no way this set will sell well over 100,000 units like season 1 HD DVD did. Maybe someone will learn a lesson when sales are slow, but as history shows maybe not.

Oh yes, forgot to say first LOL

I always wanted a box set of just the three “Tribbles” episodes. It just makes sense. About 10 years there was a VHS box set that was plastic (with holes in it) so that the the stuffed tribble inside could breath. It had a handle and was very cute. A DVD set would have been nice. Heck, now they can have the original version and the remastered version, plus the animated and DS9 episodes. It would be a nice set.

eh no thanks. something like this I will cherish for as long as blue ray is out. I will wait until the blue ray version comes out. in the mean time where the frak is the itunes version of trek.

Doomsday Machine and Amok Time are the highlights of this whole project. I want to see them in HD!!!!

Whenever TOS-R comes to mind these are the first 2 eps that stick out. Everything else was forgettable to me.

Sad part is, Paramount WAS producing Blu-rays before the misguided switch to HD. You’d think that infrastructure would still be in place. How hard is it to restart it all again and start whipping out Blu-rays? Or do they have to wait until the end of their contractual obligation with Toshiba to end? Which, I think ends the 31st of May (along with everyone else’s). Too bad, because Top Gun (a movie which I loathe, but others like) and many others were already pressed in Blu-ray before the HD switcheroo. And now Star Trek re-mastered (a project borne partly out of HD’s improvement in resolution) will be only a slight improvement over the old standard copies save for the remastered FX scenes; and in most episodes that’s a minute or so of footage! Give me a break!

just trying to milk it…more $$$. release it now on standard DVD and later on Blu-Ray (which is the one I’m waiting for)

Blu-Ray doesn’t support combo discs. So this set(along with every other new release for the foreseeable future) will be released on both Blu-Ray and DVD. The Blu-Ray release is coming, just give Paramount time to produce it.

Nope….waiting for Blu…this remastering project was intended for HD and I’ll wait until it’s presented that way.

Booyah. I can’t wait.

I said this before, but if it is going to be more than $50, I’m not buying. Since I have season one on HD, I’ll just wait for the someday when it’s released on Bluray and get a combo player. If they ever exist.

I’ll wait on blu-ray. I bit on HD-but not on SD. I will wait. Good luck, Paramount.


Fortunately, there is such a thing as discounts. I love me my discounts. Go out to Borders, get a membership, and wait for an email to come telling you that you’ve got 30% off. It won’t quite reach $50, but it’ll get you down a good chunk. That’s what I’d recommend at least.

#17 “just trying to milk it…”
Not trying, succeeding. They know how gullible star-trek fans can be, and I expect a few of those claiming “no way” will secretly buy this… and then they will release the HD or Blue-whatever it is and they will buy those too.

Just take all those people who bought the first HD one along with a special HD player and a free tacky phaser gun. Just how much money did they spend just to watch this 40 year old TV series that they’ve already bought and seen? I’ll watch it if they show it on TV.

For all you guys complaining that its not in Blu-ray, think about it this way. When season 1 came out on HD as well as DVD, it was a marketing for the HD DVD line. However, the demand wasn’t high enough. That was the first televison series that I know of to come out on a High Def format. All other series haven’t done it and probably won’t do it for a few more years. As for me, the fact that DVDs are cheaper and cross compatible with Blu-Ray is a good enough reason for me. A few more pixels is not going to ruin my enjoyment of Star Trek. Just sit back and enjoy it for all that it is worth.

i am waiting for blu-ray too , i just brought a hd lcd screen , so i want to use it , and since blue ray won the war i guess i will pick up a player soon , so put it on blu-ray or else !

I’ll be buying thisone! I bought the HD DVD version and I’m sad that it’s not on BR but there’s no telling when that will happen. I’m buying to see the full uncut episodes remastered at least at DVD quality more than anything. Yes I have a HD DVD player. The FX by themselves make this worthwhile!

10. Toonloon… “But then what happens to the packaging? ”

That packaging for Season 1 was the WORST. CBS really should have junked the whole system and just released TOS-R in a new case.

TOS-R on Blu-Ray desperately needs an entirely new (and much less fragile) case.

24. non-fanatic… “Just take all those people who bought the first HD one along with a special HD player and a free tacky phaser gun. Just how much money did they spend just to watch this 40 year old TV series that they’ve already bought and seen? I’ll watch it if they show it on TV.”

I was in the market for a new HD TV and was looking at HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray last fall, and I bought HD-DVD because that was the format Star Trek was going to be on. I knew I was taking chances, but I didn’t foresee Toshiba folding so rapidly (I thought it’d be another year before a clear winner emerged.)

And I never got the stupid phaser gun! They sent back my application saying I forgot to send one of the myriad proofs of purchase, but it was right there in the envelope!

25. Aragorn189… ” That was the first televison series that I know of to come out on a High Def format.”

I think that honor belongs to “Heroes, Season 1”. I remember it being on the shelves when Season 2 started airing on NBC.

Well it so happens that I do not have this season on DVD.

I am not in the market for a blue ray player.

Also I have a reasonably large screen television but it is is not high resolution.

Now since I wont be buying either a the television or or Blue ray player for quite a while, this is not a rip off for a sucker fan but a really good buy!


The right thing to do would have been to continue to release the rest of the enhanced series in the DVD/HD combo format at a discount since they hooked so many loyal Trekies into shelling out their hard earned $ for it.

Shame on all of you Paramount Honchos.

This Enhanced project has been half ass all the way through since the beginning. Such as :

– unenhanced episode previews included in the set.
– closing credits not enhanced.
– film not fully restored. Many pops and scratches are still visible in all
the episodes.
– episodes not released in original air sequence.

I guess quality doesn’t matter much to Paramount, but dollars do.

Me thinks the 3rd season will be in red.

I think that Paramount, by releasing this poisonous product, is trying to kill all of us. I hate them for presenting me with the opportunity to watch an entire Star Trek Season, in cleaned up, restored prints, and with new special effects, for $69. That is not merely an insult- this is clearly an attempt to destroy all Star Trek fans everywhere.

Not. I can’t wait to buy the set.

We now return to our regularly scheduled negativity-fest.

I’m with THX 1138. $50 max is all this SD season set is worth. I won’t be buying it new, that’s for sure.

I’ll wait for a garage sale to pick this one up.

Gary Seven is right

FFS what is wrong with some of you people. What exactly do you expect Paramount to do? what is it they are not doing? the set costs 15 bucks more than the 2004 set. You dont want it, dont buy it. Blu-ray will likely come later.


If they were to re-release season 1 on SD, I MIGHT consider buying these. I say that because I don’t have an HD player, I don’t have a blu-ray, and I’m not paying $150 for something if I can’t access all of it.

I’ve only seen a few of the remastered episodes, and have not been very impressed with it–the fx have mostly been pretty good, but the Enterprise looks too fake. I like the original model because it feels real and tangible–the CGI version is too slick and plastic-like.

That being said, I REALLY want to see season 2 episodes remastered. Amok Time and Mirror, Mirror especially.

Anyway, I doubt I’ll be buying this, especially at that price. But we’ll see.

Blu-ray will come later. Just remember that DVD is still still the winner of this war.

This whole mess is indicative of an inept Marketing Team. I’m sending a message to those folks and letting my copy of the TOS-R Season Two, rot on the vine at HEADS-UP OVERSTOCK.COM! YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE FLOODED WITH TOS-R Season Two BOXSETS!

BTW, TWO FLASHES FOR NO, from Captain Pike.

Get a clue, Paramount.

I bought the Season One discs right away because of the HI-DEF remastered effects. Without the HI-DEF (be it HD-DVD or BLU-RAY), I’m passing on buying Season Two.

Don’t forget that Season 1 does have a Standard Def version, which can be played on any standard DVD player. If you have an upconverting DVD player with HDMI, the standard def first season looks nearly as good as the HD version on a large 1080 capable display. I bet anything below 42 inches or at 720i and you can’t tell the difference. So good, that 99 percent of won’t be able to tell.

The Season 1 HD-DVD sets can be had for good prices now that HD-DVD is dead. Sure, not low enough for some people’s taste who come here! : )

This Season Two set is likely to have been mastered as well and should be as good!

If you don’t want to go Blu-Ray, this will be a very nice set to own. And I’m sure there will many who will want the original versions with original optical effects as soon as a Blu Ray version is announced.

Anthony, I think the main reason people are upset is that the entire purpose of the remastering process was to release these in Hi-Def. NOT to insert new special effects (which have really run the gamut), NOT to relese it yet again on SD, but to finally give Star Trek the HD once-over. Paramount further angered everyone by ditching BluRay and going for a format a lot of people predicted would go nowhere (and boy, did it go there FAST).

So is it really such a surprise people are upset when Paramount/CBS announce the release of a show remastered for high definition viewing will be released on standard definition discs only? Sure, we’ll likely get a BlueRay release within a year or so. But in the meantime, it’s just another frustrating decision in a long line of frustrating decisions. It’s a bit like making a game for PS3, but it only plays on a PS2. Sure, it’s nice you get the game at all, but it seems somewhat pointless at the same time.

I’m not personally angry (maybe annoyed at best) but I can understand why some are.

i’m pretty sure this means shatner will be appearing in the film.

Anthony… “FFS what is wrong with some of you people. What exactly do you expect Paramount to do? what is it they are not doing?”

Firstly, the HD-DVD box set design was terrible. Mine broke within a day, and I was careful because the reviews had all commented on how fragile the case was (lamenting such a cheap case for such an expensive DVD set). This new DVD-only set case seems to be identical to that case. So CBS-Paramount is ignoring well-known problems with their Star Trek DVD product. Oh, happy day.

Secondly, CBS-Paramount has made no mention of Blu-Ray at all. So they remastered Star Trek for the express purpose of bringing the show into the HD world, and now they are quietly pretending HD doesn’t exist. Sure, a SD DVD-only set is a good idea, but the fact that CBS-Paramount are releasing Season 2 first, instead of relaunching TOS-R with a SD DVD-only Season 1 speaks volumes about CBS-Paramount’s intentions… and those intentions are not in the best interest of the Trek core audience.

I would have settled for a simple “Season 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray coming in 2009” but CBS couldn’t be bothered to do even that. Their silence on the matter is deafening.

The question shouldn’t be “why are you guys so outraged by this”, Anthony, it should be, “why _aren’t_ you?”

Ignore Fleet Captain Pike, that was a stutter. He eats this stuff up. ;-)

The human predilection for emotion never ceases to intrigue me. The product offered is launching at a lower price point than the SD sets that have been on the market for 4 years; I guarantee similar markdowns from MSRP. I won’t be getting it, but I was big into Blu back when the Trek Remastered people were calling it “the other format” so, that’s how I’ll get this.

Someone asked if the encoding needs to be redone: not to make it work, but to make it better is the answer. The VC-1 encode could be ported direct, or redone with less compression, but my unsolicited advice would be to ditch VC-1 and go with AVC, which seems to fare better with “blind taste tests.” That may mean mucking with the process more than anyone over there wants to.

Given the large differences between a Blu release and the Season 1 HD release, what with no SD-DVD, more space per disc and the pressure this puts on the producers to repackage and redo menus, I’d expect that the longer we wait, the better. The consensus here on the Remastered project is that we wish they’d taken the time to do it more carefully and consistently. I wouldn’t dare hope they might improve the content, but even better compression and packaging would be worth waiting longer IMHO.

In the meantime, bring on the iTunes!

I hope this tanks big time. F Paramount for their stupidity in going with HD-DVD. If they are still contractually obligated to not produce Blu-ray, they are the stupidest bunch of MF’rs on the planet. My guess is that they are going to try and milk as many folks on the SD versions and then the BD versions will be out before the movie gets here.

With the rumors that all the movies are getting a new cleaning as well, I would look for the SD release to be followed in only a few months by a BD release. Anyone that double dips on some of these cleaned up movies (if I did, it would be a triple dip on DVD alone), is dumb, dumb, dumb if in the end they want it in HD.

As for me, I will be renting these if available. TOS Remastered stopped showing where I am last year, so there are a lot I have not seen- but there is no way I am buying this set in SD.

Again- F Paramount for the bloody thing they did.

#12: Netflix has the remastered eps??

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Buying a HD Series on (forgive me) LD-DVD which will make it’s way to BD eventually some day? Nope! What are they thinking?

I have an upscaling HD-DVD player. I have compared the Season 1 DVD side to the HD-DVD side on my 37″ LCD TV and you can clearly see the difference.

#32 & #34 … Thank you. Peldor joi to all.

re: post 48- How far away were you sitting? At normal viewing distance, a non-home theater nut is not likely to notice the difference, or he/she will be indifferent to it.

That’s another reason the SD version is coming out now. They have to re-tool for Blu-Ray, they know there’s a demand for the Remastered on DVD. A large majority of fans (and America) are not into HD yet. Some may accuse CBS of milking the fans, but if you owned a business and you had something people wanted, and people willing to buy, it makes sense to sell it now.

I’m not endorsing or dissing this release. I realize CBS could take time and hold off and get the BD version out later. But I suspect there’s an expectation for this S2 release, especially since Season One has already been released. Personally, I’ll probably buy it.