Abrams: Star Trek Is Mind Blowing

Star Trek director JJ Abrams was interviewed on G4’s Attack of the Show yesterday to promote the new Cloverfield DVD release. Abrams talked about viral marketing, Cloverfield sequels, Lost and a bit about the beginnings of post-production for Star Trek. See the video interview below.

A couple of key quotes

On Star Trek:

Well we’re cutting now, we’re editing the film. And obviously its Star Trek so there are a gazillion visual effects. We’re very lucky to have ILM doing the visual effects, and they’re spectacular. And I’m just starting to see some of them now and it is mind blowing.

On Cloverfield sequel

There are a couple of ideas that Drew Goddard, the writer, and Matt Reaves [director] have that are pretty fantastic. So we are playing around with ideas. Obviously unless it is something that really excites us and inspires us we wont do it.

Cloverfield is out on DVD now:

Thanks to Arnaldo for the tip

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I’ll only be impressed if the visuals are on par with ST V….

I’ll be the first. But I’m getting tired of everyone talking about stuff that none of us are going to see. I’m sure the director was saying how wonderful “Batman & Robin” was before the public saw any footage….

Can ILM screw something up? Has anyone ever seen bad work from them?

sounds like they’re way ahead of schedule, why not release this as a summer blockbuster? this summer?

#3:”Can ILM screw something up? Has anyone ever seen bad work from them?”


#5 – C’mon, Dennis, everyone – and everything – has at least one ‘Ishtar’ moment in life…..LOL

@5 – Dennis…

I KNEW… I just KNEW what that was going to be before I hit the link!!

Though you have to admit, the basic premise wasn’t ehhh, the *best* they had to work with….

Woo-Hoo!! ILM back in Trek! George and Gene, together again.

The effects for Star Trek are mind-blowing! I sooooo want to see this movie….

It’s interesting that part of the success around Cloverfield had to do with its secrecy. I wonder if keeping some amount of secrecy is part of the plan with Star trek… to keep us in suspense. I think the more suspense, the hungrier we will be to see the film. Even the skeptics will go to find out, if the information being released is kept to a minimum. After all, a lot of you went to the original release of TMP without a whole heck of a lot of information, right?

@8 – Mike….

I prefer to think that George hasn’t too much to do with the non-Star Wars projects where ILM are concerned. That way I won’t be going to the cinema next May with an fear of impending doom…

‘Meesa looooooves you….. you deedah savah my LIIIIIIIFFFEEEE’

‘Yes Spock, ‘thank you’ would have sufficed’

Technically, the ILM effects in Howard The Duck were fine. They weren’t responsible for the script…

Inner Light Ministries? I thought they juzt be doin’ yoga and stuff like dat…

Could it be Illegitmate Landlubber Mongrels? Ya know… the little buggers we sometimes leave behind in a port and they have no one then ta’ teach them the ways of the sea… Sad, really.

Well I’m tired of hearing about how wonderful the new Star Trek movie is. I want to see some trailers, more than just the one that is out now. They’ve been wetting our appetites with words, now its time for more visuals!!! PLEASE!!

Re: #5: C’mon, Dennis! The — what? two? — visual effects in that trailer were fine for the mid-80s!

The non-ILM content was duck poo, though.

Scott B. out.

3. Actually, yes. I think their work on the INDIANA JONES MOVIES was pretty sloppy.

“I’m sure the director was saying how wonderful “Batman & Robin” was before the public saw any footage….”

Thank you.

They want our money. What else are they going to say about this film? This is like the Fox News of Star Trek.

Well, it’s nice to hear the producers have brought ILM back into the fold; while the effects in Insurrection and Nemesis were not bad, they just didn’t have the extra ‘oomph’ ILM puts into theirs. ILM always seems to push boundaries in every film; or even refine old ones. Overall, the last two films’ effects were serviceable, but no ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of ILM-level stuff. And let’s not bring up the so-called visual effects of Star Trek V (although the briefly-seen transporter effect in that film was not half bad; everything else…not so much).

Me want to see new trailer.

The new Star Trek is wonderful? Really?! I’m so there!

good interview with jj. I think the best thing to take away from Cloverfield is the marketing of the movie. He was right in guessing that if they put a trailer out there that no one had heard about, that had a monster destroying a city, and then not have a title for it, would excite audiences. It didn’t even matter what the movie was at that point. The campaign was a success.

I still have confidence in Abrams. I think he is a talented guy with really creative ideas in this marketplace filled with same same same. I think we can probably expect something from Star Trek that we haven’t seen before. And if not, then the movie will probably make enough for another one, and hopefully will revive the franchise.

Everyone knew Batman&Robin sucked b4 it hit theaters, Clonney as Batman? That should have been a red flag right there.

21 —
“Ice of you to say so.”

SFX won’t make or break STXI. The story and use of the characters will. ILM could have a record number of shots in the final film. But, if they’re as dull as the entering-the-cloud sequence in TMP, the film will tank.

I just hope they get the E right, and nothing else too wrong.

the spam filters again, eh boss?

JJ, please stop bragging and share something substantial! :)

How about a “proto-trailer”? It’s something David Marcus Kirk would have done, for sure… Sure, it might be cheating, but it would be something new for a film that’s supposedly going to leave our feet sockless.


perhaps a peek at the new enterprise? He did work with the design staff and this is dated 4-13-08

Howard The Duck FTW

It is good to finally here a little something new from the Director of the new Trek film.

I can not wait to see it.

Looks like JJ is going the Cloverfield route somewhat. I really wish that Paramount wouldn’t have pulled the crap they did. I think a lot of our impatience is because of the. We get all this information with a click of the mouse no wonder we’re antsy with the lack of it concerning STXI considering we keep getting teased like this on a daily basis. This would have been much better to handle 15 or so years ago before the net.

#4 –

It may still be well into August or Sept before everything is finalised


Sorta too late for that now!


I could go with that. :)

#6: “#5 – C’mon, Dennis, everyone – and everything – has at least one ‘Ishtar’ moment in life…..LOL”

Sure, but come on – he asked the question, I gave the inevitable answer. :lol:

It’s like asking “when has a politician ever lied on television? ;)

To much hype and build up. deeds JJ Abrams not words.

I love me some “mind blowing’ effects…but remember…it ain’t about the pretty wrapping…

Having said that, I have every expectation, judging from JJ’s track record, that this will be a fun awesome looking action adventure….but it’s all about the chemistry of the actors and the story. A beautifully wrapped box with no TOS HD DVD’s inside is still nothing more but an empty beautifully wrapped box.

I remain, cautiously optimistic.

I love JJ. I want his bobble-head in my car.

Mind blowing? hard to believe without SHAT

The Genesis Cave in TWOK. ’nuff said. Abrams should have hired the geniuses at CBS-D to do the FX!

Look, Enron was chipper and happy in front of its shareholders because they were hiding losses in other parts of the business (and using Star Wars names for the companies). Some here are worried that all the happy-talk will lead to disaster.

I vote for optimism.

#34 Trek will survive without Shatner, I doubt his absence will hurt the movie in any way shape or form. Trek has to go on without him Its as simple as that,this is going to be a whole new era for trek and i am looking forward to it.


Amen to that

Amen again. I don’t recall a character named Shatner in Star Trek, either!

#35. “Genesis? This isn’t Genesis. You thought this was Genesis? No, let me show you Genesis. Well, okay, maybe you wanted an apple. Would you like an apple? It seems we have some right over here.”

#37 “#34 Trek will survive without Shatner, I doubt his absence will hurt the movie in any way shape or form. ”

You’re right, his absence won’t hurt it a bit. By the same token, his actually being in the film wouldn’t hurt it a bit.

Ya know, judging from the threads and posts that these little tid bits generate I have come to the conclusion that in many ways we are spoiled brats.

#4, I agree, why not release the movie (Star Trek, not Howard the Duck) in late July of THIS year? That should allow enough time to finish FX.



Perhaps a peek at the New Enterprise? He did work with the design staff and this is dated 4-13-08!

They can show old Spock visiting that mound of rocks on Veridian III where Kirk is buried putting up a headstone: “James R. Kirk…” and it implies Shatner with no real appearance and calms down the canon freaks all at once. ;-)

They could also end the new movie with old Spock going there and discovers that Kirk’s body is gone! Fade to black and roll credits.

Sorry, forgot to add that old Spock could also find Kirk alive and living in and surviving off of supplies in the Enterprise-D saucer section. Picard thought he was dead and buried him alive!

41 Perhaps you’re right. What is Mr. Scott’s condition?
Leonard McCoy: Well, I don’t think that he— [Spock nerve-pinches McCoy]
Spock: I’m sorry, Doctor. I have no time to discuss this logically. Remember. Our fans are brats.
[On the planetoid below…]
James T. Kirk: I changed the conditions of the test; got a commendation for original thinking. I don’t like to lose to brats.
Saavik: Then you’ve never faced that situation… faced death by brats.
James T. Kirk: I don’t believe in the no-win senario. [pulls out communicator] Kirk to Spock, it’s two hours are you ready?
Spock: [over communicator] Right on schedule, Admiral. Just give us your co-ordinates and we’ll beam you aboard.
James T. Kirk: [to Saavik] I don’t like to lose.

Had brats with extra onions and peppers last night. Sure felt like death by brats.

Regarding those saying/hoping that Gabe Koerner’s work is what the U.S.S. Enterprise will look like:

Did anyone bother to read the disclaimer at the bottom of his artwork?

“star trek and all register trademarks are the sole property of paramount / viacom / cbs this work is for no intended purpose other than exhibition”

Does not sound like this is the new Enterprise to me. Just more of Gabe’s fantasies.

44 If they break canon…

“Where’s that darn torpedo?” –Kirk,
“She’s ready Jim, lock and load.” –McCoy,
“Fire!” –Kirk