Great Links: Spock Art, Campbell Treks, TNG Rocks + more

The Great links has found a lot Trekerific items from the interweb in the last couple of weeks. Firstly, it appears that Spock is inspiring an artistic renaissance. Plus Bruce Campbell is keeping it Original, while Rock band is going for the Next Gen, all the while a small town in Nebraska is getting an enterprising new subdivision….check it all out below. 

Spock Art…good and bad
In the last week there has been a lot of Spock-related art showing up around the world. The first is a new ad for the SciFi Channel in Europe, (spotted by Ads of the World) featuring the ultimate Spock prequel…

And, LAist has spotted a Spock on La Brea Ave by street artist MBW.

Lastly, did you know there is a whole blog dedicated to Spock Art?…and specifically bad Spock Art? Our friends at io9 spotted a blog called "Bad Spock Drawings" which is regularly updated with new drawings. Here is just one example by Jason Robert Bell.

Bruce Campbell knows his Trek
If you needed more proof that Bruce Campbell is the coolest guy on the planet, then this is it. Campbell has a new ’20 questions’ interview at and here is his answer to ‘Star Trek or Star Wars?’

“Star Trek.” The original … with William Shatner. Everything else blows. The only exception with “Star Wars” is the last battle with Luke and the whole “use the force” thing, but I can’t get into creatures with rubber faces playing instruments. It just doesn’t work for me.

Rock Band: The Next Generation:
The kids today are all over the game Rock Band. One ‘enterprising’ gamer decided it was time to give the TNG crew the band treatment. [h/t FileFront]

Another Daily Show Trek ref
Comedy Central’s Daily Show With John Stewart has been known to throw in a Trek reference here or there and last week was another example (see video below…trek ref comes up about 8:30)


Quick Links:

The NCC-1701 subdivision…a nice place to make port


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Live Long and Prosper!

You to, Blake.


sweet i love all this useless crap! it some how is really interesting and yet so pointless.

p.s. im sick of everyone involved with this new movie keeping so darn quiet.
if they dont star giving up spme pics or leaked info i am gonna lose interest. but that what they get for making me wait so long to see this thing

about 8:30
Are you out of your vulcan mind

it was more like 8:44

Bruce Campbell is a great guy,,,

:o )

#3…wait for Comic Con this July. There is bound to be a ST panel with JJ and some images.

Poor little baby Spock – now that just was not right. Although the whole Spockart thing is the coolest. And I have stopped counting the Trek references on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report – I think the writing teams for both shows are all sitting around in Trek t-shirts playing with Enterprise models and sporting pointy ears over there… I loved it when Leonardo told us at the Burbank con about his meeting with Obama at a party – LN was talking, and from behind him he heard a deep voice say “Live Long and Prosper”. He turns around and there is Obama holding his fingers up in the Vulcan salute.

Speaking of Vulcan salutes… doesn’t it look a bit like that one work of art has Spock flipping the bird?

*That’s* a Spock prequel I like…:D

As Germany doesn’t air programs like the Daily Show, I very much enjoy watching those little ST nods here.

Oh, and Bruce Campbell comes across as an extremely sensible and likeable guy. :)

Met Bruce Campbell at a con once. His autograph line moved at a snail’s pace due to the fact that he would stop and have a conversation with every fan. Great guy.

..not to mention the man has great taste. “..everythign else blows”. Gotta love him.

John Stewart is right. We do need someone logical and sophisticated in office.

It’s 3 AM in the White House, and the phone rings. This time it’s a national healthcare problem; an epidemic has broken out across the West Coast. Do you want someone who can only say the word “change” over and over, but never bring it to fruition? Do you want someone who only says “I’m a president, not a miracle worker”? Or do you want someone who can end that crisis in a photonic second?

When that phone is answered, you will hear someone who is willing to step up to any challenge.

“Please state the nature of the national emergency.”

“I’m The Doctor, and I approve this message.”

Voyager’s EMH ’08
Seven of Nine

It looks like I’m moving to Nebraska (maybe)–Omaha region. I’ll have to check out Grand Island.

I assume that;s Sarek pulling on young Spock’s ears… probably for showing too much emotion.

It’s been a long time
Since she be pulling me ear
It’s been a long while
And me ears have finally healed
I believe me hearing will return some day
I will catch her sigh
And I ain’t gunna have me ear pulled no more
No I’ve joined tha’ lobey liberation ta’ fight
Cuz I got faith ! In me Quarks
Going where tha’ sounds’ll take me
I got faith ! In me Quarks
No one’s gunna bend nor break ’em
I got faith
(I got faith)
Faith in me sonarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

Looks like everyone who’s a ST fan will buy a home in the new subdivision.
I can see it now. You can honestly say you live “on the Enterprise” with that designation. I wonder if they’ve thought about the STREET names that will be in the Subdivision. Kirk Lane, Spock Way, McCoy Avenue, Picard Bulevard, Number One Street, etc. Live Long and Prosper

….okay, I never much liked Bruce Campbell before, but now I see that he totally ROCKS!!! BRUCE CAMPBELL IS AWESOME!!!

“…the Original, with William Shatner – everything else blows…”

Platonically, of course.

Gee, I must be wired differently because it doesn’t bother me that they won’t release much in the way of plot/production details or pictures. It’s rather exciting to have some new Trek that will be brand new and unspoiled. Now, I realize there won’t be escaping the big promo blitz when it happens, but I for one will make an effort to minimize my exposure to it so the movie has maximum impact.

I wonder if they’ll have different Enterprise Streets. I mean… there are 7 (6 good ones). So would that be
NX Enterprise St. (runs directly into ThankGodItWasCancelled Dr.
Enterprise St.
Enterprise A St.
Enterprise B St.
Enterprise C St.
Enterprise D St.
Enterprise E St.

I’d hate to be on the recieving end of a pizza delivery line.

loving that rock band

Bruce Campbell… were does one buy a open mind like yours? You just confirmed my opinion of you.

I’ve been to Grand Island, NE.
Glad to see they are moving up in the world.

Gotta love The Daily Show. Say, why not a “Draft Jon Stewart for President” movement?

Although, sad to say, it’s possible that if nominated, he will not “pun”….

14: Please to collect an anthology of variations on the Enterprise theme song!

Hey fellow sci-fi trek fans…

Please check out my Star Trek art including 3-D Spock face
at my art web space

Tell me what you think.


Trek Artist.

awesome art: }: )

23 – very fascinating art, too! ; )

I thought Bruce Campbell was awesome…until he made that Trek purist comment.

Well, Bruce campbell is about the coolest guy ever. I imagine there’s some other people besides me here eagerly awaiting My Name is Bruce in October.

That is the most amazing Rock Band band ever!!!


I love that spock jr add. Classic..
Bruce Campbell was already the coolest guy on the planet, now he’s the coolest guy in the whole darn universe. That guy just gets better.