Nichols and Saldana Talk Uhura And New Star Trek + Reveal Spoilers?

In a pair of new interviews, the original and new Uhuras are talking about Nichelle Nichol’s suprise visit to the Star Trek set. Nichols talked about what it was an honor for her and how she surprised the cast with her visit (and possibly gave a spoiler), while Zoe Saldana talked about how ‘humbled’ she was to meet Nichols and may also have dropped a spoiler.

In an audio interview with (conducted at the recent Starfest in Devnver), Nichols talked about she was happy to be recast, and possibly gave a clue to the exact timing of the film. Here is a transcript [may contain spoilers]

I thought it was fantastic, because it was a prequel. It is not like they are replacing Uhura from the point in time where we left of with the films, which would be their right to do…This was a prequel, the months before, the time before, and ends with our going off on that five year mission where no man or woman has gone before. And I thought that it is marvelous. I got a call from JJ and he invited me to lunch and ask me how I felt. He did me the honor and I thought that was unbelievable. I went on the set and they were shooting, and I was being very quiet and then all of a sudden everything stops. I mean the actors just stopped in place. The saw me walk in and they were in their lines, and went like “and sir we have the….” And that was such an honor bestowed upon me. I went “Oh, I’m sorry” and everyone laughed.

Nichols also talked about a possible return to Heroes as well her time with NASA and more. Listen to the entire interview at

Nichols at Starfest 2008 (Marc Borai Photography)

Saldana on meeting Nichols
In a separate interview, Zoe Saldana talked about what it was like to meet her predecessor…and she also hinted at a possible spoiler:

Yes, I did meet her, and I was so humbled to have met such an icon. She’s an amazing woman and a strong human being. That was very interesting, as was working with Leonard Nimoy [the original Mr. Spock]. I felt like the entire cast and myself were honored to be filling in the shoes of the original [Starship] Enterprise [cast]. We really hope we don’t disappoint.

Saldana is the latest actor in the new crew to talk about ‘working’ with Leonard Nimoy, implying the possibility that we may be seeing the older Spock interact with younger crew of the Enterprise.

For more of the interview with Zoe, goto

Zoe at Glaad
In other Zoe news, the new Uhura was one of the presenters at the 19th annual GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards, held last Saturday. Here are a couple of shots of her from the event.

Zoe presenting at 2008 GLAAD Awards (Wire Image)

Zoe on the red carpet (Wire Image)

The Glaad Awards will air on Bravo on June 27th.

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Saldana is a hottie! She mentions working with Leonard; I wonder if this means that she’s in a scene with him or if its something with the entire cast and him.

That’s a pretty big spoiler, if true!

So, what’s Spock gunna be wearing anyway? Starfleet uniform? Doubtful. White toga? What, is he about to dip in the sauna? Hopefully not one of Paval’s pink leisure suits.

Just a wonderment. Oh, wait. This was about Uhuru and working with Nimoy. Maybe Nimoy just stuck around, you know, noshing at the catering table, giving some advice as someone who made Trek films himself. Maybe it’s just the actor’s old resume trick to say they “worked” with someone, even if they never had a scene with them.

Conjecture away, I suppose.

Nah, not that much of a spoiler. But cool, never the less.

I have a feeling this film is going to leave everyone with the feeling that the sequel is going to be something to really be anticipated… with the first movie that actually features them during the mission.

It might really leave one with the feeling that the movie is only then just beginning!

I don’t think that’s much of a spoiler. It’s certainly nothing that hasn’t already been figured out or assumed.

I think this was actually the biggest spoiler:

“This was a prequel, the months before, the time before, and ends with our going off on that five year mission where no man or woman has gone before”.

And yeah, “working with Nimoy” doesn’t mean that they’re in the same scenes at all. However, if so, then it’s cool but still not that big info anyway.

So Spock time travels and visits the old crew, how unique! NOT!

I think the biggest spoiler is: “the months before, the time before, and ends with our going off on that five year mission where no man or woman has gone before”

So the film ends with the beginning of the 5 year mission.
She is gorgeous by the way.


Sorry #7

7, 9, that’s what I was referring to, actually. :-) I think I’ll mention it in my blog.

8 “I think this was actually the biggest spoiler:

“This was a prequel, the months before, the time before, and ends with our going off on that five year mission where no man or woman has gone before”.

I had pretty much gathered that from the “on set” chat with Abrahms and company and previous comments from Quinto…about everyone being on the bridge for the last scene of the movie, all dressed in the traditional blues and golds and reds. Still, nice to have some outside confirmation.

She could just as easily be referencing working with him as being at the same job. I work with a lot of people, too, but it doesn’t mean I’m in the same room or on the same shift as they. :)

She might have been hanging around during one of Mr. Nimoy’s shoots. I know I’d take the opportunity would even if I was just playing a plasma scrubber for one scene, so long as it was on the same day, and while my security card was still working. :D

As for Ms. Nichol’s timeline statement, it was probably a generic thing she hypothesized/extrapolated. I doubt she got a look at the script and saw where it ended.

Next Up….

Interviews with the gang at ILM ;-)

Seeing as we have a year + still to go, might as well.

– W –
* Really, lets hear from the guys & gals from ILM *

interviews at ilm? r u kidding??? the last time someone leaked info from that place, the guy lost his job and was threatened by lawyers.

i am sure that at comic con this summer we’ll get more images and info. maybe even a new trailer!

#12 – That was the sense I had, too. Zachary Quinto gave us that same tidbit during the chat. It’s cool, IMHO, but it’s not that new. ;)

I am Zoe in luv with dat girl.

If you don’t know, now you know!

oh, man. I am way too happy for my own good right now.

This is interesting. If one is to interpret “working with Leonard Nimoy” as being in a scene with him, and if he does in fact have scenes with everyone, then how does that pan out with his death in Star Trek II?

I mean, since they’ve all seen him as an old man from the future, why would they be shocked and saddened with his death, knowing full well that since they’ve already seen him from the future, that he’ll somehow be resurrected?

Damn temporal paradoxes.

I have to say I don’t see where the spoilers are… “working with Nimoy” doesn’t necessarily alude to it being in front of the camera.

Also, the new Uhura is really stunning. Not particularly relevant. But she’s a good likeness for Nichols. But that smile would stop traffic.

#14, good luck.

If you want make an attempt to recover data from ILM, well… that’s your jurisdiction. Admittedly, I’d like to know what’s going on with them. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your boss come up and tell you “All right, you’ll be working on a CG model for the U.S.S. Enterprise for Star Trek. Think you can handel that?”

That would be mind-blowing. There are only a handful of people in the world who know what the new Big-E looks like. Most likely less than 100.

I don’t think that Section 31, the Obsidian Order, or the Tal Shiar would EVER DARE to attempt to break into ILM.

The odds of successfully navigating an ILM break-in are approximately 3,720 to 1!

Never tell me the odds!

All of them also work with Abrams. Does this imply that Abrams will be seen onscreen with the crew?

17. Maybe that’s why they’re all shocked. Something they assumed was certain, that Spock would live to the late 24th century, is now in question when Spock dies in Star Trek II. Perhaps they figure that some other time-travel related event caused his death. They would have time-travel adventures in between this movie and Star Trek II. Perhaps they just attribute it to the trip through the Guardian of Forever, the two trips to 1960s Earth, the brief period in which the Enterprise is travelling backwards in time at Psi 2000.

Everyone BUT William Shatner is welcome.

Did I tell you guys I got a cameo myself? J.J. told me if I’d stop bitching about Shatner not being in the film he’d put me in. I’m playing a Mugato.

The total “spoilers” so far don’t add up to anything.

The most logical place for the Saldana’s Uhura to meet Nimoy’s Spock is on the bridge of the Enterprise.

That said, we surely knew this film is a prequel. And when actors say “working with” someone, they don’t necessarily mean sjaring a scene.

On the time travel thing: So how does Nimoy’s Spock get back to his own time? Assuming that he time travels to the young crews era and not the other way around.

Wooooo, easy with the spoilers now. Slow down a bit.
Next thing I know, you’ll be writing about the big E having 2 nacelles, Kirk being a womanizer and Spock being very logical.
We wouldn’t want to give the movie away.
I actually would like to be surprised 374 days from now.
Actually at this rate I don’t have anything to worry about.

8. Battletrek – April 29, 2008
“So Spock time travels and visits the old crew, how unique! NOT!”

You enjoy doing this on every thread or just need attention?


Do we know he wasn’t invited?

Maybe he doesn’t get back to his own time. I think it’s a fairly safe assumption that this is Spock from some time after Unification. Chronologically he was only even mentioned as a contemporary figure twice as far as I can recall: Lower Decks, as having beamed aboard the Enterprise in secret (revealed to be a joke), and in Face of the Enemy as someone with a message for Picard.

Maybe he dies in the movie in the 23rd century. Maybe he finds a pocket of that time period to live out the rest of his days. Maybe he doesn’t even physically time travel in the first place. Maybe it’s more like Al in Quantum Leap and he’s just this ghostly figure that can communicate with the crew from the future.

I am happy with this level of “spoiler”. I want to go to the movie and be surprised and then go back and watch again and see what I missed.


Nichelle Nichols is still one of the most beautiful women on STAR TREK… and that’s saying a lot. I’m really glad that each actor got the royal treatment.

Karl Urban missed out, probably more than anyone. I bet Deforest would have had some keen observations.

i am in love

Yes, I wanna see the ship too!! EXT & INT :) And I wanna know if Uhura finally receives an official first name.

I met Nimoy once, at a book signing. He’s not one of those people that just “hangs out” if he doesn’t have any reason to be there, he isn’t there. He’s 99% all business. He doesn’t pal around. If Zoe says she was working with him, he was working.

Spock must be coaching Kirk and Spock into the roles we’re familiar with.

Will young Spock be showing emotion? The way Nimoy did in the first year of Trek? Notice the way he looked at Mudd’s women, then the coy look he gives Kirk.

Responding to #17

Nimoy is playing someone other than “Spock” and humans have notoriously bad memories. That’s why books were invented. Nice try, but Wrath wont be affected, because the humans wont remember Spock’s cousin as Spock because they grew up with the Spock they know as Spock.

Good try, though


One thing that this movie has already done is give us new voices for the established characters — e.g., Saldana for Uhura. In some sense, there is twice as much to know about these characters: One from its original interpretation, and another from its new.

Twice the actors, and twice the fun. Fascinating.

This is off topic a bit, and I know someone has asked this before, but given the time frame (at least by the end of the film), where is Gary Mitchell? Has anyone caught a sign that his character will be in it?



Lord, Zoe makes me GLAAD I’m straight.

OK, not much of a spoiler, although it does add hope that things will at least get around to seeming space-business-as-usual. I don’t care about prequels. I just don’t. I DO care about a good story, and if it happens to be set a few months prior to the five year mission, so be it. Does seeing anybody’s childhood really add to the scope of this film? Who knows. It seems more Hollyweird chic to give us more backstory than we know what to do with. Still, it’s good to see the passing of the torch being done behind the scenes, and eventually up there on the screen.

Paramount made a typo. This comes out May ’08, right???

#17: supposing that Spock really is time traveling and interacting with the crew of the pre-5 yr mission enterprise, it would be very likely that they would still be surprised w/ his death in TWoK for several reasons:

1) They forgot (as mentioned above, however unlikely)
2) He altered history by traveling back
3) As long as he never specifically tells them what yr he’s coming from they could very well assume that he came back before the events of TWoK
4) They were all pulled into the moment with the emotional hardships of losing one of their dearest friends and comrade

This is again, assuming that the assumptions are true, since we don’t know for sure what Nimoy’s role in this is

#38: Curse you, you’re making me channel Dr. Smith!
Ohhhh the pain, the paaaaaain!

He’s playing his own cousin, Selek.

Maybe they’ll CGI LN to look younger (ala x-men) maybe TOS movie era.

that would be sweet.

If the Enterprise is only in the last 5 minutes of the film, that’s going to suck.

Gah what do people find so appealing about Zoe Saldana?!? She’s not THAT pretty…or maybe I’m just missing something.

And aren’t there any REAL spoilers to report on?? :(

#43 Screw you!! Zoe’s Totally Hot. I’m guessing it’s a Pulse that’s missing, Check again Pally.

Zoe looks yummy!!!

Not really much of a spoiler. Its obvious that the whole cast is going to meet Nimoy.

42, I’m pretty sure there’re gonna be those who will think of the whole movie as just a set-up for the sequel. This wouldn’t be bad so long as only a very few fans think that way and the vast majority are impressed by how much it stands alone.

I want to compare and contrast the first Star Wars movie (retconned as Episode IV) was self-contained and for that reason, pure dynamite, with The Empire Strikes Back, which, despite its technical virtuosity, seemed a bit dissatisfying because by then Lucas knew that he was going to make a series of movies.

Trek XI needs to be able to stand alone and I don’t think it would be nearly as cool if we had to wait for its sequel to “get to the good stuff”.

It’s all academic, since I’m pretty sure we won’t. Based on nothing so much as faith, I guess … faith of the heart. ;-)

So why did JJ fawn over all of the old support cast, asking them how they felt, inviting them to visit, etc… but give Bill Shatner the cold shoulder? They spoke to him initially about possible involvement, then left him high and dry with no word, no follow up phone call. I think Leonard is great, but as I’ve said before, I WON’T BE SEEING THIS FILM because of the way they treated Shatner.

dannyboy1 48:

Don’t forget, Shatner has quite a reputation himself for treating others like crap, and also overvaluing in monetary terms his ability to contribute. He was almost in Enterprise, but required too much cash for what would have been, at best, a phoned-in performance.

Also, I would await the post-film analysis of what “really” happened before relying on the current soundbytes as facts.