April 2008

Abrams: Star Trek Not For The Fans Alone [UPDATED]

While JJ Abrams is out doing promotional interviews for the upcoming DVD release of Cloverfield (which he produced) some Trek talk is slipping through. Even though last week Abrams touted the respect for Roddenberry’s vision, in some new interviews the Star Trek director made it clear that his new Trek is going to be ‘realer’ than ever before and targeting a whole new audience.

Nana Visitor Is Mrs. Voorhees In New Friday the 13th

Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor is headed into horror movie history. In a ScreenGeeks interview conducted at StarFest in Denver over the weekend, Visitor revealed that she will be playing Pamela Voorhees, the mother of Jason the hockey-mask wearing serial killer in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. Visitor also talked about her upcoming guest spot on Battlestar Galactica.

Library Computer: Retro Review “Enterprise First Adventure” + Pocket’s 2009 Book Plans

We are a year away from seeing JJ Abrams Star Trek origin story, and so this week the Library Computer journeys back to 1986 to look at how the books tackled this moment in (non canon) Trek history with "Enterprise: The First Adventure," by Vonda McIntyre. Also this week we look forward with news on 2009 Trek books coming out of New York Comic Con.

Con Report: Quinto, Nichols and Visitor At Starfest 08

Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) and Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura) took a trip to StarFest over the weekend to give Colorado fans a Trek treat. Quinto stuck with his code of silence but impressed the crowd with his respect for the role of Spock. And Nichols provided more details on her visit to the new Star Trek set. Nana Visitor also attended and and gave the ‘Niners’ and singing treat.

‘Star Trek’ To Have Pay TV Premiere On New Viacom Channel

If you have HBO or Showtime and were hoping to see JJ Abrams Star Trek film on either, you are out of luck. Today Viacom (parent company of Paramount Pictures) announced a joint venture with MGM, UA and Lionsgate forming a new premium cable channel with exclusive rights for all four studios. The not-yet-named channel launches in the Fall of 2009 and the official press release names the new Trek movie as one of the ‘exclusives.’

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy, X-Files, Iron Man, Hobbit, Lost, Stargate, Terminator, Lost, + more

Summer movie season is soon upon us and this week’s SciFi Saturday has lots to talk about, even if Steven Spielberg says you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the Internets. In addition to Indy 4 news we got stuff on X-Files plot, Dark Knight’s Viral, Incredible Hulk critiques plus pics and vid from Iron Man, Speed Racer and more…and TV news too.

The Collective: NY Comic Con – Tricorders, Gorns, and Sulus, Oh My!

At the New York Comic Con this weekend, Diamond Select Toys has revealed their (previously announced) Original Series era Tricorder toy, the final piece of DST’s TOS ‘landing party’ set. They also announced their seventh retro action figures set to be of Sulu and the Gorn, both of which are new designs (but in the MEGO style). Images, details and pre-order info below.

Abrams: Star Trek True To Roddenberry’s Vision

Director JJ Abrams is now starting the long process of post-production for his Star Trek feature film and he talked to the LA Daily News about project. Abrams noted that “there hadn’t been this kind of action in a `Star Trek’ movie before” but he also went out of his way to talk about how (even though the film is totally ‘new’) it honors Trek’s past…

Trek Remastered Schedule Change

CBS has updated their syndication schedule for the next two weekend’s of Star Trek Remastered. “Mudd’s Women” which was to air this weekend, now air’s next weekend and this weekend will be a repeat of “Conscience of the King.” “The Cage” (the unaired TOS pilot), originally scheduled for next weekend, is now off the schedule entirely, but it may get back on the schedule in the future.

CelebWatch Stardate 4.17.08

Trek Celebs are all over the place this week. Colm Meaney is getting tough, Kurtzman and Orci are going underwater, and Quinto is hanging with C-3PO. And in captain news we got Patrick Stewart taking the subway, Avery Brooks in mass, and William Shatner flipping off motorists. Plus lots of Trek celebs are headed to Germany this weekend for the big FedCon.

FanMade: Farragut Gets Animated, Phase II Updates Schedule, Hidden Frontier Announces New Series

FanMade has lots of exclusive news and images from the world of fan films. Firstly,  the Starship Farragut team are announcing new animated episodes which will be very much like TAS and feature some celebrity voices. Also Phase II have announced a release date for their ‘To Serve All My Days’ special edition and updated their shooting schedule. Lastly the Hidden Frontier team have announced details on a new mini-series.  

More Cho On Trek + New Baby Cho

John Cho is having a good week. He is out promoting his new movie, Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay (which looks hilarious) and he and his wife are expecting their first child. All the while he keeps getting Star Trek questions. The new Sulu isn’t giving plot details (beyond joking “the deathstar blows up at the end”), but talks about the shoot, the director and his approach to Sulu.

More From Nimoy and Quinto

TV Guide has a new interview with the new Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy (conducted on Sunday at the Grand Slam). Much of it covers well known ground, but there are also some insights into the character of Spock in the film and some hidden talents of director JJ Abrams.

Tahir Talks Captain Robau

In February TrekMovie.com first revealed that the unknown ‘Federation Captain’ (now known to be named Capt. Robau) was to be played by Faran Tahir. In a new interview with Deadbolt, the actor described his Star Trek captain “a good guy” and said his ship has “muscle.” Tahir also talked at length about the significance of his casting and how faithful the film is.

Grand Slam XVI: Two Spocks Rock The House

The ultimate event of the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit was the appearances  of the two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. The pair each had a solo portion followed by a joint appearance (in the same way they often do it when Shatner and Nimoy appear at cons). Of course the actors were not there to reveal big details about the ultra-secret Trek feature film, but their enthusiasm and chemistry was undeniable. Highlights + pics below.

Ron Moore Developing New Sci-Fi Show For Fox

Star Trek veteran writer/producer (and Battlestar Galactica co-creator) Ron Moore may be bringing space-based science fiction back to network TV. According to the trades Fox has greenlit Virtuality, a two hour ‘back-door pilot’ written by Ron Moore (and fellow Trek vet Michael Taylor). The show is set on a space ship equipped with a virtual reality system (cough, Holodeck, cough).

Grand Slam XVI: Behind the scenes Star Trek photos from Roberto Orci

The TrekMovie.com sponsored Grand Slam XVI: Q&A with Bob Orci has just started (Alex couldn’t make it due to a last minute thing). Bob sent over three exclusive fun little pictures from behind the scenes of the new Star Trek movie (with maybe a little spoiler). This article is timed so you folks in TrekMovie.com land can see a bit of what they are seeing in Burbank at the same time.

Grand Slam XVI: Spiner On Dreamland, Typecasting, Nemesis + Interview

Brent Spiner, Star Trek The Next Generations’ Data, took the stage Saturday at Creation’s Sci-Fi Grand Slam and entertained the large crowd with jokes and stories from his career in and out of Trek. He talked a lot about his new CD Dreamland, and also covered typecasting and gave his assessment of the TNG era films. See below for pics, quotes and also an exclusive video interview.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Dark Knight, Punisher, GI Joe, Justice League, X-Files, Watchmen, Lost, BSG, Jericho + more

Sci-Fi Saturday brings news on a troublesome scene in The Dark Knight, problems with Justice League movie, a delay for the Punisher movie, and an explanation for no ‘mythology’ in the X-files move. But there’s lots of good stuff too, like lots of pictures (including Wolfman and Watchmen), more videos, possible new life for Jericho, a post BSG future for Tricia Helfer and more.