May 2008

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hobbit, Transformers 2, Watchmen, GI Joe, Clone Wars, Lost, Sarah Connor, Dr. Who + more

This week in week sci-fi news we have rumors on who is the new Bilbo and who isn’t the new Spider-man. Plus Details on the Fraggle Rock musical and Watchmen as well as images and videos Hellboy, Star Wars Clone Wars and more. In TV news there is a Garbage cast member to join Sarah Connor, Neil Gaiman being courted to help Doctor Who, alternative endings for the Lost finale and more.

The Collective: Quest For Star Trek Movie Autographs

Some parents and children share a common love of baseball or stamp collecting. For our six year old Nicky, it is a shared appreciation of autograph collecting and Star Trek. When the new Star Trek was announced back in in 2006, my wife Mary Jo and I thought it would be an interesting quest to try and get the autographs of everyone involved in the film for Nicky, this is our first progress report on that quest.

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.30.08

This week in the Watch, we have news on Patrick Stewart wrapping up his Macbeth gig, Wikipedia giving Wil Wheaton trouble, Brent Spiner meeting his Italian dubber, an update on Simon Pegg’s next movie, Blalock talking T’Pol, Russ back directing, new work for some Trek villains, and more.

BSG Preview: “Sine Qua Non”

Battlestar Galactica is back after taking a week off with “Sine Qua Non” which has Adama and Tigh not exactly seeing eye to eye (and that would be Tigh’s left eye of course). More info and vids from that episode below, plus news on more webisodes, TV movies, deleted scenes, and Ron Moore’s other projects below.

The Collective: Review of Master Replicas Studio Scale Enterprise

Two years ago Master Replicas quickly sold out the first set of a limited series of pricey ‘studio scale’ models of the Original Series NCC 1701 Enterprise. This summer they will finally finish out the series with the final 500 models and pre-orders just recently opened up, leaving many collectors with the question of whether or not now is the time to pay $1200 for a model ship.

Library Computer: Essential Guide To DS9 Relaunch

In the past seven years Pocket Books has been taking Star Trek novels to a new level by embarking on an ‘eighth season’ of Deep Space Nine in book form. With the release of the newest DS9 ‘relaunch’ novel fast approaching, this week’s edition of the Library Computer brings you a guide to the series and what you need to get caught up on all the previous action.  

Star Trek Composer Alexander Courage Dead At 88

Alexander Courage, who wrote the original Star Trek title theme as well as the scores for numerous television shows and movies, died May 15 in Pacific Palisades, California at the age of 88. The Emmy winning and Oscar-nominated composer had over 90 film and television credits and at least one other TV theme (Judd for the Defense), but he was best known for the exotic, bongo-driven siren song he wrote for the original Star Trek TV series.

Shatner On Abrams, Pine, STV and 1992 MTV Movie Awards

It appears that Shatner is still out and about and talking to the press. In a couple of new interviews with MTV the actor again talks about being disappointed about not being in the Star Trek movie, but also expressed confidence in director JJ Abrams. Shatner also gave details on his apparently very brief meeting with Chris Pine (the new Kirk) and talked extensively about a 1992 singing performance at the first MTV Movie Awards.

Quinto: New Trek Honors Original

You just can’t keep a good Vulcan down. In a new interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Zachary Quinto, who takes over the role of Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, once again explains that the upcoming film honors the original Trek series. He stresses, however, that the priority for the filmmakers was to make a good movie. Quinto also explains how he thinks his role on Heroes won him the role of Spock. Comments Being Taken A Bit Too Seriously

On Sunday shared some exclusive preview pics of a Star Trek themed cake to be featured in an upcoming episode of the Food Network show “Ace of Cakes.” The article spawned many comments here and some sites and blogs picked up the story (as per usual). But then some other sites decided to focus on the comments and took one in particular way too seriously.

Spoilers: Details On Star Trek Movie Ships

Ships like the USS Reliant (STII), The Klingon Bird of Prey (STIII), USS Excelsior (STVI), the Son’a Flagship (Insurrection) along with the various Enterprises have all been key locations for past Star Trek films. Now, based on information from a number of sources, has put together a summary and some details on the ships of Star Trek (2009). [MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW]

Shatner: Star Trek Was A Miracle

Just when you thought it was safe, there is yet more from William Shatner as part of his tour promoting "Up Till Now.” The British Daily Telegraph has an extensive feature on Shatner where he talks all aspects his life including some good tidbits on Trek, from how it started to how it ended to the rumors of him wearing corset. Plus in a separate radio interview Shatner talked about Galaxy Quest!

Star Trek Movie Make-up Effects Artist Talks Real v Fake

With the biggest budget of any Star Trek film ever, we know that JJ Abrams is going to have a lot of spectacular effects for his Star Trek. However, even though Abrams has brought on CGI effects powerhouse ILM, he has also brought on board veterans of the world of practical effects as well. In a new article in the UK Guardian one of those old-school effects artists talks about keeping it real.

TOS Director Joseph Pevney Dies at 96

The director of numerous episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, including “The City on the Edge of Forever,” died this week. According to his Desert Sun obituary, Joseph Pevney died peacefully in his home in Palm Desert, California, surrounded by his wife and family members. He was 96 years old.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Transformers 2, Hellboy 2, Terminator 4, Spidey 4, Heroes, Stargate + more

This weekend may be the biggest movie weekend of the year, but there are still things to look forward to. We have Orci talking Transformers 2’s appeal to the hardcore, casting rumors and debunkings for Captain America, Lots of Terminator 4 news. Plus images and vids from Hellboy, Hulk and much more…even Space Chimps. In the world of TV we have details on Whedon’s Dollhouse, Stargate Atlantis Season 5, Heroes and more.  

Indy 4: No Trek Trailer But Possible Trek Reference

Even though a couple months ago debunked the rumor, apparently some still thought there would be a new trailer for Star Trek with Paramount’s release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this week…well there isn’t. However, there may yet be a subtle reference, consciously or unconsciously to Star Trek in the new Indy film. [INDY 4 SPOILERS BELOW]

Science Friday: Phoenix Preview and Give-away Edition

This week here at TrekMovie, we are celebrating the upcoming landing of the Phoenix Mars mission with information about where to watch the events unfold live, a special Phoenix Mars Lander giveaway, and a sweet video! Also, we’ve got a new Cassini watch, a supernova seen in action for the first time, the truth behind the “crystal skulls”, and our gadget of the week: The Telectroscope.