Abrams Offers Two ‘Star Trek’ Premiere Tickets For Charity Auction

One year from this week there is going to be a big gala premiere for the new Star Trek movie. Such events are usually just for the Hollywood elite, but thanks to director JJ Abrams you can go too. Abrams has offered up two tickets to the premiere for a charity auction going on right now on Ebay. The auction ends at 6PM Sunday May 11, and the bidding is already up to $2,550.

The auction benefits The Liberty Hill Foundation, a Los Angeles charity that Abrams has long supported. Here are the details on the item from Ebay:

2 Tickets to the Star Trek Movie World Premiere in LA!
All proceeds benefit Liberty Hill


The package: This auction is for two tickets to the world premiere of the new Star Trek movie in the Los Angeles area.

About the movie: A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members during their time at Starfleet Academy, “Star Trek,” features a young, new crew venturing boldly where no man has ever gone before. (Synopsis from IMDB.com)

Date: The release date for the film has not yet been announced, but it will likely be in 2009.

Additional details: Transportation and accommodations are NOT included and are the responsibility of the winning bidder.

Retail value: Priceless!

MAKE YOUR BID TO BE THE FIRST TO SEE STAR TREK: CLICK HERE to learn more and place a bid to be one of the first people to see the new Star Trek movie. TrekMovie.com will be there to take your picture as you walk the red carpet!

About Abrams and Liberty Hill
JJ Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath have been long-time supporters of The Liberty Hill Foundation. Liberty Hill’s mission is to combat poverty and injustice in Los Angeles. Abrams has given his financial support as well as previously offering other auction items from his projects, including a walk-on part for Alias and a set visit for Lost. The Star Trek ticket auction is just one of nine celebrity auctions going on for Liberty Hill, others include a Garth Brooks guitar and meeting Elton John in Vegas. Last week Abrams attended Liberty Hill’s Upton Sinclair Dinner, where David Simon and Ed Burns (creators of the highly acclaimed HBO series The Wire) were given the Upton Sinclair Award for “focusing on urban neglect and calling to question the failure of key public institutions to address the real priorities of modern American cities.”

Here is a video promoting the event from last week:

For more information on Liberty Hill, visit their website.

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Date: The release date for the film has not yet been announced, but it will likely be in 2009.

WHAT???? Maybe Dezember 31, 2009??


Sweet,,, thats going to be a neat gift.

gee,,only a year to wait,,,


thats 5 min down,,,


I wish someone would donate a ticket or two to my favorite charity. (Me.)


Seriously, though — what a nice move on JJ’s part.

Boy, this guy covers all the bases, doesn’t he? Good for him!

Too rich for my blood already. Guess I’ll just slog into the multiplex on opening night with the rest of the Great Unwashed, and wade my way through the empty popcorn buckets to find a good seat. LOL

I’m seriously thinking of applying for a journo ticket just so I can be at the red carpet that night. :-) First step: Get a media credential….

I seriously want those tickets. What a great cause. JJ is a class act.

so what comes with the 2 $10 tickets. I am just guessing, but I would assume Leorard Nimoy will be there along with the Kid and his lucky family from Hawaii who Nimoy picked from the ST Vegas convention last year. Are these tickets where a lot of celebs will be in attendance?

$2550 is a lot of money, but watch the bid will end up at about 10k, or more.

Pretty cool. If I had the money I wouldn’t mind making a pass for them– it is for charity, after all. (Always a good justification for spending money you don’t want to, lol.) Good luck to the bidders!

Still, though I was sort of hoping they’d have a contest sometime to win tickets. Maybe a drawing, maybe an essay-type thing or whatever, but that would be neat. Give the poorer fans among us a shot at seeing this sure-to-awesome premier. :)

Seriously, are all these moves on JJ’s part unique to this movie or are we just hearing more about them because we’re ST geeks? A year out is a ridiculously long time for a film to be this revved — Guys, I’m talking about reality here, not our Trekkerized view of the universe.

Anyway — nice move. Will we find out what charity gets the bennies?

I never liked auctions like these. Seems to me that those who can afford to bid on something like this are the people with loads of money to splash around, the same people who could probably get tickets to the premiere by other means anyway.

Ok J.J. now how about offering the Star Trek fans more trailers!! Please?

Number 1:

Don’t even joke! It was bad enough to have it moved back to May of next year, much less next Xmas! I’m pretty sure that Paramount won’t do that since summer releases are usually huge hits. We’ve already seen “Iron Man” wipe the floors for the Press Box with “Indy” coming out in 2-3 weeks.

On topic:
JJ is such a neat guy. I hope that someone who really deserves them gets it. It should be someone who charishes them, and doesn’t just want to resell them on eBay.

You guys had me all exited up until the $2,550.00 part. Funny!

How about an auction to visit the sets?

I took a look at ebay and there have already been 27 people who have placed bids.

15: Or a visit to the crates the sets are now in. :)

Such events are usually just for the Hollywood elite, but thanks to director JJ Abrams you can go too. Abrams has offered up two tickets…

OMG!!! Abrams is SUCH a philanthropist!!! I mean, he cares so much about the Common Man that he’s offering TWO FREE TICKETS to go see the – oh wait, you have to buy them. In an auction. And there’s only two…


#14 & #18. It’s for charity and I will be glad if the price is totally unrealistic. I hope the tickets go for a price far beyond the stars (i.e. the cast) ;)

10. CmdrR – May 5, 2008

“Anyway — nice move. Will we find out what charity gets the bennies?”

It’s in the story

18. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator – May 5, 2008

“OMG!!! Abrams is SUCH a philanthropist!!! I mean, he cares so much about the Common Man that he’s offering TWO FREE TICKETS to go see the – oh wait, you have to buy them. In an auction. And there’s only two…”

Why does this bother you so much? It ‘s for a good cause and the money’s obviously not coming out of your pocket.

Far too rich for my tiny salary but good luck to anyone who will bid!

I will be orion green with envy

still a whole year away. I can’t believe it! I can’t believe they moved it back! Why, why, why!!

well it’s up to 4000 now. anybody wants to give me a buckload of money, so I can take part and buy a plane-ticket plus hotel for the night?


i am also guessing it will get about 10000 bucks – if not more. there are some crazy rich fans out there who are willing to bid each other to hilarious prizes… good for charity though.

I think it would have been much fairer (affordable) for everyone who wants to go if this had been a lottery instead. Everyone gets a chance for a dollar or two any probably would have raised a lot more money to boot.

Tickets? Tickets to what?

awwwwk! Ya mean thar be a movie involved here?

Oh… sorry… guess I missed some obvious clues… like tha’ URL of tha’ webbysite

Hey- Upton Sinclair had a great film this past year wit’ Thar’ Will be Blood…
And wasn’t Liberty Hill where we kicked yer yanks’ butts in 1776? arrrrr…

If ya’ win tha’ tickets, will tha’ Hollywood crowd be displeased by yer plastic phazor and William Shatner rubber mask… why is Jamie Lee Curtis runnin’ away from ye in utter horror?! … tuxes and Vera Wang cocktail dresses and me Starfleet pajamas go good ta’gether… Whar’s the Klingon subtitles, ya scream out in tha’ theatre… hey- wait a tic… why is Khan is this movie? you yell out disgusted… that ain’t the color of the railing! It should be red, JJ, ya daft poony nerkhead! Spock’s crying fur goodness sakes…

Oh, wait… ya realize yer accidently at tha’ premiere of “Made of Honor 2: Electric Booglaoo”…. arrrrr

BND, you, sir, are awesome.

JJ’s raising money for a good charity, hey? I can see why this is so upsetting. What a jerk!

Hey, who’s ebay name is “WilliamShatner”?

He’s the lead bidder!

(just kidding)

It’s not the part about Abrams raising money for charity that bugs me – of course I think that’s a good thing for him to do. I just think it’s ridiculous that people are acting like he cares so much about the fans that he’s willing to give out TWO TICKETS to the premiere. He’s not the Messiah or the Ninth Incarnation of the Buddha here, people; he’s just a director selling a couple of tickets.

Let’s be honest here: all he really wants from the fans is your money, not your respect, adulation, slavish devotion, or approval. This movie is not a labour of love for him, it’s just another job. Don’t buy into the wishy-washy garbage about “respecting Roddenberry’s vision” or be convinced that he’s the greatest philanthropist since Andrew Carnegie just because he’s selling a couple of tickets.

Yo purolator. I don’t know, man, from the stuff he’s done… and I should say that I’m also a Lost fan, and therefore not entirely objective… I’ve never had the impression that he’s a rent-a-director-producer brainlessly churning out whatever the studio tells him to (hello, Buart Staird)… I think he does clever, entertaining stuff, generally (and Jennifer Garner’s hot). I don’t think the Messiah would sport that hairdo.

29. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator – May 6, 2008

I don’t see where any of the above comments indicate slavish devotion or the rest. Some people said it was a good thing to do or said he was nice to do it. No references to deity were made.

And don’t quote me because I’d have to check back, but I believe he’s decribed himself as a fan and when he and Paramount inked the deal he WANTED Trek on his “to-do” list and then decided he wanted to direct as well.
If you can find where I am in error on this, please show me. Just because he works in Hollywood doesn’t mean he gave up some of his heart. The charity offer shows that as well as other things he’s done. He does have a job to do, but I don’t think it’s JUST a job to him. You ascribe negative attributes to him without much evidence, the positives at least have some basis.


#29—Abrams is an artist. Of course he wants respect, adulation, and approval. Most artists do. Does he want to get paid? Of course, but I don’t get your point.
#30–Excellent points. I like “Lost” as well. Some of that mystery and suspense could be entertaining and useful in STXI.
#31–You’re right, he is a mild fan—exactly the kind who used to watch Star Trek movies like TWOK and enjoy them. Now he is not a Trekkie, or whatever, but he was more of the type of crossover fan this film aims to attract back to the franchise. His fandom reminds me of people I knew who stopped watching Trek movies after The Great Trek Turd. Those kinds of moviegoers won’t see a Trek movie just because it’s Trek. They will see it if they believe it is something special and different though, IMO. I think it will be.

I would only go if I could sit with Shat!

Is anyone concerned at all that we have seen no publicity photos? I guarantee they were made at the time of filming and showing them would give nothing away. Bob and others? wet our appetites..our interest is waning slightly

Well, one saving grace is that the price paid is (generally) tax-deductable beyond the intrinsic value of the item — if you itemize. So, you’d get ‘some’ portion back.

@26 “…and, now arriving on the red carpet is a couple dressed as (sotto voce….”what do you call those things?”)… klin-got warriors….”

wow its up to 6 grand right now

Katie McGrath isn’t JJ Abrams’ wife. You better remove that. She’s some Fan that attached around the time of MI3 and has been bothering websites to place her as his wife. Waiting at red carpets to grab him and jump in for her FAN PICTURES. She has a total act because she has access to IMDb and such. Note the dates the children were born and then note when this Fan faked a picture to look like she was pregnant. She never gave birth and she’s a ambitious aggressive lesbian. She’ll try to have you changed her name to Kate Abrams. I don’t think so! That’s Tracy!

Those tickets were donated by JJ ABRAMS ONLY!!! That Stalker’s (Katie McGrath) name shouldn’t be attached.