Library Computer: Summer Trek Book Preview + Shatner Book Signings

Pocket Books has a lot of Summer Trek reading for you lined up with five books coming out between June and August. has a full rundown on these, including some exclusive covers. Plus William Shatner’s new autobiography comes out in a week and we have info on his upcoming book signings and promo appearances.


There is plenty to keep you occupied while you sun yourself on the beach this summer. There are two DS9 books (with one delving into the Mirror Universe), another post Nemesis TNG novel and two collections of ‘myriad universe’ or ‘what if’ stories set in the Star Trek universe. The following are the official synopses and final cover art (including some exclusives) for the five books Pocket has lined up for the summer.

DS9 Mirror Universe–Fearful Symmetry (June)
by Olivia Woods
In our universe, a Cardassian sleeper agent–Iliana Ghemor–was once surgically altered to resemble and replace resistance fighter Kira Nerys, future Starfleet captain and hero of the planet Bajor’s liberation. That plan never reached fruition, and the fate of the agent remained unknown…until now.

Robbed of the past sixteen years, Iliana Ghemor is back with a vengeance. Over a decade and a half of imprisonment and abuse by her former masters has brought her to the brink of madness, sustained only by the twisted belief that she is, in fact, the real Kira Nerys. She has already made one near-successful attempt on the real Kira’s life, but instead of assuming the identity of the woman she was intended to replace, Ghemor has set her sights on the most unexpected target of all: Kira’s other double, the malicious Intendent, Bajor’s iron-fisted ruler in the alternate reality commonly known as the "Mirror Universe." But far more is unfolding in the Mirror Universe than Ghemor realizes, and the heroes of Deep Space Nine somehow must stop the false Kira without derailing the delicate flow of history that must unfold if both universes, and countless others, are to survive.

Parallel stories set in both universes reflect and build upon each other in this Two-in-One "Flip Book," the continuation of both the ongoing DS9 saga as well as the Mirror Universe line of books.

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DS9: These Haunted Seas (June)
by David R. George III & Heather Jarman
It is a time of renewed hope. As the U.S.S. Defiant sails through the wormhole and charts a new course of discovery into the unknown ocean of the Gamma Quadrant, powerful individuals from distant worlds gather at station Deep Space 9 to usher in a bright new era; with the Dominion War now only a memory, Bajor is poised at last to enter the Federation. For Colonel Kira Nerys, Commander Elias Vaughn, and all those who follow them, these are the voyages they were born to undertake.

But where they seek to go is defined by the journeys they have made before, and ghosts populate these uncharted waters—the spectres of lost leaders, fallen friends, forsaken lovers, vanquished enemies, and earlier selves. Some of these shades drive the travelers on, others are drawn inexorably into their wake; but all make their presence felt, and in feeling, the men and women of DS9 and the Defiant must somehow navigate the perilous rapids of their pasts in order to find the future.

Originally published as Twilight and This Gray Spirit—the first two novels in the critically acclaimed Mission: Gamma series— These Haunted Seas is the next chapter of the epic saga begun in Twist of Faith, continuing the chronicles of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine beyond the small screen, propelling its heroes to realms they could never have imagined, and truths they cannot escape.

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Star Trek: Myriad Universes
It’s been said that for any event, there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcome will follow, and therefore all possibilities that could happen do happen across countless alternate realities. In these divergent realms, known history is bent, like white light through a prism—broken into a boundless spectrum of what-might-have-beens. But in those myriad universes, what might have been . . . is what actually happened.

Myriad Universes — Infinity’s Prism (July)
A LESS PERFECT UNION by William Leisner:
More than a hundred years after the Terra Prime movement achieved its dream of an isolationist Earth, humanity is once again at a fork in the river of history . . . and the path it follows may ultimately be determined by the voice of a single individual: the sole surviving crewmember of the first Starship Enterprise.

PLACES OF EXILE by Christopher L. Bennett:
Midway through Voyager’s journey across the galaxy, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay must choose whether to brave a deadly war zone or abandon their quest for home. But an attack by Species 8472 cripples the ship, and the stranded crew must make new choices that will reshape their destinies . . . and that of the Delta Quadrant itself.

SEEDS OF DISSENT by James Swallow:
Khan victorious! Almost four centuries after conquering their world, genetically enhanced humans dominate a ruthless interstellar empire. But the warship Defiance, under its augmented commander, Princeps Julian Bashir, makes a discovery that could shake the pillars of his proud civilization: an ancient sleeper ship from Earth named the Botany Bay.

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Myriad Universes — Echoes and Reflections (August)

THE CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT by Geoff Trowbridge:
In a continuum where Spock died during childhood, an Andorian named Thelin became Captain Kirk’s stalwart friend and first officer. But at the moment of Khan’s final defeat, history takes an even stranger turn, and the emerging potential of Project Genesis is revealed as the galaxy’s greatest hope . . . and its most ominous threat.

A GUTTED WORLD by Keith R. A. DeCandido:
Terrorist Kira Nerys—from a Bajor that was never liberated—may hold the key to winning a war that has engulfed half the galaxy. But with the Romulans and the Klingons at each other’s throats, and the Federation pulled into the conflict, even victory may not bring salvation.

BRAVE NEW WORLD by Chris Roberson:
Dr. Noonien Soong’s dream has been realized: androids are now woven inextricably into the fabric of the Federation, revolutionizing Starfleet and transforming the quality of humanoid life. But when Soong’s long-missing breakthrough creation, Data, mysteriously resurfaces, civilization reaches a crossroads that could lead to a bright new future, or to ruin.

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TNG: Greater than the Sum (July)
by Christopher L. Bennett
The Starship Rhea has discovered a cluster of carbon planets that seems to be the source of the quantum energies rippling through a section of space. A landing party finds unusual life-forms inhabiting one of the planets. One officer, Lieutenant T’Ryssa Chen — a half-Vulcan — makes a tenuous connection with them. But before any progress can be made, the Rhea comes under attack from the Einstein — a Starfleet vessel now controlled by the Borg. The landing party can only listen in horror as their comrades are assimilated. The Borg descend to the planet, and just as Chen accepts that she will be assimilated, the lieutenant is whisked two thousand light-years away.

A quantum slipstream — instantaneous transportation — is controlled by these beings in the cluster, and in the heart of the cluster there is now a Borg ship. Cut off from the rest of the Borg collective, the Einstein cannot be allowed to rejoin it. For the sake of humanity, the Borg cannot gain access to quantum slipstream technology.

Starfleet Command gives Captain Picard carte blanche: do whatever he must to help the beings in the cluster, and stop the Einstein no matter the cost.

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William Shatner’s autobiography "Up Till Now" goes on sale May 13th at bookstores across the nation. To promote the book, there is a Shatastic week of television appearances and book store events as he travels across Shatnerica. will have its Shatnerific review of the bio next week.

TV Appearances:

Monday, May 12 – NBC Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Tuesday, May 13 – The View (Kirk meets Guinan!)

Live Appearances:

Monday, May 12 – 92nd Street Y (NYC)
Shatner appears at the Kaufmann Concert Hall in New York and will be interviewed by Leonard Lopate before signing books for attendees. Tickets are available, CLICK HERE
Signing starts at 7:30pm
1393 Lexington Ave (between E91st St & E 92nd St), New York, NY 10028
212-415-5619 or 5652

Wednesday, May 14 – Barnes and Noble (NYC)
Barnes & Noble book signing, more info here CLICK HERE
Signing start at 7pm
33 E 17th St (at Union Sq), New York, NY

Saturday, May 17 – Book Soup (LA)
Book Soup book signing, you can have the Shat sign a book even if you are not there, paying only the regular price of the book and shipping costs, although if there are book or time limitations, those in attendance get their books signed first. For more information,  CLICK HERE
Signing start at 2pm
8818 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90069

The following William Shatner books are available for pre-order at Amazon

Up Till Now (Hardcover)


Up Till Now (Audio)

Starfleet Academy
Collision Course (Paperback)

Star Trek Memories
(paperback reprint)


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Quite the lineup! But I don’t see any ‘regular’ TOS or ENT novels.

I’m not sure about the ‘alternate universes’ tales. While some of them sound interesting, aren’t there enough stories to be told in the ‘regular’ Trek universe without going off into alternate realities? I guess everything needs a gimmick these days.

I think I’ll pick up a Trek book now that the Legacy series is over. I hate Star Wars books, sooooo much.

My God! I may have to watch The View. What is the universe coming to?

I loved Star Trek Memories and Star Trek Movie Memories, but I think there’s an opt out point on memoirs and I’ve reached it. Not that I’m saying anything against The Shat hawking more books. New readers will no doubt want to begin with the latest/greatest.

ok, i love the shat as much as anyone, but another autobiography?

Cool covers, these books. I especially like Echoes and Refractions. That’s the way an Andorian should look.

Love the DS9 cover

I really wish they’d stop the post-Nemesis TNG books. If they do any new TNG books I think I might read them if they were set within the original 7 seasons or at least some time before the Dominion War and/or Nemesis. TNG worked best during peacetime and with Picard as explorer and the crew/family still intact — and in all its cheesy optimism.

7, what they need to do is get over this Borg stuff. So far every Post-Nemesis TNG book (with the exception of Q&A) was about the Borg. Enough is enough! They need to get a crew that works well with Picard and the remaining original crew members (Cdr. Worf, Dr. Crusher, Lt. Cdr. Geordi LaForge) and they need to get back to exploring! TNG has the potential to have many great tales with this new crew. It’s time to move on from the Borg and create some new original tales.

the borg/picard thing will be flogged to death a la berman !

more riker?

Let it go Bill, let it go.

#1: The next ENT book will be out in September: KOBAYASHI MARU by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels. The next TOS book will be the final volume in the ERRAND OF FURY trilogy, SACRIFICES OF WAR by Kevin Ryan, which will be out in January. (It was scheduled there originally to come out around the same time as the movie — then they moved the movie to May, which was mean. *laughs*)


I like the imagery Pocket finally went with for the Myriad Universes titles… :)

The return of Mr Thelin (TAS)? Yay!

THe multi book series get to me… I’d love a good solid TOS novel (calling the Reeves-Stevens) but I don’t want to get bogged down ina series.

All those in favor of the Borg following the Shadows and Vorlons beyond the rim, please raise your hands.


I really hope the Destiny series doesn’t turn into one long shake-things-up battle against the evil assimilators.

are there usually lots of people for shatner´s signings?

#17 The last time Bill Shatner did a book signing you would have thought it was the debut of the Iphone. The man is a chick magnet. Its not just the trek fans either. I’ve heard the fans of the TJ Hooker tv series are always in attendence. Yep, every where the Shat goes they say there are always Trekkies and Hookers.

it’s awesome that star trek is branching off into alternate universes, there are so many star trek stories that could’ve gone in different ways. i think that Myriad Universes is great. i’d buy it.

The Animated Series keeps picking up clout in Trekdom . . . “The Chimes at Midnight” is based on the TAS episode “Yesteryear,” in which a trip through the Guardian of Forever resulted in young Spock’s death in the Vulcan desert, and Thelin’s place as Kirk’s second-in-command.

“Thelin taking his place,” I mean.

Alternate universe stories can be terrific if they’re well written. Dark Horse did some great work with Star Wars: Infinities. These stories sound bold and promising, especially the Thelin one.

I don’t mean to pick on Chris Bennet or a book I haven’t read, but honestly “quantum energies rippling through a section of space” is why I virtually lost interest in Trek.

#20–By far the best TAS episode. I’m not so much into the “what if” books, though. The character of Thelin would probably still exist anyway, although not as First Officer of the Enterprise under Captain Kirk. I’m curious—has he ever shown up anywhere else?