Quinto Is Relaxed About Being Spock

Some of the actors who have taking on their new Star Trek roles have talked about how ‘daunting’ the challenge has been to step into these roles in this big franchise, but apparently not Zachary Quinto. In a new interview with jonja.net the new Spock says that since the beginning it just ‘felt right.’ The actor said he wasn’t too worried about Spock becoming a big part of his life going forward.

To listen to the full audio interview (which was conducted at the recent Starfest in Denver), visit jonja.net.

If you prefer to read or can’t listen at work, here is a quick transcript of the Star Trek related questions:

Quinto on if was ‘daunting’ playing Spock

It really wasn’t daunting, it felt so right in a weird way. I found out they were doing the movie right as my episodes of Heroes were about to air so the timing of it was just so precise and so specific and it just made so much sense. And on top of that to be making it with these people who are some of the most imaginative people in Hollywood today and to have Leonard by involved, it really isn’t that daunting. Even last summer at Comic-Con when we went down and announced I would be playing the role and there were like 6,500 people in the audience, I never felt overwhelmed. I was supported by the creative energy behind this project and the people that I have longed to work with.

On if he is prepared for the longevity and revisiting Spock

I have been made to be prepared for this. I feel like for this point on, Spock will be part of my careerer as an actor. I don’t anticipate my career to stop now that I played this role. I get this question a lot ‘now that you are playing Spock what are you going to do?’ I am going keep doing things that excite me and challenge me and challenge my audience and excite my audience as well. I have so very fortunate to be warmly embraced by the sci-fi community, and now more specifically the Star Trek community. That means a great deal to me, but my career as an actor is not limited to that genre or realm. So I am now excited to go off and explore other territories and play other roles and do other things as well. We are about to go back into production on [Heroes] and that will take up a lot of time, pretty much until [Star Trek] comes out next year. I will probably try and squeeze a movie or two in while the show is in production, and then try and get back on stage.

Quinto talks more in the interview about his acting career and how he got started, listen to it.

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One thing that Quinto has that Leonard Nimoy never had is … the experience of Leonard Nimoy!

With Nimoy as a sort of mentor, I doubt that Quinto can go far wrong.

Still sounds like a great guy. Now where’s an interview with Chris Pine?

(By which I mean that Nimoy had to break ground for the Spock character whereas Quinto has a model by which to follow.) I had to add this because otherwise my comment can be mistakenly interpreted as meaning that Nimoy has forgotten what he has learned, which of course is not my intention. Rather, I mean that when Nimoy first developed the Spock character, he didn’t have a mentor of his own.

This also applies to the question of typecasting. Nimoy has handled his career in certain ways which may be illuminating — diversifying into photography, for example.

Nary a word out of Chris Pine. I wonder why? Makes me a bit nervous. Is he rockin’ the Kirk or no…?

One thing that Leonard has that Zachary Quinto never had is … a Bilbo Baggins Video!

I think Mr. Nimoy wants the character to continue to inspire so I’d have to agree…

Now about that Kirk character though.. just have to wait and see…

I cant believe the movie is still another YEAR away… I dont know how I’m going to handle this… I need something to keep me going, some tidbit… SOMETHING. :-p

Here’s my deal on Quinto. Alright, sho nuff, he’s mac in the pants™. Plus he was the right man for the job. None of this is in question by anyone here at the trekmovies dot com dot net.

Awhile back BIG DAWG AP talked about “future proofing” when he was talking about the remasters and whatnot. Because, yo dig it, thats HIGH CONCEPT. And it’s easy to say all dat stuff now about how you want to be the Spock and all dat.

But what if suddenly Spock became the new Adolf Hitler? Me not sure how that would happen. But stay with me here. Anyway, if it wasnt so cool to be Spock? Of course there’s probably no way that it would happen. But what if something like that did.

In summary, one must always future proof their forward looking statements. It’s alot like the Van Halens saying that me main geezah David Lee would never be in the band again back in the 80s and 90s. Now look who’s on tour?

Quinto should have said, “I like this job now, and I’m probably going to like it 10 years from now if Spock doesnt somehow become the next Adolf Hitler or something, as long as it’s still cool, I am sure I will love being Spock in that case”.

I’m always going to love being old hitch1969, no matter what.



more of CHRIS PINE’s interview fur his Princess Diary 2 role and it applies ta’ Star trek 11 as Kirk! How eerie!!!

Q: What do you have in common with your character, if you have something in common?
CHRIS PINE: I am like my character in that, I guess, I like to push buttons and maybe I go too far. I try to be suave. It doesn’t always work out

Q: How’s it feel to know you’re probably going to Kirk for many, many years?

CHRIS PINE: Oh, I’m sure (the second film) will be the last one. But you never know what a princess could be up to next.

Q: Any fly-kicks in the movie?

CHRIS PINE: I try my own stunts, but sometimes you gotta say “I can’t do that… a professional can.”

Q: What do you think about being the ‘hunk’ in this movie?
CHRIS PINE: Totally excited. Well, you heard yesterday…some lady was like she didn’t know who she would have chosen (between the stars). That’s good, man.

Q: Are you good at horseback riding?
CHRIS PINE: (Laughing) Not in the least. They had me on the horse for like a week for two hours a day. But it looks so easy and you get off the horse and you have these big cherries on your thighs and your calves? It hurts. It’s really an art I’m not too good at.

Q: What was it like joining a character set that had already worked together?
CHRIS PINE: Without incident. I mean it was, from the screen test day, it was super easy. You kind of get the sense that it was a family that was ready to go. They were very inclusive.

Q: Can I have a pair of your underwear to sell on E-Bay?
CHRIS PINE: Ask him (Zachary Qunito) that one.

Q: Any cell phone pics of the set you can share?
CHRIS PINE: You bet. There’s a lot of pictures… (laughs) I could sign some.

He is so sweet and kind. In person he was so warm hearted to all the fans, making sure to say ‘take care’ after each autograph he signed. He answered questions in a way that made it seem like he cared about what the fans thought of him and his performance, and he seemed pretty eager to talk about his role. He seems like a really great guy. (at least from those bits and pieces)

if ya squint a little
at the pic o’ Mr. Quinto
Ya get a Klugman vibe
and, setting age aside,
You might just then see
It ain’t Quinto but Quincy


I’ve never met the dude. They never tell me when they are coming to Denver. Thats a bummer because a little advanced notice and they could hang with me. I’m cool like that.

That reminds me… I need to check back with AP about the FanMade™ by hitch1969© at trek movies dot com backslash org. Plus, I need to get in these loops to be a better reporter. When’s Quinto coming back to Denver?

Tell him to hit me up on the supermodeldoug account on aol.



Well, it is interesting that Quinto was announced on stage in front of (as he claims) 6,500 people, but none of the rest of the cast were.

On top of that, he’s now done a couple more conventions. Has any of the rest of the cast?

Alright Zach!

I am glad to hear that you are comfortable and relaxed. Just dont get to cocky!! We still have not seen the movie,yet!!! More to the point: your look and delivery.

All in all I agree completely with post at #1

#12 – I don’t think any of the other cast was selected when Quinto was at SDCC. I believe they announced he was cast at that show.

Here’s a thought…what if we can get Quinto to do a version of the Bilbo Baggins video…

As for Pine, he’s probably laying low till the PR Machine kicks into gear.

Off subject…kinda

I really would love to hear Hitch and British Naval Dude have a conversation.


If he actually comes off as Spock in the new movie — if he actually *is* Mr. Spock — then there will probably be a demand for Quinto to become him, full time.

People will be lining up for years just to ask him for his advice, his logical opinion on things.

He could possibly even run for office. Don’t laugh…stranger things have happened…

#10: If that’s true, they should get an actor who resembles Tony Randall to play Kirk :)

I think Quinto and Nimoy should get together and so a duet of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. Imagine the record sales.

I meant it was interesting that Quinto got to soak up the love by being announced at a big convention and the rest of the cast didn’t get that because they were cast later.

However, as a couple of weeks ago, Quinto has done another con (with Nimoy) and Denver, and is scheduled for Tulsa in June.

I haven’t heard of anyone else who has upcoming convention appearances.

I know everyone mocked me on this one, but watching Ashton Kutcher plug his new movie, it’s like watching Nimoy regenerated, he would have been the perfect young Spock. Does anyone know if he auditioned?

19, record sales of what? Earplugs?


Moogie#21- You really need to not mention Ashton Kutcher here again, sweetie.

Xai#16- LOL!

To keep going on about a role being played by an actor other than Mr. Quinto, after said Mr. Quinto’s role HAS ALREADY BEEN SHOT, and the movie for which he was cast is WELL INTO POST-PRODUCTION, is not logical…

Give him fifteen or twenty years and we’ll be seeing “I Am Not Spock Either” by Zachary Quinto on paperback stands everywhere.

In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to Mr. Quinto’s performance in the film and I hope he continues to embrace and be embraced by the fans.

By the way, Zachary Quinto had just arrived from the Movie Wrap party the night before the interview.

It was just interesting to hear him talk about it.

Denise, I forever drop the subject in respect to you.

Beach, That’s why I flunked the Kolinar : (

Moogie#23- Thank you, Moog. And I would never attempt Kolinahar – I cannot even spell it.


Because he doesn’t currently have a movie to plug, most likely.


The universe you inhabit frightens me.

Face it, the movie is a year away and they need something to market further down the road, but we will be hearing a lot from Pine, its by Design, not Pines lack of desire to appear, as the anticipation builds…….. 6 months down the road, there will be pleanty of Pine interviews etc.

I have no negativity about this man!

and number 21!

it is a joke yeah?

#21 sez: “Does anyone know if he auditioned?”

He tried to, but he and David Schwimmer got into a cat-fight in the parking lot and both were then too embarassed to show up.

21. I Love My Moogie – May 5, 2008
Mocked? You? whywouldwedothat?

Does anyone know if he auditioned?”

He wanted to, but Demi told him it was past his bedtime.

#16. Xai




Come visit on the Chat thread!


#20 – I think it’s just a matter of Quinto already being popular with sci-fi fans for his work on Heroes.

#25 – Best. Book. Title. EVAR.

#30 – Pine by Design is the new furniture line from Broyhill, isn’t it? ;-)

I think the reason we are seeing more from Quinto than we are Pine is that Quinto is much more informed and articulate about the show and his character than Pine. Pine comes off a lot like Shatner does in his interviews… kind of clueless about ST. But, we still loved Kirk, so it might work out okay after all.

#38–The reason we heard from Quinto is that he was interviewed at Starfest, where he appeared with Nimoy. If/when Chris Pine is out promoting another project, he will undoubtedly be asked about Star Trek. Otherwise, we may have to wait until STXI is “officially” being promoted.

Hold your Targs…

After seeing quinto in heroes, now he comes across as an evil crazy guy….

I cant imagine him as spock… in fact my stomach squirms when I think of it…

Its gonna be hard for the actor to change that around.

Also I think it was the strangeness and angled face of nimoy that gave that extra alien touch to the role… He was skinny and taller than kirk…

Gosh.. I think basically they should clone Nimoy and put the fetus in a fast growing chamber, then somehow (perhaps with a technological mind meld) transfer Nimoys brain into the new body.


PS, while we are at it, lets body clone the whole old cast back.
I think that would be canon! LOL

can’t help but see such a resemblance to Quinto and Jack Klugman…

so much so that i will share the lyrics I have wrote to tha’ original CSI show: Quincy

Oh crap, here comes Quincy
He is gunna get me
Cuz I left a dead body where he can plainly see

Now he’ll make his science work
To see just how I killed that jerk
I knew I shouldn’t have commited murder!

Oh, no here comes Quinto
He is gunna pinch me…. (I passes out) *

My Mom had SUCH a crush on Quincy.

#39… I stand by my post… based on what I’ve seen of both of them when interviewed.

To number 4:

IMO Chris Pine is not the type of actor who is going to harp on endlessly about the roles he plays…this puts him in a different category then the rest of the cast and past actors that have play Star Trek characters
This doesn’t mean he’s not going to make a good or even great Kirk, it just means he’s going to make sure he’s not typed cast into this role or roles like it.
Career wise, this is a wise move.
Even when promoting his other films, he doesn’t seem to give a lot of interviews.
He may not be a chatty actor off screen.