Stewart Talks Transformation From Stage To Trek And Back Again

Patrick Stewart was on PBS’ Charlie Rose Show on Monday and the half hour segment mostly focused on his role in Macbeth on Broadway, but he also talked a bit on Trek and how it changed his life as well as his approach to acting.
See full video interview below.

Stewart on how Trek’s fame affect him?

Star Trek had a huge impact on that. In every way. in the way it affected my personal life, my financial security, my feelings about myself. I got so much to thank that show for.

Stewart on how Trek changed the way he felt about himself:

I got a lot nice things said about me for playing Jean Luc Picard. Some of them about my work as an actor, some of them about my appearance, which I had never considered before. Then launching my theater career again on that background of commercial notoriaty just felt very different. Everything about my feeling about being on the stage has gone through a total transformation now.


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That moustache is starting to grow on me. Ha!

I believe the appropriate phrase would be “then have a shave”?
Am I Correct?

“So you acted opposite Sting in winged pants … how was that?”

I vote to shave that upper lip, get rid of that mustache. !!!!

I went to see Patrick at the Secacus, NJ convention last month, and he signed a plate of mine. He was funny, kind, and genuinely a nice man. Later in the month, I saw Macbeth on Broadway. I thought I loved him as Picard… What an actor!!

He’s morphing… Picard… MacBeth… Ghandi.

Ben Kingsley must be pissed.

I always enjoy Charlie Rose’s observations. Good guy.

Patrick Stewart, also a good, insightful guy. I wish I could just sit down and shoot the sh*t with this guy. He seems to possess a wealth of experience about life in general.

I just found out that Macbet is closing TWO DAYS before I’m going to NYC. THE B@$+@rd$!!

Aw, that video cuts off too early. I was so into it and it suddenly ended! Patrick Stewart is so awesome!

Patrick Stewart is a fine actor.

Too bad only ONE TNG film gave him a chance to show off his ability — First Contact. He should have turned down the others.

What is his obsession with Shakespeare? I might could understand liking it to some degree and doing the occasional show perhaps… but he’s taken it to obsession I think. It’s Shakespear, like what’s the deal?

Dear God,
Let’s get him in a JJ directed ST movie.

Good God, Requiem, if you’ve never been in the Royal Shakespeare Company, you wouldn’t understand.

There’s only ONE William Shakespeare.

And one William Shatner. So there.

Yeah, Shakespeare’s lame. I mean like, there’s no good fx or nothing. And I heard that they had dudes dressed like chicks once. WTF? And all that literate fancy talk makes me LOL. It’s not cool like TV is.

I prefer my Shakespeare in the original Klingon. “taH pagh taHbe”!”

And Shakespeare stole all those lines from Star Trek. What a plagiarist. Need Proof? Consider the following:

“Conscience of the King”
“By Any Other Name”
“The Undiscovered Country”

and that’s only from TOS. This guy Shakespeare should get some ORIGINAL ideas.

Cut this bull$&*#….give us some real Trek 11 news….and pics…

If you can’t understand an obsession with Shakespeare, then you might try learning how to read a Shakespeare play. It’s like decoding a message. There are so many ideas packed into a single speach, even a single line.

Here… when Macbeth is trying to muster the courage to kill Duncan, he almost talks himself out of it. He convinces himself that the deed will be so heinous that he’ll never get away with it, that heaven itself will conspire against him…

And pity, like a naked new-born babe,
Striding the blast, or heaven’s cherubim, horsed
Upon the sightless couriers of the air,
Shall blow the horrid deed in every eye,
That tears shall drown the wind.

Seriously. Heaven’s messangers flying thru the air blowing Macbeth’s sin in peoples faces until there’s so much sadness that “tears shall drown the wind”!?!

And Stewart gets paid to do that. Can you blame the guy?

The moustache is essential to making him look evil.

I seriously want a le Carre spinoff show on BBC all about Karla’s evil plans, except Karla only shows up in the last 5 minutes to kill, capture or emotionally neutralize each episode’s protagonist without speaking a word.


“Cut this bull$&*#….give us some real Trek 11 news….and pics…”

Sounds like a job for………..Theblob!
Get on that, sparky.

“It’s Shakespear, like what’s the deal?”

Are you kidding?

TV or movies are for money,
theatre is for acting.

Just think, what makes more fun, playing a whole play and also some of the most famous plays, one of the best tradgedies ever written or playing between green-screen where an director says “cut” all two minutes and let you play a scene thousand times ;)

Hey!!! Someone tell me why star hasn’t updated in months! The only site I go to now is trek movie.

Same here EnsignJack, I think Trek Movie reports on news a bit better than

This is, indeed, the best site for all things Trek day-to-day – not just the new movie

The staff at was laid off months ago. Why the site is still up I don’t know but it should be shut down. For now this is “official” star trek site on the web.

#18: “Cut this bull$&*#….give us some real Trek 11 news….and pics…”

Sounds like someone needs to be jellin…’


Trek indeed made his career more then it might have other wise been, without Trek would any even know the name Patrick Stewart outside of few film roles like King Leodegris in Excalabur or Gurney Halek In 1984 version of Dune or the ill fated character in the movie lifeforce and theater work which outside of England doesn’t mean alot unlsee your Broadway bound.Trek more then anything else made him a household and made so many things possible for him and says as much in this regard.

Astounding! Picard travelled back in time on a secret Starfleet mission and, with a prosthetic moustache, plays the actor Patrick Stewart, so he won’t be discovered and would not change the time line. Brilliant.


Stewart likes Shakespeare in the same way you worship and stroke your monkey over Star Trek.

*That’s* the deal.