BSG Preview: “Faith”

This week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, “Faith,” is the conclusion of the cliffhanger episode from last week “The Road Less Traveled.” And it includes a special Trek Guest Star (Nana Visitor aka DS9’s Kira Nerys). We have more details, preview videos, and vids with three different BSG stars, and Caprica casting news and some frakkin links, so check it out.

Airing tonight, May 9th at 10 PM (9 Central)

“Faith” [Season 4 Ep. 6]
Synopsis: The dying President Roslin and the aggressive Viper pilot Kara Thrace try to accept the new terms of the relationship with the Cylons.

Visitor plays Emily Kowlski, a fellow cancer-patient with President Roslin. Apparently she will be a fan of Baltar’s crazy radio program, but ends up striking a friendship with Roslin.

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Battlestar news of the week:
Video Q&A With Lucy Lawless (D’anna)

Video Q&A With Michael Trucco (Anders)

TV Guide Interview with Katee Sackhoff

Caprica Casting
The cast for the BSG prequel Caprica is beginning to take shape. Esai Morales (Jericho) will play Joseph Adama (father of Adm. Bill Adama). The character is described as “a deeply passionate man with a strong sense of justice — and someone you wouldn’t want as your enemy. And Paula Malcomson (Deadwood) has been cast as Amanda, “a surgeon who works as a double agent.” [THR]

Morales and Malcomson headed to “Caprica”

Frakkin’ Links

The comments section below is for the majority of Trek fans who are also BSG fans. It is to discuss the series, the week’s episode and anything else related to the preview article above. If you are not a fan of the show, then why are you even reading this far down into this post? There are plenty of Trek stories so just move on. Any flaming of BSG will be considered trolling. If you have issues with this site having one BSG column a week, then make a note in the site feedback page.


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Ahh, I really love BSG!

so is Starbuck like the worst ship captain ever or what?

So Katee thinks confidence is sexy… good to know for everybody who will meet her at ComiCon ;))

#2 Well, the Caine Mutiny has its moments. Would have been fun to have Katee walking around with marbles, since she’s lost them :)

After all, what has happened before…. ;)

Is it just me, or does the actress portraying “Amanda Graystone” look rather like a younger version of Kara Thrace’s mom? And a bit of a predecessor of Cylon 6?

Strange that both of them would be cast so visibily and soon… might suggest something along the “Adama is a Cylon” tangent might finally come back…. If Esai suddenly turns up in BSG…

Paula Malcolmsom… there is a Star Trek connection. She played Madeline Reed, Malcolm’s sister, on the Enterprise episode, “Silent Enemy”.

So Kara is the harbinger of death who will lead Mankind to it’s end. I’m still trying to figure out how that’s a bad thing. If she leads humanity to it’s end, won’t that mean that Baltar will be killed? That’s the best thing that could happen right now. I’d kill every character in this series to see him burn.

Nice to see that this site is turning into trekweb


Ouch! I don’t think Baltar is worse than anyone else, really. He’s misguided, and makes incredibly stupid decisions, but then again that sounds like the majority of us, doesn’t it? :)

I’m not really sure what ‘the end’ means…it could be that she’s a harbinger of death for the Cylon, and that she’ll bring humanity to the end of their journey (i.e., ‘Earth’). That could explain why the original Hybrid advised against following her. Or perhaps the unification of Cylon & Human will effectively ‘end’ the races as seperate entities. Who knows.

From Starbuck’s reappearance with a viper that has “not a scratch on it,” that “Ship Of Lights” theme seems to be closer than ever now. I only wonder if this cylon statement that she’ll bring humanity to their end is a LIE to keep them from discovering The Truth about where they’re really going. In other words, she’s left in a quandry: if she goes the way the cylons suggest and stops her personal quest to relocate and SHOW Earth (as she claims to have seen in person), will that be a dead-end [ and Earth’s place in the universe is somewhere else—OR, is she exactly right, and only another encounter with the Ship Of Lights will illuminate (pun intended) the way toward clarity of direction?

That’s one HELL of a question for Starbuck, particularly when the lives of almost 40,000 humans hang in the balance! What would any of US do in such a tremendously harsh situation? Is she really just going mad? Or did the Galactica’s jumps away from where she said Earth was really wipe part of her memory given to her by those supposed Angels on the Ship Of Lights?

And then, is Ron D. Moore actually going there with Season Four, or am I off my rocker thinking that’s where the story is headed?

#2: “so is Starbuck like the worst ship captain ever or what?”

Nah, she’s already beaten for that award by every Federation captain – military or civilian – other than Kirk in “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.” LOL

#8. sean: “He’s misguided, and makes incredibly stupid decisions, but then again that sounds like the majority of us, doesn’t it? :)”

Sure he makes mistakes, but that doesn’t make him as likable as any of the other characters.

Someone who makes stupid decisions ≠ Likable

You can fill an entire convention floor with characters of BSG who fit your description and I’ll still say he’s the one that I like the least.

#9. Rhett: “And then, is Ron D. Moore actually going there with Season Four, or am I off my rocker thinking that’s where the story is headed?”

I doubt it somewhat. There hasn’t been a Lucifer or Count Iblis (which Ron said he would not incorporate into the story) so I think Ron is going to steer away from as many elements from the original series as much as possible.

I wonder if Roslyn’s gonna die die… die and comeback in flashbacks and Adama’s psychotic episodes… or linger and die with everyone else at the end.
Mary McDonnell’s looking hotter every episode… a grave sign that the end is near.

I have been out to lunch on the number episodes this season but are we talking about only 4 more episodes or are there more? I know the writers strike messed things up so I was not sure there’s another batch later on.

This video not available outside USA…

Esai Morales (Jericho) – Loved him in Jericho; great casting choice. Having Caprica will help ease away the pain from losing BSG after this season. So nice to see a Star Trek alumni (Ron Moore) having so much post ST success. Maybe the success of BSG proved to the “suits” at Paramount that sci-fi isn’t dead, just badly managed sci-fi is. (can you say Enterprise). Maybe that is what led them to believe they could resurrect ST with JJ.

#16: “…..Maybe the success of BSG proved to the “suits” at Paramount that sci-fi isn’t dead, just badly managed sci-fi is. (can you say Enterprise). Maybe that is what led them to believe they could resurrect ST with JJ.”

—Or even ST:ENT restarted in a ‘Season Five’ with Manny Coto & Co. making it as good as Season Four became — along with JJ, Roberto and Alex on the creative staff. Can you even imagine where it might go….! (We could see Zach Quinto play an elder SKON. Don’t laugh; crazier things have happened, and in SciFi, EVERYTHING is possible if one has the imagination to think it up and ‘make it so’).

I’m really getting into the new BSG: it’s simply amazing (stunning!) how this saga is developing. GOOD WORK, RON D. MOORE & CO. Maybe the next television awards will be more receptive to a “best drama” nomination for BSG.

I love BSG, but does this show make my head spin! Every one of these characters has me being a supporter one moment and a detractor the next. Why is Kara giving so much credence to what Leobon says? And if he is telling the truth (why would we believe him?), was he lying about Adama being a cylon after Kara “interrogated” him? Or maybe she’s a cylon and can’t help the way she feels or responds to him. Maybe she was captured by the cylons or she regenerated and they built her a new ship and the whole leading humanity to earth thing is a trap. Maybe she is the chosen one. Anders is the cylon, maybe, and he has worked his way into the trust of the colonials. I sure write the word “maybe” a lot when I post about this show.

8 more minutes until the next 10 minute preview. Can’t wait.

On a side note–wish there were horses in BSG like there occasionally were in Star Trek.

#18 Tamara Adama was remade as a Cylon…. and Joseph Adama has a bad history about recreating a child as a Cylon. Who’s to say he didn’t stop at one?

God, I hate prequels.
How far can Caprica go without stomping all over the toes of BSG. Daoud, if Joseph Adama made a cylon child, why would it be a shock to William Adama that “the cylons look like us now.”

anyone going to comic con?

THX, Starbuck has been mindfrakked by leobin. He has brainwashed her so thoroughly, that even though she may be naturally a very confident and spunky gal, he has manipulated her to the point where she is confused and does not know what to do next. They cylons are really good at that, as we have seen with Six and Baltar.

It happens to the best of us sometimes. But she will bounce back soon. Starbuck is Starbuck because she gets knocked down off her pedestal a lot and crawls back up, fighting the whole way. She is very human…



I just find it funny, because I frequently have more sympathy and find more legit humanity in Baltar and the Cylons then many of the other characters. But different strokes for different folks. I certainly don’t want him to die, at least not until the end.

And does anyone else think Athena-Sharon was WAY too against the mission to find Earth? I feel like she has something up her sleeve, especially in light of the Boomer-Sharon’s actions in going against her own model and now being intimate with Cavil. I think her model is too unpredictable. Something is up there.

#22 – I am going to SDCC. I alway enjoy the panels (if you can get in). Does anyone know if they are going to show all the remaining episodes in 2008; I believe I read they were going to torture us and make us wait for the final episodes until 2009. If that is the case, I suspect whoever made that decision is the last cylon.

i think six falling in love with baltar is amazing. she hates him but loves him. quite passionate, and rare. ;)

about baltar dying…i wonder if he will? it makes sense, afterall. if he dies at the end, he becomes an untouchable deity, a martyr for his followers of the ‘one god’ concept. of course we all know that this mirrors religious history on earth. i just wonder where the writers are going with this…we shall see!

anthony will have anything at comic con too? it’d be really cool to meet you guys.


Get a life….man.

Star Trek and BSG are the best things to ever happen to Sci Fi….excluding Star Trek between 1998-2005.

I just finished watching BSG season 1 and its really amazing to see how much Baltar has changed, almost a 180 degree turn to his current character. From a scientist / non religousperson to what he is today.

Amazing turn of character.

The new BSG makes up for years of crap trying to pass itself off as watchable science fiction on the TV.

what about farscape?

#29. Doug: “The new BSG makes up for years of crap trying to pass itself off as watchable science fiction on the TV.”

Firefly? Farscape?

I didn’t really count them as crap. Heck, the invisible man wasn’t that bad either.

I will be at comic con, not sure if any of the other staff. I will also be at Vegas con as will Kayla and maybe John Tenuto. We will not have a booth or anything, be too busy covering the events. I will be speaking at Vegas con, but not sure about comic con. I was on a panel last year, but this year I dont think I am on any.

You want crap sci-fi — jump back to the 70’s and 80’s. Original BSG… BSG 1980!!! … Buck Rogers (well, season two anyway)…
Space: 1999 series 2…

But, there were brief reprieves, if you looked hard enough. Starlost… Greatest American Hero… The Lost Saucer (hey, I’m a Jim Nabors/Ruth Buzzy fan)… Far Out Space Nuts (OK, I have no shame)… Quark…

CmdrR.–You will not be forgiven for your appreciation of The Lost Saucer and Far Out Space Nuts. Those were dark times. But Quark was cool.

A note:
the rule of slagging off BSG as trolling goes both ways here. Slagging off Trek is also trolling as it is what sets off the flame war and diverts from the thread.

The goal of these weekly updates and talk backs is to just be about BSG and the episode, not ‘what is better bsg or trek’

Gene’s failed pilots could also have been a series in themselves. Multiple Earth II pilots (including the one with the luscious double-belly-buttoned Mariette Hartley) and The Questor Tapes with Capt. BJ Hunnicut and Admiral Leyton.

And what was the Bermuda Triangle one with Dusty and a tuning fork, that mysteriously appeared and disappeared on the schedule?

Anthony, my point was in support of your rule… that BSG and Trek are apples and oranges, but both delicious.

OK, back on subject. BSG has the best hard-headed babe-a-liscious kick yer booty women on TV and doesn’t undercut them by pairing them with woosy spacesusie boys.

Kudos, Ron D. Moore. JJ, I know you’ve got some great updates on Uhura. Any Rand news????

No doubt the 70’s and 80’s contained a lot crap. To this day, the memory of most of Buck Rogers and especially BSG 1980 makes me want to take refuge behind the couch.

A couple of programs from the 70’s had amazing potential; one of which ironically was the Saturday morning kids show, The (original) Land of The Lost. It still blows me away that writers from the earlier episodes included the likes of David Gerrold, D.C. Fonatana and Larry Niven! Even as such a young kid, I appreciated the good story lines (even though the “special effects” were anything but special.) How many kids programs pitched the concepts of things like “closed, parallel universes” and “repeating time loops”? Far out!

I recall space 1999 had my attention for a time, but something about it always seemed distractingly hokey.

It’s not often that I hear any reference to Starlost. I was about 7 years old when that series was launched. Most friends my age have no recollection of it. I still remember the episode with Walter Koenig, and that it pretty much sucked. It’s too bad that the best creative minds behind the series jumped ship so early on. I believe that would still make for a great series, if of course in the care of quality writers and producers.

it will be a busy and exciting week for you in Vegas and Comic Con! I will just be you tubing it with my video camera, nothing professional. I hope you get to do some interviews!

best of luck to you!

Starlost! That’s popped up on a few of these threads. I really really hope someone decides to do a serious version of that… and of Starblazers or Captain Harlock.

For fun, Wiki Starlost and eventually you’ll find a collection of memories from the people who put it together. Though a cool idea, the project itself was doomed from the get-go. They jumped ship for a reason!

starbuck will help us find the way home, i think, in her own messed up, ahab-doing-nemo way.
i had a friend in the 70’s, fried on acid, who accurately predicted the internet to me (down to the blogs and sites like this one) in 1979. oh she’s quite useless now, but like starbuck, was misunderstood in her vision.

(“p.s. shoutout to “cayce pollard”. how are things at FFF?)

Why did Baltar turn to religion?

Wasn’t he an atheist?

Is BSG’s current season being cut into two different parts of 10 episodes or will it play as a single season of 20 episodes?

hello hubertis, long time no see. heard from dorotea lately?

thanks to JJ Abrams, i have become a master of apophenia. science vs. jung, or something like that.

starbuck is misunderstood in her vision, yes. the truly creative will always be ahead of the game, making the bold moves and stirring up the waters. that is how humanity propels itself forward.

it is ironic that starbuck’s only ally is adama, the final cylon.

hope your friend didn’t fry herself too badly. the internet existed long before the late 70’s. it came about during the sputnik era, i believe.


i’m pretty sure dorotea has hacked my laptop and doped my seltzer, but thanks for asking.

the apophenia is only rational at this point, and even paranoids have their enemies. i figure the final cylon is either adama or me. or you. or maybe anthony.

and oh yeah, the web is as old as nazi icebreakers, thanks for reminding me.
spooky country, ain’t it?

Mongo told to say Boone Chu say hi.


Yes. We have fresh episodes till June 13th (Ep 11) then the rest of the season airs in January 09.

#40 CmdrR The Starlost was and is the absolute worst science fiction series ever done bar none. IT is Uwe Boll like in it awfulness. No good could ever come from doing a remake of that. This series produced in Canada in the early 70’s on tape rather then film is a National Tragedy . Before you wish for something like that to happen check it out on the websites devoted to it, Look at the sets the ship and read the plot synopsis and after tell if you still think remaking it would be such a good Idea.

Just watched “Faith”…
Amazing episode! Guest star Nana Visitor is brilliant!
Deep material, very thoughtfully presented, about dying and end of life issues. The Admiral and the President have a very moving scene at the end. I’m really impressed.

I thought that the Star Lost premise was a good idea. It just lost something in execution.

Speaking of old SF shows…anyone has an opinion on Seaquest?
My opinion: Production values were good. Story were usually not. It reminded me of Day of the Dolphin. “Fa love Pa.” “Be is not”–Almost Shakespeare!