Top 10 Star Trek Moms

Deanna and Lwaxana TroiCaption

Today is Mother’s Day. Many fans have their Moms to thank for either introducing them to Star Trek or supporting them when no one else would. would like to thank all the moms who help make the world a better place each day by presenting this list of Star Trek’s Greatest Moms. Each character was selected because she represents an archetypal quality we appreciate in the very best of moms.

#10 Gracie
(Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Like a mythological goddess, Gracie the humpback whale repopulates her entire species and saves humanity from their own shortsightedness.

9 Helena Rozhenko
(TNG: “Family”)
Moms can love any child and Worf’s mom, Helena Rozhenko shows the love of adoptive parents.

#8 T’Les
(ENT: “Home” “Awakening”)
A woman of conviction, T’les was willing, despite their conflicts, to give up her career for her daughter T’Pol.

#7 Lwaxana Troi
(TNG: various)
While she has some annoying traits, it cannot be said that Lwaxana Troi didn’t love her daughter Deanna.

#6 Carol Marcus
(Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
What can be said of Kirk’s son David’s mother, except: Can she cook, or can’t she?

#5 Kasidy Yates
(DS9: various)
Sometimes a child gets to choose his mother and Kasidy Yates was the step-mom that was able to heal Jake (and Ben) and help make them a family again.

#4 Kathryn Janeway
(VOY: series)
Not all mothers are biological mothers. Janeway always showed the motherly trait of compassion for her crew, especially with Tom, Harry and most especially, Seven.


#3 The Horta
(TOS: “Devil in the Dark”)
The mother Horta literally and figuratively exudes the protectiveness of mothers.

#2 Beverly Crusher
(TNG: series)
The only main character who is shown being a mother, Beverly is a single parent who helps her son Wesley achieve his dreams.

#1 Amanda Grayson
(TOS: “Journey to Babel” + STIV)
Spock’s human mother Amanda epitomizes unconditional love and helps her son strike the balance between his two sides.


Honorable Mention: The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D
(TNG: “Galaxy’s Child”)
Not only is the Enterprise D symbolically a home (isn’t that what moms make, a house?), the D was actually a mother to the alien space whale ‘Junior.’


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The HORTA with out question…
also best TOS quote ever:


im sorry bev beats the horta???
and no way janeway gets that high on the list.
i think helena deserves higher then i nine.

The borg queen loves her children…

Janeway was the real mother to three super-evolved lizard babies in VOY “Threshold” (with Tom Paris).

She gets a free trip to the seaside in concrete galoshes for that one.

I always thought Galaxy’s Child is a great and unique double meaning episode name. Both marks the creature being a child of the galaxy, going around for years; and believing he is the child of the D, Galaxy class.

what about Julie Newmar ??..!..??.!!.?…
The mother of Leonard James Akaar!
I take back my above post and make Eleen my number one mom!

Mothers day? Not here in the UK its not.

Yeah, Julie Newmaar was a great MILF.
However you’ve gotta go with Beverley, even if she had that cretin Wesley as a son.


…all Trek moms are great but none are as fine to me as my late great mom whom I’ll always treasure!
She gave me “The Making of Star Trek” along with “The Great Comic Book Heros” by Jules Feiffer back when I was about 10 [1972ish] and I read and re-read those books all year long!
And if you care, only MAD, Daredevil, Kamandi, Conan, Batman and Captain America were as important to me as Trek at the time!
I was also into Speed Racer, model trains and airplanes, G.I.Joe, NASA, music [KFRC and KLIV ] and GIRLS!
I had by about age ten at least one old “Playboy” hidden in the garage!
[So I was only sort of a nerd…]


Great to see how a noble idea (10 best Trek moms) can be reduced to identifying Trek MILF. Newmar’s character was NOT a great mom, but she’s a MILF, alright.

As for Bev, the baggage is piled way too high. It blocks the door as you try to sneak out.

Troi was a mom, too, in one ep. But the Trek MILF category does not include empaths (“You were just thinking of Julie Newmar!”).

Kira Nerys. Mother to a child of another couple.

Where is Samantha Wildman?

I guess there will be those who will always try to bring sex into the picture. IMO #1 should have been Lwaxana Troi!!! How many episodes in TNG and DS9 was she in? And #11 I agree with you, what about Ensign Samantha Wildman bringing Naomi Wildman into Voyager? Naomi was much better than that browned nosed brat Wesley Crusher by far!


…but I always thought giving Worf adoptive human parents was really, really dumb. Was never a fan of that episode and it seemed to start the downward spiral of Worf as a character, to the point where he was downright laughable in INSURRECTION and NEMESIS, almost played for comic relief (and not very funny, at that).

They should have given Worf more Spock-like characteristics along the lines of being the mysterious loner who rarely socialized with the crew. Instead, he gets a Ukranian mother, plays poker with the bridge crew, has a son running around the Enterprise and we’re ultimately subjected to watching him kiss Troi with those gnarly teeth of his!

Just never liked the arc his character took over the course of TNG.

Jane Wyatt as Amanda Grayson is number one with a bullet. She had grace and charm, and as only a mom can, could turn Spock’s human half to mush when they disagreed.

Her appearance in The Voyage Home was as revelatory as Montalban’s turn as Khan in TWOK. I only wish they had shown her with Sarek.

I would give Mrs. Troi #2. Majel Barrett played the character so over the top, it was a joy to watch her chew up the scenery.


Worf and Klingons as a whole were dumbed-down by TNG and subsequent series. His peak was “Heart of Glory.”

#3 “The borg queen loves her children…”

The borg queen is her children… ;-)

Well, #1 is spot on! And we’re going to get to see her again in 2009! Personally, I though Carol Marcus should have been higher than #6.

The alien that took the form of Jeremy Aster’s mom? She deserves a high rank!

what about Data’s “mother”?

What about Data? He was a Mum and Dad in THE OFFSPRING!

Just caught the episode again on cable recently. I still shed a tear at the end. If Lal had lived I’m sure Data would have celebrated Mother’s and Father’s day.

Great Episode!

Stretching a bit here, aren’t we?

What about Kirk??

“Well, [Nomad] thought I was its mother,
didn’t it?
Do you think I’m completely without feelings?
You saw what it did for Scotty.
What a doctor it would’ve made.
My son the doctor.
Kind of gets you right there, doesn’t it?”

In any case, Kirk will always be the most bad-azz mother in the galaxy.

#1 is it. Bullseye. Amanda was an amazing person (and I’m sorry, but I really didn’t like Sarek’s new wife in TNG). Amanda was compassionate, understanding, adaptive, loving, and dignified. The fact that she married a Vulcan (and Sarek is so cute when he’s with her! I love at the end of Babel–he totally has a look of “I love you, don’t hit me” when he presents his fingers to her), raised a Vulcan son, and lived in Vulcan society speaks of the dignity, grace, and control she had. Amanda Grayson was great.

Which is why Winona Ryder had better do the character justice next year. I have been worried about that casting decision since I heard it, and it has only been slightly alleviated by Leonard Nimoy saying that she was “spectacular”. Well, we’ll see…

Are you sure Nimoy wasn’t referring to her chest?

What about Siskos Mother. She was a freakin Profit for profits sake who used his father (whome she didnt even like) like a piece of meat and left his ass just for the sake of making sure the Emissarry would be born. Now thats Motherly Love.

would have made a great poll, maybe next year??


What about Spot, the cat?? She had a litter of kittens while transforming into a freakin’ iguana!! Talk about hard labor! :-)

What about best Father???

Surely its between Jim Kirk and Sarek??


@13 & 15:
I think what they did with the klingons were great and Worf WAS a really hilarious comic relief!!

There’s already plenty of ‘serious’ charachters and races in the show anyway.

I like Amanda grayson a the number one mom. But i do think That Ens wildman should have been number 2 on the list. She had to almost raise her daughter on voyager byherself. But thanks to neelix as a god father.Number 3 Should have been carol marcus and number 4 should have been jennifer sisko jakes real mom for saving him at the battle of wolf 359. Number 5 should be Beverly crusher for putting up with wes.Number 6 The horta for willing to kill to protect her children.Number 7 should be Worfs parents for even trying to raise a klingon. Number 8 should be lwaxana for raising a smart and beautifull deanna troi. Number 9 should be Kirks mom for raising a great man who would be a great captian. Number 10 is Picards mom for also raising a great man.Im sue others will differ thats my pics. But the greatest mom is mine for simply putting up with me and my love for star trek as a kid.I love you mom.

Jennifer Sisko started what turned into a great kid with Jake, and I’d rather have her on the list than Kassidy Yates — that whiny woman who gave up her family for criminal aspirations that reflect a failure in humanity. The maquis is great for television ratings, but it does suggest that humanity’s dedication to goodness in the time of ST had limits, and that it would eventually come up insufficient. So blagh!

Big “D” also gave birth in “Emergence.”

All aboard for “New Vertiform City!”

– Harry

#29: That’s a different holiday :)

Keiko? Kira?

Just a head up !!!

ABC: Boston Legal renewed !!!

So the Shat will be back next year :)

I think it’s great that the Horta ranked higher than Janeway.

100% right on the money. :)

Hey great news on Boston legal. More of the shat is great news. Also his mom should also be on the list as well. With out her there would be no shat. Also. gene roddenberys mom shouyld be on there. With out her. There would be no Gene and therefore no star trek.

“The borg queen loves her children…”

I have to disagree – She doesn’t show much motherly love when she self destructs entire cubes as a form of persuasion. (Unimatrix Zero, Part 2)

I hope spot the cat is in this new movie, as a he or a she. And if so, they better not change her whiskers.

Yay for Gracie, Carol Marcus, and Amanda Grayson!

(Carol Marcus should’ve been #2 and Gracie #3, though!)

Keiko O’Brein, i’m sure, was #11 – a mother AND a teacher AND a sexy wife to the chief.

Imagine if Keiko had stayed a child from (rascals) and then if Moly had stayed an adult from (Times Orphan). The Chief would have had to introduce Molly as his 18 year old daughter of his 12 year old wife. Trippy.

What about Moogie?! She led the Ferengi sexual revolution and helped her boys make a lot of latinum too. I want my Moogie!

#44 Yes absolutely :D
#12 Agreed, Lwaxana at 7 is far too low

Hey Anthony:

Let’s do a poll of the best Trek moms!! Whaddya say?

Carol Marcus
L’Waxana Troi
Helena Rozhenko
Beverley Crusher
Moogie (Ishka)
Keiko O’Brien
Samantha Wildman


My vote goes to K’Ehleyr, another single mother and a great character.

Awesone list though I agree that K’Ehleyr should have been on there. I would have replaced Janeway.

#47, #48 – AGREED. K’Ehleyr should have been included… If one includes the Horta and gives the Big E-D mention, then a mention to K’Ehleyr would also have been nice.

Ah well…

What about Tasha Yar?
Also, TPol and Torres should atleast get honorable mention.