Great Links: Trek Has Breakfast, Makes The Lists, Wins A Pulitzer, and Goes Wrestling

This week the great links has Trek characters showing up a few lists, Trek characters, judges robes inspired by TNG?, Trek recreated by breakfast cereal, a Trek fan make good with a Pulitzer, thoughts on a Wesley based TV show, Captain Kirk as a wrestler,  Obama La Forge, and so much more.

Trek on the Lists
Everyone loves lists. TrekMovie does it, everyone does it. This week three Trek characters have shown up on different lists around the web.

Kirk, Space Stud
James T. Kirk has been named the #1 “Space Stud” by The Frisky, which specifically refers to Kirk as seen in TMP, who even trumped Star Wars‘ Han Solo! Eat that, Lucas!

Ben Sisko, Master Strategist
Meanwhile, over at io9, DS9 commander Benjamin Sisko is listed as one of the greatest space strategists in military history, noting “Operation Return” (seen in “Favor the Bold” and “Sacrifice of Angels”) as Sisko’s finest moment.

STV: God Entity, Bad Villian
Lastly, ranks the Alien Entity at the center of the galaxy as one of "10 Least Effective Movie Villains," summing it up well as "some kind of manifestation of the neuroses of Spock’s renegade half-brother and doesn’t really exist. Or something".

Kirk = cool, Sisko = genius, Fake god = loser

Critics see Trek in new UK judge robes
For reasons that are beyond me, critics are saying that the new robes designed for UK judges look like something out of Star Trek. Perhaps the reason for the comparison is that the robes come with three-color-coded collar bands designating seniority, while Trek uniforms a have a three-color coding system for designating department. For more views on the robes, see The Guardian and The Herald Sun.

M’Lord, M’Captain

Trek fan wins Pulitzer for book about Trek fan
Star Trek fan and MIT professor Junot Díaz has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Wao, about an overweight, teenage Dominican nerd who also happens to be a Trek fan. Well, that’s not all there is to it, but if you want to learn more, check out interviews with the author here and here; there’s also more info on the book and author at The New York Times. Enjoy.

Snap, Crackle, Trek
A really big Trek fan takes model-making to a whole new level. Mr. Bob Minor has been building Trek starships, sets, props, and even characters out of Rice Krispies cereal boxes, as reported by Metro. That’s fandom right there. Mr. Minor, we salute you (Vulcan style, of course)

Breakfast, the final frontier

IGN starts ‘Star Trek 101’
With the release of the new Star Trek movie only a year away, IGN has started a regular column called “Star Trek 101”, which “will explore the origins and history of Gene Roddenberry’s age-old franchise.” First up: a history and description of the original show’s two pilot episodes. Enjoy.

The Adventures of Captain Wesley?
The good folks at io9 think there should be a new CSI-type Trek series with a Captain Wesley Crusher in command of a Starfleet science vessel that solves mysteries for the Federation. They explain their reasons for this in this article here. Such a show probably wouldn’t last very long… but, hey, stranger things have happened.

Wheaton approves of the idea

Trek premiere tickets go for $7,600
Someone really wanted to go to the premiere of the Star Trek movie next May. The eBay auction for a pair of tickets (which we reported on last week) has come to an end and after a total of 46 bids from 19 bidders, the tickets fetched $7,600, with $1,000 of that coming in during the last two minutes of the auction. Of all the celebrity auctions benefitting the Liberty Hill Foundation, the Trek ticket auction came in 2nd behind the Elton John Vegas tickets and ahead of the Garth Brooks guitar.

Video of the week: Picard Smack-downs MacGyver
Not really sure what this is…but Jean Luc Picard delivers some serious pain in a ‘SMF SmackaDown’ wrestling match up of Jean Luc Picard and Lucy Ricardo vs. Brittney Spears and MacGyver.



The Audacity of La Forge

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No good will come from any of this, I fear…

That Paper TOS Bridge is a FREE download as a PDF designed by a buddy of mine. E-mail me for the info.

And the photo of him holding the phaser in the linked article… that’s my design at my web site.

Hats off to the breakfast guy…Imagination and patience; a true labour of love…

Oh, and The Frisky’s vote is of course completely justified. :)

The collar on that judge’s robe does look like those on TNG-style uniforms.

One good thing about robes versus Spandex-type uniforms: No need for the Picard maneuver. (Though that judge seems like he’s practicing for it. Either that, or he’s about to deck someone.)

Apparently ‘marxist’ is an insult on flickr…

Sybok was the villain in Star Trek. One does not need to be eee-vil to be a bad guy. Incredibly stupid and vain will do it.

What will we see next?
The 12 inch “fully functional” Capt. Kirk doll! On sale for Christmas 08, and Valentines Day! Let’s make sure this is “Solar Powered” with different attachments. Available in different uinforms! For the young and old alike!

“The Audacity of La Forge”
What a hoot!

More like the Alien Entity at the center of the galaxy.

Or maybe the blind leading the blind… Yeah that fits best.

Operation Return displays Sisko’s skill as a strategist, but it owes at least as much to his skills as a negotiator (in this case with the prophets), and of course his status as Emissary. Of course throughout the series he had ample opportunity to demonstrate his mastery of military skill through fairly realistic battles. In Deep Space Nine technobabble was gradually replaced by military jargon. Both types of exposition were equally boring, but it still didn’t detract too much from making DS9 awesome.

a Captain Wesley Crusher in command of a Starfleet science vessel that solves mysteries for the Federation ?

well its not very orignal , but i would watch it if they made it lol, really cause i would like to see more of the star trek universe , they really need to expand more when they bring star trek back to tv which i am sure they will do soon , like i am looking forward to the federation one fan esp because they will focus on a side star trek you dont see much (running of the federation ) , so yea i think a good starfleet academy show or one just about the klingons would be great .

I must say that is the best pic I have seen so far of Obama!

So I guess the artist is saying that Obama sees things in different ways, with more clarity and with greater ability than normal people? : )

Sam Jones? Did they take this poll at the Women’s Correctional Institute?

Peter Preston can probably be credited with adding fuel to the Doohan-Shatner fight. I’ve seen the “directors cut” of the dead nephew scene, where Scotty gets more time to emote. In truth, the scene is stronger in the theatrical version, where Scotty’s lines are trimmed. THAT IS NOT A JAB AT JAMES DOOHAN’S acting. I simply have always felt that aspect of the movie was thrown in so that we’d react. It feels forced; Peter is a red shirt. Jimmy shines in TWOK, as he does throughout Trek. !!!!! Hope I said that right.

I’m skiddish about the Obama thing. We just had a redneck cracker here in Georgia selling Obama t-shirt — with an image of Curious George. I hope people get the “new vision” aspect of the picture.

maybe “milked” is a better word than “forced” in my last post.

Hopefully Star Trek 101 becomes a regular thing!

I found the article very interesting and what a great way to celebrate the new Movie being a year away!

The commentary on the “Picard Smack-downs MacGyver” video is the stupidest fake commentary I have heard in a long time. The guy is not funny.

Kirk might have been a galactic space stud; however, he was also a world-class master stategist, evidenced by eps such as The Corbonite Maneuver, Balance of Terror, The Doomsday Machine – the list goes on. He even beat Spock routinely in their games of chess. Sisko probably learned a thing or two at the academy by studying Kirk’s captain’s logs and military moves.

That judge looks ready to join Q in The Continuum.

I don’t know about the rest of the article, but any time I see “Great Links” and “Breakfast” in the same line, I start looking for waffles.

“We just had a redneck cracker here in Georgia selling Obama t-shirt — with an image of Curious George.”

“…redneck cracker…” Are you fighting racism with RACISM?
Thats not a new vision.

Redneck cracker is not a race. It’s a life choice. This guy spews hate and grins when you call him on it, saying he’s excercising his right to free speech by equating a black man with a cartoon chimp. Inciting hatred is indeed free speech. So is correctly identifying a redneck cracker. Moreover, I live here. I have kids growing up here. It is not 1953. That crap is over. Furl the confederate battle emblems, spay the pit bulls, put down the cross and gas can.


And I’m equally against, for example, bringing anti-Bush sentiment into coverage of Jenna’s wedding. I also call the local black politicians on their crap.

CmdrR#21- Well-said, my friend.

I’d watch any show that had Wil as a cast regular, and I’d watch it religiously.

Redneck Cracker is derogatory term used to make fun of Caucasians.
It’s Racist.

So is referring to a black man as a cartoon chimp.
It’s Racist.

Are the two part of “True” Free Speech?”
Yes. As distasteful as they are. Where is the balance of freedom and hurting others? Tough one.

We all have to work on racist and other negative thoughts thru out life. One of our human faults.

You sound very thoughtful. I’m not trying to pick a fight…. but discuss and interesting topic.

#18 – I’ll bet Kirk’s Big Book of Interstellar Pickup Lines is also required reading at the Academy!

cmdr & craig
quit it now. move on to another thread

Craig#24- One cannot choose the color of one’s skin or one’s gender. One can, however, choose thoughts and behavior. A person such as the one CmdrR is describing chooses thoughts and actions of hate, and it is a rare occurence for such a person to change perspective. When more intelligent, enlightened individuals ignore hate-based behavior, or do nothing to fight it, events such as World War II occur. Discussion and understanding simply do not work with hate-based idealologies. If you do not believe that, it might be time to go back and review your world history texts, ancient to current world.

Anthony- Saw your post – I’m out.

Anthony and All,

Sorry, was not intending to offend.
Was merely trying to state that names (cracker) and words can hurt.

True Diversity means different.
Different: colors, ideas, sexes, religions the list goes on and on.

Best wishes,

I’m not seeking converts. My points, such as they are, are above. I will cease this line of discussion.

Now, if anyone really wants trouble… in the chat, I stuck in (without much comment) links to current news articles on religion and science. Talk about playing with fire…

..if anyone really wants trouble… ha ha ha
Where is that chat…. hope to see you there sometime.
Best wishes,

A Captain Nerdly CSI-Trek show? As Picard famously said in Yesterday’s Enterprise, “That’ll be the day!”

Put a cork in it, ya’ stupid Tellerites. Just kidding.

(Can I besmirch a fictional species?)

Craig and CmdrR: Saying things or using epithets that you know will cause someone hurt is unkind and not in the spirit of IDIC. Nor is it in the spirit of social etiquette. That is why Craig, CmdrR, and the guy selling T-shirts are all wrong. Shake hands and make up guys; scoring points on a message board devoted to a media franchise is of little value, but kindness in human interaction is of tremendous value wherever it may be found.

THX#34- Nothing good can be said about Tellerites. They are the most pig-headed… I mean, they really fry my bacon…uh, oh, forget it.

chat is at the top of the page, on the right

I really am not trying to attack people. This one guy burns my bum with his t-shirts. Maybe I shoulda just ignored him, but sometimes you have to stand. This far and no farther! Alas, no phaser handy to make him glow and disappear…

Sybok Sy-SUCKS!!

What a douche bag!!

So is that idiot in Georgia selling anti-Obama t-shirts with an image of Curious George…

Always nice to see that others appreciate retro-Shat’s hotness.

Kirk will always be the ultimate space stud.

#19, THX-1138 The Fandom Menace:

Very funny! Thank you for that.