More TOS-R Season 2 DVD Details & Box Art [UPDATED]

Today CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment released high resolution images for the front and the back of the interior sleeve for the upcoming Remastered Star Trek The Original Series Season 2 DVD box set (coming out August 5th). UPDATE: We also have details on what is in each disk, including special features and bonus episodes.




Disk Sleeve Front and back (click to enlarge)


Box front and side angle view (click to enlarge)



Disc One:

  • Amok Time
  • Who Mourns For Adonais?
  • Special Feature: Preview trailers for each episode
  • Special Feature: Billy Blackburn’s Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies And Special Memories Part 2
  • Special Feature: “To Boldly Go…” Season Two
  • Special Feature: Designing The Final Frontier
  • Special Feature: Writer’s Notebook: D.C. Fontana
  • Special Feature: Star Trek’s Favorite Moments

Disc Two:

  • The Changeling
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • The Apple
  • The Doomsday Machine
  • Special Feature: Preview trailers for each episode

Disc Three:

  • Catspaw
  • I, Mudd
  • Metamorphosis
  • Journey To Babel
  • Special Feature: Preview trailers for each episode

Disc Four:

  • Friday’s Child
  • The Deadly Years
  • Obsession
  • Wolf In The Fold
  • Special Feature: Preview trailers for each episode

Disc Five:

  • The Trouble With Tribbles
  • Special Feature: The Trouble With Tribbles preview trailer
  • Special Feature: More Tribbles, More Troubles
  • Special Feature: Trials And Tribble-ations
  • Special Feature: Trials And Tribble-ations: Uniting Two Legends
  • Special Feature: Trials And Tribble-ations: An Historic Endeavor

Disc Six:

  • The Gamesters Of Triskelion
  • A Piece Of The Action
  • The Immunity Syndrome
  • A Private Little War
  • Special Feature: Preview trailers for each episode

Disc Seven:

  • Return To Tomorrow
  • Patterns Of Force
  • By Any Other Name
  • The Omega Glory
  • Special Feature: Preview trailers for each episode

Disc Eight:

  • The Ultimate Computer
  • Bread And Circuses
  • Assignment: Earth
  • Special Feature: Preview trailers for each episode
  • Special Feature: Life Beyond Trek: Leonard Nimoy
  • Special Feature: Kirk, Spock & Bones: Star Trek’s Great Trio
  • Special Feature: Star Trek’s Divine Diva: Nichelle Nichols

NOTE: All episodes are uncut

Seasons One and Two discounted at Amazon
The Season Two box set is now available at Amazon for pre-order, discounted to $63.99 (Amazon has a low price guarantee that if they drop the price before ship date of August 5th you will get that lower price). Amazon has also discounted the Season One DVD / HD DVD combo disk is to $96.95 (retail is $194.99).

Seasons One and Two of TOS-R ($96.95 and $63.99 respectively)


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I like the quote.

This reminds me of my teenaged summers (don’t ask when, but they involved polyester screenprint shirts that made your pits smell like anchove pizza) reading Trek novelizations and short story collections. The stories would involve much more space action than TOS could muster and fantastical artwork not possible in the 60’s or 70’s.

I repeat that I believe TOS-R is only the first go-around. I think there will be another, more detailed approach in the not too distant future.

Mine’s on pre-order. I want the new FX. And CmdrR., I’ll buy the next go-round as well.

CmdrR, define not to distance future i dont think they will do anything for at least another 10 years , cause if they do it in two years , will that not just p*ss off fans who paid for this stuff , but yea i guess maybe they might do it again in a while

Blu-ray please

I hope it holds together better then my first season box. That one broke apart in two pieces after a couple of weeks…

Irishtrekkie — I may be in error or overly optimistic about the desire to take CBS-D’s fine first effort to the next level. I think it will be done. Whether that’s 2 years (I doubt it) or 10, I cannot say. Could be some upstart fan. Then again, I’m still waiting on the colorization and digital rejiggering of Buster Crab’s ‘Flash Gordon.’ What gives, PTB?

Well, I definately will rent this but I’m going to wait for the BluRay till I buy it.

I agree… Blu-Ray, please.

(yawn to complaints)

Hey, for me, the remastered version on ANY format is a blessing unto itself! What a dream! Even seeing it upconverted to 1080P is beautiful from the DVD source. Certainly better than viewing it from broadcast or download.

#10- you’re absolutely right. These will look absolutely stunning upconverted to 1080P and piped through a flat panel display. I’ve wore out the first season reamstered DVD’s so I can’t wait to spend my money on these!

Blu-Ray, please

I see no point in Blu-Ray release, as the remastered series is at most in HDTV, and the redone effects shots aren’t that special in my opinion. You’ll notice the difference between redone TV effects and the original footage better. If you own the original series on DVD you gain nothing by buying the remastered stuff, only if you’ve got the series only on VHS you might consider buying the remastered DVDs.

A true hardcore fan will buy the remastered series anyway. For the rest of us, who aren’t going to conventions dressed as Kirk or Spock or Khan, it’s nothing new. Blu-Ray will not add anything to the image quality, as the new effects were done for TV, not a movie. It shows, too. I still like the original effects better. It’s not nostalgia, really! Okay, it’s nostalgia.

Spock’s Brain — I still like the original effects better.

But, then you’d miss the part where Mugatu pulls out a blaster and shoots first, leaving McCoy no choice.

Something else I’ve said: on any project where chunks are replaced, even by new shiny chunks, the set should include the original material in unadulterated form… for the purists.

BTW, as a hardcore fan & lover of the franchise, I’ve NEVER been to a convention, nor have I EVER dressed up as any Star Trek character. Bottom line, I just love seeing the cleaner picture. The other day, I watched “Tomorrow is Yesterday” on the first season remastered set and was still taken aback by how much it looked like it was filmed today when they were showing the conversations between the guest cast and the main characters. The only parts that it is noticible of poorer quality is when they have a “transition-fade” shot between two scenes, or when an effect had to be layed in. They process back then wasn’t so clean and the original masters of these episodes are gone so they only had the reels of the “finished” episodes to work with. That part does bother me a bit, but the quality of everything else is so very worth it.

#13 “If you own the original series on DVD you gain nothing by buying the remastered stuff, only if you’ve got the series only on VHS you might consider buying the remastered DVDs.”

Oh man, you really need to see these on the proper equipment if that is your line of thinking. I own the old DVD’s. These remastered prints are nothing short of gorgeous. The color correction, the depth and contrast, the saturation of the colors, the sharpness and clarity…the scratches (most of them) digitally removed..there is no question…Trek has never ever looked better than it does on these remastered DVD’s. The original DVDs are nice to have because they serve as a historical record…but in comparrison to the new remastered sets, the picture quality is really quite bad. The new sets give Trek the deluxe treatment it truley deserves. I’m re-buying all 3 seasons and I couldn’t be happier.


Obviously you have not seen the HD DVD format for season 1.
It is incredible how the effects leap out and the colors and clarity of the the original shots from 1967 are flawless. You’re kidding youself if you think there isn’t an upgrade in quality. That’s why I won’t buy until a High Def format is released. I’m spoiled now.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. WHY did you put the episode list up and show all the extras?

I have been smugly in the ‘waiting for Bluray’ camp since I got stung on HD-DVD but this just sounds great.

Must. Resist. Must. Resist….

Season One is amazing on HD-DVD btw… it was my tipping point in the whole HD TV and HD player thing… and I still can’t say I honestly regret it.

I am still awaiting Paramount’s ever so slow a$$ on getting with the BR release! I will not buy S2 on until they’re out on BR. Nope! Not gonna do it!


widescreen and blue-ray, please.

Blu-ray, please!

Three cheers for the optical scanning sensor that made the biggest improvement in TOS! The colors in the restored film footage look fantastic. The improvement over the DVDs is undoubted.

As far as the FX go, I need the highest quality material to work with for TOS-R 2.0; so I’ll probably be buying season 1 on HD-DVD.

I can’t wait to see the Earth spin backwards in 1080P glory! Go CBS-D!!

Still waiting for the Blu Ray…..wasn’t the whole point of the remastering so that TOS would look good in HD?

#20-TOS wasn’t shot in widescreen. Neither was TNG, DS9, or Voyager. There’s no need to reformat them; all we’ll get is a bunch of heads chopped off and poorer resolution.

Are those Tribble extras carried over from the DS9 set? I haven’t heard of those before.

I am coming to realize that this iconic television series was simply a pawn in the “format wars.” When HD-DVD was defeated, TOS-R kind of went with it. They wanted to do this as cheaply as possible in order to have the most powerful weapon against Blu-ray. That’s why EdenFX/Digital Domain, ILM, etc were not awarded the contract.

Such an iconic and legendary series deserved better than an in-house, low budget, rushed CGI job.

#6 That’s because you’re not supposed to hump it.

Like so many others, I’ve longed for a day when Classic ST could look like it did in DS9’s Trials and Tribble-ations. I just can’t believe that wish was finally granted!

I also can’t believe I haven’t ordered the TOS-R DVDs yet.
For all our complaining, we’re a pretty lucky group of fans. Sure Paramount is soaking us for every dollar possible, but without those dollars, ST would not survive today. I don’t even mind all the formats. I got my money’s worth out of my old, worn-out VHS episodes. I was delighted to be able to purchase DVDs that looked great and included the original preview teasers. Now I can watch the whole series again in remastered form or go back and watch the original version!

With a new movie coming out and all the choices available regarding classic Trek, it’s a great time to be a fan!

I don’t own an HD DVD player, a plasma or LCD TV, or a BluRay player, but when I can get TOS-R on BluRay, I’m upgrading my entire entertainment center!

My problem with the re-mastered versions is the removal of previous scenes or dialogue to be able to put in more effects or other scenes. The one that offends me most is between Commodore Decker and Spock on the doomsday machine. They removed the part about Decker saying Spock is bluffing and Spock replies that Vulcans never bluff. Gone Why. That is a defining moment for Spock (IMHO) and from that point on i just didn’t care anymore about the re-mastered versions.

TOS-R on HD-DVD looks really beautiful when you have a full-HD TV. No one in their right mind can possibly say that there’s no difference between the DVD side and the HD side.

@ #8
I see I’m not the only record flipper in the house!

Very cool that they threw in the TAS “More Tribble, More Troubles” and the DS9 “Trials and Trib-ulations on disk 5 with “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

re post 27- You are referring to the broadcast versions where they are edited for time. The DVD’s are the full episodes. The Remastering has not removed scenes.

re post 24, the Remastered Star Trek program had nothing to do with the format wars, in other words, they were originally done to celebrate the 40th Anniversary and when they started broadcasting these, there was no word or intention to sell them on DVD, HD-DVD or Blu Ray. That came later.

6. Frank…

Your Season 1 box lasted two whole weeks? Mine snapped in a couple of days. Cheap-o design. Shame on CBS-D.

28. DJ Neelix…

My brother says that about all HD, not just TOS-R. Some people just can’t see the improved image, I guess. I watched some TOS-R episodes on both DVD and HD-DVD and think the HD version is vastly superior.

I shall patiently wait for the ‘remastered’ remastered Trek. I’m certain it will get a ‘proper’ treatment in a few years, and not this rush job.

Anthony Pascale. On it as always. = )

As much as i love star trek i simply will not buy the Series on dvd till it comes on blu ray. Cbs will eventualy release it on blu ray but after it has had a run on regular dv so they can milk us for all the money they can. So i wont give then that satisfaction and ill wait. I waited thsi long and a little longer wont bother me.


Maybe I’ll get this someday. I want to see the extras and more of the Billy Blackburn movies.

#2, 3, and 4

I can appreciate that you find alot of the new work uneven at best, but it will likely be a cold day in hell before the FX are redone again. Like it or not, this will be TOS from here on.


To say there’s no appreciable difference between the regular DVD’s and the remasters in HD is way off the mark. I couldn’t believe how much cleaner and vibrant the episodes look now….and putting the series in HD puts TOS closer to it’s native 35mm film resolution.

This release is pointless for me. I’ll wait for the Blu-rays and hope the packaging is better!


Give it 20 years….

im not buying till it comes out in hi-def see no reason for a sd rehash even if its cleaned up

I agree on the “remastered” versions removing key stuff. I won’t buy any remastered stuff, I like my original Star Trek with all the good and bad as acted and done back in the day. I wonder if they’ve done the Journey To Eden though, it’s the worst episode after Spock’s Brain, though I like Spock’s brain, but the episode is so silly.

It’s like remastering Star Trek The Motion Picture… wait, they did that. I didn’t notice anything else but the missing close Vulcan double planet… though it never meant that Vulcan “has no moon” like Spock said. Vulcan, as in non-canon, is a double planet with a “moon” that isn’t as much as a moon but more like Pluto and Charon, a double planet. I don’t mind taking out the huge planets from the sky, as that’s just silly.

Even if Vulcan is a double planet, the “moon” wouldn’t be huge. Only way you get a huge planet looming on the horizon is on Io or Titan, where Jupiter or Saturn dominates the sky. Earth and Moon are a sort of double planet, and the Moon isn’t huge in the sky.

The remastered versions don’t remove anything; the stuff that’s missing is due to edits for syndication purposes.

Bob Wise wanted the looming planets out of the picture on Vulcan as it isn’t realistic. Even if Vulcan is a double planet, you wouldn’t see them like that. Robert Wise wanted the Star Trek film to be realistic. I love the first film, more than any other. It’s got the real space feeling.

The remastered series isn’t running here on TV, I’ve watched on the net. I don’t think that’s going to change the TV channels here, two commercial and three national. The commercial channels are going to buy the show anyway, as it’s good. As long as it’s cheaper than Survivors or such… I haven’t watched TV for so long I don’t know what they’re buying here anymore. Mostly American, British and Australian shows.

If and when they release season two on Blu, I wonder if they will redo or export season one in Blu as well? You know, for those who never bought an HDDVD ? I have both so its all good.

Nothing like seeing Trek better than ever before. HD the only way for me!!


Worry not New Horizon I am making it so.

I have the VHS versions and when push comes to shove, the only thing that matters is the original actors in the original roles. Yeah, it would be nice to see it in full hi-def, but I can live without that.
Just wait until that movie comes out and you can see the fake actors in full hi-def and then put it on the shelf and never watch it again.
Apologies to all you fake lovers everywhere.

Stanky, careful there buddy. I agree with you but there are dangers overhead. We have to avoid negative repetition my friend.

re: 49. Sean4000 – May 20, 2008
Yes, we must support the new “version” so that they can make more fake versions to bring Star Trek to the new masses (or lack thereof).