The Collective Update: 2nd TOS Tricorder From DST + TNG Figures Delay [UPDATED]

Tonight is a special Collective ‘update’ on previously reported items coming up from Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum. Apparently we will be getting not one, but two different versions of the TOS tricorder. Plus we have shipping news on the latest Wrath of Khan and TNG action figure series.  


Two Tricorders
Previously we reported that the next item in the line of ‘TrekTek’ from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum was a TOS era Tricorder. Diamond has now announced that there will actually be two different versions: a basic Science Tricorder and a Medical Tricorder (Exclusive to Entertainment Earth). The two items are essentially identical except that the Medical Tricorder has a removable scanner. The image (below) that we have shown is Science Version, DST has not yet released an image of the Medical Tricorder. Both will be available in October.

NOTE: if you have pre-ordered a Tricorder from Entertainment Earth it will be the Medical version. As of now EE believe that since it has all the features of the Science Tricorder there is no reason to also carry the Science Tricorder, but it can be purchased at Action Figure Express and other retailers.

Star Trek TOS Science Tricorder


Star Trek TOS  Exclusive Medical Tricorder Replica w/ removable scanner


[science version pictured]

(Action Figure Express, available October)


(Entertainment Earth exclusive pre-order, available October)

Third version?
In their monthly newsletter, New Force Comics stated "There is also the outside chance that a 3rd version, a Geological tricorder might see production as well…stay tuned for details." However when TrekMovie asked Diamond Select Toys about this, they were very clear saying "there is no Geological Tricorder."

TWOK series 2 arrives, TNG series 5 delayed
There is some good news and some bad news related to new figures releases from Diamond Select. The second series of Wrath of Khan figures (Kirk, Spock, Saavik and Uhura) have arrived in the US a few weeks ahead of schedule and will be with retailers shortly. [UPDATE: TWOK figures are in stores now]. However series five of the Next Generation figures (Ro, Crusher, Ogawa, and O’Brien) have been delayed. Originally due to arrive in April/May, they are now delayed until September. Both sets of four are available for pre-order from Action Figure Express.  

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Series 2 Action Figures
– Set of 4
Star Trek The Next Generation Series 5 Action Figures
– Set of 4
(available now)
(Pre-order, available September)


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I’m getting the medical tricorder ^_^

eh just a way to make more money with the medical tricorder.. same product but with only a scanner? lame

i never understood why the little screen never lit up… i mean how did anyone know what they were looking at when they spouted of the locations of the enemy or some mineral deposit.

anthony, I post that I am going to purchase these items … and you delete it.

you’re too much.

ay caramba. I’m STILL buying this.


As one could imagine, mine is pre-ordered from EE. My geek hand is strong.

Getting those Khan figs for sure.

Too bad the tricorder won’t be realy in time for the Vegas Con. Can you imagine? They would sell like crazy.

oops, “ready”

Entertainment Earth has got da goods. Plain and simple. Wish this stuff was available when I was about 8. or 12, or even 15.

at 39, it shall do nicely.

who else had the old meego blue star trek communicator walkie talkies?

the meego enterprise with the spin transporter anyone????



Hmmm…the OTHER difference should be the display screen as the Med Tricorder had the same readout as the sickbay overhead diagnostic panel. So, if they are doing this right the science tricorder will have a science screen and the med will have a med readout and scanner. The ‘geological’ tricorder was a different beast altogether with a blinking light and some sort of analyzer. It would be WAY cool if they did this model.
Now, on behalf of the Klingon Empire we demand DST does KLINGON equipment!!!

Nurse Ogawa looks like a victim of the Joker, and Crusher is absolutely frightening, with giant hands.

Why is Crusher in a DS9 era uniform? She never wore that uniform in TNG, certainly not in Season 5!

Will the science and medical tricorders both have the same readouts on their little screen? Because if they do, I think I’ll just get the medical tricorder and then just have the little scanner to the side and use it as a science tricorder. YES, me at 21 years old and my cousin (19) and I both mess around with the toys (taking the mickey, of course!). This tricorder will be sooooooooooo sweet!!

# 10

i wondered that myself…….and it looks like o’brien has been hitting the gym!

10.- Have you ever seen Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, or Star Trek: Nemesis?

…I don’t think Dr. Drusher was wearing her old TNG season’s 1-7 uniforms…

With that TWOK jacket, I always imagine Kirk at the wheel of an icebreaker, taking the white challenge single-handedly and with one arm tied behind his back…;) Anyway, the figures are great.

I wish they had toys like this when I was a kid.

We had those big clunky Mego communicators (walkie talkies, though) and Tricorder (cassette tape player).

I would have swapped that kind of functionality for an authentic look. I’ll buy them anyway. :)

Ok, i need to get back to “getting a life”

thats the Geological tricorder then ? lol

Tom: I absolutely LOVED my Mego communicators.

Cool. Medical tricorder….with ….with…. removable scanner. Take that, MasterReplicas.

Beverly wore the DS9 style uniform in Generations.

19: Where? What scene? I’m curious.

The best thing about the recent Entertainment Earth communicator was the sound chip. The body wasn’t all that good. So I put the electronics into one of my more accurate prop replicas. If the tricorder has the same accuracy issues, it won’t be as good as the four variations of the tricorder I have here. But I’ll check it out.

The Geological Tricorder was only seen once in the third season episode, “That Which Survives”. Sulu activates it’s ‘alarm’ function, a beeping light and walks away. Of course, that doesn’t work as the alien chick just walks up to it and turns it off!

“there is no Geological Tricorder.” Tell that to Lt. D’Amato.

Click through. That’s apparently ST: Nemesis Crusher.

And if you look carefully, it’s not a DS9 S1-5/VOY uniform (teal shoulders, grey undershirt), it’s the First Contact-onward/DS9 S5-7 uniform, with grey shoulders and teal undershirt.


I am for you, D’Amato.

Art Asylum figure sculpts are going way down the drain. Uses to be passable, but now they’re in the uncanny valley. The faces look dead and expressionless, and at times even simian. The playmates line, with its obvious cartooniness, was so much better.

the tricorder is pretty bitchin. i love that vintage design.

“Geological Tricorder” = Hey, put a blinking light in that prop for tomorrow’s shoot, give it to Takei.

#3 .. with you on that.

Where has my post gone and why?


What post are you referring to?
Tricorder NOT on Amazon yet! But they have great prices for DVD sets (50% off).

…What’s going to be fun is when some neohippie MAKE freak takes one of these and installs a mini-DVD player in it, with a mini-LCD to replace the faux CRT! Hell, I may do it myself!

I’ll probably end up with the Medical Tricorder.

I will wait ’til I see pictures of the Medical Tricorder and then decide which one I’ll buy, but I’ll definitely get one of the two.

The Saavik and Uhura look like the same figure just with different hair and different skin color.


Let me know what you are going to charge for the mods and count me in. And did you just call yourself a neohippie MAKE freak?

When I was a ’70s Star Trek kid nothing let me down more than the inauthentic look of virtually EVERYTHING Paramount licensed. The Mego 8″ figures were close, and even then as a kid I was craving more accuracy and tried the best my limited kid skills and budget and Trek resources would allow … so for the Mego figures I drew in accurate insignia, which worked out great, but I painted the blue Exploration Set pieces with Testor’s model paint, which flaked off the soft plastic, of course. One time I tried gluing a little gold-painted cardboard lid into an open position on one little communicator with so-so results.

The Mego communicators and tricorder? Ugh! But the tricorder did come with something more cool than the thing itself — a professionally edited audiocassette of about 15 minutes of genuine Trek audio (*not* taped off the TV so no background noise!) It was a nice kluge of action parts of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Corbomite Maneuver” with a Spock line from “Mudd’s Women” to close it. In the pre-home video days this was fantastic to me, and I wore that cassette out on my own deck, a black-and-silver recorder from Sears that I thought looked closer to a tricorder than that Mego thing. Thankfully a store friend gave me the tape without having to buy the tricorder.

Actually, for a 10-year-old kid of limited exposure and resources like me, it was hard to even establish what the authentic look was. Back then I watched a lot of Trek in black and white, and the times I saw it in color, the odds were that TV didn’t have great color because the tint was misadjusted as they often were. Plus there weren’t a lot of print references — not even the cover pics on “The Making of Star Trek” helped much! Now start to factor in how the effects themselves were done, sometimes with lighting bouncing off the blue screen throwing a bluish cast on the big E model. So in those early days of getting into Star Trek, my brother and I would debate whether the ship was gray or light blue.

Often, I thought the ship was light blue — an influence in those days was the photo on the box of the AMT Enterprise kit, where the model was lit with a bluish cast (seen here: So one of the Enterprise kits I built — oh, there were several thanks to those shitty, saggy nacelles — I spray-painted light blue!

It was only later in the ’70s that better color references came along like the Star Trek Poster Books that confirmed the Enterprise as gray.

Star Trek 2 Wrath of Khan figures are already available at

well when the article was written on Monday it noted the TWOK figures were headed out to retailers. The figures are now at retailers and the article has been updated.

Why is it that the folks offering the big discounts on these puppies feel the need to completely counter those savings by charging out the wazoo for shipping?

Looks like it’s gonna be either Entertainment Earth or directly through Diamond.

I am SO buying 3 or 4!!

These are shipping now BTW.

The two versions (medical/science) differ in sound clips, displays and scanner designs.