Of Gods And Men Part 3 Coming In June + Exclusive Images

TrekMovie.com has an exclusive heads up on the third and final part of the independent Trek film, Of Gods and Men. Firstly we can break the news that Act 3 will be released on June 15th. We also have some exclusive images and a first look at a new poster, plus more information about Act 3.

Part 3 Announcement

from the OGAM team:

Renegade Studios is proud to announce the release of the 3rd and final act of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Act 3 will be released on Saturday June 15th, 2008 at 5:01 EDT, and may possibly be released a few days earlier. In this action packed final installment we are introduced to 3 new characters played by Daamen J. Krall, Herbert Jefferson Jr. and Grace Lee Whitney as well as cameos from guest stars of the original Star Trek series such as Arlene Martel, Jack Donner, Tania Lemani and Celeste Yarnall. Act 3 gives us a spectacular battle between Rebel and Galactic Order forces while dealing with the personal dilemmas of our principal characters as they uncover more revelations, culminating in the final outcome of the story. This final act has a great mixture of drama, action and suspense sure to please Star Trek fans of all ages.

Exclusive Images [click to enlarge]

Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and William Wellman Jr.  (Charlie Evans)

Herb Jefferson (Col. Galt)

Grace Lee Whitney (Rand)

Galactic Order flagship heads for the Conquerer (by Trinity FX Productions)

Battle between rebels and Galactic Order (by Trinity FX Productions)

New Poster

The OGAM team will be sending out a newsletter and updating their website in the next day or so.

For more info on Of Gods and Men, visit the official site.

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Trinity FX, I’ll have to look into them. Good work.

I am Trinity FX. You can look into me. ;)


Nichelle looks beautiful.

looks pretty good.

I am looking forward to the finale.

Finally. We’ll get to see where the Galactic Order (or is that the United Federation of Evil?) takes its ships for a paintjob, right??

I still think Tim could go back and trim a good ten minutes out of the combined first parts, but I’ll enjoy watching pt. 3. Walter and Nichelle are a joy, as always.

I don’t want to judge until I see the final product, but some of those space shots look a bit cartoony. Could just be all the ships on screen, but it looks a little to animated for my tastes.

Oh man!

Grace Lee Whitney can’t act her way out of a paper bag, I just cringe when she speaks. Hope the rest of it is better?

Darth “UnAmazing Grace” Ballz

Those images look very…. photoshopped.

Looks like the new (JJ Abrams) Enterprise arrowhead on that costume as well.

I think Grace looks great!

William Wellman, Jr. is just terrific as Charlie X… dead on take on Robert Walker, Jr.

WOW!!! Herb Jefferson???

Never knew HE was gonna be a part of this! The original Boomer was always one of my favorite characters on BSG ’78, so my curiosity has got the best of me. I’ll certainly check this out now. He looks awesome!

Let’s cut Grace Lee some slack… yes, her acting in that VOYAGER was, um, not adequate, shall we say… but she more than held her own back in the day in Season One of TOS. Maybe she’ll surprise us this time.

Geriatric Trek meets 1990s fan film production values… Oh my! ;)

I think the fan film is great! Consider that it has been a long while since the last Trek related TV Series or movie and these people do not have the $100 million budget that the studios have. I think they have done a wonderful job and I hope they keep more of these films comming. I need to get my trek “fix” from somewhere.

Hey look at it this way. Its a fan made movie with out the big cbs or paramounts big bucks to fund it. This is real fans and real actors making this movie and i have loved the first 2 parts and i just can’t wait to see all three together. It may be another year befor the next big budget movie but ill be more then happy to see this and of corse star trek phase 2. This is a great time for star trek as we have a great fan series and a great fan made movie. So i for one will not be nit picky. Ill save that for jj abrams star trek 11. On that movie ill be a little nit picky. But on ogam ill just enjoy no matter if the fx is up to the big budget movies or not.

I enjoyed Grace Lee Whitney’s appearance in New Voyages and it’s good she’s back for this too. She’s just as much one of original cast as the others.

” Finally. We’ll get to see where the Galactic Order (or is that the United Federation of Evil?) takes its ships for a paintjob, right?? ”

Agreed lol was it like hmm , that ships look cool but there not evil enough slap some blood red oh does mo fos !

Another one? Man, who cares?

This isnt exactly exclusive, it was announced last Saturday at the Motor City Comic Con :-P

I’ll show up just to see new TOS federation ships. The 2 in the battle pic look cool.

It’s a web exclusive and so are the pics I gave Anthony, I have a newsletter going out tonight. We may release it earlier, when part 2 came out we gave our newsletter subscribers an early viewing, may do the same with part 3.

Tom, – http://www.startrekofgodsandmen.com


Attention: 23 Deck Officer:
Some of us might actually enjoy it. Give us a break and take your negativity somewhere else.

Lol. You people are funny.

I saw Pt 1, it was excellent!!! Still need to see Pt 2 tho… Can’t wait! :))

To recreate the characters by different actors
in the new Star Trek film is a big mistake and
so having the original actors doing their old
characters in a new fan made film.
Don’t they have anything better to do?
New Characters in a totally different Star
Trek universe or background would be the
ONLY way to go.
Why beat a dead horse? They just look old.

Poor Uhura. Stuck to doing fan made movies.

They look like “B” movie pics. God (or “Gods” for you BSG fans) bless these individuals for putting their time into this and those who support it, but it’s painful to watch the TOS cast participate in these Star Trek “indie” flicks. So i’ll just put out the old blame on Berman again for sinking the franchise and forcing the loyal fan base to create their own Star Trek commodity.

Seeing Ms. Grace Lee Whitney reminds me how well Ms. Nichelle Nichols is aging.

I’m a big fan of both women, but there’s very little of Yeoman Rand in Ms. Whitney now.

27. I don’t beat horses when their dead or old–or ever for that matter.

I am very grateful for these episodes and have enjoyed them. I very much appreciate the time/love/energy that have gone into these episodes, and I hope there will be many more. It seems to me there are quite a few people around who have forgotten what Trek is really about…

Well done guys!!

#28 Deck Officer – In case you have been living in another solar system, “Uhura” has been on Heroes and will be appearing in the upcoming season. She is still very active as an actress and is working on many different projects.

THX-1138 The Fandom Menace

Jesus, some of you people are like the kid from the Life cereal commercial. You won’t try it because you hate everything. It’s FREE. Either do a better fan film or shut it. Or don’t watch. But, for the love of all that’s sacred, could you just please let those of us who are enjoying it have a bit of peace? I don’t go on your Beanie Babies web site and complain about the lack of imagination, do I?

I still am having problems viewing part 2. I can see part 1 just fine, but no part 2. I can’t figure out the problem. It’s illogical.

I just watched part 1 and it was actually…..very entertaining! I like this endeavor.

Hope that you all enjoy it, the whole Star Trek Of God’s and Men experience has been alot of fun. 
And it’s finally done . . . !!!

Here’s to all involved – – KOMPAI!!

Chris DawsonVFX Supervisor  –  Star Trek Of God’s and Men

I watched Part 1 and 2 and am looking forward to part 3. I loved what I saw so far and hope to see how it ends. Also if there is one thing I can’t stand it is a Chronic complainer. I have had to deal with them a lot. There is an old saying, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


Try downloading the lastest version of Flash. I had the same problem but after the download it played fine.

It is a rare opportunity to see “just fans” at the helm of such a large production, with the time and love given by our long-time heroes and with less than a budget of a single Trek episode! Sit back and enjoy the show for all its uniqueness. Star Trek is about the human adventure after all…

Sarah Char
FX Coordinator/Additional Editor/Colorist,
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

why are people so sensitive about hearing other peoples opinions? they have have a valid point. read it and move on. thats how you get better stuff by being critical.

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