Urban: It Is The Perfect Time To Bring Back Trek

In the past Karl Urban, has shown that he is a true Trek fan who went out of his way to get the gig as Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy (see: here, here, here, and here). In a new interview with the New Zealand Waikato Times, the Kiwi actor talks about the film, JJ Abrams, and the Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship — again showing that he was the right man for the job.

Urban on why now is the right time for a TOS prequel

The essence of what (the late Star Trek creator) Gene Roddenberry created is worth pursuing. With the kind of advances with story telling technology there’s a lot more we are capable of doing these days. I think that since it’s been 17 years since Star Trek has been on the big screen. It’s the perfect time to bring it back and show these characters in their early years and get a bit of a back story. To be part of a new wave or revival of the old Star Trek is just a really fantastic experience.

By ‘Star Trek on the big screen’ Urban appears to be referring to Original Series movies and it is exactly 17 years since Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, the last of the TOS-era films (and the last with Doctor McCoy).

On Abrams and Jackson
Urban, who played Eomer in the last two Lord of the Rings films, sees a parallel between the directors of Trek and Rings.

JJ [Abrams] is extraordinarily clever. He reminded me, as far as his shooting style is concerned, of Peter Jackson in the way he would place movement in the shot. He had a bit of a quality that I respect in Peter.

On the production design

As far as the physical characteristics are concerned, there are quite a few discrepancies. The important thing is to create the very essence and spirit of what these guys did back in the sixties and creating that verve supporting this new interpretation…..If you were watching the 60s TV series it would be like you were listening to it on the radio before and now you are going to see it in high definition.

On DeForest Kelley and the Kirk/Spock/Bones relationship

I guess in terms of the qualities Kelley bought to the role, what I really respond to is his sense of irascibility with a real passion for life and doing the right thing, which was a great thing for Kirk. We would have Spock’s logic and McCoy’s moral standing which gave Kirk the benefit of having three brains instead of just one.

Urban also notes how one of his two favorite episodes exemplifies this relationship:

“Amok Time” is about the relationship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy, And I like how Bones saves the day.

Classic Kirk/Spock/McCoy scene from “Amok Time”

[source: Waikato Times]

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You know, at first I had my doubts about this casting, but the more I hear from him, the more encouraged I am.

Sounds like McCoy is in Good hands.

What a classic scene to choose as his favorite also!

Karl Urban sounds like he is really into trek , should be interesting to see how he pulls of the McCoy

Can it be 2009 yet?? Someone bust out the Orb of Time!

Decloaking . . .
Karl Urban is a powerful actor. But, I still can’t picture him as Bones. I’m curious if they worked in his trademark: “Noooooooooooooo!”

List of things that MUST be in the next movie:

1. Am “I’m a doctor, not a…” quote
2. The “shwiih” sound of the doors
3. Original transporter sounds
4. Spock smiling
5. The comm whistle
6. Uhura touching her ear
7. Kirk pausing
8. Large salt-shaker-like medical tricorders
9. Spock raising one eyebrow (I now do this because of him)
10. Shirtless Sulu swordfight

If we have those, I’m pretty sure that we’ll all be fine. What is it now, 11 months?

Also, what’s going to happen to this site post-movie? Since startrek.com shut down… will this continue to go on or wha–?

Karl, you da man. I mean, this guy ‘gets it’. Really. And I’d never heard of Simon Pegg before this movie, either, but I rented Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz thru Netflix just to get a vibe, and the movies were killer. Between those two guys alone, this ought to be a shit-hot pic.

this site will continue. it started about the movie and grew to be all about trek. and the highest traffic general trek site. The name will likely become trekhq.com. A quick glance at the front page to see all the stories on merchandise, comics, celebs, Trek remastered, etc shows that the movie is just part of what we are all about.

Dude, I had completely forgotten that Karl Urban had been cast as McCoy. I associate him with Eomer, so I’ll probably expect him to get all crazy-eyes and try to kill a Romulan with a spear, but sadly, it’s not likely to happen.


So will the site change much after XI, like will there hopefully be forums or even a chat window to do live chats with everyone on here, it would be amazing to see how trekmovie will evolve. Might even be the new startrek.com in a sense

the chat window and forums will come before the movie

lets stay on subject. Any suggestions or questions for the site should go to

‘A quick glance at the front page to see all the stories on merchandise, comics, celebs, Trek remastered, etc shows that the movie is just part of what we are all about.’

It’s amazing how many people have written Trek’s obituary in spite of all the perpetual content out there, most of which isn’t even related to J.J.’s project.

“And I like how Bones saves the day.”

I love that quote! Way to go, Karl!

*crosses fingers for the movie*

Too long to go to be getting excited…… sighs.

Anthony: I was going to try to nab the trekhq domain and sell it to you for a million but I just discovered that you already have that base covered. Darn! : )

Let me add a serious note, though. You seem to presume that 11 will be the last of the ST movies. Let’s hope that it’s so good that several sequels will follow and trekmovie.com will still be relevant after 5/9/09!

#1: I agree. Karl Urban always seemed to be in action roles, but he really seems to know a lot about Trek.

i by no means presume 2009 Star Trek is the last…there will be more. TrekMovie will still function, but it no longer matches the site I have. But i just decided to wait until after the movie to change it.

For a while I’d been thinking that Gary Sinise would have been better as McCoy, and that’s still something I’d love to see.

But man, if Urban can look like Bones, I’m sure he’d make us all believe he is.

I’ve said this before. I’m glad Urban is a Trek fan, but it should not be used as a guide to judge whether or not this will be a great movie. I don’t care whether the actors have memorized every line in every episode, if they have never even seen an episode, or even if they hated the series. I only want quality acting. I want acting & a story that makes me believe.
That’s all that matters. After all – the original cast had never heard of Trek, and look how that turned out.

I dig Urban.. He’as a cool cat. I didn’t know who he was til I saw LOTR, but the guy has a presence and say what you will, he owned Eomar. His Trek cred seems to be just right and I fully expect a tone perfect McCoy performance from him. I am actually more jazzed about him in the movie than anyone else. I would even go so far as to say that in the chance that this movie turns out not to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, I bet that Urban gets good reviews.

#21–Agreed, but it is quite the bonus IMO.

#22 True

Of all the casting decisions, Urban as McCoy was the one I was most happy with when it was first announced. The guy has a history of genre work, is clearly a fan of TOS and he just “gets it”. He’s also been something of a chameleon and is capable of quite the physical transformation from role to role. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play McCoy; I have a feeling it will be one of the highlights of the film for me.

I just love Karl Urban’s “Stupid Boy.”

Actually, I just hope that Urban and the rest follow Pegg’s lead and try to honor the character and the original cast, and not try to impersonate them. There’s nothing harder to watch about the Lost in Space movie than Gary Oldman channeling Jonathan Harris. IMHO. I don’t want to see charicatures. Hoping for better.

You should have just said: There is nothing harder to watch than the lost in space movie period.

True, Krik. And I still have hope that one day someone will do it right. Hell, if they can take another stab at the Hulk after that Ang Lee fiasco, then anything’s possible. Plus, no original idea has been thunk in Hollywierd since the 70’s.

CmdrR. It was difficult watching it once. I tried again a few years ago, and it was worse. We all know what Lost In Space was, and what it wasn’t, but it never pretended to be anything other than mindless entertainment. That’s why it was watchable. Every now and then I go to Hulu and watch an episode just for nostalgia.
As far as no good ideas since the 70’s I think there have been some, in fact I could rattle off many that I personally think are great. Not as many as you might like, but my father in law would argue that there hasn’t been a good movie made since 1940. It’s all a matter of personal, taste, & perspective.

Agreed. Opinions and all.
Here’s to hoping 2009 is the year for something new and good.

# 7 – “Since startrek.com shut down… will this continue to go on or wha–?”

Just to clarify, StarTrek.com didn’t shut down.

Urban is Eomer to me, and I am convinced he cab become McCoy as well.

He was great in the second “Bourne” flick as well.

As for this site, it’s important to note that if, in fact, a film called “Star Trek” appears in 2009, the website “Startrek.com” will be a logical destination for many new fans.

In order to be a step ahead, as this site is, Anthony & Co. must see what the official site does, so he can do them one better. This site will also heve to then link to articles and features there because the official flow of information on the film will come from that site.

If the site remains in the hands of CBS, it will still cover the 800 hours of existing Trek while a new site covers the film. Makes sense to wait, IMHO.

Hi AJ.

I think Anthony has demonstrated, thus far, that he knows exactly what he’s doing with this site! Give the guy a little trust, eh? ;)

i feel he is gonna be great as bones,,,,,,and great clip

I agree with you, Karl!

Amok Time is a wonderful episode, in particular for highlighting the strong link between Kirk, Spock & McCoy.

I’m sure he’ll be a great McCoy…

Kirk: Nnnnnnneuro (pause) paraliser

(from Amok Time clip above) LOL!

I just luuuuv the shat as THE Capt’n! I can totally see Urban as McCoy as well.

Quinto and Urban are the two actors I have least concers that they will make their role perfect!!!
And it’s good to hear that there are still some famous actors who watched and loved Star Trek.

Unfortunatelly other famous Star Trek stars never made it to the Star Trek movies, although they were planed for one (S. Connery, Tom Hanks)

#36—Don’t forget Eddie Murphy and Tom Cruise…

“If both men survive di Lirpa, di combat vil continue with di Ahn Woon…”

Or something like that…classic! Someone cue the music!

I can see Urban totally pulling it off.
Now Pine- a big mystery… where is he??

Pictures. Just a peek, JJ, please!

Urban speaks the truth. Can’t wait to see his interpretation of McCoy.

…the adventure continues….

McCoy is my favorite TOS character, so Urban’s got some big shoes to fill. I’ve liked all his work so far, but I haven’t seen him in a role with the emotional range McCoy needs. So, this is one performance I’m anxious to see. I hope we get a good trailer soon.

hey…#36…Sean Connery WAS in Star Trek V…as the voice of that fake God-creature bearing a striking resemblance to a Cytherian (ST:TNG–‘The Nth Degree’)

I’m pretty picky when it comes to Bones (as he’s my all-time, number one, much-adored, practically-in-love-with favorite fictional character, Star Trek or otherwise) but I’m very content with Urban playing him. Of course that could change when I see the movie but I doubt it. If anyone is going to do it right, I think he can.

Not than anyone could ever hold a candle to De.

Now, about the physical discrepancies? His eyes had better be blue or I’m gonna have a thing or two to say about that ;D

#39 — Good question!

Do they have a gag order on this guy?

You know, my first reaction to this casting was: “He’s too butch! No way!” But every time I read something he says, I’m on board. And there’s something unmistakably Bonesian about his facial structure.

Also, I’ve decided I have no problem with a butch McCoy. Kelley certainly started out with macho bad-guy roles, so maybe there’s some dark, dangerous masculinity to his character. Probably what gives the irascible edge to his humanity.

#42—I did not know that. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be the first bad movie he was in.

As for Urban, I like the casting. Far too often, moviegoers react to casting decisions based upon an unfortunate type casting (which is not necessarily the fault of the actor in question) label. Who is to say that Urban does not have the range simply because we have yet to see it put to use? I won’t. I say let him succeed (or fail) on the merits of his performance as that character. He seems confident that he can pull it off, and I would like nothing more than to see a Star Trek fan (better yet–a Bones fan) get it done. It’s not a requirement, but as I said before, it’s quite the bonus.

I’m not saying I know he doesn’t have the range – I’m saying that I don’t know if he does. Only time will tell.