World Premiere – Star Trek: The Mego Picture 2

A year ago brought attention to a hilarious YouTube find called “Star Trek: The Mego Picture” (subtitled “Who Mourns for Mugatu”). Since then we have kept in touch with the two man Hoserlu team and are happy to announce the premiere of the sequel, “Star Trek: The Mego Picture 2.”
Watch the full video below

“Star Trek: Mego Picture 2 — For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched Your Thigh” stars William Shatmego and Leonard Nimego and tells the story of Kirk visiting a Starbase and (as happens when he visits Starbases) gets involved in a court case. This time Kirk is facing a class action suit that comes as no suprise, but who Spock brings in to defend him is a surprise as is the prosecuting attorney. Oh did we mention the film is made entirely with vintage Mego figures?

And here it is (in two parts)
[WARNING: contains adult situations and sexual innuendo]

[higher resolution version at]

More on the Hoserlu team
The Mego Picture is a team effort of childhood friends and lifetime Trek fans, L. O. Andrews and Henry Laurence, who together formed Hoserlu studios. Andrews tells TrekMovie that they have been “obsessed” with Trek since kids, first recording their own Star Trek adventures on cassettes. Now they are just using todays tools and Henry’s “absurdly large collection of vintage Mego figures.” The idea for the Trek parodies made with Mego figures first came to Henry, a marketing an advertising professional, who soon brought in L.O. who in real life is a graphic designer. They divided up much of the labor with Andrews making many of the sets and custom heads and Laurence doing most of the writing. They brought in some friends to help, including on some of the voices. After spending months working hard over many weekends putting together Mego Picture 2, Andrews notes “we realized we haven’t changed since we were 12, which is both heartwarming but kind of sad.”

The team are now thinking of some original movies, but plan to get back to Trek. Andrews notes “you have to do a trilogy.” For more visit their site at

And here is their first Star Trek: The Mego Picture – “Who Mourns For Mugatu”

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OMG… that’s amazing…

Great work on these!!! I can’t wait to see the third one.

Using “It Was a Very Good Year” was great, and Spock playing sax was priceless.

Ha Ha Ha,,,

Thats worth downloading and keeping !



There is no lack of true creativity where trek fans are concerned. You deserve greatness.

Keep it up.


*rotflmao* Denny Crane!


oh man…

Lt. O’Donnell impression is great…as is the doll’s likeness!
Really funny stuff and extremely well done! I want a dvd!

Looooooooooool! this is sooo funny! xD

OMG!!! Frikking brilliant!

Reminds me of Robot Chicken. This was damn good!


There’s just something about these little “Mego movies” (be they TREK or otherwise) that just sucks me right in. You can’t NOT laugh at these!

EVERYTHING about this was warped genius, down to the accurate sets and props (LOVE that Enterprise briefing room!), and even the music cues (those “Enterprise Incident” cues managed to make the Kirk babies even funnier).

I laughed hardest at the Horta Baby Kirk. I was wiping away tears after that one! Bravo, guys! Please keep makin’ ’em!

That was so offensive, I can’t get over it…..


I no longer require JJ Abrams, and Shatmego is in it after all!

Sadly, this was more enjoyable than the last couple of Star Trek TNG movies… oh my!

That was THE funniest Star Trek parody I’ve ever seen!!! I have one of those robots (the Commodore 64 character) — it’s a Zeriods robot from the 1960s.
Love it! Give us Mego Trek!

Outstanding!!! Great work, guys, very creative!!!

Sure wish I had that much spare time…. : )

Pretty awesome stuff. I liked that they really knew Trek well. :)

Makeup Artist…….Testors

Sheer brilliance.

That was great, worthy of a TV series! Gave me a real laugh today.

Was that prosecuting attorney suppose to be a spoof of Judith Sheindlin? LOL!

Really good work guys , love to see more .

I loved this …. SO FUNNY! Bravo!!!

LMAO. Those two videos are so funny. Excellent work I say and fine piss take.

I must of missed the thread with the first in it.

Super brilliant….I can see this on Comedy central as a series…seriously!

Hope the crew at Robot Chicken are watching!

I’ll never be able to watch the “risk is our business” line the same way again.

Commodore 64, talk about flash back…

good stuff, love the horta


Thanks Guys, and thanks Anthony for the posting! You all rock!

L.O. and Hank

The scenes from other episodes during the end credits was an inspired added touch. BRILLIANT!! BRAVO!!

Dear Hoserlu,

Make more!

Hoserlu, your movies are definitely 100X funnier than Robot Chicken. Congratulations on some truly entertaining work.

Priceless! You made my Memorial Day Weekend.

This should really be on TV. But, no, please please keep remaking the same sitcom and doctor shows. My brain only responds to the familiar.

Anyway, Thanks to L. O. Andrews and Henry Laurence and to you, Anthony.

Are L. O. Andrews and Henry Laurence married – I want them… I mean, I want to meet them… Mugato giving Kirk the finger – Priceless! And Rosie as the prosocuting attorney – a stroke of genius! However, they really should have had Spock come and break Kirk out of the prison – “Spock, it’s been two hours. Get me the frak out of here!”

…What I want to know is where the FRACk they found that Zeroid! I haven’t seen one of those even at a garage sale in probably 30 years! That was an Ideal toy that, like Major Matt Mason, died *way* too soon along with the rest of the space age toys!

…Oh, and for those wondering what the frack a “Zeroid” was, go surf here and become edjumacated:

That’s hot…they have a Beatle reference in the first video! These are too funny.

Decloaking . . .

KlingonMego: “Impressive, they can make MegoPlanets.”

Capt. James R.T. KirkMego: “Spock…one day…you’ll meet…the right…girl…and…”

SpockMego: “Jim, must you repetatively recount our brief liaison with that bitch T’Pring?”

Capt. James R.T. KirkMego: “…and fall…in…love.”

SpockMego: “Jim, I believe your still trippinn from all that Orange Sunshine you did on the Yellow Submarine.”

Denny CraneMego: “Don’t answer that.”


Funny as hell!!! Kept me laughing out loud!

Love the last line on that final title card.

“Don’t sue us. We don’t have anything you’d want.”

Congrats Hoserlu!

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have you guys thought about doing a more serious version of Star Trek using the Mego sets and dolls? Perhaps one of the Star Trek Novels such as “The Entropy Effect”, “The Klingon Gambit”, or “Dreadnought” to name a few. Or maybe even doing a Mego Episode of an unfilmed TOS script, such as the one written by David Gerold. I don’t recall the title, it may have been titled “The Infinity Man”, I think it involved a transporter accident where an Enterprise crewman was slightly out of phase with the rest of our universe. What about doing a Mego Episode that takes place during the time period between TMP (2271) and TWOK (2284)?

Just a thought, good luck in whatever you do,

Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente

Ha Ha Ha

Kirk would’ve done a large breasted Lizard.

WOW! Thanks for the guys at Hoserlu for taking the time to write a great script and then get voices that can pull it off. I see so much crap out there (well intentioned, but still poorly done). This was refreshing.

Made my day.

Thanks Anthony for posting this!

37) I think we might be too silly to pull something like that off, but great idea!
31) Zintur has survived many years of abuse as part of my personal collection. This is his first starring role.
30) Henry has more women than he knows what to do with, but as for me… hmmm, we’ll talk ;)

And every single one of you to comment, thank you so, so much — we loved them all, and it’s made all the time spent on this so much more worthwhile — thanks from the bottom of our hearts.



…you realize, of course, that you need to incorporate Shatner’s “Rocket Man” somewhere into the mix someday (if you haven’t already)!

Again, great, brilliant stuff. As others have noted, it’s all in the writing. Well done!

Better than Robot chicken.

It wouldn’t be half as good without the buggy eyeballs.

Better than the last two Trek movies. That says it all.
I laughed until it hurt. Great job guys!

God I love Mego Trek Theater, I kinda reminds me of Robot Chicken, I do hope that keep this up . I can’t believe that they Broughtin Denny Craine god that was Horrible, I want more Mego Trek!